Chapter 0381

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0381: The Last Time

“You can go back and tell that Xing Liang that I can’t wait for him to come here personally to deliver those ‘serious consequences’.” Ning Cheng swept a glance at Yi Lei and spoke out in a light tone.

Yi Lei bit her ruddy lips until they actually turned white, but she still did not leave the room. After a short while, she finally spoke up, “I am not someone sent by Xing Liang, nor do I have any relationship with him.”

Ning Cheng was too lazy to answer Yi Lei, as he took out a pill and handed it to Dhulandi and spoke, “This pill will make you healthy again. After your injuries heal, you can decide for yourself if you wish to stay or want to go back. You’ll have to decide that for yourself.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng then once again entered his own room. He wanted to increase his cultivation as soon as possible. From the looks of it, that person, Xing Liang, killed a few insects and was now starting to think of himself as someone very great. He was just too lazy to take care of these things right now. After he recovered his cultivation, he would then wholly eradicate the insects and just walk away from this place.

Yi Lei on seeing that Ning Cheng had already gone back into his room, although did not follow up after that, but also did not leave that place.


At this time, in the wilderness a few dozen miles away from the Hundred Bay Point, Tian Muwan had a pale and dishevelled look on her face as she stared at a man standing in front of her wearing a red hooded coat. The soft sword in her hand was already broken into two, but it was not broken because of a fierce exchange with the enemy; instead, the other party had gently snapped it with two fingers. That’s right; she had seen it with her eyes clearly. The other party had only used two fingers to catch and break her soft sword in half.

No matter how she attacked the opposite party, her opponent was able to catch the soft sword in her hand with just two fingers with extreme ease.

“Who are you?” Tian Muwan did not continue attacking him. She realised that the strength of this person was already out of the scope of her imagination. His cleverness also exceeded her, to the point that she was just not a match for him at all.

She had seen the world’s Five Major Experts before, although she was still not a match for Dhulandi and the others. However, her strength was quickly catching up to them. Although she might not be comparable to that Xing Liang, at least she would not turn out to be much worse than Dhulandi.

However, in front of this person, she did not feel anything but despair.

“Who am I is not important, if I had wanted to you to die, then you would have already turned to ashes by now.” The scarlet hooded man spoke out in a hushed voice.

Tian Muwan, on realising that he had intentionally spared her, forced herself to calm down. Although she still held a deep fear in her heart, she knew that she couldn’t show it on the surface.

The red hooded man looked at Tian Muwan, before giving a nod of appreciation before speaking, “If not for this insect tide, a woman like you would definitely be sitting in a boudoir fixing your eyebrows.”

“What do you want from me?” Tian Muwan’s hand gripping the soft sword’s handle had turned somewhat white. She did not want to wait for how her fate would turn out.

“You are a True Cultivator, so I can help you build a foundation, as long as you become my disciple. Of course, there are certain responsibilities that you would have to undertake as a disciple of mine, for example, serving me in the bedroom.” The red hooded man spoke out calmly.

He needed such a woman so that he could Dual Cultivate. This woman had one of the rarest Cultivation Method, which was completely opposite to his own Cultivation Method; as such, it could mutually complement each other. In this place, finding a female cultivator that could not only satisfy himself but also be up for Dual Cultivation was just too hard.

“In your dreams.” Tian Muwan’s tone turned icy cold in an instant.

The scarlet-robed man still spoke without any care, “I’m not asking you, you know. To deal with someone like you, I would not even need to use my hands. You anyway would not be able to break free from the oppression of my Imposing Aura. Moreover, you also seem to have quite the peppery disposition, so only someone as strong as me will be the most suitable. The others simply would never suit you at all.”

“I already knew when you started cultivation, but I had no idea that in just a short period of time, you would be able to progress this much. Believe me, if you follow me, it would only be the right thing for you. When I am able to take a step further, then I’ll go get that Insect Queen. For you to become my female disciple, it is really your good fortune.”

Tian Muwan was shocked, a peppery disposition? Her disposition? Although she never thought herself similar to other more lady-like and gentle natured women, Muwan knew that she definitely did not have such a ‘peppery’ self-disposition.

“Just kill me already.” Tian Muwan spoke up coldly; to perform Dual Cultivation with such a vile person was no different from being a pleasure tool for him in the bedroom. As such, she might as well die rather than let it happen.

The scarlet-robed man gave a sneer and spoke, “Do you really want to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit? After I kill you, I can still strip you naked and rob you of your Yin Essence. To a person like me, whether you live or die, I am fully capable of robbing you of your Yin Essence. After that, I will slowly refine your body into my personal bedroom puppet, with that, ahem……”

Tian Muwan found herself hit by a bucket of cold water. If that were the case, then whether she was dead or alive, she would still be humiliated.

At this moment, she suddenly regretted her own increase in cultivation. If she had not started cultivating, then such things would have never birthed in her body.

However, what would happen if she did not cultivate? At this moment, she suddenly thought of Ning Cheng. If she did not choose the path of cultivation, would she also turn into something like Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng had not appeared for three years, it caused her to feel angry, very angry, but that did not mean that she had turned entirely unfeeling towards him. Because she had started cultivating, she couldn’t help but think that the two people were not of the same world. Because of this, Muwan began to believe that her thoughts were already set in stone…

If she did not start cultivating, would she have left behind that card for Ning Cheng? If she did not begin walking on the path of cultivation, would she have told Zeng Jiyun, who had brought harm to her, to go see Ning Cheng? At that moment, when she had initially conveyed to Zeng Jiyun about Ning Cheng’s arrival, she actually wanted Zeng Jiyun and Ning Cheng to start a life together.

