Chapter 0367

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0367: Ruolan’s whereabouts

Once Ning Cheng reached a secluded place, he brought out a simple Airship Type Magical Artefact. Now that he was able to recover his cultivation to the True Condensation Realm, he did not seek to use cars. Moreover, who knows if the hailing a vehicle would need an ID or not at this moment, especially since he really did not have an ID card on him currently. Besides, even a regular high-grade airship type Magical Artefact was a lot faster than a plane.

Half an hour later, Ning Cheng appeared at the entrance of the Jiangzhou University. He came here to not look for Tian Muwan again, as he already knew that Tian Muwan was no longer in Jiangzhou. He came here intending to look for the Pearl Hair Clip that was thrown into the sewers by Tian Muwan.

Although he had arrived at the Ocean City, the first place that he chose to visit was actually the Jiangzhou University. He only came over at this location to reminisce. Ning Cheng was a nostalgic person and someone who always kept old friendships in mind, as such this Pearl Hair Clip was something that he had reserved symbolically for his most loved ones. He had given one of these to his younger sister Ruolan, as for the other one, he believed that he would definitely be able to find it using his own Spiritual Consciousness.

Unfortunately, despite Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness sweeping the sewer over and over again to locate that piece, he was not even able to see half a shadow of the Pearl Hair Clip. Ning Cheng guessed that the Pearl Hair Clip should have already been washed away, as such he could only leave the place in dejection.


Half an hour later, Ning Cheng then arrived at the Jiangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages. He stood in front of the Girls Dormitory of the Jiangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages, but despite the logic of his heart, he still swept his Spiritual Consciousness into the girls’ dormitory. Unfortunately, although there were several girls inside Ruolan’s dormitory, he did not know any of them.

“What a lovely puppy.” A crisp female voice arrived with a somewhat exaggerated tone. Apparently, the owner of those words saw the loitering Grey Toottoot.

“Xiaochan, don’t you think that this dog is looking at you in contempt?” Another female student spoke out as if she had discovered a new mainland, following it with a laugh.

“Oh, it really is showing contempt.” The nearby male student had also discovered that Grey Toottoot was looking at them with a despising gaze.

Ning Cheng waved his hand and spoke, “Grey Toottoot, come here.”

With Grey Toottoot’s current strength and nature, seeing only ordinary students all around, it would really be strange if it did not show its despise.

Grey Toottoot walked behind Ning Cheng while wagging its tail.

“Oh, are you Ning Xiaocheng?” One of the girls called out in a pleasantly surprised voice.

Ning Cheng on hearing that someone had recognised him, immediately felt happy in his heart. Was it an acquaintance that had seen him? Turning around, he saw that the girl who called out to him seemed to be in her twenties, with fair skin and a delicate look. However, Ning Cheng was sure that he had never seen this girl.

“You are?” Ning Cheng asked in doubt.

“My name is Li Shiyun. I used to stay in the same dormitory as your sister Ning Ruolan….” The fair-skinned girl had not finished talking when Ning Cheng had already taken a few steps forward in surprise. Because of Ning Cheng’s actions, it caused Li Shiyun to subconsciously take a step back.

Ning Cheng did not notice this at all, he grabbed Li Shiyun’s hand and spoke, “Do you really know my sister? Do you know where Ruolan is?”

“You don’t need to be this anxious, this matter cannot be explained in just one or two words. Let’s find a place to sit first. I’ll slowly spell it out for you.” Li Shiyun spoke in a somewhat low tone.

Although she was looking at him after a few years, it seems like Ning Xiaocheng was not faring well. In the past when she shared the dormitory with Ning Ruolan, she had once seen Ruolan meeting Ning Xiaocheng downstairs through a dorm window. At that time, Ning Xiaocheng still appeared to be quite young and inexperienced. But seeing Ning Cheng today, his body seemed to be giving off a trace of vicissitudes. Sensing this feeling caused Li Shiyun to feel somewhat surprised. However, in any event, Ning Cheng no longer had that young and inexperienced look to him.

