Chapter 0366

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0366: Five-Star Battle Officer

In the Cloudy Ocean Sky Hotel, Yin Yihui directly went ahead and booked two luxurious rooms. To a martial artist returning from the border, the one thing that they did not lack was money. Moreover, all the hotels would also provide all their rooms and services at half-price for a martial artist returning from the border.

Ning Cheng then taught Yin Yihui a set of breathing exercises as the basics of a Cultivation Method before he went into his own room to start utilising the Demon Nucleus to restore his Spiritual Consciousness.

Two hours later, Ning Cheng still held the Demon Nucleus in his hand; however, the Essence Qi inside it was entirely absorbed by Ning Cheng. It allowed Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness to recover a slight bit. With his barely recovered Spiritual Consciousness, he was now able to take out the Spirit Stones from his ring. At the same time, Ning Cheng also called out Grey Toottoot from the inside.

“I’m going to cultivate for a while, help me guard the door.” Ning Cheng only left a few words to Grey Toottoot, then immediately started utilising the large pile Spirit Stones he took out by extracting the Spiritual Qi from it before Ning Cheng devoured it in its entirety into his body.

High-grade Spirit Stones were far from being compared to some low-levelled Demon Nucleus, mainly since the absorption rate and the purity were several folds higher. In just half a day’s time, the pile of Spirit Stone turned to power, while Ning Cheng’s cultivation was partially restored to the Qi Gathering 6th Level. He then brought out even more Spirit Stones, causing his absorption rate to become even faster.

With the constant consumption of Spirit Stones by Ning Cheng, his cultivation was also continuously increasing. After a full five days, Ning Cheng’s cultivation had directly soared to the True Condensation 7th Level.

As long as he recovered back to his original Soul Sculpting 4th Level, he would be able to regain a part of his lost longevity. Moreover, his hair also would turn back to its pitch-black colour.


Yin Yihui was anxiously walking back and forth outside of Ning Cheng’s room; it was tough for him to describe his own feelings at this moment. At this moment, not only was he completely healed, even his strength had risen to a considerable level.

This would have been a very happy occasion for him, but Ning Cheng had not come out for over five days and five nights. If it were not for Ning Cheng explicitly mentioning that regardless of how many days he remained inside his room, no one was allowed to knock on the door. If it weren’t for those words, he would have already broken down the door and charged in.

As Yin Yihui was walking around anxiously in circles, the door to Ning Cheng’s room suddenly opened.

“Brother Ning…..” Yin Yihui excitedly shouted out, before finally coming forward. However, he immediately felt that Ning Cheng was somewhat different from before but was not able to pinpoint as to what was different about him.

“Not bad. It looks like your internal injuries have completely healed.” Ning Cheng was also in a good mood, as he patted Yin Yihui’s shoulder.

“What is that?” Seeing Grey Toottoot directly jump onto Ning Cheng’s shoulder, Yin Yihui couldn’t help but ask in astonishment. If a cat had jumped this high, then he wouldn’t care about it. However, this animal was somewhat similar to a puppy, at the same time; it was also not like a puppy.

“Oh, this one is my pet, ignore it.” Ning Cheng smiled and spoke. If Yin Yihui knew that Grey Toottoot had enough strength to kill him with a casual swipe of its claws, what kind of reaction would he show?

Yin Yihui did not think much about it. He was impatient to talk to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, the breathing exercises of the Cultivation Method you taught me were really wonderful. It took me only two days to get used to it, not only were my internal injuries completely healed but at the same time even my strength had risen substantially.”

“Good, as you continue to cultivate, in the future, those bugs won’t pose much of a threat to you.” After Ning Cheng finished, he then thought of something. He suddenly took out a long knife from inside his shirt and handed it to Yin Yihui and spoke, “This is for you.”

“Aah….” Yin Yihui stared at Ning Cheng’s clothes. How can such a long knife be placed unnoticed inside of Ning Cheng’s clothes?

Ning Cheng interrupted Yin Yihui’s daze and spoke, “What do you think of this knife? How does it compare to your old weapon?”

Yin Yihui then finally focussed his attention on the knife in his hand, causing him to cry out in shock, “What level of weapon is this?”

