Chapter 0380

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Chapter 0380: Jabbes Line of Defence

“Elder Brother Ning, if not for the Cultivation Method that you passed onto me, I would be dead right now.” Yin Yihui spoke with a slightly calm voice.

Ning Cheng took out a pill and handed it to Yin Yihui before speaking, “First take the pill, and then operate the Cultivation Method that I taught you to bring out its medicinal nature. It would heal your internal injuries at an even quicker rate.”

Yin Yihui’s injuries this time were completely different from the last time. The last time, it was purely an internal physical injury, but this time his internal injuries resulted from damage to his meridians. This kind of injury, even if one were a True Cultivator, they would not be able to recover with regular pills. However, Ning Cheng was already close to becoming a Tier 8 Grand Master, as such this kind of injuries were nothing much to him.

Taking the pill from Ning Cheng, Yin Yihui swallowed it down without any hesitation. Merely a few moments later, Yin Yihui stood up in shock as he cried out, “My injuries have completely healed…..”

Ning Cheng hinted Yin Yihui to sit down then asked, “Tell me something, this time, the one who injured you should not be someone simple, right?”

Causing this kind of damage to the meridians, it was something impossible even for a Martial Artist with the same calibre as Dhulandi. Instead, it was something achievable only by using a trace of Spiritual Sense through Cultivation, even if the opposite party was not a True Cultivator, this kind of Cultivation Method was something beyond the means of a Martial Artist. However, Ning Cheng did not feel surprised by it. Since Tian Muwan can become a True Cultivator, then it would not be surprising that there would be more than one person.

Yin Yihui nodded and spoke, “Is Elder Brother Ning familiar with the Jabbes Line of Defence?”

Ning Cheng was aware that the Jabbes Line of Defence came into existence after the appearance of the Insect Tide on Earth. It was one of the five Major Lines of Defences jointly established by the entire world. This particular Line of Defence was at the outermost periphery of the Russo-Chinese border, near to the Russian Sea Area. The joint collaboration of the most influential countries of the world set up this Line of Defence. China was also one of them; moreover, it was also the main fighting force there.

These five Major Lines of Defences were responsible for resisting the insect infestation, filled with the elites from various countries. Yin Yihui possessed some excellent skills already, in addition to the Cultivation Method that Ning Cheng had taught him, his strength should have definitely improved. Let alone all this, didn’t he also provide Yin Yihui with a High-Grade Magical Artefact?

“After my internal injuries healed last time, and because of the merits that I earned at the border, it allowed me to be promoted to a One-Star Battle General. However, just about a week ago, those insects lurking around seemed to have suddenly eaten some kind of stimulant. As all of them suddenly attacked the Line of Defence. The insects were endless and had almost completely shattered the laser wall around the Jabbes Line of Defence in one go. I was ordered, along with the other Battle Generals, to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence and support them……”

Speaking until here, it looked as if the blue veins on Yin Yihui would explode at any moment, as he continued, “I was already ready to put down my life to protect the Jabbes Line of Defence. Moreover, just like the other Battle Generals, I rushed to the front lines. Because I had an excellent Essence Weapon on me, it allowed me to kill innumerable insects on the battlefield…”

“Did someone amongst you covet your Essence Weapon?” Ning Cheng already knew that it was undoubtedly because of this.

Yin Yihui took a few deep breaths before speaking, “Yes, it was a man named Yan Rui. He called me and said that I had to hand over my Essence Weapon. He added that this type of weapon could only be used to its full potential if paired with a real expert. It was a complete waste of resources in my hands.”

Ning Cheng gave a sneer. Such a substantial and compelling reason.

“Of course, I did not want to do as he asked, but then that Yan Rui raised his hand and sent out two palm strikes. However, I was unable to escape in time, ending up struck by those two palm strikes. He then kicked me in my chest, causing me to suddenly vomit out a few mouthfuls of blood, but at that time I was completely unable to move.”

Yin Yihui couldn’t help but clench his fists. “But he was not done yet. Yan Rui actually said that because of the rewards of killing more insects, I had plotted against a comrade-in-arms. He took away all of my military merits, took away my Battle General Medal and took away my Essence Weapon. If it was not for Lord Dhulandi, one of the Five Major Experts, coming to the Jabbes Line of Defence in time, I might have not even been able to come back. Lord Dhulandi knew that I was Elder Brother Ning’s friend, so was able to think of a way to send me back.”

