Chapter 0377

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0377: The Second Expert Homer

Ning Cheng doubtfully looked at this person. Many people here had already seen Dhulandi with them. Dhulandi was also currently standing right beside him. Moreover, he had seen previously that the people who knew Dhulandi would all first give their respectful salutes to Dhulandi. Even if the person in front of them were too heaven-defying, they would still not dare to order around people at Dhulandi’s side.

Who is this fellow, with Dhulandi here, how could he still dare to be so arrogant? Alternatively, was it that he was also one of those Five Major Experts?

Dhulandi quickly whispered into Ning Cheng’s ears, “This man is called Quake, and is the illegitimate son of one of the Five Major Experts, Homer. Homer is second among the Five Major Experts, and even I am far from being his opponent. Even if it is the Hundred Bay Point, he still tries to pressure me everywhere I go. For Quake to come here, it should be because of Homer’s instigation. Homer must have thought that I must have brought all of your things to sell off, as such wants me to spit out some for him. I’m sure that as long as I stick my head into this, Homer would come out to open negotiation talks with me.”

“So that is the case.” Ning Cheng nodded.

In a place like the Hundred Bay Point, dragons and snakes intermingled with each other. It was a place where the Five Major Experts and people of the various countries mixed with each other. After the Insect Tide appeared on Earth, this world was also slowly turning into a world ruled by strength.

“Senior Ning, you do not have to be worried about anything, even if that Homer is even more arrogant, he still would not dare to openly rob others in this kind of place. With me, Shelley and Monk Rui Qing together, he would not dare to be unscrupulous.”

“Of course I’m not worried.” Ning Cheng casually replied, while simultaneously taking out that magnetic source pistol that he had previously taken from Shelley’s hand. He casually lifted his hand up and shot once.

Quake’s expression turned to astonishment as the powerful impact of the bullet from the magnetic source pistol directly pierced through his glabella and blew open his head. He did not even have a chance to jerk away before he fell to the ground dead.


All the people were staring in a dumbfounded manner at Quake’s dead body on the floor. Nobody even made the slightest noise. Was it really Quake from the Hundred Bay Point who died? Moreover, killed in full view of the public. Just like poking a hole in a big basket. Even Dhulandi had not thought that Ning Cheng would straightforwardly kill this fellow.

Ning Cheng then patted Dhulandi on his shoulder, “You just help me in handling this current matter here. I have something to take care of and will be back in a little bit.”

“Ok, Ok…” Dhulandi quickly replied, but he really did not know as to how he should handle the situation. If Homer came, then he absolutely did not have any way to deal with him. Right, he quickly called Shelley and Monk Rui Qing. With the three people in the same place, even Homer would be quite afraid of this lineup.

When Dhulandi gave his reply, Ning Cheng had already disappeared.

Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin looked at each other with pale faces; none of them knew as to what they should do in this kind of a situation.


“I’m going to cook you alive…..” Homer immediately threw the wine glass in this hand into the surveillance screen out of rage. He had not thought that the script would not play out according to what he had planned.

Where did this bold bodyguard come from? Even daring to kill his, Homer’s, son.

“Even if Dhulandi goes completely bankrupt, I’m going to strip him alive.” Homer’s eyes now no longer contained the calm that he had shown previously. He immediately rushed to the table in a few steps before opening his drawer. From the inside, he took out a pitch-black pistol and a long yet thin knife blade.

“Did you really think that I need others to protect me?” A sharp voice rang out inside the room. As Homer slowly turned around, he immediately saw the person who had just killed his son, Quake, a few seconds ago standing right in front of him.

“You…..” Homer stepped back in horror, while his hatred had also cooled down instantly. Even the madness in his eyes was fading away. He found himself possessing a preconceived notion about the world; did the world only contain five Major Experts? Why couldn’t it have a sixth Major Expert? Did just Dhulandi gather those Commander Level Insect Nuclei? Couldn’t someone else have collected it?