“Just circulate your True Qi into it and chop at that trash can.” Ning Cheng pointed to the nearby metal trash can and spoke, he really was not able to find a worse Magical Weapon on him. This high-grade knife type Magical Artefact was actually the worst one inside his ring.

“This… If the knife gets broken….” Yin Yihui could feel a shiver run through him as he looked at the knife. He knew that this knife was not ordinary; as such, he was reluctant to make that chop.

Ning Cheng spoke with a smile, “If a chop would cause the knife to break, then this knife would not be able to help you in killing those insects.”

Yin Yihui immediately became startled, as he quickly lifted the knife and chopped down. The metal trash can was just like tofu and was directly split into two halves without offering any kind of resistance.

“This knife….” Yin Yihui shot a horrified look at the knife in his hand. Even if he used those battle-tested blades that he was accustomed to, they still could not be compared to the sharpness of this knife.

“You can use this knife to kill a few more of those insects; however, I will have to leave to find my sister. I’ll look for you at the border in the future. I will be leaving now. Hope we get to enjoy the chance of meeting in the future. Right, you will have to build a scabbard for the knife by yourself, to not be misunderstood.” Ning Cheng patted Yin Yihui’s shoulder before quickly descending the stairs.

What Ning Cheng was the most worried about was his younger sister Ning Ruolan, if not for Ruolan; he would have immediately headed out to the border with Yin Yihui to look at the situation. With the might of the Rank 5 Battle Disc, he might not even have to step onto the field, as those Demon Insects might just end up fleeing at the sight of him.

“Brother Ning, Elder Brother Ning Xiaocheng…..” By the time Yin Yihui reacted, Ning Cheng had already gone far away. By the time he hurried down the stairs, he was not even able to catch a glimpse of Ning Xiaocheng’s shadow.

“What an odd person. Never thought that I, Yin Yihui, would have the fortune to meet such a capable person, I……” Yin Yihui muttered to himself as he stood at the hotel’s entrance with clenched fists. At this moment, both his morale and fighting spirit were rekindled. With the Qi Circulation Tactics imparted to him by Ning Cheng, combined with such a horrifying knife, wouldn’t his power and prestige grow to an even more impressive level at the border?

Ning Xiaocheng looked younger than he did, but he still chose to address him as an ‘Elder Brother’. This Ning Xiaocheng not only saved his life but also taught him martial arts out of kindness, so treating him as his Elder Brother was wholly deserved.

“Sir, please put away your knife.” A waiter arrived at the entrance and reminded Yin Yihui with a smile.

“Oh, sorry.” Yin Yihui directly took off his coat and carefully wrapped the long knife in it.

After securely wrapping the long knife, Yin Yihui turned around to go back upstairs to tidy up his things. After visiting his wife and kid, he would then immediately leave for the border. Although he was not able to pass on which division was he served to Elder Brother Ning Xiaocheng, with Ning Xiaocheng’s ability, he definitely would be able to look him up on his own.

He was also hoping that Elder Brother Ning Xiaocheng would be able to find his younger sister and would then come to the border to fight alongside them.

“This gentleman, please wait……” A crisp and melodious voice stopped Yin Yihui.

Yin Yihui turned back and saw a pretty-looking woman; she had a slender waist with a plump backdrop. Moreover, she also had a soft smile on her face and a gentle look in her eyes causing any person who looked at her to develop a favourable impression towards her. The only drawback, if any, was that her lips were slightly thinner. However, this shortcoming did not affect the overall beauty of this woman.

“Did you call me?” Yin Yihui was not an arrogant person, combined with the opposite party being a beautiful woman, he also stopped. With his strength rising to a new level, and his injuries healed in its entirety, he was able to realise that Ning Xiaocheng was probably much more skilled than he was. Nevertheless, at this moment, he was in an incredibly joyful mood.

“Yes, I am called Zeng Jiyun and work for the Exceptionally Strong Materials LLC; this is my business card……” Zeng Jiyun took out a business card from her purse and passed it onto Yin Yihui.

Yin Yihui also quickly received the business card and spoke, “I am called Yin Yihui.”

“Elder Brother Yin looks like a hero, you should have just returned from the border, right?” Zeng Jiyun spoke with a smile.

