Chapter 0375

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread by – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0375: Insect Material Exchange

The Wizbon Hotel or rather, now called the Cheng Ruolan Hotel. Now that the handover procedures were complete, as such even if Dhulandi were staying over, he would have to pay the room charges.

Dhulandi had been staying there since that night and chose not to walk away, while he carefully explained everything to Ning Ruolan standing before him, “Little Miss Ruolan, then one who plotted against you is Tian Family’s Tian Huanyu. Tian Huanyu had received Tian Yan’s instructions to take you away, so he deliberately played a trick to harm you in the External Domain Insect Nucleus Merchant House. If you want to make a move on the External Domain Insect Nucleus Merchant House or want to bring over Tian Huanyu, I’ll be able to help you right away.”

Ning Ruolan had already long suspected that the Tian Family was behind all this, but she did not know that it was actually Tian Yan. Ning Ruolan had already heard about this person called Tian Yan, he was the person with the most power in his generation of the Tian Family and the future Tian Family’s head.

“Let’s wait for big brother to come back for this one; my big brother can take the decision on this for me.” Ning Ruolan was in no mood to deal with them. Until her big brother came back, she just did not have the confidence to deal with such a matter.

“Then I will take my leave first. Little Miss Ning and Little Miss Dai, if you have anything to take care of, then you can immediately inform me.” Dhulandi spoke while he carefully withdrew.

“Ruolan, who is Tian Yan?” After Dai Xin saw Dhulandi walk away, she asked in a whisper. She was in a good mood, as she was now the Chief Financial Officer in the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company. One had to know that the net profits garnered by the hotel in just a day already exceeded several million.

“He is a very influential man in the Tian Family, but I also heard that he is a sex maniac. Moreover, he is cruel and completely ruthless in his ways, without a single shred of good reputation to his name.” Ning Ruolan replied. The reason she knew about this was that she had spent a lot of time and energy to investigate the Tian Family; as such, she possessed more knowledge than what others knew about the matters relating to the Tian Family.

Finished saying, Ning Ruolan sighed, “I don’t know when my brother would be back.”

Just at the exact moment, Ning Cheng’s voice sounded out, “Ruolan, you don’t need to be worried. I’m back.”

“Big brother.” Ning Ruolan was immediately surprised. Since her big brother came back, rest everything was secondary.

Ning Cheng looked at the new luxurious room before smiling and speaking out, “It looks like this hotel is quite good, even the Presidential Suite would be quite inferior to this.”

“That is without question, the net profit of this hotel on a normal day is already several million. Moreover, there are more and more people coming in every day. I think our hotel’s profits would soon cross ten million.” Dai Xin joyfully spoke up from the side.

Ning Cheng knew that even if the hotel brought in more than ten million in profits every day, to someone like Dhulandi, it was only a small amount of money. For him to open a hotel here was just to set up a base in this location.

“Right, Elder Brother Xiaocheng, Dhulandi had just come in a few moments ago, saying that he found out who is plotting against us…..” Dai Xing chirped in, completely spilling out the words Dhulandi had spoken to them a few moments ago.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s face turning wrathful, Dai Xin quickly spoke up, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, Dhulandi said that he can purchase the External Domain’s Hotel and the Merchant House for us if needed.”

Ning Cheng calmed down, “I don’t need him to buy these two places, tomorrow we will attend that Global Materials Exchange. You and Ruolan would be the ones in charge. As for the External Domain Hotel, after the trades meet finishes, I will directly obliterate it. We only need one hotel, not two. As for that External Domain Merchant House, we will turn it into our own Merchant House as compensation.”

Ning Cheng did not mention anything about Tian Yan or Tian Huanyu, these two people were soon going to be dead, and so what was the use of referring them?

“Big Brother, in tomorrow’s Materials Exchange, you can be the main focus, Little Xin and I will help from the side.” Ning Ruolan on hearing her brother speak that she was the one in charge immediately spoke up.