Li Shiyun still vividly remembered that one time, when she had peeked at Ning Xiaocheng from her dorm window. Ning Ruolan had previously declared that she would betroth Shiyun to her brother. Although it was only a joke, it caused Li Shiyun to carefully observe Ning Xiaocheng. However, Ning Ruolan did not speak any more about it later. It was not until graduation that Ning Ruolan came back crying and said that her elder brother had gone missing.

At that time, Li Shiyun finally got to know that Ning Xiaocheng had a girlfriend. However, his girlfriend had abandoned him. This resulted in the disappearance of Ning Xiaocheng.

“Good, good, let’s quickly find a quiet place, do you know any place around?” Ning Cheng quickly spoke out. At this moment, he just did not care about anything else.

Li Shiyun also quickly recovered and spoke out, “That’s would be good.”

Saying that, she then turned to the man and woman at her side and spoke, “Xiaochan, Dong Zhen, I will not be accompanying you inside and be a third wheel to the two of you, if it gets late then just remember to call me.”


Following Li Shiyun, the two of them then arrived at an off-campus coffee shop, while Ning Cheng also slowly calmed down from his initial anxiousness and excitement. Trying to calm down the tone of his voice as far as possible, he then spoke up, “Sorry, I got a little excited a moment ago. Didn’t you graduate a few years ago? Why are you still staying at this place?”

Although Ning Cheng desperately wanted to know the whereabouts of Ruolan, he also knew that it would be rude to directly ask Li Shiyun about it, especially since he had never met her before.

“After I left the Institute, I became a lecturer here. But that’s irrelevant, let me talk to you about Ruolan.” Li Shiyun knew that Ning Cheng was really anxious and spoke straight to the point.

Seeing Ning Cheng showing a nervous look, Li Shiyun secretly sighed to herself, as she adjusted her emotions and spoke, “Three years ago, when we were about to graduate, Ruolan learned about your disappearance. She then went to the Jiangzhou University to look for your girlfriend in desperation. However, it looked like the powers behind her were not something Ruolan was able to contend with. Fortunately, your girlfriend was also rational, and managed to stop her family from laying their hands on Ruolan.”

Although Ning Cheng’s was worried in his heart, he finally understood why Tian Muwan didn’t want to give an answer about his sister. It looks like it was initially because of this matter. However, it was also fortunate that she held back her Tian Family on laying their hands on Ruolan, otherwise, no matter who made a move against Ruolan, he would directly annihilate them.

Seeing Ning Cheng not show any expressions on his face when his girlfriend was mentioned, Li Shiyun realised that Ning Cheng now no longer had any connection to his former girlfriend.

“After Ruolan came back, she cried for two straight days in the dormitory. If not for Dai Xin to take care of her and comfort her, then Ruolan might not have lasted throughout her crying.” Li Shiyun spoke as she recalled the initially crying appearance of Ning Ruolan. Even when she talked about it currently, she couldn’t help but feel sad, her eyes were also tinged with red.

Ning Cheng immediately stood up and gave a deep bow to Li Shiyun and spoke, “Sister Shiyun, thank you for taking care of my Ruolan.”

Ning Cheng did not need to ask, although Li Shiyun did not say that she had also looked after Ning Ruolan, he could already guess from her expressions that Li Shiyun had undoubtedly also looked after Ruolan.

Hearing Ning Cheng addresses her as ‘sister’, Li Shiyun’s face turned slightly red before she hastily got up and spoke up, “Ruolan and I were like sisters, this is what either one of us would have done for each other. You don’t need to mind it.”

During that time, she indeed had taken great care of Ning Ruolan. Because there were still people in the dormitory that were looking after Ruolan, it allowed Ruolan to gradually calm down. However, it also caused her to turn more reticent.

Ning Cheng did not continue to speak, he had an inkling as to what Li Shiyun would speak.

