Chapter 0374

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Chapter 0374: Collecting Insect Materials

Ning Cheng had just walked up to the where Ruolan and Dai Xin were staying, when he saw Ruolan and Dai Xin, with a completely shocked look on their faces, standing at the door. A tall woman also stood beside her sister with some documents in her hand.

“Big Brother, this is the head of the Wizbon Hotel. She said that you have already bought the hotel and that it now belongs to the Cheng Ruolan Company, this…..” Seeing Ning Cheng walk towards them, Ning Ruolan spoke with a voice as if she could not believe such a thing.

Dai Xin was also looking at Ning Cheng with a bewildered look on her face. Buying the Hundred Bay Point’s Wizbon Hotel, just how much money did this mean?

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “What they said is correct, I traded this hotel with other things. It now truly belongs to the Cheng Ruolan Company. You and Dai Xin can handle the industry transfer procedure; I will be going out on a trip.”

He had not thought that Dhulandi to be this quick with his service. Although he had spoken about it initially, it looks like he had already put people into motion for transferring the ownership rights of the hotel to his younger sister.

“Where are you going?” Ning Ruolan asked in a panicked tone. Whether or not the hotel was hers was unimportant. What was even more critical was where her big brother was going.

“Senior Ning, this is the Hundred Bay Point’s ID card, it would be of great assistance to you……” Dhulandi hurriedly ran over to them. Then he took out a golden card before handing it respectfully with both hands to Ning Cheng.

“Oh, thank you very much then.” Ning Cheng was already thinking of going out, so this ID card just came in time.

As he took the ID card, Ning Cheng saw the engraved words on the ID card ‘Hundred Bay Point Super VIP’ followed by a series of honorary titles.

Ning Cheng actually did not care about it, but with the ID card, it would not be troublesome for him to come and go from this place. At least he would not always have to employ stealth tactics.

Although Dai Xin had heard Dhulandi’s name numerous times, she had never seen him. However, Ning Ruolan had actually seen Dhulandi once before. This was one of the five Major Experts of the world. Yet this kind of a powerhouse was actually referring to her big brother as ‘Senior’.

Seeing Ning Cheng receive the ID card, Dhulandi felt very pleased as he spoke up, “This junior will not disturb Senior with his matters. This hotel has several special rooms; Senior can come here at any time to stay.”

Seeing Dhulandi retreat, Ning Ruolan carefully asked, “Big Brother is that person Dhulandi? I think he looks a lot like him.”

“He is. Three days later, there will be a large-scale exchange in the Hundred Bay Point. All of the world best companies will be participating. Are you still looking for materials? Three days later, we are going there to participate.” Ning Cheng had seen many Crucible Transformation Experts, so when it came to Dhulandi’s skill as a martial artist, he really did not care much about it.

Ning Ruolan quickly spoke out, “Big brother, that is the largest Exchange Meet in the world. We are simply not eligible to go there. The ones going there are some of the world’s top companies, in other words, the top influencers of the world. Moreover, let alone the funds needed to go there, we don’t even have any materials to display.”

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile before speaking, “Who says we are not qualified to participate? That was the thing of the past. This time, the reason why I’m going out is to find some materials for us. Our Cheng Ruolan Company is going to bring out a few products that would be unmatchable.”

If it were not for his younger sister Ruolan’s Company, Ning Cheng really would have been too lazy to think of even attending this kind of meeting. He was going to take away his younger sister, so he had to help in developing the Cheng Ruolan Company first. He had even thought of leaving behind the Wizbon Hotel, along with the company, to Dai Xin. Dai Xin had taken out all of her savings and had accompanied Ruolan to such a place. In any case, she would not allow Dai Xin to suffer any grievances on her behalf. As such, before leaving, he would give one of the world’s largest materials company to Dai Xin.

As for capturing the Insect Queen, Ning Cheng would not go about doing it just yet. After he caught the Insect Queen, the next and only step would be to leave Earth. As such, he had to wait until his strength recovered entirely before attempting such a thing.