Ning Cheng was slightly hesitant, he had initially intended to disguise himself and mix in together with Ruolan. Although he was not afraid of anything, he did not want to face Tian Muwan again. Tian Muwan was an important personage in the Tian Family; as such, it was highly unlikely that she would pass up on this Materials Exchange.

However, Ning Cheng quickly put this matter to the side, regardless of whether Tian Muwan came or not, he had already faced this kind of incident. If he was afraid to see Tian Muwan, then it showed that he was not entirely over this matter.

“No, you and Dai Xin will be the ones to call the shots; I will help you from the side.” Ning Cheng decided to put these things back in the past. As for disguising himself, he chose not to do such a thing.

“En, that’s fine too. Because we were able to get affiliated with this hotel, as such, we can also scrape out a few tens of millions to use.” Ning Ruolan finally agreed on her big brother’s view.

“We won’t be buying anything; rather we will be selling things.” Ning Cheng quickly spoke out. Although several tens of million sounded like a massive amount of money, the fact was that in such large-scale exchanges, it would only be a small fraction compared to others.

Dai Xin asked, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, what are we going to sell?”

“These ten Insect Nuclei and these ten weapons.” Ning Cheng spoke while simultaneously taking out ten Insect Nuclei that were close to Class 2, and took out ten weapons.

In fact, these were five low-grade Magical Artefacts, four medium grade Magical Artefacts and one high-grade Magical Artefact, totalling up to ten Magical Artefacts. The high-grade Magical Artefact was not something Ning Cheng had created from the Insect Materials, but something he had taken out from his own ring.

“Big brother, this is a Commander Level Insect Nuclei…..” Ning Ruolan had handled many Insect Materials before, as such she immediately shouted out in surprise the moment she picked one up.

Ning Cheng knew that this Insect Nucleus was something that he had dug out from a Demon Insect that was close to advancing to the level of Class 2, in other words, it was a Demon Nucleus from a peak level Class 1 Demon Insect, so how could it be commander level?

“What is a Commander Level Insect Nucleus?” Ning Cheng asked.

Ning Ruolan was surprised as she grabbed the Insect Nucleus and spoke, “Big brother, we struck rich this time. This Insect Nucleus has a value of roughly a few tens of billion in Chinese currency. Simply put, there is simply no actual market price on it.”

Ning Ruolan had handled many materials; as such, she was well aware of the preciousness of the Commander Level Insect Nuclei. Commander Level Demon Insects were the highest grade, as such were very powerful. Even if it were Battle Commanders of the same rank, they were not necessarily their match. That was because the defensive abilities of this kind of insect were just too powerful.

Once one encountered the Eight Footed Electric Silver Insect whose forte was in speed, perhaps only the Five Major Experts would be able to kill it. That was because although this insect was a Commander Level Insect, its strength, and speed had surpassed the Commander Level, while its Insect Nucleus classified as Quasi-Domain Level.

However, her big brother was able to bring in such a Commander Level Insect Nucleus, how could they not flourish?

That’s not right; Ning Ruolan saw that the Insect Nuclei taken out by her big brother were all about the same rank. Ten Commander Level Insect Nuclei? Ning Ruolan felt as if her own head was not enough to compute its value.

Only after a good long while, she finally reacted, as she started explaining in excitement, “Big Brother after these insects appeared, the world started to classify the Martial Artists according to their merits and strengths into Soldiers, Battle Officers, Battle Generals and Battle Commanders. Each of these ranks split into five Star sub-ranks. As for the Insect Nuclei of these insects, according to their corresponding strengths, they also ended up split into respective sub-levels. As such Commander Level Insect Nuclei have a very high value.”

“So it was originally because of this. It looks like Dhulandi should be a Battle Commander.” Ning Cheng nodded and spoke.

However, Ning Ruolan then explained, “Big brother, Dhulandi is not a Battle Commander, that’s because the strength of the Five Major Experts is beyond the scope of Battle Commanders. He belongs to a level above the Battle Commanders, however since there is no such division, so they are collectively referred as ‘the Five Major Experts’.”

“Does that mean that there is no higher classification than the Commander Level for the Insect Nuclei?” Ning Cheng asked.

