Chapter 0371

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0371: Ruolan Was Injured

“I once saw the boss of the Domain Insect Materials following behind Tian Muwan with his head lowered. It led me to think that there was some sort of business dealings between the two. Later on, I received an anonymous letter stating that the Domain Insect Materials changed owners to Tian Family and that if I gave up on this path or investigation, then they would also appreciate it.” As Ning Ruolan spoke until here, she was somewhat nervously looking at Ning Cheng. She was afraid that her big brother had not forgotten about Tian Muwan, as such she did not speak much.

Ning Cheng also understood Ruolan’s meaning but did not expand upon it.

In the past, he had not understood why Tian Muwan had treated him that way when she spoke that the difference between them was too significant. However, Ning Cheng had always suspected that it was not the real intention of Tian Muwan, as at that time Tian Muwan had not given him the opportunity to inquire about it. Now that he had returned once again, he had no desire to know the reason behind it. Moreover, Tian Muwan had also not answered him about Ruolan’s whereabouts and had not shown even the slightest hint of inquiring about him, who was missing for the past few years.

The past was the past; every individual had his or her own path to walk. When Tian Muwan had taken out the bankcard and placed it in front of him, Ning Cheng had understood that they had already become outdated. He was the clearest when it came to Tian Muwan’s disposition, if he had fancied Tian Family’s money, then Tian Muwan would have already left him long before that incident. Since Tian Muwan also knew about his disposition, but still choose to give him a bank card, then it meant that there was nothing else to discuss.

“Does Tian Muwan know that you were the one who founded the company?” Ning Cheng apparently was aware that he should not have asked this question, but he also couldn’t help but ask it.

Ning Ruolan shook her head and spoke, “She should not know about it, my company was still small at that time, so it was simply not worth mentioning in her eyes.”

Ning Cheng, on hearing those words, gave out a sigh of relief. If Tian Muwan knew it was Ruolan’s company, yet still plotted and attacked it, then he would have felt quite sad about it. Even Ning Cheng would not be able to accept this. As to why he was feeling like this, he was finding it indescribable. It might be because he was unwilling to see people who were once close to him to treat Ruolan like this.

“So why are you staying in this place?” Ning Cheng already put the matter regarding Tian Muwan to the side and asked. He wanted to bring his sister out of here. As to the issues relating to Tian Muwan, after all, the paths of the two would not intersect with each other in the future anyway.

Dai Xin hinted to Ning Ruolan to take a break for a while before speaking up, “I’ll say it. Ruolan and I had no intention to stay in the Hundred Bay Point for even a single night. However, the Hundred Bay Point currently is quite a chaotic area. In other words, in this place, strength replaces the law, resulting it to be quite dangerous.”

“After Ruolan and I arrived here, we did not do anything radically meddlesome and were just thinking of procuring some cheap insect materials. However, because I wanted to know more about the different varieties of Insect Nuclei, we ended up entering a merchant house specifically set up in the Hundred Bay Point for Insect Nuclei. There were not many people in the merchant house when we entered. I wanted to ask Ruolan about a particular Insect Nucleus, and lifted my hand to point to it but ended up accidentally bumping into another person nearby. The man was holding a wooden box with an Insect Nucleus inside it. When my hand accidentally brushed past it, that wooden box ended up falling to the ground. The Insect Nucleus inside of it unexpectedly shattered……”

Ning Cheng hearing until here realised that Dai Xin and Ruolan were on the receiving end of blackmail. This was similar to touching porcelain only to break it. If an Insect Nucleus could be so easily broken, then it was not a Demon Nucleus.

Sure enough, Dai Xin continued with the narration, “That person immediately grabbed me and asked me to pay 20 Million Yuan. He said that his Insect Nucleus was a high-grade Insect Nucleus, and since I had destroyed his Insect Nucleus then I had to pay for it. The money on Ruolan and me combined only added up to 2 Million Yuan. Moreover, most of it belonged to my parents who saved it for my marriage, so where would we be able to bring out 20 million? Ruolan realised that the matter was not looking good, so she immediately pulled me and ran…..”

