Chapter 0383

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0383: The Secret of the Scarlet Robe’s Cultivation

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Two voices simultaneously rang out; one belonged to the scarlet-robed man in front of Ning Cheng, while the other belonged to Yi Lei, who just arrived after Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked at Yi Lei in surprise and asked, “Do you know this person?”

Yi Lei nodded and spoke, “Yes, he occasionally comes to the Jabbes Line of defence. I mostly saw him together with Yan Rui, and they always looked like they were discussing something. Moreover, that Yan Rui always showed a respectful attitude towards this person. So his origins should not be simple.”

The scarlet-robed man kept staring at Ning Cheng in silence. When Ning Cheng had suddenly shown up, he could not detect it at all; not only that, even when Yi Lei came following Ning Cheng, he was still not able to catch any trace of it. It was really too strange. He already knew Yi Lei, but because she was a woman without a Spiritual Root, so even though she was attractive, he did not rush to put his hands on her. Since he was going to condense his Golden Core, as such his furnace needed to be a woman with at least a decent Spiritual Roots.

“Who are you?” The scarlet-robed man did not dare to act rashly; Ning Cheng’s speed in grabbing Tian Muwan was just too fast. Moreover, he was also not able to sense Ning Cheng’s cultivation; therefore, without first knowing about Ning Cheng’s origin and strength, he did not want to begin.

“Is it you who wants to use Muwan as a furnace?” Ning Cheng stared at the scarlet-robed man and spoke in an ice-cold voice.

The scarlet-robed man deliberately showed a frown before speaking, “It looks like you and this woman share a history, right? Since we are people from the same country of China, I will certainly not continue to have any thoughts about using her as my furnace. Let me be the first to say goodbye, we can meet later if the chance arises……”

Despite saying those words, he did not immediately leave. He wanted to test Ning Cheng’s reaction. If Ning Cheng was only outwardly strong and inwardly weak, and just had a fast speed, then Ning Cheng should not blame him for being impolite. If Ning Cheng indeed turned out to be stronger than him, then he could wait for a later date to take back his furnace.

As to actually giving up such a high-quality furnace like Tian Muwan, he absolutely did not want to entertain such a thought. A ‘furnace’ like Tian Muwan was definitely a unique one, especially on Earth.

“You seem to have made a mistake. This will be the last time we meet……”

Just as Ning Cheng spoke those words, the scarlet-robed man immediately felt that something had gone horribly wrong, causing him to instantly retreat while simultaneously bringing out a long knife. Yi Lei, who was standing behind Ning Cheng, wasn’t able to make out where this scarlet-robed man had hidden such a long knife.

Ning Cheng only raised his foot to take a step forward, with a face full of disdain. His foot looked like it was about to viciously trample down on something, while he did not even put down Tian Muwan, who was still in his embrace. Let alone bringing out a magical weapon, since he recovered his cultivation to that of a late-stage Soul Essence Cultivator, as such using a Magical Weapon to kill a Profound Congealing Ant; it would really be the joke of the town.

When Ning Cheng moved, the scarlet-robed man immediately felt the space around him turn into a quagmire-like state. He felt as if he was a turtle struggling in a marsh, causing each individual stroke of movement to be extremely difficult.

He could only watch Ning Cheng’s foot enlarge in front of his eyes as it descended. Other than the horror that took root in his heart, his entire being felt as if he was forcibly plunged headfirst into an ice cold cavern.

Since making a debut, he had never felt such a terrifying feeling. That was because he was always the one who gave others this feeling. Any person who dared to oppose him, he personally subjected them to this kind of terrifying pressure before finally crushing them. He never could have imagined that this kind of situation would actually occur on him. Who was this person? How did he possess this kind of terrifying strength? This kind of power was far stronger than any cultivator who condensed their Golden Core.

“Senior… This junior had eyes but couldn’t see Mt.Tai…. Senior, please show mercy……” Lian Yong had never begged for mercy in front of any human before, but today he had no choice but to ask for forgiveness. At this moment, he even hated himself for not being an expert in begging for mercy.

“Bang…..” The long knife in the scarlet-robed man’s hand had not fallen to the ground yet, when his entire body plunged into the ground under the stomp from Ning Cheng’s foot, causing him to unable to move even an inch. Sounds of bones breaking resounded, which he was able to hear clearly.

