Chapter 0378

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0378: Conclusion

In the External Domain Hotel, Tian Yan was quietly listening to Tian Huanyu’s words, while the wine glass in his hand ended up almost crushed.

After a long time, he finally took a deep breath and asked, “Are you sure that the person who shot Quake was Ning Ruolan’s brother Ning Xiaocheng.”

“I’m sure about it, Little Miss Muwan had a past with that Ning Xiaocheng, and so I had seen him before a few times. Moreover, that Dhulandi also seems to care a lot about Ning Ruolan, otherwise it is simply impossible for him to take such a huge risk of offending Homer.”

Tian Huanyu carefully replied.

“Homer…. Dhulandi……” Blue veins popped up on the back of Tian Yan’s hands. He was well aware that he should never offend these two people. Do not look at his Tian Family having a place in the Hundred Bay Point; it was only because Little Miss Muwan knew a few experts. These experts also very much respected Little Miss Muwan. Otherwise, his Tian Family did not have the qualifications to stand on its feet in the Hundred Bay Point. However, let alone Little Miss Muwan or the entire Tian Family, none of them could ever compare to the Five Major Experts.

“Master Yan, I think that Homer will definitely make a move on Dhulandi in a short while, we would be better off as fishermen…..” Tian Huanyu whispered from the side.

Tian Yan was silent for a long time before he slowly spoke up, “Even if we act like fishermen, we must have a certain strength to back it up, if we don’t have enough strength then even if we want to act like a fisherman, it would only be a huge joke. Since so many good things have shown up in this Exchange Meet… When will Muwan arrive?”

Although he was the one asking with his own mouth, he was still puzzled in his heart. Properly speaking, Dhulandi was a person that could afford almost anything; how could he choose to offend Homer just for a woman? This just did not make any kind of sense to him. Although Ning Ruolan was quite attractive; but with the sort of person, like Dhulandi, what kind of woman could he not find?

Tian Huanyu seemed to have realised as to what was going on in Tian Yan’s mind, so he quickly spoke up from the side once again, “Little Miss Muwan is on the way to the Hundred Bay Point and should be arriving soon. Little Miss Muwan does not cultivate normal Martial Arts. I think it would be better for Elder Brother Yan to send her…”

Tian Huanyu felt Tian Yan’s mood to be a bit better compared to before, so he once again reverted to addressing him as ‘Elder Brother Yan.’

Tian Yan waved his hand to interrupt Tian Huanyu’s words before speaking, “I know what you want me to do, I don’t need you to teach me. You just to go and arrange someone to kill a few insignificant people in the External Domain Insect Nuclei Merchant House. When Little Miss Muwan comes in, just say that it was done by Dhulandi and Ning Xiaocheng.”

“I’ll go right away….” Tian Huanyu knew that the Master Yan of his was someone who liked to play the dark hand behind the scenes; as such, this kind of matter was entirely typical for someone like this Master Yan.

Tian Huanyu had just turned his head, but then he unexpectedly saw Ning Cheng standing right behind him, causing him to scream aloud, “Ghost…..”

However, he immediately understood that it was Ning Xiaocheng in front of him and not a ghost before speaking out, “Ning Xiaocheng, how did you come in?”

“So you are that Ning Xiaocheng?” Tian Yan also stood up in shock, but he quickly calmed down. This Ning Xiaocheng had been roaming outside like a vagabond for a few years; as such, he treated him as an unimportant person.

Ning Cheng ignored Tian Yan and looked at Tian Huanyu and spoke, “You don’t have to go anywhere. I just want to ask you one question. Was it you who plotted against Ruolan’s company?”

“What plot? Your sister was able to climb up using the Tian Family; you should feel lucky about it.” Tian Huanyu reckoned in his heart that Ning Xiaocheng should have secretly followed him here. It looks like the hotel security at the entrance is indeed rubbish. It seems like he would have to overhaul it completely.

Ning Cheng absolutely did not have any interest in speaking a second sentence. Raising the magnetic source pistol in his hand, he pulled the trigger once.

Seeing Tian Huanyu sporting a hole in his glabella, Tian Yan stood there for a long time with his mouth open without even reacting. Only after he regained his senses did he realise that since this person even dared to kill Quake, then wanting to kill Tian Yan was merely akin to pinching an ant.

“Eldest Brother, please forgive me, I did not know anything about these matters. It was that bastard Tian Huanyu who had added inflammatory details…..” Tian Yan immediately knelt on the ground.

“Ping.” A light sound emerged; Ning Cheng just had no interest in hearing Tian Yan’s words at all. This kind of trash was not even worth wasting his time.

Despite the room splattered with the still-warm blood flowing out from Tian Yan and Tian Huanyu, Ning Cheng did not choose to turn them to ashes using his fireball. He had come here to warn the Tian Family to stop moving against Cheng Ruolan Company.

“Sure enough, with proper backing, even a dog will be emboldened. It has only been a few days since we met, but not only were you able to get your hands on a magnetic source pistol, you even became so neat in killing people.” A sarcastic yet clear voice sounded out.

