Chapter 0384

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Chapter 0384: The Bloody Battle

Ning Cheng nodded before speaking, “It must have been hard on you, we’ll take the Battle Disc though……”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng directly took out the Rank 5 Battle Disc.

“Is that a flying saucer?” Yi Lei stared at this huge black coloured Battle Disc in front of her in complete shock, while her mind turned utterly chaotic. From where did this flying saucer suddenly pop out? Why did Ning Cheng possess a flying saucer?

Ning Cheng looked at the stunned Yi Lei before speaking, “Yi Lei, since you are accompanying me to the same place, then although you might see a few astonishing scenes, I hope that you do not inquire about it, that’s the first thing that I ask. The second thing, no matter what you see, I hope that you would not publicise any of it.”

Yi Lei immediately sobered up and spoke up, “Big Brother Ning, I promise to not say anything about it.”

Since the emergence of the insect swarm on Earth, Yi Lei had thought that it was already the most shocking thing and had never imagined that she would be able to see things that were even more shocking.

“Since that’s the case, then get on the Battle Disc. The Jabbes Line of Defence might not be able to hold on for long.” Ning Cheng spoke.

Hearing the words ‘Jabbes Line of Defence’, Yi Lei instantly sobered up, she quickly put aside the countless questions in her heart, as she followed Ning Cheng into the Battle Disc that she considered to be a flying saucer.

After Yi Lei entered the battle disc, she once again couldn’t help but look around with a vacant look on her face. This flying saucer was not what she had imagined being, something that contained many control panels and buttons. After she came in, she just saw a leisure room in front of her. “Go to the Jabbes Line of Defence.” Ning Cheng did not care about Yi Lei’s shock. After he sat down, he directly issued the order. The surface area of Earth was quite small and was unlike the Sifting Orchid Star. With such a small surface area, Ning Cheng did not need to supply Sifting Orchid with any directions or maps, as the Sifting Orchid would be able to use its radar to locate the required positions easily.

Yi Lei did not even feel any vibration. She just noticed the surrounding white clouds. In other words, this flying saucer had already taken flight.

She instantly understood that this was a high-tech airship. She had never imagined that flight technology would be able to evolve to such a level. What kind of technology was this? Even if they went hundred years into the future of Earth, would they ever be able to reach such a degree?

Yi Lei very much wanted to ask Ning Cheng. However, she did not dare to ask and was afraid that she would anger Ning Cheng. Moreover, Ning Cheng had also mentioned it before, ‘to not ask about anything’.

“Master, we have arrived at the Jabbes Line of Defence. This Line of Defence would soon be breached, please instruct…..”

Sifting Orchid’s voice resounded inside, immediately causing Yi Lei to go into shock once again. She quickly realised that this flying saucer also contained an AI. This flying saucer was too formidable.

She really was not able to contain the shock of Sifting Orchid this time. She was just about to ask from where Ning Cheng obtained this flying saucer when she immediately noticed people retreating in all directions outside of the airship. Even the laser wall was on the brink of dissipating, to the point that there were just no laser beams visible. The insects were tearing apart even the custom laser artillery after the flying insects caught hold of them and threw them down, causing broken parts to rain down like a rain of metal.

Yi Lei turned utterly paralysed; the words and questions that she wanted to ask Ning Cheng swallowed up. It looks like they were already too late, if not for Ning Cheng wishing to help Tian Muwan, if not for Ning Cheng delaying things for a day more, they would have definitely more time. However, could she blame Ning Cheng? She just had no right to or even qualified to accuse someone like Ning Cheng.


Jabbes Line of Defence’s Headquarters. An old man was clutching his phone and yelling at it in a nearly violent manner. Other than the words ‘emergency’, ‘support’, ‘killing insects’, ‘hold on’, one was just not able to hear anything else.

“Commander Zhan. Those insects have broken through the Line of Defence. We have to hurry up and retreat. Any later than now, then we would never be able to leave this place.” A young looking officer arrived in front of the old man and whispered it out to him.

The old man managed to recover a bit of his sanity while staring at this young looking officer in front of him with bloodshot eyes, before he shouted, “You told me to retreat, was it you who told me to retreat? So many of the soldiers died. Too many people have died to defend this Line of Defence, how can you tell me to retreat? Fuck off. Get the fuck out of here…..”

The old man shoved away the young looking officer with his palm, and once again grabbed the phone. He screamed into it to the point that his voice had reached the level of a high-pitched hissing-like sound, “Jabbes needs reinforcements, requesting for reinforcements. I will defend the Jabbes location, determined not to take a step back, Jabbes Line of Defence……”

“Boom….” A dark shadow arrived after breaking through the window glass before rushing into the command room.

It was a red-winged insect, just as the insect came in; it immediately swiped at the old man holding the phone with its claws. The young looking officer who had just advised the old man to retreat raised his assault rifle and let loose with the bullets. However, these bullets on hitting the red flying insects, behaved as if they encountered an impregnable steel plate, only giving off a few sparks.

This young looking officer enraged the red-winged insect. Giving up on the old man, it immediately grabbed the young looking officer. In just a moment, the insect picked up the officer, at the same time, its two claws tore apart that young looking officer into two halves, causing the blood to splash all around the walls.

The old man looked at the two halves of the young officer’s body before throwing down the phone in his hands and drawing out the machete hanging from his waist.

“Commander Zhan, I am here, you should retreat…..” A tall, agile man spoke up in a not very neat sounding Mandarin as he rushed in holding a bright looking large blade in his hand.