“Really, Ruolan, can we really to the Hundred Bay Point’s Materials Exchange?” Dai Xin shouted out in surprise. Although she had only been in contact with Insect Materials for a short while, she was much more interested in the Insect Materials than Ning Ruolan was. For Ning Ruolan it was just a way to make some money, because of which Ruolan showed interest in establishing an Insect Materials Company. Otherwise, she would have never come to such a place like the External Domain Insect Nucleus Merchant House to look at Insect Nuclei.

“Grey Toottoot, when I’m not here if anybody dares to make a move on Ruolan or Dai Xin, then you are free to kill them. Don’t show any mercy and also don’t be polite about it.” Ning Cheng patted Grey Toottoot who was being held by Ning Ruolan in her arms.

Grey Toottoot called out a few times in a dissatisfied manner as if trying to say ‘does this mean that you look at me as if I was the kind that liked receiving disrespectful visitors?’


The ID card provided by Dhulandi was truly quite effective. As no one inspected him at even one of the several checkpoints of the Hundred Bay Point. Not to mention about inspecting him, but the moment the security personnel saw Ning Cheng’s ID card, all of them even bowed in salute.

After leaving the Hundred Bay Point, Ning Cheng then took out the Rank 5 Battle Disc. After giving out the command to locate an insect-infested site, the Rank 5 Battle Disc transformed into a black line before it instantly rushed into the air.

“Found a scanning signal, belonging to a lower level radar, do you want to put up an interference shield?” Inside the Rank 5 Battle Disc, Sifting Orchid’s clear voice sounded out.

“Put the shield up.” Ning Cheng said without any hesitation. He was going to kill a few small insects, but he did not want to make a fuss about it with others.

Just a few minutes later, Ning Cheng saw endless insects from within the Rank 5 Battle Disc. This was a city abandoned a long time ago. He had indeed not guessed wrong, as many of the insects here are quite close to turning into Class 1 Monstrous Beasts. He even saw several big ones that were close to Class 2 Monstrous Beasts in power.

In this place, there were also a few different types of insects other than the Sharp Toothed Yellow Spot Insect. From what Ning Cheng saw, there were at least a dozen different species. Some of these insects were busy in killing each other while some of them were hiding in the corners waiting to ambush others.

What was shocking to Ning Cheng was that he actually found a few insects with crude wings. It was an easy guess that if this kind of insect had enough time to evolve, these winged insects would then be able to easily bypass the laser walls and attack the city.

Once this happened, it would indeed bring a catastrophe for the entire Earth.

As the Rank 5 Battle Disc descended, the nearby insects immediately discovered it, causing them to rush towards it in swarms. Some of those insects with crude wings were able to leap higher than the other insects, almost to the point of being able to touch the Rank 5 Battle Disc.

As this dense swarm of insects swarmed over in his direction, it would cause any person with fears of crowds, to feel extremely unbearable. This place was still very far from the location of the Insect Queen, once he approached nearer to the Insect Queen, wouldn’t the insects there be even more powerful?

“Sifting Orchid, use the crowd killing mode of the Spirit Stone Cannons to attack them. Just kill these insects but don’t vaporise them.” Ning Cheng immediately issued the order to attack.

Although even if he did not use the Rank 5 Battle Disc, he would still be able to take care of these insects with ease, Ning Cheng was disinclined to fight it out with these low-levelled insects. With the Rank 5 Battle Disc’s large-scale attacks, it would be able to kill these insects straightforwardly and quickly.

The Rank 5 Battle Disc sent out an intermittent buzzing sound. Then it immediately displayed all kinds of data on the giant display monitor in front of Ning Cheng. In the middle of this displayed data, there was a circular distribution map, with dense amounts of green dots displayed.

“Spirit Stone Cannons have been prepared, no differential life fluctuations for the first round of attacks.” As Sifting Orchid’s voice came out, the Rank 5 Battle Disc shot out several raindrop-thick red lines into the crowd.

Ning Cheng who was sitting in the Battle Disc quickly found that the insects on the ground, under this red line, ended up dead instantaneously, without even being able to put up any kind of resistance.

