Chapter 0382

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Chapter 0382: Can Only Seek Ning Cheng

Ning Cheng closed the door, while calmly looking at Tian Muwan. He did not ask about anything. Ning Cheng was currently at Soul Essence 7th Level, but to recover back to the peak of 4th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm, it would still take him a week or two more. After a week or two more, he would then be able to leave this place. As such speaking to Tian Muwan did not have any significance to him now.

Tian Muwan on seeing that Ning Cheng was only looking at her but not speaking also did not ask anything. Her lips trembled a few times before she finally was able to mouth three words, “I’m sorry……”

These three words came out in a very soft tone, and even with Ning Cheng’s cultivation, he was only barely able to hear the three words. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel his chest tighten up, he had not known for Tian Muwan for just a day or two. He knew Tian Muwan reasonably well, something that was apparent; however, even with all of his vast knowledge and memories, he had never heard Tian Muwan utter these three words ever before.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but stare at her stupidly. He could see that the twinkle in Tian Muwan’s eyes that had always been there had all of a sudden disappeared without even a trace, replaced by deep sorrow. This kind of sadness would also induce depression in anyone who looked into her eyes, letting them feel like their chests were tightening up.

“You… Did you want something from me?” Ning Cheng felt his own throat turning a bit dry; he really did not want to see that kind of look in Tian Muwan’s eyes.

“I have some regrets…..” Tian Muwan was staring straight at Ning Cheng; her demeanour was as if she could not wait to carry away Ning Cheng with her own eyes.

“What do you regret?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked, even he did not know why he asked those words.

He couldn’t help but wonder, did Tian Muwan was also having the same thoughts as Zeng Jiyun? Since she was aware of her abilities, was she maybe regretting because of it?

However, in his mind, Tian Muwan was radically not such a person. Moreover, he was a cultivator at the 4th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm. If even Eldest Brother Cang Wei, who was one of the powerhouses of the vast starry sky, took his place, even then it would be impossible for Tian Muwan to say those two words ‘regret’ and ‘sorry’. In that regards, he understood Tian Muwan too well.

Tian Muwan did not reply, she turned around and walked to the door. Opening the door, she slowly walked out of the room. As to what she regretted, only she knew. What she regretted was undoubtedly not Ning Cheng’s exceptional abilities; in fact, she did not even know that Ning Cheng was a True Cultivator like her.

What she regretted was that she had not given her body to Ning Cheng for the 2-3 years she was still in love with him. If she had given herself to Ning Cheng, then she would not have to face today’s matter.

Ning Cheng froze as he looked at Tian Muwan’s receding back, not because of her but because a Spiritual Consciousness fluctuation had swept over his body causing Ning Cheng to feel startled. He had almost unleashed his own Spiritual Consciousness in response.

Was there another True Cultivator here? Moreover, this True Cultivator also did not have low cultivation; otherwise, how could their Spiritual Consciousness sweep into his room? Ning Cheng’s senses immediately chased after this Spiritual Consciousness and soon found that this Spiritual Consciousness completely encased Tian Muwan.

Ning Cheng shortly swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness within hundred miles of the Hundred Bay Point; the next moment he saw a scarlet-clothed cultivator with a hood over his face standing just a few dozen miles away from the Hundred Bay Point.

The peak of Profound Congealing Realm? How did this peak level Profound Congealing Cultivator appear on this Earth? Ning Cheng sucked in a mouthful of cold air, while secretly rejoicing in his heart. Fortunately, he had not hurried out to kill those insects, instead remained here, and restored his cultivation to the 7th Level of Soul Essence Realm. Otherwise, with his Essence Building Realm Cultivation, Ning Cheng would not be much of a match against someone at the peak level Profound Congealing Realm. If this was the case currently, could he still kill the Insect Queen?

In just a moment, Ning Cheng understood what was going on. Since this scarlet-robed cultivator was following Tian Muwan with his Spiritual Consciousness, it was clear that he wanted to use Tian Muwan as his furnace. For Tian Muwan to come see him, it was actually a farewell before her death.

Ning Cheng clenched his fists. No matter how arrogant Tian Muwan was, how could he not care about such an issue? Moreover, he would also never allow a Profound Congealing ant to exploit her. Trying to use her as his furnace, this scarlet-robed bastard was only looking for death.

