Chapter 0385

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0385: Battling the Insect Queen

At this point, all the people who had not deserted the Jabbes Line of Defence looked up at the battle outside of the Line of Defence. What they saw was a black flying saucer suspended in the air while countless insects were flocking towards that flying saucer. However, when that black flying saucer shot out those dense rays of white lights, the insects directly crashed to the ground in heaps.

Even if that was the case; after the Insect Queen issued its call, not only the number of insects did not diminish. Instead, they were still increasing in number.

“My god! Aliens, they came to help our planet……”

“That flying saucer is truly terrifying, with terrifying combat efficiency.”

“This should be the new battle-type flying saucer that the alliance had been developing. With this kind of flying saucer, we’ll never have to fear these nasty insects again.”

“I thought that I was definitely going to die at the Jabbes Line of Defence. For this flying saucer to come out at the right moment, it all feels like a dream.”

“But the insects are growing more in numbers, that flying saucer is almost covered.”


At this moment, all kinds of surprised voices rang out among the soldiers within the Jabbes Line of Defence. Everyone was shaking in complete awe and wonder. No one knew as to what was going on, even the few people inside the command room at the Line of Defence had come out, as they looked at the flying saucer aiding them in the battle. Even they had no idea as to what was happening.

However, when they saw the flying saucer covered with insects, they couldn’t help but feel nervous again. Once the Flying saucer ended up destroyed, these insects would be able to annexe and destroy the entire Earth easily.


Ning Cheng had also heard the Insect Queen’s call and immediately understood that the situation has turned for the worst. Not being able to sit still anymore, he stood up. That Insect Queen’s cry had a terrible penetrative effect, making Ning Cheng think that its strength was even stronger compared to him.

“Big Brother Ning, thank you…..” Seeing the insects in the outside being killed off by those dense white rays of light, Yi Lei thoroughly sobered up from her shock as she quickly bowed to Ning Cheng and offered her sincere and heartfelt thanks.

“Too many Demon Insects. Will have to initiate the Super Rank 5 Attack. Spirit Stones are not enough, will require 100 million Spirit Stones.” Sifting Orchid’s crisp voice resounded inside.

Ning Cheng, without any hesitation, took out a restriction-less ring, transferred hundred million Spirit Stones into it, and then put the ring into the energy trough. Fortunately, he had obtained a massive pile of Spirit Stones on the Sifting Orchid Star; otherwise, he would not have been able to kill all these insects.

No matter what it was, once their concentrations reached a certain degree, it would undoubtedly transform into something terrifying.

The Battle Disc on receiving the Spirit Stones, no longer shot out those previous white rays of light one after another instead it sent out a circular wave one after another.

All the insects, under the power of these waves, met with death instantaneously. Because of the appearance of this wave, the mortality rate of the insect rose up exponentially. Almost every second, tens of millions of those insects ended up dying because of the white waves of light.

The number of insects sticking to the outside of the black flying saucer instantaneously reduced, revealing the flying saucer once again. Seeing the flying saucer once again, the soldiers felt relieved to see that the most desperate phase was over.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had already swept out towards a hundred feet tall giant insect as it rushed towards them with exceptional speed. This giant insect had a brown body covered with circular thread-shaped markings all around it. This insect had eight feet, each of which tipped with dense barbs giving off the feeling of incomparable resilience.

This was not an insect; it would be more accurate to call it a moving tower. However, what made Ning Cheng’s heart sink was that this insect was definitely close to a Class 8 Monstrous Beast in power, either that or it was already a Class 8 Monstrous Beast. If his cultivation recovered to the 4th Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm, then he would still be able to put up a fight, but currently, his strength was still a bit away from this insect.

Ning Cheng guessed that this incomparably giant insect should be the Insect Queen.

At this moment, Ning Cheng immediately understood in his heart that if he did not go out to stop the insect, then the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid would not be able to contend against even a single attack from this insect. Although the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid was able to kill all these lower-level demon insects with its potent offence, in the face of this Insect Queen, all its attacks would just be useless.

At the same time, he also understood why the Jabbes Line of Defence was able to sustain to this day, it was because of the Insect Queen’s intention in its entirety. This Insect Queen seemed to possess some Spiritual Wisdom, so although it ordered the insects to cause some trouble at the Jabbes Line of Defence, it did not allow them to break through it. It was all to hone the insect’s battle effectiveness. Using humans as prey to sharpen the combat effectiveness of the insects, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel his scalp tingle when he thought of it.