Yin Yihui smile and replied, “Yes, I did just come back from the border.”

“I really admire soldiers like Elder Brother Yin, the soldiers defending the frontier…..” Zeng Jiyun spoke with even more admiration in her voice. The way her words came out along with her tone made no one who heard her doubt her sincerity.

Yin Yihui smiled but did not interrupt her. He was not a soldier, but a Five-Star Battle Officer.

At the border, based on one’s strength along with how many insects they killed, all the martial artists were ranked according to a new standard and divided into the classes of Soldier, Battle Officer, Battle General, and Battle Commander. Each category was then subdivided into five different star ranks, and he was currently a Five-star Battle Officer. However, Yin Yihui also knew that there were several more people more powerful than he was; such experts were as numerous as the hairs on an ox. It was only because of his fierce and death-defying nature combined with his desperate style of fighting that caused him to gain a footing for himself at the border.

It was also because of this kind of death-defying fighting style, which caused his body to bear many scars. If at this time, he had not met Elder Brother Ning Xiaocheng, he would have undoubtedly died in a few weeks.

“Did I hear you calling out ‘Ning Xiaocheng’ or something similar to it? Do you know him?” Zeng Jiyun on seeing that the opposite party did not refute her when she addressed him as a soldier directly asked what she wanted to ask.

“That’s right. I just met with Elder Brother Ning Xiaocheng. Do you know him?” Hearing Zeng Jiyun speak about Ning Xiaocheng, Yin Yihui immediately became spirited.

Zeng Jiyun nodded, “We haven’t seen each other for years, but he is my classmate’s boyfriend….”

Although Zeng Jiyun was talking about Ning Cheng’s matter, however in her heart, Zeng Jiyun was actually trying to think of ways to become more familiar to Yin Yihui. The sources of her Exceptionally Strong Materials LLC were growing worse day by day, which caused her to think of ways to strike up a deal with the soldiers at the border to procure some of those materials directly from those insects.

That’s not right; Ning Xiaocheng had an abject appearance. A border soldier, even if it were a One-Star Soldier, they would not address Ning Xiaocheng as Elder Brother. Moreover, the ones who could afford to stay at the Cloudy Ocean Sky Hotel, they would at least be above One-Star Soldiers in rank. As Zeng Jiyun thought until here, she immediately felt moved in her heart. The first impressions were the most lasting ones, unexpectedly causing her to ignore Ning Xiaocheng.

“Jiyun….” Zeng Jiyun’s train of thought was once again interrupted by a young man.

Looking at the young man calling her, Zeng Jiyun’s smooth face showed a frown. This man was like a dog-skin plaster, as he frequently was found around her.

“Although boss asked you to leave in anger, he did not know what had happened. He only spoke in anger.” This young man whispered into Zeng Jiyun’s ears.

Zeng Jiyun on hearing that the boss seemed to be angry, how could she spare the time to care about creating a connection with Yin Yihui at this moment? She apologised to Yin Yihui in a hurry before quickly rushing inside the hotel.

After Zeng Jiyun left, the young man stared coldly at Yin Yihui and spoke, “You cannot just speak to anyone no matter who it may be. You better watch yourself.”

Yin Yihui was too lazy to reply. He just raised his palm and slapped this youth causing him to fly back a few meters before falling to the ground. The man couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood and a few broken teeth. At this moment, this young man felt as if thunderbolts were going off in his ears.

“You dare to hit me?” The young man reached out to grab Yin Yihui, as he spoke in a tone filled with anger, refusing to believe what had happened. This one palm slap had most likely left him crippled in one ear.

Yin Yihui straightened out his clothes before sauntering to the front of this young man, then took out a card before placing it before the eyes of the young man and spoke, “You are welcome to come find trouble with me if you like. However, let me give you a piece of advice, not anyone can just casually threaten others.”

Finished saying that, Yin Yihui then lifted his feet and wiped off the young man’s blood from the soles of his shoes before leaving behind a few more words, “I hope you would not disappoint me by turtling up now.”

“Five-Star Battle Officer? Five-Star Battle Officer…..” At this time, how could the young man lying on the ground even dare to say anything about revenge? His mind kept repeating those four words while he sat there trembling in fear.

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