“Big brother… She’s already gone. You don’t have to be upset about it. It would be better to put down these things.” Ning Ruolan seeing Ning Cheng standing at the door with clenched fists, and a livid face, quickly came up to comfort him. She thought that it was because of Tian Muwan’s matter from the past that caused Ning Cheng to be in such a state.

Ning Cheng sighed and stroked Ning Ruolan’s hair before speaking, “Ruolan, I will be going out for a few days, you stay here and continue cultivating. When I come back, we will leave this place.”

“En, I know.” Ning Ruolan spoke up in a very well behaved tone.

With her big brother, she was always on her best behaviour, also the happiest.


Ning Cheng stopped after coming out of the Hundred Bay Point before turning around and speaking in a cold voice, “How long are you going to keep following me? Just take a step back by yourself because I will not.”

Ning Cheng had already planned to clean up that scarlet-robed man, before heading off to the Jabbes Line of Defence immediately; as such, he had not expected that this Yi Lei would come again. He had thought that because of his initial refusal when Yi Lei had requested for his assistance, a person like Yi Lei would immediately leave. Ning Cheng did not expect that she would choose to remain behind in the Cheng Ruolan Hotel. Now that he was out on his own, she immediately followed him out.

The day before, Ning Cheng’s words had already refuted everything Yi Lei spoke. Therefore, she suddenly, with a ‘Thump’, knelt onto the ground in front of Ning Cheng before speaking up, “Elder Brother Ning, I beseech you to come help us out at the Jabbes Line of Defence, please do not let those insects burst into our homes.”

In one day, Yi Lei had already heard too many things related to Ning Cheng in the Hundred Bay Point. One of the Five Major Experts, Homer, had suddenly disappeared, that was just after Ning Cheng had shot Quake dead. As long as any person even had a sliver of cleverness, they would be easily able to guess that this matter definitely had Ning Cheng’s hand in it.

Not only that, Dhulandi, Shelley and even Monk Rui Qing, three of the five Major Experts of the world were all behaving like yes-men in front of Ning Cheng. Unlike the rumours floating outside, which stated that Ning Cheng pushed his little sister Ning Ruolan out to them to gain their favours.

As for Dhulandi’s behaviour in front of Ning Cheng, it would be more appropriate to say that their relationship seemed more of a relationship between a junior and a senior.

Ning Cheng was not very much favoured towards people like Yi Lei. Such people wanted someone else to pay the price when the time came, and once the situation turned stable, they would immediately choose to ride roughshod over those people. However, contrary to his expectations, he never thought that this Yi Lei was such a sentimental person, to even go as far as calling the Earth as her home and even kneel down in front of him.

In the world of True Cultivators where people practically did everything to climb up, Ning Cheng was not someone who was utterly stonehearted, but he was also not someone soft-hearted. Moreover, it was not so easy for someone’s plea to move him.

However, he was currently able to see a very compassionate heart in this Yi Lei. This woman indeed was not thinking of herself, nor did she talk about others. Instead, she sincerely wished to seek out his help. She, at this moment, was genuinely asking his help to save Earth, her home.

“Elder Brother Ning, although this Yi Lei is a bit out of style, as long as you can come up with more Essence Weapons and come to the Jabbes Line of Defence, this Yi Lei will completely belong to you. No matter what you do to me, I will not have any complaints…”

There was one thing that Yi Lei had not dared to speak out, that is, they had devised a secret plan to attack the Insect Queen. As such, as long as they were able to get rid of the Insect Queen, it would mean that the insects would definitely reduce in numbers gradually before the humans finally destroyed them.

Initially, she had thought that Ning Cheng only possessed Essence Weapons. However, after surveying around the Hundred Bay Point, only then she became vaguely aware that Ning Cheng might be a peerless expert. If they wanted to sneak attack the Insect Queen, then they had no choice but to rely on this kind of consummate expert.

Even though there was no shortage of experts at the Jabbes Line of Defence, but Yi Lei can’t mobilise any of them by herself. Moreover, no one would be even willing to listen to her, Yi Lei’s, words. However, when she came to know that Ning Cheng was such an expert, and found that Ning Cheng was born poor without any kind of family background to speak of, she found that other than seeking out Ning Cheng, she just did not have any other way.

Concerning what Ning Cheng said about Yan Rui since Xing Liang and the others had ordered not to act upon it, even she would not have been able to mobilise anyone at that time. Also, if she repeatedly asked others, they would just ignore her.

