Chapter 0372

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Chapter 0372: It’s just a regular drink

“Where’s did your brother go?” Seeing Ning Cheng suddenly disappear Dai Xin suddenly asked in shock.

Ning Ruolan also did not know where her big brother went, but after thinking for a while, she spoke up, “I guess that big brother entered that Spacial Storage thing that he had mentioned before. Little Xin we should probably not speak about this matter.”

“I will never do that.” Dai Xin spoke out, but in her heart, she was already looking forward to becoming a True Cultivator.


“Why hasn’t big brother come out yet?” Two days later, Ning Ruolan spoke out anxiously. Although her big brother had said that it was very typical for True Cultivators to go into seclusion for many years, she had never seen such a thing. After all, this kind of matter was just too outrageous for her. Moreover, when Ning Cheng had disappeared once again, it caused Ning Ruolan’s heart to start panicking once again.

Dai Xin quickly tried to comfort her, “Ruolan, you don’t need to be worried about it. Elder Brother Xiaocheng said that it was normal to go into seclusion for many days. It has only been two days…”

The crisp ringing of the doorbell interrupted Dai Xin’s words. Dai Xin and Ruolan looked at each other in the eye; both of them knew that it must be a person from the hotel who came.

“I’ll get the door.” Dai Xin opened the door and saw a 30-year-old blonde woman standing outside

The blonde haired woman glanced at Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin, as a trace of astonishment flashed through her eyes. She had initially thought that with the two girls trapped in here, without any food to eat, would undoubtedly become thin and weak. However, unexpectedly, she saw Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin were not only not weak, but even their skin was exuding a healthy glow. Especially since after Dai Xin ate, she was also sporting a bit of baby fat.

How could Grey Toottoot’s vision be bad? The things that he had brought back contained the best nutrition along with the best flavour. If the two of them remained thin after eating all that, then it would indeed be a strange thing.

The young woman was surprised to see Grey Toottoot resting on the couch, and even doubted herself as to how a puppy came in here?

“What’s the matter?” After knowing that Elder Brother Xiaocheng was a True Cultivator, Dai Xin no longer showed the panic from before.

The blonde woman quickly recovered before speaking up with a smile, “Two respectable guests, your prepaid room will be expiring tomorrow. If you can’t pay the renewal fees, then our hotel would have to take back the room.”

“Is it due right now?” Dai Xin asked.

The blond haired woman had initially thought that Dai Xin would timidly ask the hotel for a few more days, but she had not thought that she would ask such a rhetorical question. She froze for a moment before finally replying, “Not now.”

“Since it is not due now, then please do not do as you please and disturb our stay. Otherwise, I will have to lodge a complaint.” Dai Xin spoke, then with a ‘Bang’ shut the door on her face, leaving the blond woman outside the door with nowhere to vent her anger.

“Ruolan, that blond tart must have been sent by those people who want to blackmail us. Otherwise, it is impossible to threaten us one day in advance. This woman must have come here to gauge the situation.” After Dai Xin shut the door, she spoke up in a somewhat indignantly.


The External Domain Hotel was also one of the most famous hotels in the Hundred Bay Point. Besides the Hotels of the five Major Experts, the most renowned hotel was the ‘External Domain Hotel’. This hotel was one of the latest acquisitions of the Tian Family’s Group of Conglomerates, belonging to the super 5-Star category.

At this moment, in one of the most luxurious rooms of the hotel, a man wearing a silk nightgown was sitting on the couch, studying an Insect Nucleus in his hand. This man had a somewhat handsome appearance. Other than his slightly cold looking eyes, he also sported a slightly pale complexion.

“Master Yan, I just got the news, that Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin does not seem to show even the slightest abnormality in the hotel, not even any food deprivation symptoms. Not only that, even their speech is quite impolite. The video has just been sent back…..” A young woman approached the man and whispered the words to him.

The man addressed as Master Yan slowly put down the Insect Nucleus in his hand and coldly spoke out, “Immediately call Tian Huanyu.”

“Yes.” After the woman gave her reply, she hurriedly retreated.

Just a few minutes later, a young man with a medium sized stature rushed in. After arriving in front of this man, he gave a bow and spoke, “Elder Brother Yan, were you looking for me?”

“Tian Huanyu, three months ago, you told me that you found the woman who had insulted Muwan. I think her name was Ning Ruolan, how are you dealing with that woman now?” Master Yan asked calmly.

Tian Huanyu hurriedly spoke up, “Elder Brother Yan, you can rest assured that although she is currently staying at the Wizbon Hotel, she is probably going to die of hunger.”

“Dying of hunger?” Master Yan suddenly threw down a shot glass on the table before he sneered and spoke, “Tian Huanyu, how is she dying? Why am I hearing that she is still alive and kicking? You can’t even handle such a simple matter; you’re just wasting your food here, aren’t you?”

Tian Huanyu’s forehead immediately broke out in cold sweat, as he hurriedly spoke out with his most respectful voice, “Elder Brother Yan, Little Miss Muwan already knows about Ning Ruolan. If this matter ends up blowing out of proportion, then I fear that it would definitely reach Little Miss Muwan’s ears. Moreover, I’m sure that they don’t have anything to eat in the Wizbon Hotel because they simply can’t afford it.”

“Is this a joke? Can’t afford it?” Master Yan pounded the table once more before continuing, “The hotel has already sent me the status video of the two woman. Why don’t you help Young Master Tian Huanyu have a look at it, let’s see what kind of cooperation he has with the Wizbon Hotel, and also take a look at how hungry have those two women have become.”

“Yes.” The woman standing at the side was already ready, as the projection of the video recording appeared on the snowy white wall opposite to them.