However, the young man in front of him was just too terrifying, let alone being so young. Not to mention him, but nobody would regard him as an expert on the first meeting.

After all, the world’s Five Major Experts only emerged after the appearance of the Insect Tide. Otherwise, it would have taken decades for Homer to reach his present Martial Cultivation. It was also because of the Insect Nuclei from the Insect Tide that he was able to leap to this level in just a short time. It was not only Homer, even the other Major Experts, was it not the same for all of them?

Moreover, how could one become an expert without possessing a proper heritage? How could this young man, who looked about 20-30 years of age, be this powerful even if he started cultivating from inside his mother’s womb?

“Sir, me, and you do not have any quarrel with each other, why must you take an unfair advantage over me? I, Homer, have killed numerous Demon Insects, but I have never met any person who can ride over my head.” This Homer’s Mandarin was inferior to Dhulandi’s, but Ning Cheng was barely able to understand what he was saying.

Ning Cheng gave a sneer, “Ride over your head? Isn’t that Quake a bastard of yours? Presumably, you have robbed quite a few good things over the past few years in the Hundred Bay Point…..”

“Go to hell…..” Homer, with his fastest speed, raised his pistol and fired off six shots one after another, while at the same time slashed out with the slender knife in his other hand.

Towards Ning Cheng, who was able to enter his room silently, he did not dare to show even half a shred of carelessness. Whether the bullets would be able to kill Ning Cheng or not, but his knife would definitely be able to split him apart.

No one could escape his knife except for the first ranked expert, Xing Liang. That was because he could change the direction of his blade in just a blink of an eye. No matter how fast the opponent’s reaction was his knife was even quicker. It was also because of this that he earned the nickname ‘Lightning Knife Homer’.

As the knife split through the air, it gave out a sound like a hiss, causing Homer to feel very satisfied with his attack. His Martial Arts has been growing steadily every day.

However, he immediately felt that something was not right. In his opinion, Ning Cheng must dodge the bullets, but he discovered that his opponent had not moved at all.

This should have been a good thing for Homer, if his opponent did not move, that would mean that he did not need to change the direction of his knife at all. Since the blade did not have to change directions, then, of course, it would mean that it could go faster. However, Homer couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong. After going through countless tempering through slaughter, it had given birth to a very sharp intuition in him.

Whether it was wrong or not, he did not have a second choice, his knife must finish its slash.

At this moment, a formidable Imposing Aura suddenly pressed down on him. Homer was still airborne; however, he had never ever felt such a powerful Imposing Aura. Even if he had seen a few Domain Level Insects; however, even their Imposing Aura was not this strong. Moreover, this kind of formidable Imposing Aura was powerful to the point that he was not able breath, not to say anything about maintaining the trajectory of the long knife.

A foot’s sole enlarged in front of his eyes without warning; he discovered that his long knife wouldn’t be able to complete the slash in time.

“Bang….” Homer heard the sounds of the bones of his face breaking apart, while he flew back uncontrollable before hitting the opposite hard wall with a loud ‘Thud’.

“Ding Dong” A crisp sound emerged. The long knife in Homer’s hand fell down to the floor. He was not even able to complete the slash with his blade before it had already fallen.

Homer sat up on the floor with a blank look on his face, he had even forgotten about the pain radiating from his face. Up until now, he was not able to figure out how he had lost.

A sense of shame welled up inside of him. Homer found that he was about to be slaughtered like those insects that he had killed until now. He felt ironic that he, ranked second amongst the Five Major Experts, would have to see such a day. If it were a typical loss, then he would have grudgingly accepted it, but he had lost by a kick to his face, a single fucking foot.

“You…..” Homer’s pronunciation was not very clear. He stared at Ning Cheng in shock. He was not able to figure out how an expert like Ning Cheng could exist in this world.

“I don’t have the time to sit and chat with you.” Ning Cheng merely raised his hand and sent out a fireball at him.