Ning Cheng only used a fraction of his actual power through his foot, yet it still caused bloody froth to flow out of the scarlet-robed man’s mouth. The scarlet-robed man genuinely wanted to continue to beg for mercy, but unfortunately, he just was not even able to form the words in his mind let alone speak it out.

“Did you not know that this long knife was given to Yin Yihui by me? I initially did not have enough time to look for you because of some urgent matters, but it looks like you are quite the good-natured fellow that you even brought me my knife back.” Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, it caused the scarlet-robed man to want to vomit out blood from his heart.

When he obtained the long knife, he had ordered Yan Rui to look for Ning Cheng. Moreover, after he arrived at the Hundred Bay Point, he heard that high-grade Essence Weapons were on full display at the Hundred Bay Point. If he knew that the person with the high-grade Essence Weapons was this terrifying, even if he had to cut off his hands, he would never dare to come here.

Ning Cheng did not immediately stamp this scarlet-robed man to death; he first glanced at Tian Muwan in his embrace. Tian Muwan had forcefully imploded her meridians; however, that scarlet robbed man’s Spiritual Consciousness also invaded her extremities before she could complete the process. This kind of injury, besides him, Ning Cheng estimated that no one would be able to cure it on Earth.

He then vaguely saw something familiar hanging over Tian Muwan’s neck, something similar to the profile of the pearl hair clip that he had initially given her.

However, Ning Cheng suddenly felt disappointed because of it; apparently, this pearl hair clip was not the one he had given to her. The piece that he had initially given to her was pure white, but this pearl hair clip was actually pink.

He recalled the words he heard from Tian Muwan’s mouth from that time, when she spoke to Zha Ziyi, “If you lost it, then just buy a new one for me. Let’s go.”

He had honestly not expected that she would actually let him buy it.

“Big Brother Ning……” Seeing Ning Cheng in a daze, Yi Lei cautiously called out from the side.

Ning Cheng immediately sobered up; taking out a Cleansing Rain Pill, he placed it in Tian Muwan’s mouth. The pill turned into Spiritual Liquid the moment it entered Tian Muwan’s mouth before it slid down and dispersed into Tian Muwan’s body.

The Cleansing Rain Pill was a Rank 6 Profound Pill; moreover, it even belonged to the top tier among the Profound Pills that could help in healing damaged meridians and dantian. Even in the world of True Cultivators, the Cleansing Rain Pill was precious. Tian Muwan’s injuries were severe, but with the help of the Cleansing Rain Pill, she would be able to recover in like less than half a day, without even needing to unlock its medicinal nature.

Ning Cheng found an External Domain Hotel’s room card in Tian Muwan’s pocket. The room card with etched with the words ‘Exclusive Zone, 7001’.

He then handed the card to Yi Lei and spoke, “Yi Lei, help me out this once. Deliver Tian Muwan to her room; it’s the External Domain Hotel’s room 7001. I believe that you would be able to deliver her quickly, given your skill.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng then took out a talisman and handed it to Yi Lei before speaking, “This talisman is a Stealth Talisman. You don’t have to ask anything about it, just hang this talisman around your body, as long as you don’t bump into others, or speak with others, no one will be able to spot you let alone stop you.”

This Yi Lei’s skill was definitely above Yin Yihui’s, so for her to deliver Tian Muwan to her hotel room, it should not take her much time.

“Aah…..” Yi Lei received the Stealth Talisman with a somewhat vacant look along with Tian Muwan, from Ning Cheng’s hand, and was a bit stunned for a while. Stealth Talisman? Was there such a strange thing in this world?

However, she soon put aside the Stealth Talisman and quickly spoke up, “Big Brother Ning, I must lead you to the Jabbes Line of Defence, and….”

Ning Cheng waved his hand to stop Yi Lei’s words and spoke, “I know, therefore you will have to return quickly, I will be waiting for you right here. All you have to do is to put Tian Muwan to bed in her room. Tian Muwan will wake up automatically by herself later; you don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Hearing that Ning Cheng would wait for her in this spot, Yi Lei no longer spoke anything. She hurriedly secured Tian Muwan and quickly left the area. Although she believed that Ning Cheng would not deceive her, she still wanted to return as soon as possible.

After Yi Lei went away, Ning Cheng then loosened his foot as he looked at the red-haired man and spoke, “Answer me, the True Cultivator Cultivation Method that you cultivate, where did you get it? If you dare to even utter half a word of a lie, I will immediately extract your soul.”

