Chapter 0379

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0379: The Severe Injuries of Yin Yihui

“Big brother, we just sold a Commander Level Insect Nucleus for 1.1 billion…..” When Ning Cheng came back, Ning Ruolan spoke with a pleasantly surprised voice.

Ning Cheng smiled and took out two Talismans before handing out one each to Dai Xin and Ning Ruolan before speaking, “Ruolan, I will be returning to seclusion. Just keep the Talismans on you. If anyone dares to attack you, just crush the Talisman, and I’ll come out immediately.”

“Grey Toottoot, if someone dares to be long-winded in this place, you can directly go and bite them.” After Ning Cheng gave the Talismans to Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin, Ning Cheng then left Grey Toottoot with some special instructions.

“Elder Brother, are you not going to be with us?” Dai Xin quickly asked.

“My strength is still too bad; I will have to continue with my cultivation.”

Saying that Ning Cheng then turned to Dhulandi and spoke, “Dhulandi, I will have to trouble you to take care of things here. If you want, then the three of you, Shelley and Monk Rui Qing can pick an Essence Weapon.”

After Dhulandi heard those words, his heart immediately skipped a beat. He had already settled on that wide-backed knife, now that Ning Cheng had spoken out, he quickly spoke out with excitement, “Don’t worry about it. I will certainly help them take care of things here.”

Seeing this, both Shelley and Monk Rui Qing also quickly came up and promptly offered him their thanks with complete excitement. However, Ning Cheng just waved his hands showing that he did not need any thanks in return for it.

“Ruolan, I’m going into the room to seclude myself. It might take a long time. So unless there is an urgent matter, try not to disturb me.” After inviting the Dhulandi trio to keep a lookout, Ning Cheng then left a few words behind for Ning Ruolan.

Now that there were a few people like Dhulandi helping out, along with Grey Toottoot, he could now focus on recovering his strength as soon as possible. He had already found his younger sister, as such continuing to stay in this place would not bring any advantage to him, other than feeling a bit sad and sorrowful.

“Senior Ning, Xing Liang just sent a message that he wanted to see you.” On the side, Monk Rui Qing forcibly reigned in his excitement from obtaining an Essence Weapon, as he came forward and spoke in a low voice.

“I do not have the time.” After Ning Cheng finished, he quickly left the area.

Whoever Xing Liang was, Ning Cheng was not at all interested in him. Since there was already the Dhulandi trio along with Grey Toottoot present there, as such no one would be able to hurt even a hair on Ruolan.

Seeing Ning Cheng not even ask about who Xing Liang was, Monk Rui Qing couldn’t help but give out a deep sigh. He did not dare to mention this for the second time in front of Ning Cheng. The reason why that Xing Liang had chosen to convey a message via him was most likely that Xing Liang thought Ning Cheng would definitely wait for him. However, it only showed that Xing Liang just was not aware of the fearfulness of this Senior Ning.

Seeing Ning Cheng quickly leave, Dai Xin then whispered into Ning Ruolan’s ear, “Ruolan, I think that Elder Brother Xiaocheng’s smile was quite reluctant. It looks like something is going on in his mind. He did not even look happy.”

Ning Ruolan also pursed her lips but did not reply to Dai Xin’s words. After her big brother came back, she had also noticed that he had a gloomy look on his face. However, the only thing in the entire world that would cause her big brother to show such a grim face would definitely be that Tian Muwan. It also meant that Tian Muwan has finally come to the Hundred Bay Point.

Seeing Ruolan also somewhat depressed, Dai Xin quickly spoke up, “Ruolan, forget what I said just now.”

Saying that, Dai Xin loudly spoke up, “We had just sold a Commander Level Insect Nucleus a moment ago, but now we are going to sell a low-grade Essence Weapon, the minimum auction price is 1 Billion Yuan…..”

Properly speaking the price of an Essence Weapon was definitely higher than that of a Commander Level Insect Nucleus, but after Dai Xin stated the amount, it met an awkward silence from the crowd. Everyone knew about the functions and uses of a Commander Level Insect Nucleus. It was ironclad that one would be able to upgrade their cultivation to an entirely new level; however, only a small number of people could use Essence Weapons. So who could say for sure if they were real or fake?