The one called Commander Zhan calmed down a bit before he spoke up with bloodshot eyes, “Justin, even if I have to die on the battlefield with Willis Hill, I will not retreat. Asking me to retreat is an insult to me, Zhang Yingxun. Daring to kill this father’s officers, daring to rush into this father’s home, this father with the end you…..”

The machete in Zhang Yingxun’s hand chopped down.

“Bang…..” The red-winged insect easily caught the machete; however, the old man couldn’t help but take a few steps back hitting the wall behind him. However, this red flying insect’s claw also showed a trickle of blood. Even emptying a full magazine from an assault rifle on the flying insect was not able to damage it; yet, the machete that Zhang Yingxun used was able to cause a wound on it.

Not waiting for this red flying insect to rush towards Zhang Yingxun, that man called Justin by Zhan Yingxun simultaneously also chopped down with his knife at the insect. The long blade split the air with a buzzing sound. The insect unexpectedly knew that this long knife did not seem to be simple, so rather than resisting it, it immediately backed away to dodge the strike.

The battle at the command room was merely one of the many fights taking place all around the Jabbes Line of Defence. Other than a small number of people who managed to flee, most of the soldiers, Battle Officers and Battle Generals were battling it out with those insects with all their might. Every moment, countless soldiers ended up massacred, yet at every moment, even more of those insects would rush into the Jabbes Line of Defence.

Even Ning Cheng couldn’t help turn angry at the sight of this, as his eyes also turned bloodshot. Although a few shameless fellows ran rampant at the Jabbes Line of Defence, there were even more people who were actually going all out and putting their lives on the line to protect their homeland, Earth. These people, these soldiers, were worthy of his respect. He was not as selfish and cold-blooded like those from the world of True Cultivators, as such this kind of battle where people actually put their life on the line to defend their home, shook him at a fundamental level.

The cultivation of these soldiers was shallow, but many of them still ganged up to kill an insect, completely disregarding their own life and death. While the insect would end up not just kill one or two of them before perishing.

“Sifting Orchid, use your maximum concentration attacks, do not let off even a single insect. At the same time, do not hurt any of the people……” Ning Cheng managed to call out an order.

“Spirit Stone Cannon is being prepared, the Rank 5 Attack from the Battle Disc will be commencing shortly with maximum range and maximum intensity……”

As the Sifting Orchid’s voice faded, the Black Battle Disc shook gently, the next moment many densely clustered white rays of light shot out.

This attack had even shocked Ning Cheng; he finally understood the fearfulness of the Rank 5 Battle Disc. The kind of attack was omnidirectional; with the Rank 5 Battle Disc at the centre, it shot out many white rays of light. Moreover, Ning Cheng had clearly heard its words. The last time he used it to attack, it only displayed life fluctuations and was just a Rank 1 Attack, but this time it was actually a Rank 5 Attack.

The last time he ordered it to attack, it was a red ray of light, but this time it was an attack using white light rays.

Ning Cheng’s gaze fell outside the flying saucer before he sucked in a cold breath of air. Initially, he had always thought that the Rank 5 Battle Disc’s power was slightly worse than his strength.

However, when he saw the power of the attack, he knew that his thoughts were completely wrong. Those innumerable and densely clustered insects, no matter if they were scuttling around on the ground or flying in the air, after being swept by this white light. Every one of them dropped dead without any exception.

Moreover, the Battle Disc was also continuously on the move, and in just then a minute, Ning Cheng saw heaps and piles of dead insects. The densely packed insects almost instantly reduced in numbers, even the dense and numerous insects in the air also vanished practically instantaneously. However, to the soldiers battling it with the insect, there just were no casualties among them. The Battle Disc’s distinguishing features indeed were accurate and ruthless to the extreme.

“This…..” The paralysed Yi Lei stood up in shock. She was lying on the floor next to the transparent window of the Battle Disc in dejected helplessness. When Yi Lei looked at the seemingly inexhaustible insect swarm undergoing a massacre by the Battle Disc, it caused her to go slack-jawed. She even suspected that she was dreaming.

“Puff…..” In the command room, that red flying insect had managed to slice off a portion of flesh from Justin’s arm, causing Justin to release his grip on the long knife in pain before the long blade fell to the ground.

Justin’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of despair, he did not continue to persuade Zhan Yingxun to retreat. He was well aware of the old man’s temperament, and at the same time, he knew that they were all dead.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard a sharp cry; this cry had almost torn up his eardrums. But the next instant, this red-winged insect that was about to tear him apart, unexpectedly ran out of the command room, no longer paying any attention to him.

“What’s going on?” Justin and Zhan Yingxun looked at each other in blank dismay. None of them knew as to what was going on. The two of them were well aware of the ferocity of these insects; as such, they knew that they would never back down halfway, more so when it was about to kill them.

A bloodstained solder rushed in a while reporting in a hoarse voice, “A black flying saucer appeared outside; this flying saucer easily killed those insects outside and is very powerful. In just a few minutes, it ended up killing tens of millions of those insects; moreover, it is still killing off those insects as we speak. At this time, all of those insects have forgotten about the Alliance Army, after receiving the call from the Insect Queen, they are collectively attacking the black flying saucer…..”

“What did you say? Flying Saucer? Killed millions of insects in a few moments?”

Zhang Yingxun wasn’t able to understand what this soldier was spewing.

However, he quickly sobered up before immediately roaring out, “Immediately go out and look.”

Between his words, those people had already run out of the command room.

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