Ning Cheng sighed before reaching out his hand to help Yi Lei stand up before speaking out, “Yi Lei, the fact is that the reason I came out is that I already plan to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence. You don’t have to worry about it; I have already made my preparations.”

Yi Lei looked at Ning Cheng in surprise; she really was not able to understand why Ning Cheng had suddenly changed so much. Didn’t he ask her to ‘fuck off’ a day ago? However, he was now willing to make his move. Was it because she was ready to repay him with her body? However, even if that was the case, she was utterly willing to do it. She would not regret it for even half a moment.

Yi Lei, who had been staying at the Jabbes Line of Defence all year round, was clear that once these insects broke through the Line of Defence, it would only bring forth a disaster. No, annihilation rather than destruction. Moreover, complete annihilation at that. Even if the entire humanity disappeared, it would not be something impossible at that time.

According to her understanding, some of the other countries have already started to gather in the dark to prepare for preserving the exceptional seeds of humanity, in case of the worst-case scenario.

“Thank you….” Yi Lei did not care whether Ning Cheng wanted to take her now or not, as long Ning Cheng agreed to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence.

“Elder Brother Ning, the Jabbes Line of Defence is at stake. Let’s go to the hotel now, and I will give you my body and then we can take my plane back to the Jabbes Line of Defence……” As Yi Lei spoke those words, she did not show even half a bit of shyness or even half a bit of hesitation.

Ning Cheng only looked at Yi Lei and spoke, “Yi Lei, I understand your thoughts, but don’t be quick to use your body in exchange for something. This is something that any woman is most prideful of; later when you hand yourself over to the man whom you really love, at least you wouldn’t regret it then. Let’s go, I have to kill someone before we leave for the Jabbes Line of Defence.”

Yi Lei on seeing Ning Cheng’s receding back quickly followed behind him, while still ruminating over Ning Cheng’s words.


The scarlet-robed man’s Spiritual Consciousness had been observing Tian Muwan, he was confident that Tian Muwan would not dare to turn on him at this time; otherwise, he wouldn’t mind using the people close to her as a Red Pill. However, just in case, he did not let his Spiritual Consciousness leave Tian Muwan for even half a minute.

[TL Note – ‘Red Pill’ here means using actual people as sacrificial ingredients to make ‘medicines’.]

Now that he saw Tian Muwan slowly walk back to her, his face revealed a trace of a sneer; under his threats would she still want to commit suicide? She shouldn’t even dream about it. With his current cultivation, countless women were willing to be his furnace, while no one would even dare to say half a word of protest. However, using someone like Tian Muwan as his furnace, it was definitely the best of the best quality.

Would he even choose to build a foundation for a furnace? That was only empty talk Haha. Unless he had gone completely crazy, why would he devote the already limited sources for building a foundation for a furnace?

“Your speed is quite slow.” As Tian Muwan walked towards him, the scarlet robbed cultivator spoke out indifferently.

Tian Muwan did not answer, nor did she display any actions, as she felt her own heart gradually dying.

“Take off all your clothes and lay down on the ground….” The scarlet-robed cultivator on seeing that Tian Muwan had turned wooden suddenly spoke out a few words.

“What?” Tian Muwan had intended to gain some time to use her cultivation to transform into the devil to escape death, in that way even if he was the Devil himself, he would not be able to use her like a furnace. However, she had never thought that this devil in front of her wanted to have possession of her right now. Letting her take off her clothes to allow this devil have his way with her, might as well kill herself right now.

“Did you not hear me? Or do you want me to do it for you?” The scarlet robbed cultivator suddenly spoke out in a cold voice.

Tian Muwan fully understood all of it; it looks like after she came back, the other party had seen through her intention of not becoming his furnace, causing him to become angry and wanting to force himself on her.

Tian Muwan crazily circulated her True Qi, tearing up her meridians. She was going to self-immolate herself.

“Bitch, you just looking for death….” The scarlet-robed cultivator exploded out in anger, causing Tian Muwan’s True Qi to stagnate for a moment; however, she had already lapsed into a coma by that time.

The scarlet-robed cultivator immediately grabbed at Tian Muwan’s hand; however, his hand only grasped at empty air. He then saw that Tian Muwan being held in the arms of a young man. When did this young man come? He hadn’t even noticed him at all. Huh, something’s wrong, wasn’t this youngster the same person that this Tian Muwan had just visited?

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