Tian Huanyu saw Dai Xin standing at the door full of vigour as she retorted back to the blonde woman, causing him to break out in even more cold sweat. He knew the strength of the person called Master Yan in front of him. If he wanted to, then he could merely pinch Tian Huanyu to death like killing an ant.

“Master Yan…..” Tian Huanyu did not dare to address him as Elder Brother Yan. If this person in front of him behaved politely, then he would still call out to him as ‘Elder Brother’. Although one could make jokes with him, once angry, then everyone who irritated him would all die. Moreover, he also did not understand why Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin were so energetic currently, no, they were even more active than when they first chose to stay at that place.

“Hey, wait, rewind the video… Yes, right there, stop…..” Master Yan stared at Ning Ruolan in the projection, before speaking, “Is she Ning Ruolan?”

Tian Huanyu was well aware of Master Yan’s nature of being a sex-fiend. Now that he laid his eyes on the beautiful looking Ning Ruolan, it was almost sure that her sight tempted him.

“Right, Master Yan, she is Ning Ruolan. I had initially wanted to bring this woman back to Master Yan but had not expected that she would run into the Wizbon Hotel.” Tian Huanyu immediately seized the opportunity.

This caused Master Yan’s anger to vanish instantaneously; he once again sat down, before nodding to Tian Huanyu and spoke, “Well, you did well. Bring her to me tonight; I definitely have to use her tonight.”

“Master Yan, they can get at most stay in the Wizbon Hotel for another day, just wait until tomorrow night, I will bring her to you then. The Wizbon Hotel is that Dhulandi’s domain, although we are not afraid of him…..” Tian Huanyu carefully explained.

Master Yan’s face changed a few times. Finally, he gave the nod before speaking, “Well, I’ll wait for another night then.”


Tian Muwan was sitting in her office. In front of her were the broken pieces of a bank card. This bankcard was very familiar to her because it was her own.

No one could describe her feelings at this time. When she had just seen Ning Cheng at that time, she couldn’t help but feel a searing pain and grief well up in her. It felt as if something blunt was repeatedly battering her body.

During the last three years, it was not much of a problem when he had not shown up. Tian Muwan became used to seeing only herself. However, he turned up after all these years and once again walked away in such a nonchalant fashion, without even saying a few words. For her to let herself go and call him back again, how could Tian Muwan bear it? After all, she had her own pride.

Yet, regardless of whether she was a True Cultivator or not, the two of them being together was impossible. However, she also did not want him to see her pride. She was well aware that she was not this kind of a person in her heart; it indeed was not the case.

Tian Muwan clenched the pieces of the bank card in her hand; she knew that when they had met again, although Ning Cheng had hurt her, Ning Cheng himself was even more deeply troubled.

With his disposition, giving him the bankcard was the same as insulting him. However, at that time, when Tian Muwan saw his appearance, the kind of bastardly presentation of himself, it caused nameless anger to erupt in her heart.

This bankcard was something that she had retrieved by herself. When she had gotten out of the coffee shop and gone far away, she was finally able to calm herself down and realised that maybe she had taken it too far. She thought about it for a long while, before forcing herself to soften up and return to the coffee shop. However, after returning, she did not see Ning Cheng, just a pile of broken pieces of her bank card on the table.


“Big Brother, you finally came out.” Ning Ruolan delightedly looked at the suddenly appeared Ning Cheng. Even her voice was shaking from the excitement. She was afraid that she would not be able to see her big brother once he disappeared.

Dai Xin hurriedly spoke up, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, the people from the hotel came over saying that our accommodation deposit has been used up, if not renewed then they would drive us out.”

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “Don’t worry, I’ll go find that Dhulandi, and I’ll get him to get your money back with interest.”

Spending two days inside the Miniature World, Ning Cheng was able to restore his cultivation to the 1st Level of the Essence Building Realm. He did not know the strength of the experts here so he would have to go and check them out by himself. Once his cultivation reverted to the Soul Sculpting 4th Level, at that time, Ning Cheng could just shoot out once. Even if it ended up destroying the Hundred Bay Point, he would not frown.

However, after Ning Cheng recovered to the Essence Building Realm, he realised that it would take a bit longer before he could fully recover.

“Dhulandi rarely appears in the hotel, it is just one of the many properties under him. At most, he would only come once or twice in a year. And that is only because of the few good things that would appear at the Hundred Bay Point occasionally; otherwise, he might not even come here once a year.” Ning Ruolan spoke worriedly.

“I know that he is already here, so I’m just going to have some small talk with this guy first. You remain here with Grey Toottoot, after I get back, we’ll go out together.” Ning Cheng did not know anything about Dhulandi, but he was aware that Dhulandi had entered the hotel. With his Spiritual Consciousness, if a person with considerable strength came anywhere near, he would immediately able to sense it. Even if the person who came was not Dhulandi, he was probably not someone simple.


Dhulandi was very tired but in a good mood. This time, he and Shelley along with Monk Rui Qing ended up with a not-so-small harvest in the barren lands outside. The three of them had collaborated to kill a Commander Level eight feet tall Electric Silver Insect, but he was the one who was able to obtain the Insect Nucleus. This kind of Insect Nucleus was worth over several tens of billions of Yuan and impossible to purchase in the market.

It was also because of the benefits that he was able to obtain by cooperating with Shelley and Monk Rui Qing, that Dhulandi invited the two of them to his own hotel. Preparing to take out his most treasured bottle of red wine.

“Haha, I have been coveting Little Du’s bottle of red wine for a long time, today we finally get to drink it.” A black-robed monk looked at the wine bottle in Dhulandi’s hand and laughed.

“Monk, don’t call me Little Du, my name is Dhulandi, Dhulandi…..” Dhulandi muttered.

“It’s just a regular drink.” A rough voice appeared in the room, causing the three people inside the room to stand immediately up with shock reflecting in each other’s eyes.

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