Chapter 0376

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Chapter 0376: The booth that caused a stir in the world

The location of Booth No. 396 was not very bad, although it was not located in the most conspicuous place on the second floor; it was at least located at a relatively easy to spot location.

However, Ning Cheng was not worried about whether the location was good or bad; he knew that regardless of this, the things placed in his booth would not fail.

The sentence ‘the fragrance of wine fears the deep alleys’ was undoubtedly correct; however, if the fragrance of his wine was strengthened to a certain extent, while the alley was also not that deep, then what else was there to be worried about?

Ning Cheng had just placed his things in the booth when Dhulandi hurriedly ran over.

“Senior Ning, this time that Homer snatched the stall that I had reserved and was just negotiating with him.” Dhulandi had an ashamed face, but his eyes concealed a trace of anger, it was apparent that he was very discontented with that Homer. Although in the Hundred Bay Point, he and Homer were one of the Five Major Experts, however, his strength, compared to Homer, was a lot worse.

Ning Cheng gave a simple smile, “Dhulandi, you don’t have to call me Senior in this place. As for the booth, my things would sell out anywhere. Moreover, there are only twenty things; I believe that they would soon be sold out…..”

Dhulandi wanted to say ‘I would have bought all of it before you brought it here’, but he feared that Ning Cheng would think that he was looking down on him. Therefore, he had to rephrase his words before speaking up, “Senior…. Ning, what are the things that you want to sell? How about I help you in announcing your things in the main display monitors to get you started?”

“Announcing would be of no use, my things simply need no announcements.” Ning Cheng spoke as he took off the blue cloth covering the booth revealing ten crystal boxes containing an Insect Nucleus each. There were also ten weapons on display without any decorations. In addition to all of this, there was also a crystal sphere. With the crystal sphere placed right in the middle of the booth. There was an Insect Nucleus kept preserved inside the crystal sphere.

“This…..” Dhulandi sluggishly looked at the Insect Nuclei in the crystal boxes. Only after a long time did he spoke up with a shocked voice, “These are all Commander Level Insect Nuclei… No, this one is……”

Dhulandi stared at the Insect Nucleus inside the crystal ball, before shouted out in shock, “This is a Domain Level Insect Nucleus, a real Domain Level Insect Nucleus……”

Domain Level Demon Insect, even for the Five Major Experts, they were rare existences. Moreover, these existences were generally on the same level of power as the Five Major Experts. For him to be able to see such a high-level Insect Nucleus in this Materials Exchange Meet, it was merely a dream that he did not dare to believe. While he was fighting those Demon Insects, he had also encountered a Domain Level Demon Insect. However, at that time, he could only use his skills to save his pitiful life. Wanting to kill Domain Level Demon Insects to obtain their Insect Nucleus, it was merely a dream.

However, as he thought back to Ning Cheng’s terrifying abilities, Dhulandi’s rippling heart began to calm down. This Senior Ning had formidable skills, so for him to be able to obtain a Domain Level Demon Nucleus did not seem impossible.

Immediately Dhulandi thought of his previous idea of buying all of Ning Cheng’s things for himself, causing his face to turn hot immediately. If someone had said that there were still things in this world that he could not afford, he would have undoubtedly regarded it as a joke. However, he knew now that he really would not be able to buy all these things.

“Where is the Domain Level Insect Nucleus?” Dhulandi’s words immediately attracted the many onlookers.

As more and more people started to crowd around the front of Ning Cheng’s booth, it also attracted a few people with a more discerning eye. Soon someone called out, “Commander Level Insect Nuclei. They are all Commander Level Insect Nuclei, my god, there are a total of ten…”

“This crystal sphere even contains a Domain Level Insect Nucleus; I was unexpectedly able to see a Domain Level Insect Nucleus……” Ning Cheng’s booth was getting even more crowded as countless people rushed over. The stalls next to them just were unable to display their own things and had no choice but to move their booths to the side.

“That’s an Essence Weapon…..” Finally, someone was able to recognise Ning Cheng’s Magical Artefact. These few words were even more shocking than the Commander Level Insect Nuclei.

Essence Weapons were even rarer than Commander Level Insect Nuclei. Moreover, for a Martial Artist, an Essence Weapon was much more precious than any other thing. Essence Weapons would allow Martial Artists to bring out the full power of their True Qi. The strength of these weapons, compared to ordinary weapons, was much more powerful.

If you end up meeting a powerful Demon Insect, as long as there was an Essence Weapon in hand, it will provide you with a massive boost in strength.

Dhulandi’s vision, initially glued to the Domain Level Insect Nucleus, had unexpectedly not seen the Essence Weapons. Now that he heard the words of the crowd, he immediately discovered the Essence Weapons. Causing his face to burn up, these were all Essence Weapons; moreover, there were so many Essence Weapons in front of him, how could he buy all of them alone? Fortunately, he had not spoken that sentence aloud.

However, his heart immediately turned fiery, with these many Essence Weapons, if he could just get one…

Essence Weapons and Commander Level Insect Nuclei, even Domain Level Insect Nucleus had appeared; moreover, all of them in Ning Cheng’s booth. The crowd it gathered was just impossible to describe.

Whether it was people on the first floor, the second floor or even the third floor, all of them flocked to Ning Cheng’s booth on the second floor. At the same time, word spread all over the world that Essence Weapons and Commander Level Insect Nuclei had appeared at the Hundred Bay Point. At this moment, it caused many individual planes to fly towards the Hundred Bay Point, indicating that numerous experts were flocking towards the same location.


In the luxurious dining rooms of the Hundred Bay Point’s Business Tower, a fair-skinned man put down his knife and fork. A female servant came in from the side carrying a pure white towel, which this man used to wipe his hands clean after she picked up dishes.