Ning Cheng frowned, for Yan Rui to kick Yin Yihui and damage his meridians; it showed that he definitely was not someone ordinary.

“Where is Dhulandi?” Ning Cheng was not too anxious to take care of Yan Rui; his first priority still was to recover his cultivation.

“After Lord Dhulandi sent me back, he immediately returned to the Jabbes Line of Defence. This was the biggest Insect Tide that we have seen in the past few years. The Line of Defence not only activated all of their laser cannons but also forced to drop a few nuclear bombs into the centre of the Insect Tide. However, even if that was the case, it not only did not reduce the numbers but on the contrary, their numbers keep increasing. I fear……” As Yin Yihui spoke until here, he had already put aside his own anger. However, he was anxious that the insect tide would break through the Jabbes Line of Defence at any moment.

Once the Jabbes Line of Defence broke apart, then the insect tide would be able to sweep across it to enter inside. At that moment, the entire country would have to face the insect tide just as they encountered it back in the Jabbes Line of Defence. At that time, it would not be only an insect tide, but rather the arrival of hell in the most real sense.

“Big Brother…” Ning Ruolan worriedly called out from one side. Once the insect tide breached the Jabbes Line of Defence, then the Hundred Bay Point would be one of the first to turn into food for those insects.

Ning Cheng hesitated once before speaking, “Yihui, we are brothers; this insect tide will eventually be exterminated. You don’t have to worry about it too much. In any case, I must soon lead my sister out of this place. My sister founded the Cheng Ruolan Materials Company, which Dai Xin will take over in the future. If you want, you can join the company and help Dai Xin to share the load.”

“Elder Brother Ning, I believe you. I will definitely listen to you.” Even if Ning Cheng had not spoken about it, Yin Yihui did not want to go back to the Jabbes Line of Defence. When Yan Rui was openly plotting against him, there was not even a single person there who stood up in protest. If not for Dhulandi present there, he would have already been dead at this moment.

Moreover, he has also had high regard for Ning Cheng’s skills. Could an ordinary person teach him a Cultivation Method that would help recovering from his internal injury completely? Can a regular person casually give away an Essence Weapon? Can they take out a pill that could restore him this quickly?


Ning Cheng spent three days on the outside, after passing the most foundational level of Cultivation Methods to Ning Ruolan and Dai Xin and leaving behind a few Spirit Stones for them. Ning Cheng immediately went into seclusion to restore his cultivation once again.

Three days later, Ning Cheng was able to restore his cultivation to the Profound Congealing 2nd Level. However, Ning Cheng did not choose to go out just yet. He wanted to recover his strength back to the Soul Sculpting 4th Level in one fell swoop.

A month later, Ning Cheng restored his cultivation to Soul Essence 6th Level, but at this time, he received a message from his sister, Ning Ruolan.

Ning Cheng immediately came out of his Miniature World. His sister would not have sent him the signal if there were no problems.

After Ning Cheng came out, not only did he see the three people Ning Ruolan, Dai Xin, and Yin Yihui, he also saw Dhulandi. In addition to them, there was a woman who Ning Cheng did not know. However, Ning Cheng was also sure that he had never seen such a curvaceous woman before; just her face was enough to cause the downfall of nations and garner the envy of others. Even if compared to Tian Muwan, it was not one whit inferior.

Dhulandi no longer looked the way he appeared when Ning Cheng last saw him. Now that Ning Cheng saw him again, he looked like most of his hair had burnt off. Although he was wearing clothes over his body, Ning Cheng could make out in a glance that many wounds covered his entire body.

There was even a long bloody scar running down from his chin to the back of the neck and looked shocking. However, what made Ning Cheng feel a bit joyful was that both Ruolan and Dai Xin had progressed to become Qi Gathering 1st Level Cultivators, which also meant that both of them had good Spiritual Roots.

“What’s going on?” Ning Cheng asked Dhulandi in the puzzle, “Why are you hurt this badly? Was the Jabbes Line of Defence breached by the insects?”

Ning Cheng already reckoned that the Jabbes Line of Defence would not be able to hold for long, but it had only been a little more than a month, so the Jabbes Line of Defence should still be holding steady. Looks like it would not be able to stop the endless Demon Insects.

“Elder Brother Ning, the Jabbes Line of Defence is still standing, but it would not be able to hold on for long.” Yin Yihui quickly explained.