Homer looked in horror at the flames that surrounded him, while his mind had completely blanked out. At the level he was at, he had heard that some beings could gather up and store fire internally, but from what he saw, these were two entirely two different matters.


When Ning Cheng returned to the second floor, Dhulandi had already cleaned away Quake’s corpse. Although the second floor contained even more people, the crowd was no longer as noisy as before.

Ning Cheng on seeing Shelley and Monk Rui Qing here realised that Dhulandi must have called them here. From this, he could guess that Dhulandi was quite wary of Homer.

“Senior Ning, me, Shelley and Monk Rui Qing will go and negotiate with Homer.” Seeing the returning Ning Cheng, Dhulandi quickly spoke up.

Ning Cheng gave a simple smile before speaking, “There’s no need for going through all that trouble. Homer has already disappeared from this world. You don’t have to worry about such people anymore.”

Dhulandi subconsciously shivered a bit, since Ning Cheng claimed that Homer has disappeared then it meant that Senior Ning had apparently killed him. With Ning Cheng’s ability, he did not suspect even half a word of his reply. It was genuinely laughable for him thinking back to how they met. Although this Senior Ning looked quite amiable to speak with, now it seemed like the reason he had not killed Dhulandi back then was that Dhulandi did not try to cause trouble for his people. If Dhulandi dared to create even the slightest of offence, then the next moment, Dhulandi might have most likely also disappeared from the world.

At this moment, Dhulandi wholeheartedly accepted his role in front of Ning Cheng.

“Senior Ning, some of the experts have only just arrived, and some are still yet to arrive. Why don’t we hold up the auction for a few more days before organising a special auction for these things?” Dhulandi whispered in Ning Cheng’s ear.

Ning Cheng knew that the price of these things would definitely go a lot higher; however, he was not interested in such tedious matters so he just gave a simple reply, “It would be of no use, just sell them now.”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng then asked again, “Ruolan, did Tian Yan not arrive?”

Ning Ruolan was just about to ask her big brother to drop this matter, but when her brother asked about it, she immediately whispered, “Tian Yan did not come, but that Tian Huanyu came. When he saw Dai Xin and me together, he immediately left. I guess that he went back to report to Tian Yan. If my guess is correct, then Tian Yan should be arriving here soon.”

“I got it.” Ning Cheng nodded. He would not wait for Tian Yan to show up here. Instead, Ning Cheng decided to take the initiative to pay Tian Yan a personal visit. This man was genuinely blind for he dared to set his sights on Ruolan.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng then added a few more sentences to Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin, “Ruolan, I’ll be leaving to take care of something. As for the stuff put on sale here, you and Dai Xin can take care of it. However, you will primarily be helping Dai Xin as far as possible, just provide your help from the side if necessary. As to the starting price of the materials, let Dai Xin make the decision. With the Dhulandi trio here, nobody would dare to cause any trouble for you.”

Dhulandi quickly spoke up, “You can rest assured. There would be absolutely no one who would dare to cause any trouble with us here.”

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, I got it.” Dai Xin’s eyes were red, she understood Ning Cheng’s meaning behind his actions. When all of this was over, Elder Brother Xiaocheng would be leaving with Ruolan, while she would have to remain here.

Ning Cheng also sighed; this was all that he could do to help her. The Earth lacked Spiritual Qi; teaching people to fish would not guarantee that they would be able to fish. Even if Dai Xin becomes a True Cultivator, she would not be able to grow without searching for cultivation resources by herself. Whether she wanted to buy cultivation resources, or look for cultivation resources, she must have substantial financial support backing her. Tian Muwan also seemed to have done that, and since Tian Muwan was able to do it, then Dai Xin would definitely be able to achieve such results.

Moreover, after he left, he would no longer be able to help Dai Xin. Therefore, before he departed this world with Ruolan, he wished to do something for Ruolan’s fellow sisters who had taken care of her. For example, Li Shiyun could also enter the Cheng Ruolan’s business group.

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