Chapter 0386

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0386: Mutually Wounded

Even if the Insect Queen had a sturdy body, under the detonation of the Underworld Lock Soul Net, it instantly ended up suffering severe injuries. The severely injured Insect Queen knew that Ning Cheng’s spear was terrifying; moreover, this one spear strike even managed to let it feel an impending crisis of death.

However, at this moment, the Insect Queen erupted with extraordinary strength. Even if the Underworld Lock Soul Net’s explosion caused it to suffer severe injuries, causing several of her legs to break, the Insect Queen still issued a horrifying screeching sound. Some of the sporadic insects that the Battle Disc was not able to kill, on hearing the Insect Queen’s screech, immediately swarmed towards Ning Cheng’s side. However, the Rank 5 Battle Disc’s white lights were even faster, as it caught up with the insects that were approaching Ning Cheng before completely massacring all of them.

Although the Insect Queen had managed to recover a bit from her severe injuries, it was still a bit slow. The trajectory of Ning Cheng’s long spear carried over the fearful Spear Intent as it pierced into the incomparably hard Insect Queen’s body.

“Bang Bang……” Killing intent suddenly burst out from the Spear Intent, pushing the already severely injured Insect Queen back a few feet before detonating inside her body.

The Insect Queen once again issued an even more painful screech. With the only remaining intact foot, it immediately dropped the idea of wanting to resist the long spear. It then used the spear’s momentum to change directions, and in just a blink of an eye, shot towards Ning Cheng’s body. At the same time, a bolt of white silk-like threads spat out from the Insect Queen’s mouth, which shot towards Ning Cheng’s waist. Ning Cheng, other than barely being able to shift his position by a little bit, wasn’t able to do anything else. The difference in strength between him and the Insect Queen was too huge at this moment. If replaced by any ordinary late stage Soul Essence Cultivator, they would have already met their makers long ago.

“Poof… Kya…..”

That bold of white silk immediately sliced into Ning Cheng’s waist. Even if Ning Cheng possessed a Rank 5 Imperial Body, it still wasn’t enough to stop it, causing a blood mist to spew out from his mouth. However, at the same time, Ning Cheng’s Rank 5 Imperial Body also ended up saving his life; otherwise, it would not have just stopped with a spray of blood mist, but instead, he would currently be in two pieces.

While the bolt of silk sliced into Ning Cheng’s waist, the only whole leg of the Insect Queen also descended onto Ning Cheng’s body. Causing Ning Cheng to fly out upside down once again, while his entire skeleton issued cracking sounds.

However, although Ning Cheng flew back tumbling, he did not let go of the long spear in his hand. The long spear had managed to pierce into the body of the Insect Queen. Now that Ning Cheng was sent back tumbling, the long spear ended up being pulled out, causing a considerable amount of green liquid to spew out from the inflicted wound.

The Insect Queen also cried out pitifully, with only a single intact leg left, it realised that it would not be able to continue fighting any longer. Therefore, it decisively chose to escape from the battlefield and soon disappeared.

During this battle, the Rank 5 Battle Disc had killed billions of those insects, while the Insect Queen and Ning Cheng ended up mutually wounding each other.

As the Insect Queen fled, Ning Cheng also struggled to stand up. Ning Cheng immediately swallowed several pills, seeing many people from the Jabbes Line of Defence come over, he knew that he had to leave this place as soon as possible. Even if he had to return to this place at another time, he would have to wait until his injuries healed up fully.

This time, his injuries were not light at all. Fortunately, the Insect Queen had fled in fear; otherwise, he just did not have the power to fight back.

Seeing the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid fly over to his side and descend, Ning Cheng went all out to crawl into the Battle Disc.

Yi Lei hurriedly helped Ning Cheng, currently covered in blood, into the Battle Disc; at the same time spoke out, “Hurry into the Jabbes Line of Defence, Big Brother Ning needs help.”

However, the Battle Disc did not move. To Sifting Orchid, as long as it was not Ning Cheng himself giving the instructions, it would never do anything. Other than Ning Cheng, who was the master of the Battle Disc, it would not obey anyone else’s orders.

Ning Cheng struggled against Yi Lei and spoke out, “You go down… It’s no longer your business.”