At the same time, the green dots displayed on the distribution map were rapidly decreasing; however, red dots were quickly replacing the disappearing green dots. Ning Cheng immediately understood that initially, these dots were representing all the insects in range. The green dots indicated that the insects were alive and had life, while the red dots represented those that have been killed.

Ning Cheng stood up and spoke, “Sifting Orchid, I’m going down to collect the materials from the insects, you follow behind me. Wherever I go, you have to follow. At the same time, kill all the nearby insects; leave not a single once alive.”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng then descended into the masses of insects that had just recently died, and began gathering their Insect Nuclei. With his Essence Building Cultivation, plus a knife type Spiritual Artefact, it was easy to collect the Insect Nuclei. As long he raised his hand, his long knife would dig out several Insect Nuclei before he stored them away in his ring.

The insects killed by the Rank 5 Battle Disc were really too many, causing Ning Cheng to have a continuously increasing collection, to the point that he was just not able to gather it all by himself. Although he had said that he was going to collect some materials, but these Insect Nuclei were in itself numerous enough to the point that it would keep him busy for quite some time.

As time passed, Ning Cheng lost interest in collecting lower level Insect Nuclei and directly started to look for high-level Insect Nuclei. However, after wasting almost a full day on it, Ning Cheng felt that this kind of approach would not necessarily be the most profitable approach.

Within the insect, an Insect Nucleus was undoubtedly the most valuable. However, it was merely one part. The reason why these insect materials were not as relevant as the Insect Nucleus was that the Insect Materials were not correctly processed.

The Insect Nucleus contained Essence Qi, it was not only useful for martial artists, but it also had some uses for True Cultivators. To a Martial Artist, Essence Qi was much more direct and more natural to absorb than Spiritual Qi. However, for True Cultivators, Spirit Stones were more precious than Insect Nuclei. However, to a Martial Artist, the Insect Nucleus that contains the worldly Essence Qi was the most valuable thing.

Once it was absorbed from the Insect Nucleus, then it was gone, but if he could refine these Insect Materials into some rudimentary Magical Artefacts, then perhaps it would become even more valuable than Insect Nuclei.

However, Ning Cheng’s Artefact Crafting ability was the poorest of all his skills. Fortunately, he was also an Array Formation Grandmaster. If he could inscribe an Array Formation onto the Magical Artefact, then it would definitely be able to increase the rank of the Magical Artefact by a full grade.

These low-levelled insects almost did not have any intelligence, but that did not mean that they had no knowledge at all. They still possessed some instinctual knowledge. It was also because of this that these insects knew that they cannot approach the laser wall and that as soon as they got close to it, their only fate would be to turn into ashes. Therefore, after the indiscriminate slaughter by the Rank 5 Battle Disc, the insects realised that this broken and abandoned city would not be able to provide them with any protection, causing many of these insects to flee.

Ning Cheng found a place to sit down and began refining these Insect Materials. His refining speed was quite fast. After he extracted the valuable insect materials, he then improved them into shank-like weapons. However, it was still not a weapon comparable to even a low-grade Magical Artefact. Ning Cheng then immediately inscribed an Array Formation onto it, causing this rudimentary Magical Artefact to rise in rank to a low-grade Magical Artefact.

It was mainly because refining such things was fast that Ning Cheng was somewhat disinclined to collect more materials only to get back to refining them. Doing it this way would also save him a lot of time, and he did not have to touch these materials repeatedly.

After a day, Ning Cheng was able to refine low-grade Magical Artefacts by himself, but after he inscribed the Array Formations onto these low-grade artefacts, it had caused them to jump in rank to become a medium grade Magical Artefact.


“Tian Huanyu, two days have passed since then, why have you not brought me that woman?” In the luxurious room of the External Domain Hotel, Master Yan’s eyes were full of anger as he stared at Tian Huanyu standing in front of him. If not for this person in front of him still being of some use to him, he would have long since dragged him out and smashed his face.

“Master Yan, you cannot blame me for this matter. Two days ago, Wizbon Hotel’s Dhulandi suddenly came back. Moreover, there was also Monk Rui Qing and Shelley who came along with him, who are currently staying in the hotel. Even if I have ten thousand times my courage, I will not dare to ask about it with them around.”

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