After Li Shiyun and Ning Cheng once again sat down, she continued to speak, “At the time of graduation, Ruolan did not even come to pick up her diploma, before she left that Jiangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages. She said that she never would believe that you were gone, so she was going to look for you through her own efforts. We all thought that she was over-thinking things, but I had no idea that you really are still here, alas…….”

“In other words, you also don’t know where Ruolan went?” Ning Cheng’s facial expression changed slightly if Li Shiyun did not know, then what should he do now?

Li Shiyun hesitated for a moment before saying, “I guess she should have started her own business, she had once said that only by having endless wealth, only then could she and her elder brother not be bullied by others. As for the specific situation, Dai Xin should have a clearer picture than me. Moreover, Dai Xin was the also the one who had received Ruolan’s diploma on her behalf. If you want to, then you can look for Dai Xin.”

Ning Cheng sighed, he knew that his younger sister and Dai Xin were best of friends, it looks like he would have to make a trip to Peihua, as Dai Xin’s home was in Peihua.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call Dai Xin.” Li Shiyun spoke, as she took out her phone.

Ning Cheng saw that Li Shiyun was also dialling the same number that he was not able to get through before. He was just about to say that this particular number had been shut down when he heard waves of loud sounds coming from the outside.

“Ah, Dong Zhen and Mu Xiaochan are surrounded, I’ll go take a look.” As Li Shiyun looked through the window of the coffee shop, she immediately saw that those two people were surrounded by people from the street.

Ning Cheng nodded and stood up. He knew that being anxious about Ruolan’s matter would not be of much help, it had already been three years, moreover with his current speed, he would also be able to quickly restore his cultivation. At that time, he would not need to investigate, as he would be able to locate Ruolan by sweeping out with his Spiritual Consciousness.

“What’s the matter? Xiaochan.” Li Shiyun, whether for good or evil, was also a lecturer at the university for the past few years, causing her to possess a somewhat fierce aura when needed.

The woman wearing a pink blouse on seeing Li Shiyun come over, quickly spoke up, “Shiyun, this person is not making any sense at all. Me and Dong Zhen were only looking at some of these insect bones, when he said that I destroyed the Essence Qi inside the insect bones, because of which I must buy it or otherwise pay for the damages. An insect bone costs several thousand Yuan, when did I even have that much money.”

“They are just trying to blackmail us.” Dong Zhen spoke in an indignant voice, but his eyes were also tinged with worry. Apparently, he was also aware that it would be difficult to escape from this matter.

“Just immediately call the police, why are you still talking about reason? Touching things is necessary to buy them, or was it an insect who had just evolved that set up this stall?” Li Shiyun spoke out in a very aggressive manner, in just a few words she had already reduced the people of the stall to insects that were even lower than beasts.

Ning Cheng saw that the man who set up this stall was quite strong, while at the same time also possessed a bloody aura, the same type that he felt from Yin Yihui. That man who had set up the stall on hearing Li Shiyun’s words, spoke out in disdain, “Even if you call the police, but without paying for this father’s things, don’t even think about leaving this place.”

“Wait.” Ning Cheng stopped Li Shiyun from reporting this matter to the police. As he arrived at the front of the stall by his own initiative and picked up a long wooden box with the intent to open it.

“You better not casually open it, this contains an Insect Bone, if you open it and it loses its Essence Qi, then you have to buy it or pay for the damages. Don’t come to me later and say that this father was blackmailing you.” The stall’s owner pointed at Ning Cheng and spoke out unceremoniously.

Ning Cheng spoke up casually, “If I want to buy your things, then, of course, I would have to open it and have a look, otherwise how would I know if it is real or not?”

Finished saying, Ning Cheng did not wait for the opposite party to speak before directly opening the wooden box, causing an aggressive aura to overflow. Inside the wooden contraption, there was a section of a greyish brown object, showing that it indeed was an Insect Bone.

“Fake? Compared to the Domain Insect Materials, Hurricane Materials, Cheng Ruolan Materials or any other famous Materials Company, all of my goods are procured personally by me, how can my goods be fake?” The stall owner spoke with sarcasm.

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