“Warning! Discovered the Insect Queen. Unable to eliminate. Within 10 seconds, the Insect Queen would be within the range of the Battle Disc…..” Sifting Orchid’s radar also apparently found the Insect Queen and immediately issued the warning.

Ning Cheng made the decision in a flash, “Sifting Orchid, you just concentrate on killing the rest of the insects, I will stop the Insect Queen. Remember, do not leave behind even a single one alive.”

“Big Brother Ning…..” Yi Lei also saw the colossal Insect Queen from the Battle Disc’s monitoring screen, as she called out in panic. However, just as she called out the three words ‘Big Brother Ning’, Ning Cheng had already left the Battle Disc. Rushing towards the incoming Insect Queen, he decided that he absolutely couldn’t allow the Insect Queen to reach the Battle Disc.

The Insect Queen had already seen Ning Cheng, using a few of its feet to strike at the ground; it immediately rushed into the air towards the incoming Ning Cheng.

A formidable Imposing Aura crashed down. Ning Cheng just did not think of anything else as directly brought out the shadow of his Everlasting Blue Thunder City. At this moment, he couldn’t help but think that what he thought of previously was the stupidest thing he had ever imagined. The only thing that Ning Cheng was thankful for currently was about restoring his cultivation to the Soul Essence Realm. Otherwise, if he came here with the strength of Essence Building Realm, then other than coming to his death, a different outcome for him would be impossible.

“Bang…. Ka Cha…..” The Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow under the Insect Queen’s momentum, collapsed in just a twinkling of an eye, causing Thunder Lights to overflow. Ning Cheng immediately manifested the long black spear, while using it to bring out the Ice Cold Spear Lights.

Shooting out with his Profound Ice 36 Spears, the Ice Cold Spear Lights, under the control of Ning Cheng’s spear, turned into an Ice Spear Network with its fastest speed, before it approached and exploded onto the Insect Queen with a bang.

Although the attack connected with the intended target, Ning Cheng still gave out a sigh in his heart. The time he had been back was too short. Although Eldest Brother Cang Wei had helped Ning Cheng refine those 36 Axes, and even gave him a few Spiritual Techniques, he just did not have to the time to hone them for himself or cultivate those techniques.

He had initially thought that the Earth was the safest place, who knew that he would end up meeting this kind of thing? At this point, Ning Cheng did not blame Yi Lei at all. Even if Yi Lei had not called on him, with the power of these insects, at most, they would require just a few days to breach through and rush towards the Hundred Bay Point. In those few days, it would indeed be a massive stroke of luck if he could have reached the 1st Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm, even if his fate was not that good, he could only restore his cultivation to the peak of the Soul Essence Realm at most.

“Ka Ka…..” The Profound Ice Spear Lights were just like tofu, crushed into nothingness by a stomp from the Insect Queen’s foot. As Ning Cheng’s attack dispersed, the Insect Queen’s other foot honed in on Ning Cheng, almost as if it was his own shadow.

“Bang.” A considerable force hit Ning Cheng’s body, causing Ning Cheng to fly out like thunder instantaneously.

The Insect Queen didn’t intend to let go of Ning Cheng, and in just two steps, it arrived at Ning Cheng’s side.

Yi Lei was still looking from the inside of the Battle Disc, she was well aware that Ning Cheng was a mighty expert at this point, but this Insect Queen was even more powerful. Since she was the one to call Ning Cheng here, wasn’t it similar to saying that she had also killed Ning Cheng? From the looks of it, even Ning Cheng can’t defeat this Insect Queen, let alone kill it.

Not only Yi Lei, but also all of the people left at the Jabbes Line of Defence were nervously staring at the battle between Ning Cheng and the Insect Queen. When the Insect Queen was attacking Ning Cheng repeatedly and relentlessly, it caused the hearts of everyone to stop beating for a few seconds.

When they saw that black battle disc’s powerful attack from before, all of them had thought that the Jabbes Line of Defence was finally safe, but none of them had ever expected that the Insect Queen would eventually appear and would even be this powerful.

The person blocking the path of the Insect Queen was definitely a top-level expert among the Martial Artists. For this high-level expert to battle it out with the Insect Queen was evidently to stop this Insect Queen from reaching the flying saucer. Which also meant that this flying saucer was unable to kill this Insect Queen. If the Insect Queen murdered this expert, it would leave a completely open path for the Insect Queen to burst into the Jabbes Line of Defence. At that time, would there even be a dog left behind in this Line of Defence?