However, why did she want this? At this moment, in Tian Muwan’s mind once again reappeared the scene from three years ago. She was standing in front of Ning Cheng while she had passed on the Pearl Hair Clip given to her by Ning Cheng to Zha Ziyi. Although she knew that Zha Ziyi had deliberately thrown the Pearl Hair Clip into the sewers, she even went ahead and said it to Ning Cheng on his face that Zha Ziyi could help her buy her a new one as a replacement.

What kind of person was Ning Cheng? What type of disposition did he have? She was already very clear about it. Her actions were tantamount to repeatedly stabbing him in the heart and then rubbing salt all over it. It was equivalent to making out with another man right in front of him. No, this thing for him was more of an insult to all that he had done rather than to his face.

Because she had felt continuous guilt because of that matter, therefore she was not willing to face it and was even more unwilling to acknowledge it. Although she had chosen to push Zeng Jiyun towards Ning Cheng, to allow Ning Cheng to have a cosy home to return to, it was also because she subconsciously was not willing to face her guilty conscience. Otherwise, how could she tell that Zeng Jiyun, who had deeply hurt her, that Ning Cheng had returned?

She had always thought that Ning Cheng should have apologised to her after coming back. Especially since, he had not contacted her for three years, let alone meeting face to face to talk. If he had done that, then she might have explained to him as to what had happened. She could have taken the chance to state it explicitly that the two of them were no longer fit to be with each other, but at least they could remain as friends.

Perhaps it might not have been a parting on good terms, but at least it would have never turned into this.

“Do I really have such a disposition?” Contrary to the scarlet-robed man’s expectations, after Tian Muwan was silent for a moment, she unexpectedly asked such an irrelevant question in such a tranquil manner.

The scarlet-robed man gave a laugh before continuing, “What’s wrong with having such a disposition? To move forward on the grand path of cultivation, obliteration of all obstacles is the norm. Only by having a formidable heart that fights for one’s self, would you be able to walk till the end.”

“I understand.” Tian Muwan grasped the Pearl Hair Clip on her chest before she muttered to herself.

Even though she had arrived at the Hundred Bay Point a month ago, she quickly realised that Ning Cheng had pushed his own younger sister Ning Ruolan to Dhulandi to curry for favours. Although others reported it to her, she had never thought if these matters were the truth or were false, nor did she even chose to investigate this issue.

Not to mention a month ago, she even had preconceived notions of her own. Since Zeng Jiyun plotted against them, it caused the two of them to break apart because of instigated misunderstandings. Unfortunately, regardless of whether Zeng Jiyun did this to get close to Ning Cheng or for something else; all of it was definitely a plan with a goal in mind.

It was not until that day when her soft sword stabbed into Ning Cheng, did she want to see him once again. However, he already did not want to meet her after that.

“I beg you leave us brother and sister alone.” Ning Ruolan’s words were still ringing in her ears. It was also after she heard Ning Ruolan’s words did she choose to give up on that thought. Why appear now? Why disappear again? She and Ning Cheng would never meet again in the future anyway.

“I do not have the patience to wait for you, whether you follow me or not willingly, I will directly carry you off.” The patience of the scarlet-robed man was gradually wearing down.

Tian Muwan took a long and deep breath, before slowly speaking out the words, “I am willing to….”

The scarlet-robed man did not feel too surprised about it. He merely gave the nod and spoke, “You are quite clever. However, I also like smart people like you. Such being the case, let’s leave now. I will help you in building a solid foundation as soon as possible.”

“I have a condition before we leave. I must meet a person. Otherwise, even if you want to refine me into a puppet, I will never obey you.” Tian Muwan once again spoke out with an incomparably resolute tone, showing that there was just no room for leeway.

The scarlet-robed man’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness, before he spoke in a cold voice, “Very well, I will be waiting for you right here. I believe that you will soon come back; after all, you are not an idiot. Keep in mind that I already know that you are someone from the Tian Family.”

Tian Muwan shuddered, she suddenly felt like she wanted to see Ning Cheng one last time before death came knocking for her. This idea was the most idiotic one, but it still had popped up in her head. Since she had already made it clear to the opposite party, then the opposing party might just end up killing Ning Cheng.

However, after saying those words, she just did not have the means to take it back. She quickly sighed in her heart, even if she did not see Ning Cheng, this scarlet-robed man already seemed to have investigated her, so why would he not know about who Tian Muwan’s ex-boyfriend was?

She definitely cannot die, once she died, then not only would Ning Cheng die because of her, but even all the people of the Tian Family would perish alongside her.


One day later, Ning Cheng came out from the Miniature World, at this moment his cultivation recovered to the Soul Essence 7th Level. He thought that he should now go to the Jabbes Line of Defence to look. He cannot wait for the Line of Defence to crack apart; otherwise, he would not even be able to find that Yan Rui’s corpse.

Ning Cheng had not swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness when the door directly opened. This was a suite room complex where his younger sister Ruolan was staying along with Dai Xin, so it would genuinely be an inconvenience for him to sweep out with this Spiritual Consciousness.

“Big Brother, she came once again, and is saying that she must see you and is not willing to leave……” Ning Ruolan was the one who opened the door to Ning Cheng’s room before she spoke out.

Needless of what Ning Ruolan spoke; Ning Cheng had already seen the somewhat pale-faced Tian Muwan standing at the entrance. This time when he saw Tian Muwan, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel that there was something different about her.

“Come in.” Ning Cheng spoke out calmly. Since everything was already over between them, he could not understand it; why would a proud person like Tian Muwan still come to see him? Was it because he killed Tian Yan? However, this kind of a matter involving the execution of Tian Yan, Ning Cheng just did not care about it at all.

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  1. that Yi Lei girl is the type of girl I hate the most, shameless people who want to take advantage of good people but won’t do anything against bad people is the worst type of people in the planet.


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