Ning Cheng nodded; he was not much worried about the Jabbes Line of defence. He was anyway going to destroy all these insects. However, that did not mean that he would recklessly go out without first wholly restoring his cultivation. This time the Insect Tide turned out to be more significant than the ones before. Apparently, the Insect Queen had finally started to make a move. Moreover, Ning Cheng who had returned from the World of True Cultivators knew that the Insect Queen would definitely be quite powerful. If he had a noble heart, then he would have already recklessly charged in to fight with the Insect Queen when he had restored his cultivation to the Essence Building Realm. However, it would not have been a fight; instead, he would only be going there to die.

Although the Insect Queen had not come out, it was only because the Insect Queen did not know that there was someone strong enough to pose a threat to it. Once she found out that there was indeed such a person, the Insect Queen would definitely be the first one to come out.

Moreover, that Yan Rui, the Head of the Line of Defence or whatever, had bullied Yin Yihui and had even stripped him of his merits, causing him to rise to the top of his hate-list. Considering his temperament, it already him being on best behaviour that he did not immediately rush out to kill that Yan Rui personally.

Hearing Yin Yihui address Ning Cheng as ‘Elder Brother Ning’, Dhulandi also used the same form of address. “Elder Brother Ning, if not for the remaining elites from the rest of the Lines of Defences coming in to support the Jabbes Line of Defence, then I’m afraid that the Jabbes Line of Defence would have long since submerged by the Insect Tide. Moreover, flying insects have started to emerge, causing the Jabbes Line of Defence to be in jeopardy. I’m afraid that this Line of Defence would not be able to hold on for more than three days.”

“Mr Ning, with regards to the attack of the Insect Tide, everyone is responsible for protecting the Earth. If you really have such great abilities, then why hide inside the hotel? Alternatively, is it in line with your conscience? You have so many Essence Weapons. Moreover, are even selling them at a high price without taking out any for the Battle Generals to use at the border. In the future, when the Jabbes Line of Defence would be broken through by those insects, would you still choose to remain in hiding?” At this moment, the full-bodied beautiful woman abruptly spoke out.

Ning Cheng’s face immediately turned frost-like as he spoke, “Oh. If that is the case, then why did Yin Yihui end up almost killed? Especially when he assisted you in killing numerous Demon Insects at the Line of Defence? Why did others rob his weapon? Why did no one stand up for him?”

That curvaceous woman was suddenly at a loss for words. Concerning Yin Yihui’s matter in the Jabbes Line of Defence, although nobody had spoken about it consciously, everyone was aware of it in secret. However, she could not control that man at all. Not to say she, even the Commander-in-chief of the Jabbes Line of Defence cannot control him, let alone others.

Seeing this woman at a loss for words and unable to reply, Ning Cheng once again supplied a few words with a cold tone, “Wherever you are from, you better get the fuck back there. This is not a place that you can act wildly; if you want to kill those insects that badly then go nobody’s stopping you.”

He had sold only ten Essence Weapons, and all the people had seen them. Yin Yihui had been gifted an Essence Weapon but was robbed by others. Didn’t the Hundred Bay Point sell hundreds of high-level weapons? Why did he not see anyone standing up and saying at that time that everyone was responsible for defending the Earth? Why did they not ask these companies to donate their weapons?

This beautiful looking woman on hearing Ning Cheng’s words couldn’t help but have a change in her expression. However, she did not choose to go out.

Dhulandi quickly spoke up from the side, “Elder Brother Ning Cheng, this is Commanding Officer Yi Lei from the Jabbes Line of Defence and is also from China. Xing Liang had called in an emergency meeting stating that we have to mobilise all our resources, he expressed that you need to come up with more Essence Weapons. So she volunteered to follow suit.”

“Big Brother, yesterday, Xing Liang, the No. 1 among the Five Major Experts, sent a few words over, stating that you have to send all the Essence Weapons in Little Xin’s hands and immediately come to the Jabbes Line of Defence. Otherwise, you would have to face the consequences.” Ning Ruolan whispered from the side.

Because her big brother had said it earlier that she did not have to care about someone like Xing Liang, therefore after she obtained the news, she did not pass it onto her big brother. Now that Dhulandi had personally come, stating that the Jabbes Line of Defence was on the brink of collapse, which would also result in the Hundred Bay Point ceasing to exist in the future, Ning Ruolan had no choice but to call out her big brother.

Ning Cheng sneered. Consequences? Now he was actually looking forward to what these so-called ‘consequences’ were.

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