Chapter 0368

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0368: Cheng Ruolan

“Who told you that the Essence Qi would disappear from the Insect Materials once you open the wooden box? This is simply utter nonsense.” Ning Cheng sneered. Even if this stall owner misunderstood this matter, if he really wanted to use this excuse for blackmail, then he just hit the jackpot with him.

“Because this father said so, now that you opened the wooden box, this Insect Bone, you will have to buy it……” The stall owner spoke with great ferocity.

Ning Cheng suddenly remembered something, causing his hand, which was grabbing onto the Insect Bone to start trembling immediately. He recalled that this stall owner seemed to have spoken about a ‘Cheng Ruolan Materials’ a moment ago. Hearing that name, could it be Ruolan’s company? When he was talking to Li Shiyun before, didn’t she also say that Ruolan might have started a business of her own? Moreover, considering this kind of venture, wasn’t the emerging materials market the best choice to make money? From the looks of it, Ruolan most likely opened this Cheng Ruolan Materials.

The surrounding people could see the slight trembling of Ning Cheng’s hand, causing all of them to make the conclusion that he was merely a paper tiger. Someone who was immediately terrified when threatened by others.

Li Shiyun on seeing Ning Cheng’s condition, sighed in her heart secretly, before coming forward and whispering to Ning Cheng, “Xiaocheng, we’ll buy it, I’ll pay for it.”

Ning Cheng quickly recovered, before he hurriedly stopped Li Shiyun and spoke, “I’ll do it; I was just lost in thought a moment ago. Don’t worry.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng then turned to the stall owner and worded the words, “Wrap up your stall and leave it here. We’ll go find a place to discuss the price.”

The stall owner still had things that he wanted to sell and was just about to berate Ning Cheng for telling him to close up his stall to negotiate the price. Then he saw Ning Cheng easily fold the Insect Bone in his hand in half, causing the one-foot long Insect Bone to turn into two smaller pieces. This was still not too much, but then he once again saw Ning Cheng gather the two parts of Insect Bone and once again snap them into four equal parts at once.

It caused the man trying to sell the Insect Bone to stand there slack-jawed. Causing him to abruptly swallow the words he was about to say. He was much more familiar with the hardness of this Insect Bone than anyone else was. It was several folds tougher than even stainless steel. Yet it was broken with just a casual snap. How much strength was required to accomplish such a thing? What’s more, it was not only the snapping of the one-foot long Insect Bone into two that had shocked him this much but the act of stacking the two pieces and snapping them into four sections with the same ease that had utterly jolted him…

The word ‘powerful’ cannot describe this kind of power, but rather ‘terrifying’, that to ‘too terrifying to the extreme’. He had been in the insect materials business for quite some time by now and had even killed some low-levelled insects outside of the border; as such, he was well aware as to what this meant. That is, the opposite party was definitely at least a 1-Star Battle General. Otherwise, what he had accomplished would not be possible at all.

“Do you have any problems with it?” Ning Cheng put these broken bones back into the wooden box before speaking at a moderate pace once again.

“Big, no, Eldest Brother, I do not… I do not have any problems…..” The man selling the Insect Bone hurriedly spoke up while not even being able to control his own tone. He knew that if the person in front of him indeed did possessed that kind of strength, then if he chooses to kill him, it would be equivalent to dying in vain. This world was not like a few years ago. This world was gradually changing, and the people who were perennially living at the border were much more aware of what this change meant.

A person capable of becoming a Battle General. Even if someone like him turned into a homicidal maniac, the others would be fine with it. At most, they could only go to the border to authenticate the Battle General’s identity.

Ning Cheng casually threw down the wooden box at the stall before speaking, “If you don’t have any problems then let’s just go. You can leave the booth here. This is just a broken booth, and nobody wants to buy from you anyways. I’m in a hurry right now, so you better not dawdle around.”

“Yes, yes…..” This man did not dare to speak out any words of rebuttal again, as he hurriedly shouted to someone behind him, “Luo Lu, I’m going out for a little thing, you better keep a watch over the stall.”