Zhan Yingxun clenched his fists, he was well aware that he rushing forward to provide help would be equivalent to killing himself. However, if his death could be useful in any way, he would not hesitate to die; it was a pity, he was well aware that even if he chose to kill himself, his death would only be counter-productive to the cause.

If the five Major Experts were still here, he would still be able to pull in a few strings to request some favours. Unfortunately, among the Five Major Experts, Shelley and Monk Rui Qing had already perished, while Dhulandi had gone to escort Yi Lei to the ‘Hundred bay Point’. Homer had just not shown up at all, while Xing Liang went missing on the battlefield.

At the same time that the Insect Queen knocked away Ning Cheng, he could immediately feel his bones breaking inch by inch. The power of this Insect Queen was beyond terrible. If he were not already a Body-Forging Cultivator, then even if he did not die by this strike, he would definitely end up with mortal injuries.

Ning Cheng had not yet stood up when the Insect Queen once again arrived right in front of him. Ning Cheng knew that his current strength was still very far from the Insect Queen, especially since he realised that the Insect Queen’s power was definitely at the early stages of the Sea Opening Realm. However, this was secondary; the most important thing was the body of this Insect Queen was just too sturdy. The injuries sustained by the Insect Queen from his attack were radially inferior to what he suffered from the Insect Queen. If he went on like this, then the one to suffer a loss, in the end, would definitely be he.

Must find a solution, otherwise only death awaited him.

Seeing that the Insect Queen had once again raised one of its long serrated legs, Ning Cheng directly threw out a black coloured Magical Weapon. This black Magical Weapon, in just a blink of an eye, the net expanded to approximately a few hundred feet in size, directly encompassing the Insect Queen.

The Insect Queen did not think that Ning Cheng would also possess this kind of thing, that would solidly cover it in it’s entirely in such a sudden manner. The next moment, the net started contracting at its fastest speed and soon bundled the Insect Queen like a crab put on sale.

Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved at this situation, this piece of Magical Weapon was the weapon that he had snatched from Gui Yuhai’s hand and called the Underworld Lock Soul Net. Its grade was also not low. Previously, because he had many other means, he had hardly used this Magical Weapon. He had never expected that he would find such incredible use of this Soul Net after he returned to Earth.

“Crack…..” A clear breaking sound emerged that caused Ning Cheng’s complexion to change. He knew that this Insect Queen’s body would undoubtedly be sturdy, but looks like it was still stronger than the Best Quality Spiritual Artefact. He had actually not thought that this Insect Queen would be able to struggle free from the Underworld Lock Soul Net. One must know that the Underworld Lock Soul Net was a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact. Even if it was one of the worst Best Quality Spiritual Artefacts, wasn’t it still a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact?

Another ‘crack’ sounded out, as a foot of the Insect Queen finally was able to extend out from inside the net.

Ning Cheng knew that he could not continue to hesitate; he had to make use of this opportunity. Once the Insect Queen managed to free itself, then besides waiting for his death, he would not be able to anything.

Ning Cheng did not care about damaging his foundation, as he crazily spat out several mouthfuls of his Essence Blood, and immediately shouted, “Explode for me.”

Even if he had to blow up this Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, he could not let this Insect Queen break free.

“Bang” A terrifying explosion erupted soon after another ‘crack’ emerged from the Underworld Lock Soul Net. The detonation of a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact was not something casually withstood, even if Ning Cheng possessed a Rank 5 Imperial Body, he still wouldn’t be able to resist the detonation of his Best Quality Spiritual Artefact.

However, Ning Cheng certainly would not choose to take a step back at this moment. Ning Cheng once again brought out the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to block the explosive impact from the detonation of the Spiritual Artefact; at the same time, Ning Cheng also used this short gap to manifest a long spear once again and struck out. A Spear Shadow shot through the explosive ripples generated by the detonation of the Underworld Lock Soul Net, before striking the Insect Queen’s body.

This spear strike was something that Ning Cheng had comprehended from that Spear-Wielding Powerhouse. As he used this move, he couldn’t help but wonder how many powerful creatures ended up dying beneath this strike from that fellow with the sky-high cultivation; meanwhile, at this time, Ning Cheng was using this strike to try to deal with the Insect Queen.

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