Some of the people who were aware of Essence Weapons were feeling anxious, not because the Essence Weapons were fake but because they were about to go all in with their money.

“Sister Ruolan… It really is you.” A pleasantly surprised voice sounded out. Immediately, Ning Ruolan was able to make out the person displaying a shocked expression on her face.

However, she was quite puzzled looking at this woman with surprise plastered all over her face. It wasn’t that she did not recognise this woman; instead, she did not know her at all.

“You certainly do not know me, but your elder brother knows me. I’m called Zeng Jiyun; I’m your elder brother’s……” The woman hesitated for a moment before proceeding, “Friend…..”

After speaking the two characters for ‘Friend’, her face turned a bit unnatural. Everybody could see that her relationship with Ning Ruolan’s brother might not just have been that of an ordinary friend.

“Are you really my big brother’s friend?” Ning Ruolan doubtfully looked at Zeng Jiyun. Her big brother had been away for a few years, but she had never seen any of her brother’s ‘friends’ coming forward to help her, so why would a friend of her big brother crop up after he came back?

If the one who could have said to be regretting for the past few days, then it was definitely Zeng Jiyun without any doubt. She had hated the fact that she seemed to have grown several years old, causing her vision to worsen.

Ning Cheng had often worked at the construction sites in the past, causing her to get accustomed to it. So why did she feel that the Ning Cheng now lacked any prospects when she met him again for the first time in three years? In the past, she had already recognised that Ning Cheng was very unusual, but why did her vision change after graduation?

Could a person lacking any prospects be able to make a Five-Star Battle Officer address him as ‘Eldest Brother’? Could a person lacking any hopes be able to help her sister exhibit these many Commander Level Insect Nuclei in this kind of location?

Thinking back to a few days ago, when she had just met Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng still looked quite happy. It was only because she had invited him to accompany her to lunch with someone else that Ning Cheng’s joyful look had disappeared without a trace.

However, after she realised that Yin Yihui, who had addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Eldest Brother,’ was actually a Five-Star Battle Officer, she had immediately rushed out to look for Ning Cheng. It was not until today’s Insect Materials Exchange Meet that she was able to learn, by chance, that the owner of this booth was Ning Cheng’s younger sister.

“Ning Ruolan, where is Ning Xiaocheng? I want to see him.” This time a cold voice sounded out.

“Oh, Muwan, you also came here. I was just about to come look for you.” Zeng Jiyun looked even more delighted.

However, Tian Muwan’s complexion was somewhat pale, she only shot a cold glance at Zeng Jiyun before speaking, “I can’t afford to be your backstabbed friend. If what you said at back then were even the tiniest bit true, then you would not be here. You would have hit a bountiful harvest a few days ago.”

Hearing Tian Muwan’s blunt words, even if Zeng Jiyun played the fool, she could not help but hang her head down in shame.

She understood Tian Muwan’s meaning, that is, after Ning Cheng had appeared once again, it was she, Tian Muwan, who had told her the news of Ning Cheng’s emergence. If she, Zeng Jiyun, loved Ning Cheng truly, then she would have never chosen to part with Ning Cheng at that time. At that time when Jiyun had met Ning Cheng, Jiyun did not hesitate to leave Ning Cheng. In other words, her words openly ridiculed Zeng Jiyun, explicitly stating that she did not love Ning Cheng; instead, she was the type who was selfish and liked to take advantage of others.

Ning Ruolan quietly stared at Tian Muwan before replying, “Our poor family cannot afford to climb up to your wealthy family. My big brother wants to rest, I hope that Elder Sister Tian could spare us and not punish us too severely, just let us two siblings breathe.”

Tian Muwan did not speak, she did not refute even half a word of what was said; instead, she slowly turned around and walked out of the crowd before she soon disappeared.


After Ning Cheng returned to the hotel, he wanted to just restore his cultivation and get away from this place. In this place, other than his sister Ruolan, he really did not have any memories that he could consider as memorable.

Entering the Miniature World Ring, Ning Cheng arranged several consecutive and intertwining Spiritual Gathering Arrays and once again started absorbing Spiritual Qi.

