Chapter 0369

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0369: Meeting Once Again

Ning Cheng touched the rusty sign with his hand, as he affirmed that Ruolan had most probably founded this company.

From the outside, it looked like there was nobody inside with the door of the office locked. However, Ning Cheng knew that there was a person inside; it was a thin and somewhat weak looking girl. She had very ordinary looks, but at this time, this girl was nervously staring at the locked door of the office. She could see from the display window from the side of her computer that someone had indeed come here.

Ning Cheng knocked on the door with his hand, but he found that the girl did not have any intention to open the door; instead, she carefully tried to hide.

“Click.” Ning Cheng placed his hand on the lock outside the door, before he poured in his True Essence into the lock, causing the locked door to open smoothly.

“You better quickly get out, or I’ll call the police……” The emaciated looking girl did not think that Ning Cheng would be able to open the locked door, causing her to yell out in panic immediately.

Ning Cheng just beckoned with his hand before speaking, “You don’t have to be nervous. I didn’t come here with any malicious intentions. I only want to ask if the boss of this office is Ning Ruolan or not?”

The office was quite average; at most, it was only thirty square feet in area, while the smell of instant noodles was quite heavy in the air. Ning Cheng realised that this girl must have just been eating instant noodles to get by.

“What do you want to do? I’m just a temp, I don’t know anything.” The girl was clutching the phone in her hand as she stared at Ning Cheng with caution. Even though she said that she was going to call the police, but the fact was that she had not yet activated the alarm. Let alone dialling the number.

Ning Cheng could see that this girl was genuinely panicking, so he tried to calm himself down as much as possible before speaking, “My name is Ning Xiaocheng, Ning Ruolan is my younger sister. If this is indeed the company founded by Ning Ruolan, then I found the right one. If it is not, then I’ll leave right away.”

“Are you really Ning Xiaocheng?” The girl stared at Ning Cheng in astonishment and spoke out unconsciously.

Ning Cheng felt his heart loosen up; he realised that he had found the right place. If it were not the right place, then it would be impossible for this girl to know about the name ‘Ning Xiaocheng’.

“Yes, I’m indeed Ning Xiaocheng.” Ning Cheng spoke in a positive manner.

“Pata….” the girl’s phone fell onto the table, while her eyes immediately turned red, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, Elder Sister Ruolan and Sister Dai Xin have been out for over half a month, without even single news about them……”

She was almost on the verge of crying, Ning Cheng knew that at this moment him being anxious would not serve any purpose, so he quietly sat down and spoke, “Please sit down first, we can take care of the company’s business later, but first tell me where Ruolan went.”

“En.” After the girl finally calmed herself down a bit, she then walked to the door and once again closed the door that Ning Cheng had just opened. However, she still had doubts in her mind as to how Ning Cheng was able to open the door with such ease.

Seeing Ning Cheng still looking at her, this girl finally gave her explanation, “This door cannot be opened, as soon as it is opened then the things in here would be moved out by others. After all, people want to collect their debts.”

Ning Cheng then looked around inside of the office. There was nothing here besides a few computers and a few printers along with an old copier. There was just nothing of value in here.

“Does the company owe a lot of debt to others?” Ning Cheng on hearing the girl’s words asked her immediately.

The girl nodded, “Majority of it is just the interest, especially because the first batch of the company’s materials ended up stolen, causing it to accumulate quite a bit of liability. A month ago, the second batch of the materials that the company was able to acquire was stolen once again, just, just……”

As Ning Cheng heard those words, a hint of anger was starting to rise up inside him, was there any sort of justification for this? With things being stolen once before, how could it happen once again?

However, Ning Cheng did not ask why, the girl had just declared from her own mouth that she would call the police, but the fact was that she had not called the police. Presumably, the warning alarm was of no use. Outside of the border, those insects were attacking everywhere and at any time, while this city was also quite close to the Border. As such, law and order in this place seemed to be not too reliable; at least it seemed that it was not as good as the in-lands. For Ruolan to transport materials, getting it shipped here from the in-land would not be an option. However, if these things were coming from the border, then robbing of goods should be within expectations.

“Why don’t you tell me where Ruolan went?” Ning Cheng stood up.

“I don’t know, I guess that Elder Sister Ruolan might have gone to the Hundred Bay Point.” The girl hesitated before speaking.

“Where is this Hundred Bay Point?” Ning Cheng had never heard of this place before. Moreover, why would Ruolan go to this location?

“I am not very clear; I only know that it is located nearby to the Russian Border City of Kirill. Many of the world’s Material Merchants gather in that area. I once heard that it is a place founded by a group of mighty people. The people wanting to enter have to obey the stringent restrictions; however, a lot of Material Companies go there to purchase their goods.” The girl spoke out everything that she knew.

Ning Cheng on hearing the girl’s words and looking at her expression realised that this girl really did not know anything else. Although he wanted to stay and ask about Ruolan’s situation over the past three years, Ning Cheng knew, that time was critical to him right now. He took out the more than thousand Yuan that Xu Liyi had given to him and passed it onto the girl and spoke, “Don’t eat instant noodles all day. It must have been hard for you in here. Don’t worry, I’ll go find Ruolan.”

The girl had not yet reacted when she found that Ning Cheng had already left the office.


Ning Cheng very quickly found the Hundred Bay Point at the Russian Border. It was a place where many landing strips crisscrossed each other, while numerous aircrafts were landing and taking off. From the air, it looked like spider’s web, which extended out from the centre to all directions.