With his current strength, he was not afraid of those insects, because of which he had deliberately chased down a Class 2 Demon Insect, and once Ning Cheng disposed of it, he had then dug out its Insect Nucleus.

Ning Ruolan shook her head and spoke, “That’s not it, once an Insect Nucleus surpasses Commander Level it would then be classified as a Domain Level. The Tian Family’s External Domain Insect Nucleus Merchant House, Domain Insect Materials, and the External Domain Hotel have their names based on this term. If one ever had the chance to encounter Domain Level Insects, then they absolutely would never be able to capture it. It is something only theoretically accomplished by the collaboration between all the Five Major Experts. However, the value of that level Insect Nucleus might even be higher than a hundred billion.”

“Well then, I do have one of those.” Ning Cheng spoke as he took out a Class 2 Insect Nucleus and put it in Ning Ruolan’s hands.

“This… It really is a Domain Level Insect Nucleus…..” Ning Ruolan stared at the Insect Nucleus in her hand in complete shock. Although she had never seen a Class 2 Insect Nucleus before, she undoubtedly glimpsed a few peak Commander Level Insect Nuclei. However, the aura coming from it was far more potent than anything that she had sensed until now.

Seeing the surprised look on Ning Ruolan’s face, Grey Toottoot jumped onto the couch to sleep out of boredom. Just one look was enough for him to determine that it was the most common Class 2 Demon Nucleus, what was there to be so surprised about it?

“You forgot that your big brother is a True Cultivator.” Ning Cheng spoke with a smile.

Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin’s eyes immediately shone, that’s right, even Grey Toottoot was quite capable, so why wouldn’t their elder brother kill Domain Level Insects?

“This Insect Nucleus will not be put on sale; rather it is only for exhibition. It will later become Cheng Ruolan Company’s defining treasure for the public.” Ning Cheng pointed to the Demon Nucleus in Ning Ruolan’s hand and spoke.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, what about these weapons?” Dai Xin finally found the chance to speak, as she pointed to the pile of weapons.

Ning Cheng thought for a while before replying, “Among these weapons, the cheapest one would be around one billion Yuan while the most expensive will be about a hundred billion Yuan…..”

“What?” Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin turned sluggish.


The Hundred Bay Point was a prominent place, as it contained almost 90% of the entire world’s insect materials. Moreover, over 80% of weapons manufactured from the Insect Materials flowed out from the Hundred Bay Point. No matter what kind of Insect Material Company was it; they just would never be able to grow without the Hundred Bay Point.

However, for the past few days, the Hundred Bay Point was livelier than usual as executives from all over the world, along with many powerhouses, kept pouring in from all directions.

The reason was that was that the world’s largest Materials Exchange Meet was about to begin in this place. In this Exchange Meet, one would be able to sign large orders, at the same time people would also be able to spend a tremendous amount of money for the things that catch their eye.

Today was the first day of the Hundred Bay Point Global Materials Exchange Meet. Whether it was the most massive commercial structure of the Hundred Bay Point, or the public square outside of the Hundred Bay Point’s Exchange Towers, all of it was crowded with people of all colours.

In the Hundred Bay Point’s Exchange Towers, there were five commercial floor levels, with each floor level being incomparably spacious and offering many booths.

The Ning Cheng trio had just arrived at the entrance of the Hundred Bay Point’s Exchange Towers. They had not even managed to take out their invitation when a young woman waiting at the door immediately rushed towards them and gave a greeting before speaking, “Excuse me, are the three of you from the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company?”

“Yes, we are from Cheng Ruolan Materials.” Ning Ruolan quickly replied.

This young woman then immediately turned even more respectful with her tone and posture before speaking up, “The three of you, please take the Booth No. 396 on the Second Floor. It is a 2nd Rank Booth. Because the 1st Rank Booth reserved by Lord Dhulandi was occupied by another Lord, Lord Dhulandi is still negotiating with them…..”

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “You can go and tell Dhulandi that we don’t mind using Booth No. 396. I hope that he doesn’t take the trouble as we wouldn’t need that 1st Rank Booth.”

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