Ning Ruolan interjected, “Big brother, you do not know what it means to destroy other people’s things in this place or how terrifying the compensation for it is. If Dai Xin and I cannot put together the 20 million Yuan, then they can directly carry the two of us away to process us. Even if they kill us on the streets, there would be no issue about it.”

Dai Xin continued with fear in her voice, “That’s right Elder Brother Xiaocheng, if it was not for Ruolan pulling me into this hotel, we might have not been alive at this moment. Even if that was the case, Ruolan still ended up getting shot through the arm, but luckily no bones were hurt…..”

“WHAT!” Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, while his eyes turned red. Ruolan was actually injured; moreover, it was even a bullet wound? Although it had been quite a while since he met Ruolan, he had not noticed it all.

“Big brother, I’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound, it is much better now.” Ning Ruolan on seeing her big brother’s appearance, that crazy look on his face, quickly tried to comfort him with some words.

Ning Cheng restrained the fury in his heart and spoke, “Ruolan, let me take a look at the injury.”

“En.” Ning Ruolan pulled her shirt down a little.

On Ning Ruolan’s white arm, there was a layer of white gauze wrapped around it tightly; however, it was dripping with blood, showing that the wound was probably not in a stable condition. From the moment he met Ruolan until now, he did not showcase any of his fears, but this injury really caused Ning Cheng to be worried.

“Those bunch of trash.” Ning Cheng clenched his fists, at this moment he was completely ready to slaughter anyone that made the mistake of barring his path. This bullet, if even a bit off, it would have gone straight through Ruolan’s heart. If he turned even into the highest of those golden immortals at that time, he would not be able to save Ruolan.

“Big brother, I’m much better now, you don’t have to worry about it.” Seeing Ning Cheng’s clenched fists giving out ‘Ka-Ka’ like sounds, Ning Ruolan hurriedly comforted him. Her big brother had returned, but it looks like he also obtained some unique skills. However, Ning Ruolan knew that those experts who could easily kill and dice those insects were also quite powerful

Ning Cheng forcibly calmed himself down, and then helped Ning Ruolan untie the gauze, as he spoke, “I certainly don’t have to be worried, it is they who should be worrying.”

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng. This hotel is the property of Dhulandi, one of the world’s top five Major Experts. As long as you stay in this area, then the others would be afraid to cause any trouble. However, the person who plotted against Ruolan and me also has some skill of his own. Although they do not have any means to expel us directly, they definitely have some connection to the hotel staff. The staff told us that since we intentionally came inside this place to seek protection, as such the accommodation cost would increase to 10 times. Not just that, even eating a meal would cost us a sky-high price……” Dai Xin on seeing that Ning Cheng had calmed himself down also started to relax slowly.

Ning Cheng took out a Healing Pill and put it in Ning Ruolan’s mouth. Then gently caressing Ning Ruolan’s wounds, he simultaneously spoke up in a very calm voice, “They will be paying back things many times over.”

Ning Ruolan felt her initially very painful wound had become slightly hot, but then it immediately cooled down followed by a slight itch in that area.

“Aah, Ruolan your wound?” Dao Xin stared at Ning Ruolan’s arm in shock.

Just now Elder Brother Xiaocheng had placed his hand over Ruolan’s wound, at that time the injury was still evident, but now that Elder Brother Xiaocheng took away his hand, that scar had completely disappeared without even the slightest trace, leaving behind only white and smooth skin.

Ning Ruolan was also dumbfounded as she looked at her own arm. The wound had indeed disappeared. Moreover, she didn’t even feel the slightest bit of pain. Instead, there was only a robust refreshing feeling.

“Big brother…..”

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng……”

Dai Xin and Ning Ruolan both looked at Ning Cheng in shock, then as if thinking about the abilities displayed by Grey Toottoot, bringing out and taking away things out of nowhere, both people’s eyes glowed with a bright, inquisitive light.

Ning Cheng had been thinking about how to explain all of this in the past. Therefore, he spoke up without much hesitation, “Let me tell you about the years I ended up disappearing. However, Ruolan and Dai Xin, you should not be too surprised when you hear about it… Even if it was me, I realised that there are many planets in the vast universe similar to Earth……”

For two whole hours, Ning Cheng recounted most of his experiences in brief, before finally concluding, “I was still called Ning Cheng, but the name Ning Xiaocheng remained on Earth as a memory.”