Only then did Ning Cheng see that this person also had a companion, but his partner looked very timid by nature, and was entirely out of place when compared to the Imposing Aura coming from the stall owner.

“Eldest Brother, this little brother is called as Zhao Sheng. There is a cafe in front of us, please allow this little brother to serve Eldest Brother a cup of coffee……” This man spoke out without his former fierceness. Going to the coffee shop for a drink was probably not to discuss prices with Ning Cheng; it was about how much money he would have to shell out to appease this Eldest Brother’s anger. At this time, even if Ning Cheng chose to give him the money, he would not dare to touch it.

“If you want to have a drink, then you will have to take me to a place first. If it’s good, then we can forget about this time.”

Ning Cheng did not say anything else before he turned around to Li Shiyun and spoke, “Sister Shiyun, you can first go back to the institute, I have something to take care of, I will come back later to see you. Right, Dai Xin’s phone number has been shut down, when was the last time you called Dai Xin?”

Li Shiyun had not seen Ning Cheng’s process of breaking the Insect Bone, causing her to have some doubts as to why this Zhao Sheng would suddenly turn so polite.

“The last time was three months ago.” Li Shiyun thoughtlessly replied. Although she and Dai Xin were from the same dormitory, after graduation, all things change. Only when one was occasionally free would they remember to make a call to old friends to exchange mutual greetings.

However, wasn’t Dai Xin still using her original phone number until three months ago? It was not logical for Dai Xin to change her phone number suddenly.

“Can you make a phone call to Dai Xin again?” Ning Cheng also realised that Dai Xin should not have changed her phone number. As such could only ask about it.

“Ok.” Li Shiyun could see Zhao Sheng standing on one side, somewhat afraid to make a sound. She realised that there must have been some reason for these events. However, she didn’t think much about it as she picked up the phone and dialled Dai Xin’s number once again.

“It’s been shut down.” Li Shiyun soon put the phone down and replied.

“I knew it, still thanks for all your help. I’ll come back when I’m free again.” Ning Cheng finished speaking before he hurried away with Zhao Sheng.

“Shiyun, what’s going on?” Mu Xiaochan doubtfully looked at distant figures of Ning Cheng and Zhao Sheng and asked out in a puzzled manner.

Li Shiyun also shook her head in doubt; she also was not able to understand as to what had just transpired.

Mu Xiaochan’s boyfriend, Dong Zhen quickly spoke up, “Let’s first return to the Institute.”

He had personally seen Ning Cheng breaking up the Insect Bone with utter ease, and then followed by that Zhao Sheng, the owner of this stall, showing a panic-stricken look before he left following Ning Cheng. From this, it was evident that this Zhao Sheng was afraid.


“Where do you want to go, Eldest Brother?” After walking to a place with very few people around, Zhao Sheng asked in a very discreet and polite voice after seeing Ning Cheng finally stop.

“Didn’t you say something about three famous Materials Company? So, just take me to the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company, and no idle talks.” Ning Cheng bluntly spoke out.

Zhao Sheng’s face immediately turned bitter, “Eldest Brother, I was only boasting a moment ago, Domain Insect Materials and Hurricane Materials are indeed well-known companies. However, those people would not accept my low-levelled materials, so I used to sell my materials to Cheng Ruolan Materials LLC. Although I said it like that, it is what other people would call a bluff, Eldest Brother…..”

Ning Cheng thought that her younger sister’s company would be at least a relatively famous company, but now that he heard Zhao Sheng say these things, he couldn’t help but become distracted. He then immediately realised that Ruolan starting her own business, all by herself, would be very laborious and challenging. Otherwise, she would probably not receive such low-level materials from Zhao Sheng.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel his heart turning sour; looks like these three years were hard on Ruolan.

“Then take me directly to Cheng Ruolan Company, and stop wasting my time.” Ning Cheng took a deep breath to calm himself before he spoke out in an icy tone.