“No, you’re hurt too much; I’ll take care of you. You quickly tell your flying saucer to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence. Don’t stay here anymore; otherwise, you will be attacked by the insects again, your wounds also need immediate attention and treatment.” Yi Lei spoke up before suddenly crying out in surprise, “Let the people inside, and allow them to help.”

Ning Cheng no longer was in the mood to have long-winded conversations with Yi Lei and directly gave the order to Sifting Orchid, “Leave this place at maximum speed… Go to the Southern Heaven’s Feral Brook Mountain……”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng immediately started refining the Healing Pills in his mouth. That Insect Queen’s strength was extremely formidable, that final strike from her had almost shaken his foundation. His Zifu was still shaking violently right now, while his Meridians were giving off cracking-like sounds. However, Ning Cheng believed in his Healing Pill’s healing power, as long as he was able to get a few days, he would be able to recover from his injuries.

The difference in strength between him and the Insect Queen was too enormous; however, her situation was the same as him. It looks like after coming to Earth, even her strength had dropped by too many levels. Fortunately, the Earth was deficient in Spiritual Qi; otherwise, if the Insect Queen had managed to regain one-tenth or even one-hundredth of its original strength, at that moment, if his power restored to its peak, he definitely would not be a match against the Insect Queen.

An insect with such high strength, he just would not be able to domesticate it anyway, let alone carry it away from Earth. Currently, he had to restore his power to its peak, then immediately head out to look for that giant insect’s lair and kill it. Otherwise, once that giant insect recovered some of its original strength, at that moment, he would be the one to die rather than the other way round. As for the rest of life on Earth, they would also turn into dust and smoke quickly.

Yi Lei on seeing that the Battle Disc was not going towards the Jabbes Line of Defence couldn’t help but ask in a daze, “Big Brother Ning, with such severe wounds, why not come to the Jabbes Line of Defence to heal inside?”

Ning Cheng simply gave a sneer, entirely disinclined towards answering her.

Yi Lei on seeing Ning Cheng sneer immediately understood something. With the current Ning Cheng severely wounded, once he went back to the Jabbes Line of Defence, in case some of the people coveted his Battle Disc, then it would not bode well for him.

Yi Lei immediately turned silent; she also understood that her asking Ning Cheng to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence for healing was not a good thing. Yin Yihui had killed many insects at the Jabbes Line of Defence, but he still ended up stripped of his Essence Weapon. If not for Dhulandi carrying off Yin Yihui, then Yin Yihui would have most probably died.

Several commanders ran out of the Jabbes Line of Defence, while innumerable soldiers were looking up in the air towards the Black Battle Disc as it disappeared over the horizon. At this moment, whether it was inside or outside the Line of Defence, there was only a pin drop silence.

No one knew who had come to rescue them, or even where they came from, but all of them knew that the only reason that the Line of Defence still had humans alive was all because of the black flying saucer that saved them.

At this point, outside of the Jabbes Line of Defence, there were near-inexhaustible piles of insect materials scattered around. The value of these materials was inestimable. However, nobody came forward to collect these materials as all of them were looking in the direction where black flying saucer disappeared.

However, they only gazed in that direction for less than half a minute; after the Battle Disc disappeared, almost all of them rushed forward to collect those insect materials. This was uncountable wealth, limitless riches.


Tian Muwan sat up suddenly, the first thing she did was to clutch at the fabric covering her chest. However, she soon realised that there was nothing less on her body and that she was okay. As a woman, as well as a True Cultivator, she immediately understood that nobody violated her.

What happened? Did that scarlet-robed man suddenly find his conscience?

That’s not right; the place she was in was the External Domain Hotel, inside her own room. She immediately put down her hand and recalled the matter from before. That scarlet-robed man threatened her, but before she decided to end her life, she wanted to meet Ning Cheng once again. At that time, when she chose to return to the scarlet-robed man, she steeled her heart to initiate the self-destruction her meridians to commit suicide.

That’s right, she had definitely severed her meridians, but then why were her Meridians completely fine right now? An aftertaste of Spiritual Grasses lingered around in her mouth, causing Tian Muwan to realise instantly that although she had indeed severed her meridians, someone seemed to have saved her with a Healing Pill.