Ning Cheng was not willing to think about some of the memories of the past.

Ning Ruolan was utterly shocked as she looked at Ning Cheng before she finally managed to ask, “Big Brother, you said that the reason that Highway Bridge collapsed was related to you? Then why did Tian Muwan know that you would run into an accident there? She was the one who had taken me to the bridge to look for you.”

Initially, Tian Muwan had crazily rushed towards the bridge, but when Tian Muwan reached the bridge, she began to cry. Ruolan had initially thought that Tian Muwan was pretending, but now it looked like it really was not like that.

“Did you say that Tian Muwan knew that I was in an accident on the bridge?” Ning Cheng frowned and asked. Properly speaking, the Mysterious Yellow Bead already took him away by then; as such, nobody should have known about it.

“En, Muwan had said that she had pictured you standing on the bridge in her mind, and then the meteorite fell…” Ning Ruolan saw that her big brother’s complexion had slightly changed, causing her to quickly speak out, “Muwan was really very sad as she sat there crying at the bridge but was later carried away by her family. However, to find you, I was running around in all directions desperately. But because I was not able to find you, I ended up coming back to the institute to once again look for you in desperation……”

“I’m sorry. Big brother.” Ning Ruolan spoke with her head bowed. Without her big brother, it was the darkest time of her life. Anyone who tried to hurt her brother, she would definitely go all out.

“Ruolan, you don’t have to apologise to your brother, everything that you did for this useless big brother of yours has already been taken to heart. You had done what any big brother would have done in your situation. We grew up with only each other since childhood, is there anything that could even be remotely comparable to this kind of kinship.” Ning Cheng caressed Ning Ruolan’s hair, while secretly deciding to himself that he would never let his sister feel worried about him.

“En.” Ning Ruolan also turned very well behaved in front of Ning Cheng. She couldn’t help but recall her childhood together with her big brother. Those days seemed to be so far away, yet they also seemed to be right in front of her in this present moment.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, can True Cultivators really fly? Can Ruolan and I also cultivate?” Dai Xin’s eyes were brightly glowing; even her heart was pounding hard. If someone else had told her that she would be able to fly, then she would have probably laughed it off as a mere dream.

Ning Cheng smiled, “You should be able to cultivate, when the time comes you can give it a try, and you’ll come to know. However, there is one thing you should be aware of that is, no matter what cultivation level you possess, don’t ever think that you are more superior to others. Even if it is on Earth, there are still a few True Cultivators present here.”

Ning Cheng then recalled Tian Muwan. He did not know how Tian Muwan was able to cultivate, but she was already at Qi Gathering 4th Level at that time. However, if she wanted to fly then her cultivation level was still inferior. Even if she wanted to fly, there were no flying swords or any flight type Magical Artefacts to rely on in this place. Since someone like Tian Muwan could cultivate, then it meant that there were definitely people stronger than Tian Muwan.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, are there really some True Cultivators here?” Dai Xin was shocked as she heard Ning Cheng’s words.

“There definitely must be a few True Cultivators here, but even if there were no True Cultivators here, Martial Cultivation is also quite powerful. I heard that once Martial Cultivation goes to the extreme, it would still be equally powerful. Moreover, their strength would also be not much lower than that of True Cultivators. So, even if you become True Cultivators, you will need to be careful.” Ning Cheng warned them for the second time. Although he was aware of Martial Cultivation, he did not have a deep understanding of that field. A few days ago, he had seen Yin Yihui, who was quite influential with his strength in his own regard.

The reason why he told Dai Xin about this was that Ning Cheng already intended to take away Ruolan. However, he had no way to take away Dai Xin. Moreover, Dai Xin’s parents and family were also here, as such, it was impossible for Ning Cheng to bring all of them along.

“Big Brother, we have to pay the accommodation fees, there are only two days left……” Knowing that her big brother was a True Cultivator and had returned from the remote starry skies, and possessed extraordinary skills, Ning Ruolan felt a lot more stable when compared to before.

Ning Cheng pondered over it for a while before replying, “Let me first restore my cultivation to the Essence Building Realm. It should take about two days. Grey Toottoot will remain outside.”

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