Chapter 0370

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0370: Who’s plotting against who?

Ning Cheng knew that living in such a luxurious place, but remaining hungry, was definitely strange. He took out a pill and put it into Ruolan’s mouth, a moment later Ning Ruolan woke up once again.

She finally understood that her big brother had indeed come back, the next moment; she rushed to embrace Ning Cheng and started crying. It felt as if all her grievances would wash away if she cried her heart out.

However, she was also truly weak. After crying for a while, she became drowsy. Ning Cheng knew that if it was not for his pill then perhaps Ruolan might have fainted once again. Ruolan was currently very weak, even if he took out a better medicine, it would be of no use. The first thing that he had to do was to fill her stomach.

Although Ning Ruolan was a little dizzy, she still grasped onto Ning Cheng’s clothes tightly. It was as if she feared that letting go would cause her big brother to disappear once again.

Her big brother raised her since her she was a kid. She was able to eat and live because of the money earned by her big brother. Without her big brother, she felt as if she had lost her entire world. Now that her big brother had come back again, how could she dare to let go?

“Dai Xin, since you are staying in this place, then why didn’t you order any food?” Ning Cheng asked in doubt.

Dai Xin understood the meaning behind Ning Cheng’s words, that is, since they were staying in such a luxurious place, how could they not eat any food? She did not know how Ning Cheng was able to find them, but properly speaking Ning Cheng did not seem to have come here at all previously.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, we just can’t afford to eat. In this place, if you want to eat then each meal would cost about 100,000 Yuan in equivalent Chinese currency, even staying here for a night would cost about 100,000. When Ruolan and I arrived at this Hundred Bay Point, all the money added up, we only had about 2 million Yuan. We have been staying in this place for nearly half a month. If we ordered a meal now, then we would be kicked out immediately…..”

Dai Xin sighed, before continuing with the explanation, “This hotel is the property of one of the Major Experts, Dhulandi. Since we are staying here, as such no one would dare to touch us. But once we get out, then I estimate that we would immediately be taken away to live a life worse than death.”

Ning Cheng knew that there were definitely many more things to hear, so he directly called Grey Toottoot out from the Miniature World and told him, “Grey Toottoot, go and get us all the best food from this hotel’s kitchen.”

Seeing Grey Toottoot quickly vanish out the door, Dai Xin shot a surprised look at Ning Cheng. She was not able to see where Ning Cheng was able to pull out the puppy he called Grey Toottoot.

Ning Cheng held onto Ning Ruolan and carefully moved before sitting down at the side of the bed. Ning Ruolan was still tightly grabbing onto Ning Cheng’s hand, while Ning Cheng also caressed Ning Ruolan’s long hair while saying, “Ruolan, this time I have come to take you away. You do not need to be worried again.”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng then continued, “Sister Dai Xin, can you wait for some time before you tell me the rest of details?”

Dai Xin had accompanied Ruolan all this time; as such, Ning Cheng had already regarded her as her own younger sister.

Looking at the exhausted and weary Dai Xin, he did not continue to ask anything. One cannot explain such matters in just a few words. Once Dai Xin recovered her physical strength, it won’t be too late to ask questions at that time. Since he was here now, then he would not let anyone dare run wild in this place.

Grey Toottoot was also very fast, in just slightly more than ten minutes, he had already returned.

Ning Cheng then locked the door securely. Sweeping out with his Spiritual Consciousness in all directions, he did not discover any cameras.


Looking at the glass table filled with all sorts of food, Dai Xin and Ning Ruolan couldn’t help but stare at Grey Toottoot. Just what kind of puppy was this? How was it able to bring so many things in here?

“Ruolan, Dai Xin, first eat. After dinner, we can talk slowly. I have a Spacial Storage Object with me that can allow me to store many things inside.” Ning Cheng spoke as he effortlessly moved the glass table to the side of the bed.

Although it felt bizarre, Dai Xin and Ning Ruolan did not ask about it. Currently, in this world, there were already too many weird things.

Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin had only been eating small amounts of chocolates every day, as such saying that they were hungry would be an understatement. Now that there was a table full of excellent food in front of him, they just were not able to bear it. As Ning Ruolan contained her excitement, her mood also turned a lot better. With her big brother here, her appetite was just like an animal starved for centuries.

Not waiting to finish the dinner, Dai Xin and Ning Ruolan started taking turns to narrate what had happened in the past three years. When the meal was finally finished, Ning Cheng also understood the general gist of what had transpired.

Soon after Ning Cheng’s disappearance, these insects had appeared on Earth. With the advent of these insects, it brought out a market for Insect Materials and Insect Nuclei.

With her big brother missing, Ning Ruolan wanted to start her own business first. Once she made a lot of money, she would then be able to scour the entire world to find her brother. At the same time, she also wanted to tell the Tian Family about a fact, that everybody can make money and that the Tian Family was nothing remarkable. As such, it would also prove to Tian Muwan that she did not have the qualifications to look down upon her or her big brother.

Ning Ruolan knew how difficult it would be for a person to start a business without money, but she was also brilliant herself. When she observed that Insect Nuclei had a market price of several million to several tens of millions, she knew that she had to start a business related to this.

To understand this line of work, she joined a Materials Company. Because of her knowledge of a foreign language, she had the opportunity to strike up a deal with a few international soldiers. It was also because of this connection that she was able to meet several soldiers. One time, a foreign soldier had thanked Ning Ruolan for her continuous help by sending a not-so-valuable Yellow Spot Insect’s stomach to Ning Ruolan.

At the very beginning of the insect tide, the stomach of the sharp-mouthed Yellow Spot Insect’s only usage was as raw materials to manufacture some socks as well as gloves, a kind of low-levelled protective gear. Other than that, at some hotels, after processing the sharp-mouthed Yellow Spot Insect’s stomach, using it as a food delicacy was also an option.

Although Ning Ruolan had handled many Insect Materials, she had never owned any Insect Materials of her own. However, what Ning Ruolan had not thought was that the Insect Stomach gifted to her by that soldier would also contain an entirely preserved Insect Nucleus inside of it.

This Insect Nucleus allowed her to obtain a fortune of two million Yuan. With this money, she was able to see a sliver of her business, as she quickly used it establish a prototype of her own company.

Ning Ruolan also knew that this so-called opportunity was entirely due to luck. Later on, no one would dare to send an unchecked Insect Stomach. That was because many of Insect Stomachs contained even more good things.

Although the company grew, Ning Ruolan was also very careful. She had not only hired a lot of security but had also purchased a few weapons. However, even if that was the case, a large quantity of Ning Ruolan’s first batch of inventory ended up robbed along with the cargo. She had initially hired ten security guards, but two among them had died, while the other eight were all missing along with the drivers.

Cheng Ruolan Materials Company also started to plummet in the market because of this incident. To keep the company running, Ning Ruolan could only choose to borrow money from others. However, because of this event, the company ended up with a variety of problems, causing it to experience many difficulties.

To make matters even worse, a month ago, the cargo that the company had managed to obtain after great difficulties ended up robbed once again. This time it did not even contain any particularly valuable materials in it, to the point that even common thieves would not eye it. Still, this cargo ended up robbed.

Ning Ruolan was utterly and mentally exhausted by this point, and could only seek some help from Dai Xin. When Dai Xin realised Ning Ruolan’s situation at the company, she immediately arrived at Qiyang, while also bringing with her around two million Yuan.

After Ning Ruolan discussed things with Dai Xin, the two of them personally arrived at the Hundred Bay Point to purchase more inventory.

“Brother, if the first robbery was an accident, then the second robbery was definitely orchestrated by someone against me.” Now that Ning Ruolan found her big brother, her mood also turned a lot better than before. In fact, it was the best she ever felt.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Ruolan, we can talk about this matter later, why are you and Dai Xin trapped in this place? Who won’t let you out? The hotel is 100,000 a night, and a meal is 100,000 per head, at the end, whom does this hotel intend to serve? Where in the world would you even find such an expensive hotel?”