Although Zhao Sheng did not want to make Ning Cheng unhappy, he still honestly answered, “Cheng Ruolan Company went out of business, because of which I did not have a place to sell my materials other than finding a way to set up a stall of my own somewhere on the in-land.”

“When did Cheng Ruolan Company go out of business?” Ning Cheng entire body erupted with murderous intent, as he caught Zhao Sheng’s collar and lifted him up with one hand.

Zhao Sheng, grabbed by Ning Cheng, was just like a bag of straw. Although he was horrified by the turn of events, he still quickly replied, “Eldest Brother, I do not know when it went out of business, but the company’s gate is shut. I went there several times, but there was nobody……”

Ning Cheng immediately loosened his hand, causing Zhao Sheng to fall to the ground quickly before he continued, “Where is Cheng Ruolan Company located, take me to it immediately.”

Ning Cheng was very clear about Ruolan’s ability, if she opened up her company, then it would only grow larger and larger under her. As such, it was impossible for it to fail. If even Zeng Jiyun could climb to the position of Deputy Sales Director of a Materials Company, then Ruolan’s ability was unquestionably higher than Zeng Jiyun’s capacity.

It was not because of the relationship between him and Ruolan, but because he was aware of Ruolan’s real abilities.

“Yes, yes, the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company is situated in Qiyang City, near to Jing City. There are no direct flights to that place, only the train, but it will take about 36 hours….”

Zhao Sheng could not even finish his words, when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck, causing everything in front of him to blackout while he instantaneously fell down.

After Ning Cheng knocked out Zhao Sheng, he directly brought out an airship and quickly rushed out of Jiangzhou.


Although Ning Cheng had never been to Qiyang City before, he knew about this place. It was near to the border of Jing City but was more of a small town rather than a city. If Ruolan had to open a company, then choosing Qiyang City was something that Ning Cheng could actually understand.

The land and house prices were much lower than Jing City, and more importantly, the border was not too far from the Jing City. If one wanted to receive Insect Materials, then, of course, setting up a company inland would not be logical.

Ning Cheng’s speed was even faster than before, as such in less than half an hour, he had arrived at Qiyang City. Ning Cheng then dropped Zhao Sheng to the ground, then slapped him once to wake him up, “We are in the Qiyang City, take me immediately to the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company.”

“We must ride the train… What? Already at Qiyang?” Zhao Sheng reacted quickly, as he climbed up in a panic and looked in all four directions, then immediately shook his head vigorously. It was only after a good long while was he able to speak up from his shock, “Are we really in Qiyang? What happened to me?”

“Don’t ask what you don’t want to know, just hurry up, and show me the way.” Ning Cheng spoke with impatience, he was genuinely feeling worried in her heart.

“Yes, yes…..” Zhao Sheng felt his head clear up a bit; he guessed that the one in front of him knocked him out. Then the next time he opened his eyes, they arrived at Qiyang this quickly. Was this person able to fly?

However, he did not dare to ask. In this world, there were already insects that could grow to his size, so for people to be able to fly did not seem to be particularly strange.

At the same time, he also couldn’t help but feel more and more awe in his heart for Ning Cheng. He knew that this Ning Cheng cared very much about Cheng Ruolan Materials Company, so he spoke while walking, “When the Cheng Ruolan Company was founded, it was still quite successful and also was growing steadily, but later I heard that because of a matter, it ended up suffering a disastrous decline… Huh, what?”

Zhao Sheng only spoke until halfway when he suddenly discovered that the person he was with had disappeared. Moreover, vanished in an utterly silent manner, to the point that he was not even able to notice it.

While Ning Cheng kept listening to Zhao Sheng speak, he had also deployed his Spiritual Consciousness to its full. When his Spiritual Consciousness fell above a rusty bronze plaque, he became incomparably excited. He could not even bother to say a single word before he quickly disappeared from his spot.

A few minutes later, Ning Cheng entered an old building devoid of any signboards, and with his fastest speed arrived in front of a door to a room on the corner of the seventh floor.

On the door of the room, there was a bronze plaque stuck to it with some dust over it, with the words ‘Cheng Ruolan Materials LLC’.

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