She had once seen a Rank 1 Spiritual Grass before; however, this kind of healing power probably did not originate from refining Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses. What kind of Healing Pill was this, how could something like this appear on Earth? Moreover, on Earth, how could anyone know about Alchemy? Why would someone be willing to use such a precious medicine to save her?

It was impossible for that scarlet-robed man to find his conscience, let alone save her. That person definitely had a vicious nature, so how could he possibly give up on her?

Tian Muwan immediately dialled the phone number of her assistant, and in less than a minute, she figured out that nobody saw her coming back, or even seen anyone bringing her back.

In other words, someone had actually saved her and even brought her here without anyone else’s knowledge. Who was this person?


“Ruolan, I’m going to shift the company to Jiangzhou. We should leave the Hundred Bay Point by tomorrow.” Dai Xin thought about this matter for a long time before finally getting her thoughts out.

Ning Ruolan already knew about Dai Xin’s thoughts. Her big brother would definitely take her away from here. At that moment, the Cheng Ruolan Company would whole-solely become Dai Xin’s responsibility. Dai Xin wanted to prove it to both her and her big brother that she definitely could head the Cheng Ruolan Company before the two of them left this place.

“Um, you can go for it. This company will anyway be yours in the future; you can definitely be in charge and take the responsibility of it. However, remember to keep a check on your own cultivation, in the future, my brother and I will definitely come back. You can even take in the several sisters from our dormitory into our company, especially Shiyun if they wished. Before, it was always you all who helped me, but I’ve never done anything for …” Ning Ruolan also had the same mind as Ning Cheng and was a sentimental person. She had indeed wanted to thank her sisters from before, but she never had the opportunity to do so. Now that she knew that she would be leaving this place, she couldn’t help but ask Dai Xin to help her complete this wish.

“You don’t need to mention this matter to me since I was also there. Shiyun is still at Jiangzhou, I anyways intended to ask her if she wanted to work with me. Ruolan, I have to say it, you can also choose to come to Jiangzhou together with me…..”

Dai Xin wanted to persuade Ning Ruolan to come to Jiangzhou together with her, but then Yin Yihui’s voice came from the outside, “Miss Dai, Little Miss Tian Muwan came to visit.”

Dai Xin frowned immediately, “Didn’t she come here before? Why come again? Previously, she made Elder Brother Xiaocheng unhappy; looks like this woman’s spirit is still alive.”

“Little Xin, its ok. This woman was someone my big brother was in love with. Besides I had indeed misjudged her, I thought that she had killed my big brother……”

“What’s it any different from? If not for her, how could Elder Brother Xiaocheng possibly leave Earth?”


Tian Muwan sat for a while before Ning Ruolan walked in. She immediately stood up and did not talk any nonsense and directly spoke up, “I want to see your brother.”

Ning Ruolan calmly looked at Tian Muwan and thought this woman indeed is pretty. It was no wonder that her big brother was so infatuated with her. Even if it was now, perhaps her big brother was still unable to forget about her; otherwise, he would not have felt lost at that time.

“Do you want to be my sister-in-law?” Ning Ruolan no longer felt trepidation standing in front of her. She seemed to have even forgotten what fear was when compared to one month ago. She was already at Qi Gathering 1st Level and knew that her strength had grown quite considerably, but even then, it was still impossible for her to fathom the extent of her big brother’s cultivation.

Tian Muwan also felt the change in Ning Ruolan, and couldn’t help but feel slightly astonished. She had never thought that Ning Ruolan would blurt out such things. However, she didn’t feel her words grating as she replied, “It’s not this, and I just wanted to say two things…..”

What Tian Muwan wanted to say was that she could force Dhulandi to let go of Ning Ruolan. She honestly did not know why she wanted to help Ning Cheng, or why she was reflecting on her actions, but her mind couldn’t help but make arbitrary connections to Ning Cheng. Just like the words of that scarlet-robed person, she indeed had a somewhat conceited and peppery personality. Regardless of whether she had died or not at that time, but that personality of hers unquestionably perished back then. After taking care of these things, she firmly decided to leave and sever all ties with the Tian Family and go search for her own Cultivation Resources to cultivate slowly.

Yin Yihui’s voice once again came from the outside, “Elder Sister Ning, Dhulandi is waiting outside. He says that he must see you.”

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