Dai Xin hesitated before speaking up, “Big brother Xiaocheng, I suspect that the ones who had planned all this is the same group who seem to have designs of Ruolan’s company.”

Ning Cheng looked at Ning Ruolan and spoke, “In that case, Ruolan, who do you think is plotting against you? Tell me.”

Ning Ruolan gave an ‘en’ sound before replying, “I have always suspected the Domain Insect Materials. Moreover, I also received an anonymous letter stating that it was the same company who is behind all this.”

“Domain Insect Materials?” Ning Cheng repeated the words. He had also heard of this name some time ago.

“En, its China’s largest Materials Company. Even in the entire world, it would rank within the top three. This Materials Company not only sells Insect Materials but also sells finished weapons and armour and other essential things.” Ning Ruolan explained.

Speaking until this point, Ning Ruolan hesitated a bit before looking at Ning Cheng and talking, “Big brother, I suspect that this company belongs to the Tian Family, so…..”

Ning Cheng lovingly grabbed Ning Ruolan’s hand and spoke, “Ruolan, no matter who it is, if someone dared to make a move on you, then I will never let them off.”

Thinking about the two robberies, Ning Cheng just wished that he could smash those bastards to smithereens.

“En.” Ning Ruolan’s eyes once again turned red, as she remembered her insanity after her brother had disappeared. Today, her big brother was back and was still the same as before. The big brother who cared for her in every possible way.

“Our company had just started to grow, but the Domain Insect Materials was already bidding for a lot of high-level insect materials. Because we were not only paying back the price, we were also selling the processed materials to the others at a much lower price than the Domain Insect Materials, resulting in huge losses to the Domain Insect Company. Originally, they did not have much, but for some reason, the Domain Insect Materials were mysteriously able to obtain a lot more materials compared to the other Material Companies, allowing the company to quickly grow up in both size and scale…..”

When Ning Ruolan spoke here, it was as if she once again recalled the time when Cheng Ruolan’s materials ended up robbed, especially when the security detail that she had arranged were massacred.

Ning Cheng could feel Ruolan’s hand turning cold, immediately allowing him to guess as to what she was thinking, “Ruolan, you don’t have to worry about it, despite the things left unsaid. I will let you call the shots; besides you have already seen Grey Toottoot’s ability.”

“Big brother, is this puppy really called Grey Toottoot? How was it able to carry away these many things before? In the end, where did it put all of it?” Ning Ruolan instantly remembered Grey Toottoot, who was still leisurely sitting at one side. The previously unexplained things, both she and Dai Xin were not able to understand it.

With the experiences over the past few years, she could always control her own emotions. Only in front of her big brother, she did not need to manage them.

“Don’t worry; these matters can be spoken about in the future. Just tell me what is going on with the matter between you and the Domain Insect Materials.” As Ning Cheng finished speaking, he signalled Grey Toottoot to pick up all the things on the table.

Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin looked at Grey Toottoot sauntering towards them, but then they realised that dishes on the table had unknowingly disappeared, causing them to feel shocked.

It was only after a good long while that Ning Ruolan was able to continue with her explanation, “As the Domain Insect Materials expanded, it quickly started to swallow up some of the smaller materials company. However, our Cheng Ruolan Company was the focus of their strikes. Many of the Materials Company slowly disappeared, however, I really did not want to reconcile with them. If I were not able to earn a lot of money, then I would have no chance to look for my big brother…”

“Ruolan, it’s really been hard on you for all these years.” Ning Cheng immediately understood that the reason why the other Materials Company had disappeared was that they all buckled under the pressure from the Domain Insect Company, causing them to vanish. However, Ruolan’s Company was unlike others and was able to cope up with it to a certain extent, demonstrating Ruolan’s outstanding abilities.

Ning Ruolan shook her head and spoke, “To see my big brother once again, I don’t think it was laborious at all.”

“How do you know that the Domain Insect Company belongs to the Tian Family?” Ning Cheng recalled Ning Ruolan’s words from before and asked again.

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