Ning Cheng did not need to look; he knew that it was Tian Muwan. Since Tian Muwan was the one to come here, there was also no need for him to avoid her. If Cheng Ruolan Company had to develop and prosper in Dai Xin’s hands then eventually they would have to come face-to-face with Tian Muwan. Might as well face her right here and now. Although he had killed Tian Family’s Tian Yan and Tian Huanyu, Ning Cheng did not feel even half a shred of guilt.

If he had not returned in time, then these bastards would not even leave behind his younger sister, Ruolan’s, bones. If he still chose to be polite, then it would indeed be a strange event.

Ning Cheng quietly watched Tian Muwan, but refused to explain nor did he speak anything. He thought that even if Tian Wan wanted to, she would not be able to do anything to him.

“Why don’t you also kill me with it? I’m also someone from the Tian Family.” Tian Muwan on seeing Ning Cheng not speaking, her expression turned even colder.

“No matter who, if they dared to even touch Ruolan, my sister, I would kill them. It was the same before; it is the same now and will remain the same in the future.” Ning Cheng spoke out with an insipid tone.

However, he suddenly felt sad in his heart, if Tian Muwan had not come before, it would have never turned into this. Today, was there anything between him and Tian Muwan that could indicate that they were once a couple?

Some matters, even if you force yourself to forget about it, once you face them once again, you will immediately find that you were never able to ignore it altogether. If Tian Muwan really wanted to attack him, would he counter her? Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in his heart. He just was unable to tolerate anyone trying to hurt Ruolan, but if Tian Muwan did not make a move on Ruolan, and instead wanted to attack him, then he discovered that he really would not be able to strike back at Tian Muwan.

Tian Muwan turned utterly enraged by Ning Cheng’s cold and flat tone. In the present insect infested era, where strength meant respect; for you to butter up to a Dhulandi, it was no different from turning indifferent. Since you care so much about your younger sister, then why did you push your sister to Dhulandi? You hypocrite, sham!

Thinking back to the time she had to face the tremendous pressure from her family, but still managed to be together with him for more than two years. Only for him to go missing for a few years conveniently, it forced her to swallow all the abuse hurled at her by others silently. They had just met once after that yet this bastard still thought himself to be great, even disinclined to say even a few words before turning around and walking away.

So what if Dhulandi was one of the Five Major Experts? She was a True Cultivator who was able to use Spiritual Sense. Even if it was Dhulandi, in her eyes, he was only a boorish fellow.

Killing her Tian Family’s next generation Family Head, and only giving such an off-handed sentence for an explanation, was this Tian Muwan already dead to him?

Seeing Tian Muwan’s chest heaving up and down, while her complexion turning cold to the point that it looked as if even the air would freeze up, Ning Cheng still remain silent.

“Since you are such an arrogant person, did not even take my bank card, so why did you run to Dhulandi to curry favours? Even pushing your sister to him, you must be feeling very proud of it, aren’t you? It turns out that you just wanted to use that arrogance of yours on my body……” Even Tian Muwan herself was not able to figure out from where she was channelling this much anger. After she started cultivating, her mood no longer was as impetuous as it was before; however, she was still unable to hold back her pent-up anger in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s anger was also gradually rising, she could say whatever she wanted to say and do to him, but she should have never dragged his sister into this. He immediately lashed out, “No matter what I do, at least I would not deliberately give something given to me by my lover to an unrelated person only for it to end up in the sewers. No wonder, your families are so well matched regarding statuses…..”

The sentence had not yet finished when Ning Cheng was already regretting his words. Since it was a matter of the past, then what use was it to speak about it again? Should he really lower himself to the same level as this woman? He sighed, as the anger in his heart also wholly disappeared without even a trace left behind. Even if these words ended up causing some hard-to-erase marks; however, it had already happened. In any case, it was already impossible for all of them to live in one place.

“You….” Tian Muwan’s anger swelled up even more, causing her to spill out a mouthful of blood.

The next moment, her hand swiped against her waist, before she stabbed out with a soft sword. The soft sword carried a cold light over its edge as it directly stabbed towards Ning Cheng’s chest.

Ning Cheng was already regretting mentioning this matter from before, so when he saw Tian Muwan vomit blood, he couldn’t help feel even guiltier in his heart. As this sword arrived, he just gave out a sigh and allowed the soft sword to pierce his chest.

If he felt unwilling, then Tian Muwan would never be able to injure him even if she repeatedly stabbed at him.

Letting her stab the sword into him was a form of conclusion between the two of them. After all, he had forced Tian Muwan to vomit blood. With Tian Muwan stabbing her sword into him, none of them now owed anything to each other.

As his blood splashed about, Ning Cheng did not look stunned at all at such a sight and even let Tian Muwan release her grip on the hilt of the sword. He then slowly pulled out the soft sword from his chest, placed the soft sword on the table in the room, before gradually walking out of the room.

“Why did you come back……” Tian Muwan called out in a crying voice; however, Ning Cheng’s figure had already disappeared without a trace.

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