In fact, Ning Cheng did not know how to extract a soul, but he knew that True Cultivators were the most afraid of soul extraction and soul refinement.

“Yes, Yes, I will tell you. I was born with some sort of True Cultivator Cultivation Method inside my head. The more I cultivated, the more things emerged in my mind. I don’t seem to be a person from this world; rather I seemed to have arrived from another place…..” The scarlet-robed man quickly spoke up.

Ning Cheng pressed his foot down slightly again, “You’re lying, even if pieces of your Spiritual Soul were reincarnated into this world, your cultivation would still not be able to increase this fast.”

The Earth lacked Spiritual Qi; moreover, this fellow even regarded a High-Grade Magical Artefact as a treasure, as such, he had indeed had not seen more of the good stuff.

“I’ll say it, Senior, you have to spare…..” The scarlet-robed man spits out another mouthful of blood before he quickly begged for mercy.

“Then say it.” Ning Cheng’s foot lifted up slightly.

“Senior, you have to ensure to spare my life, only then I will say it…..” The scarlet-robed man finally found an excuse to try to coerce Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not answer the words of this scarlet-robed cultivator. He was currently a Soul Essence Cultivator, if a Profound Congealing Cultivator could threaten him, then he might as well smash his head into soft tofu and commit suicide.

True Essence directly rushed out from the sole of feet as it started to tear into the body of the scarlet robbed cultivator, causing the scarlet robbed cultivator’s face to twist up in pain, “Senior, I’ll say it, I’ll say it, just please kill me quickly…..”


Ten minutes later, Ning Cheng cast out a fireball to ignite a flame, turning this scarlet-robed cultivator into ashes. He had already understood why this scarlet robbed cultivator’s cultivation was able to rise up so quickly. Initially, this fellow possessed a Wood Spiritual Root, but at the same time, also found a cultivation spot that unusually speeded up his cultivation because it complemented the nature of Spiritual Root. As long as he cultivated in that place, his strength would continue to rise.

Ning Cheng had lived on Earth for more than 20 years, but this was still the first time for him to hear about the Feral Brook Mountains. According to the words of that scarlet-robed man, this mountain was located in a region near to the edge of the Southern Skies. Ning Cheng decided to wait for the time being. He would head over to the Feral Brook Mountains once he had taken care of the other things. Who knows, there might even be a treasure there?

Knowing that a master was not guiding the scarlet robbed cultivator, Ning Cheng also felt somewhat relieved. There were no real True Cultivator Powerhouses on Earth. If there were such people, then if his body were not in the best condition, it would not be a good thing for him.

As for where Tian Muwan’s Cultivation Method she cultivated in came from, Ning Cheng did not want to inquire about it. The Chinese Taoist Civilisation has been around for thousands of years; as such, it would still be within expectations if it had some lower-level cultivation methods that could help cultivate some Spiritual Sense. Only, if there were no cultivation resources, not to mention Earth, even if was the Tian Continent, growth would be limited. Tian Muwan would only be able to cultivate to the Qi Gathering 9th Level, and this was even if she was fortunate. He just did not need to think about it but instinctively knew it. Tian Muwan might have better qualifications than Dai Xin, but in the future, her achievements would not be higher than Dai Xin.

Yi Lei’s speed was indeed fast; it was not only fast but also when she returned, she even directly drove a car to right in front of him.

“Big Brother Ning, I delivered Tian Muwan to her room, now should we make our way to the Jabbes Line of Defence?” After Yi Lei got out, her expression was even more respectful and prudent. She did not see that scarlet-robed cultivator; presumably, Ning Cheng took ‘good’ care of that scarlet robbed cultivator.

As for that Stealth Talisman that Ning Cheng had given her, she did not even dare to ask about it. That Stealth Talisman was just as its name implied. She wore the Stealth Talisman just as Ning Cheng had told her to before entering the External Domain Hotel. However, nobody stopped her or even seemed to have seen her. Nevertheless, after she left the hotel, that Stealth Talisman mysteriously turned to ashes.

This Big Brother Ning was definitely a capable person. Even that first ranked Major Expert, Xing Liang, at the Jabbes Line of Defence, might not be an opponent for Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng was willing to help them, then they might have a chance at really saving the Jabbes Line of Defence.

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