This man was Homer, one of the Five Major Experts. However, unlike others, he ate five meals every day; moreover, each meal, for him, must be the most lavish meal that was available. For him, the most enjoyable thing in the world was food. Because of his superb taste buds, it allowed him to enjoy all kinds of food with great relish.

Combined with his formidable skills, it allowed him to taste all kinds of delicacies the world had to offer.

Just at this moment, a red-clad curly haired man hurriedly walked over to Homer’s back before he bowed and spoke, “My Lord, ten Commander Level Insect Nuclei have appeared on the second floor……”

“What did you say?” Homer’s hand trembled before he asked a rhetoric question in shock.

“My Lord, there are ten Commander Level Insect Nuclei, ten Essence Weapons, one Domain Level Insect Nucleus…..”

When Homer heard this, he suddenly stood up, even his chair shot out behind him, while the glass of red wine on the table ended up overturning. It was as if he had not perceived it at all.

The few female servants standing on the side did not dare to make a move in this kind of atmosphere. This was the first time that they had seen Lord Homer be so shocked.

After a few seconds, Homer stared at this man with curly red hair and asked, “Are you sure that what you are saying is true?”

“My Lord, all of what I’m saying is true. Even now, the booth is completely full of people, to the point that no one can even force their way in. This video was just shared by someone…..” The curly haired man quickly answered.

Homer tried his best to suppress the trembling in his hand, but his hands really could not stop trembling because of the vast excitement. The wall in front of him projected a crystal-clear image of Ning Cheng’s booth along with the sea of people in front of it.

“Cheng Ruolan Materials Company. It is a small company not well known and had almost gone out of business. But now it appeared in this place, it should be because of Lord Dhulandi’s backing…..” The curly haired man whispered from the side. He knew about his boss’s temper, as such he had done his homework before he came in. If the boss asked a question and he was not able to answer, then he could only wait for death.

Homer did not need to hear the curly haired man’s words as he could see Dhulandi on the side in the projected video…

“Why would Dhulandi help such a little thing?” In Homer’s view, Cheng Ruolan Materials Company was just a small thing. In his eyes, it was not even equivalent to a small thing.

The man with the red-haired curls quickly spoke up, “Cheng Ruolan’s boss is Ning Ruolan, who is also a gorgeous woman. I suspect Dhulandi fancies this woman, so….”

“So it was because of this……” Homer could also see Ning Ruolan on the display screen. Ning Ruolan was definitely beautiful which made him feel that what the man had spoken was right.

After staying silent for a full ten seconds, Homer gave a sneer and spoke, “Even if Dhulandi is lending them his support, those good things would still belong to us. Did Dhulandi think that he could pocket all the things alone? That bastard must have found a way to deal with Commander Level Demon Insects; otherwise, he would never be able to obtain these many good things……”

Homer had also fought with Commander Level Demon Insects before; however, he could only kill those who did not excel in speed. For those Demon Insects who excelled in speed, he indeed could not deal with them. As for Dhulandi, his skills were inferior to his own. Since he was able to obtain these many Demon Insect materials, then it definitely meant that he found some way to deal with the Commander Level Demon Insects. Otherwise, how could someone like him go against a Domain Level Insect?

Plus there were also so many Essence Weapons on display, from this it can be extrapolated that the means by which Dhulandi was able to cope with the Demon Insects was somewhat related to where these Essence Weapons came from; in other words, it was either a historical site or a tomb.

Thinking until here, Homer then spoke to the curly haired man, “Call in Quake to cause some trouble for them, as long as he can muddy the waters a bit, I will succeed.”

“Yes.” After the curly haired man replied, he quickly retreated from the room.

Not to mention in the Hundred Bay Point, even if one looked in all of Europe, there was nobody who did not know about Quake. This Quake was Homer’s illegitimate son and was incredibly arrogant. Any person who offended him would never be able to see the light of the next day. That was because he had Homer supporting him from the back. As such, nobody dared to annoy Quake, people would not even dare to criticise him behind his back.

There was a kind of saying in the Hundred Bay Point, that if you want your enemy dead, then the most straightforward means to achieve that was to tell Quake that your enemy badmouthed him. You would never have to worry about anything else since Quake would take care of it automatically.

To Homer, his illegitimate son Quake indeed would not be able to measure up to Dhulandi in strength. However, as long as Quake and Dhulandi enter into a deadlock, then Homer would be able to speak out.


“Everybody, you’ve already seen everything. Yes, these are ten Commander Level Insect Nuclei and ten Essence Weapons. However, because these things are limited, therefore we can only go down the path of bidding. As long as you can put an appropriate price on it, these Commander Level Insect Nuclei can be yours; even the Essence Weapons can be yours. If anyone tries to create any kind of disturbance, then they would lose the qualifications to purchase.” Ning Cheng on seeing the crowd getting larger and larger had to stand up and speak aloud.

After Ning Cheng’s words spread out, the crowd quickly calmed down. Since they were going to bid prices, then it would mean that only those in front might not be able to purchase the Essence Weapons.

“Humph, this place is the Insect Materials Exchange Meet and not some place where you can cause trouble. How dare you change your booth here into an auction booth? Someone confiscate those things, and bring these people to me.” An incredibly arrogant sounding voice resounded in the quiet crowd. Almost at the same time, the area in front of the booth, densely packed with people, automatically parted to two sides.

“It’s Quake….” Someone carefully whispered to the one beside him or her. This Quake chose to come here and cause trouble. Although the people standing in front of the stall were very discontented, they knew that anyone who dared to speak up at this moment would genuinely be unlucky.

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