Ning Cheng stood there in the sky for a short while and could feel the radar sweep past him. He was not willing to be meddlesome at this moment, so he chose to descend while concealing his appearance. There was a laser wall built around the Hundred Bay Point. Ning Cheng reckoned that with his current abilities, he probably would not be able to disregard these laser walls.

One could see all kinds of vehicles coming out from the Hundred Bay Point before dispersing in all directions. At the same time, there were also many vehicles coming in and entering the Hundred Bay Point. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into these cars and found most of them filled with a variety of Insect Bone Materials. Some of them looked cleaned and processed, while some of them covered in bloodstains showing that they were still unprocessed.

As Ning Cheng carefully observed them, he could see that, at the time when these cars entered the Hundred Bay Point, they had to pass through two clearance and inspection points. The first inspection point scanned the entire car with an X-ray-like beam. While the next inspection point had a few mastiff dogs and fully armed guards carefully inspecting everything. Whether it was going in or coming out, it looked like everyone had to go through these procedures.

Feeling that his current True Condensation Cultivation might be a bit low in dealing with these things, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but give out a sigh, before quickly rushing towards the top of an SUV while simultaneously entering his Miniature World.

His ring was a concealed one, as such how would the laser scanners be able to detect it? Even if discovered, it was just a ring in the end for others.

If he currently possessed cultivation at the Essence Building Realm, then he certainly would not hesitate to go in openly. For Ning Cheng, to cultivate to the Essence Building Realm again, at most, it would require only a single night. Unfortunately, he currently did not have the time to enter cultivation.

The SUV quickly passed through the checks. It was just as Ning Cheng thought; no one cared about a ring on top of the car.

After the SUV entered the Hundred Bay Point, the surroundings once again turned lively almost instantaneously. People with all kinds of skin colour moved around, showing that there were people from all over the world working in this place. There were also all kinds of materials in here, finished weapons and products and even semi-finished weapons and products, while bright gem-like lights illuminated every corner.

Ning Cheng blended himself into the crowd without being the slightest bit inconspicuous. He had already deployed his Spiritual Consciousness to its maximum, he had to first find Ruolan, and then raise his cultivation, only then would he be able to think of obtaining more information.

“Ruolan….” Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness trembled with excitement as it swept past a very luxurious hotel. He did not think that it would be so easy to find Ruolan.

However, Ning Cheng quickly perceived that something was wrong. Although Ruolan was staying in a luxurious hotel, her face did not look happy at all. Not only was her face gaunt, but even her eyes were somewhat vacant.

Dai Xin was also sitting at Ruolan’s side, with the same gaunt look. Both of them seemed to be a little numb and dazed.

Did someone detain them there? Ning Cheng thought, but it also did not look like it. However, there were also a few black-suited guards armed with guns standing outside the hotel’s entrance.

Ning Cheng no longer bothered to think of anything else, as the next moment, he had already appeared at the entrance to the hotel before he immediately rushed in.

“Walker, did you also feel a wind blow by?” A tall black-suited security guard standing at the hotel’s entrance spoke out while looking in all directions.

Another black-suited man named Walker gave a smile; it was only a gust of wind, nothing to create such a fuss over it.


“Dai Xin, you should return first. I will stay back in this place. Even if it was the company’s business, this time I ended up bringing harm to you.” The long and gaunt looking Ning Ruolan spoke with a hoarse tone.

Dai Xin who was sitting next to her shook her head and spoke, “Ruolan, even if you stayed back here, the money you have to pay back is not less. Besides, do you think that even if I go out alone, would they let me off? Wait, someone is knocking on the door…..”

“At least until now, I am the only one who has to make the payment. Is there really someone is knocking on the door? I’ll go get the door.” Ning Ruolan stood up; she discovered that even walking was a bit difficult for her. She knew that it was because of hunger.

When the door opened, the originally wooden-looking Ning Ruolan blankly stared at Ning Cheng standing at the entrance, while her lips were trembling uncontrollably. She couldn’t help but think that she was hallucinating.

That’s not right; Dai Xin said that someone was knocking at the door.

“You are Ning Xiaocheng…..” Dai Xin who was behind Ning Ruolan immediately recognised Ning Cheng, as she cried out in shock.

“Ruolan, I’m back.” Ning Cheng on seeing his incomparably frail looking and weak sister couldn’t help but feel a kind of unendurable bitterness. For the first time, he was not able to control the tears in his eyes.

“Big brother….” Ning Ruolan finally understood that this was not a hallucination this was the real deal. It was even more real than actual gold and genuine silver. Although she wanted to call out, she was not able to make any sound.

She wanted to throw herself into her elder brother’s arms, but she just did not even have the strength to move. It was as if she was electrocuted, causing her to turn lifeless.

At this moment, she also could not do anything but shed uncontrollable tears. She always thought if she would ever get to see her brother once again or if she would die without even a glimpse of him. However, today, she was finally able to see her elder brother. At this time, he was standing right in front of her and seemed to be crying, but she was just unable to move.

“Big brother….” Ning Ruolan finally managed to call out in a hoarse voice, as her entire body turned soft.

Ning Cheng hurriedly came forward and hugged Ning Ruolan. As he wrapped his arm around her, Ning Cheng could feel that Ruolan was much lighter than before. He couldn’t help but feel choked up and wanted to ask her as to why she was so skinny? Why was her aura so weak?

“Dai Xin, why are you and Ruolan so haggard?” Ning Cheng could feel his own tone turning a little hoarse.

“Brother Xiaocheng, we are hungry….” When Dai Xin saw Ning Cheng and Ruolan finally meet, she also couldn’t help but cry out. She was the only person who knew precisely how much of blood, sweat, and tears Ruolan had put into finding her brother.

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