Essence Building 1st Level, 2nd Level…

A week later, Ning Cheng managed to restore his cultivation to the 9th Level of the Essence Building Realm. Although he knew that Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin would not encounter any issues, Ning Cheng still chose to come out to look around by his own initiative.

“Big brother, has your cultivation improved?” Once Ning Cheng came out, Ning Ruolan’s surprised voice arrived.

Although she knew that her big brother was in the room, Ning Ruolan was not accustomed to it at all. Only when she saw her big brother in person did she finally feel at ease.

“En” Ning Cheng had been in closed-door cultivation for a few days, causing his strength to rise up to the 9th Level of the Essence Building Realm, letting him feel a bit better.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, everything was sold out. Except for the top quality Essence Weapon. I did not choose to sell it; everything else was bought up by others.” Dai Xin knew that she would soon start to cultivate; as such, keeping an Essence Weapon behind might end up beneficial for her. Moreover, it was a longsword, which she liked very much.

Ning Cheng wanted to leave behind a ring for Dai Xin, so he did not put much thought into Dai Xin’s words. After all, all the things of the company would ultimately go to Dai Xin.

“Sister Dai Xin, you can keep this ring. However, you would not be able to open it currently. When you reach the Essence Building Realm in the future, you would then be able to open it. There are a few Cultivation Resources I put inside, which would help you after you reach the Essence Building Realm. With regards to reaching Essence Building Realm, I left a few Spirit Stones and pills for you separately.” Ning Cheng passed over the ring to Dai Xin and spoke.

As Dai Xin received the ring, she couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable in her heart.

Currently, the funds possessed by the Cheng Ruolan Company were sufficient. So for it to grow and develop was only a matter of time. However, unfortunately, by that time Elder Brother Xiaocheng might have already departed.

Moreover, she was also well aware that she would not be able to follow Elder Brother Xiaocheng or walk together with him, as she knew that the difference between her and Elder Brother Xiaocheng was too vast. While she did not look ugly but compared to Ruolan, she was only a medium grade at best. Compared to Ruolan, she was indeed quite far away in regards to beauty. Although she admired Elder Brother Xiaocheng sincerely and was secretly in love with him, this kind of matter, she would not be able to speak out even if she wanted to. If she chose to express it and if Elder Brother Xiaocheng decided to stay together with her, it would not be something natural.

“While I was cultivating, was there anything else that happened?” Ning Cheng casually asked.

Ning Ruolan hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Zeng Jiyun came to see you…..”

Seeing her big brother’s face not changing at all, she felt relieved and continued, “Tian Muwan also came to see you, but I said that you wanted to rest. So she left without any words.”

Finished speaking about the matters of these two women, Ning Ruolan’s tone relaxed as she continued, “Other than that, Xing Liang, the first ranked among the Five Major Experts came. However, when he did not find you, he seemed a bit unhappy. He left a message that asked you to come to Jing City to see him.”

Ning Cheng sneered; that person was just a trivial Martial Artist, yet actually daring enough to order him to go meet him.

“I see, well you don’t have to worry about these things. From now on, I’ll teach you the ways of the True Cultivators.” Ning Cheng directly set aside the matters relating to Xing Liang while he prepared himself to teach his younger sister and Dai Xin about cultivation.

“Oh right, Big Brother, there was a person called Yin Yihui who was looking for you, he said he was your friend. He sported severe injuries when he came in. I asked Dhulandi to help him after administering basic treatment, so he is currently staying in the hotel.” Ning Ruolan immediately remembered that a few days ago, a person called Yin Yihui had come in covered with scars and quickly spoke out.

“Yin Yihui got himself injured again?” Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, “I’ll go check it out.”

Yin Yihui was a person with a good nature. When Ning Cheng had just returned, Yin Yihui was the one who delivered him the first Insect Nucleus.


“Elder Brother Ning…..” Yin Yihui on seeing Ning Cheng standing at the entrance immediately called out in surprise. He had thought that he would never be able to meet Elder Brother Ning again. However, he had never imagined that just quoting Elder Brother Ning’s name in the Hundred Bay Point would send him here immediately. Moreover, it was Dhulandi himself who personally helped with his recovery.

“How did you get injured this badly?” Ning Cheng could see that Yin Yihui had once again suffered substantial internal injuries. However, these injuries were entirely different from his previous internal injuries.

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