Chapter 0387

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0387: Leaving

Elder Sister Ning? Tian Muwan doubtfully looked as Ning Ruolan. What was the meaning of Dhulandi waiting for her outside? If Dhulandi wanted to see Ning Ruolan, why did he have to wait?

“I’ll come out to see him.” In Ning Ruolan’s heart, Dhulandi’s status was much higher than Tian Muwan. After all, after she and her brother left this place, Dhulandi would be the one supporting the Cheng Ruolan Company. Tian Muwan for her was someone she might meet on the way to buy some soy sauce.

“Elder Sister Ning, I just received a message that a flying saucer had suddenly appeared in the skies above the Jabbes Line of Defence when it was just on the verge of defeat. The flying saucer displayed a fierce combat ability and was able to kill billions of those insects. The insects killed are enough to stack up into several mountains. Now that the Insect Queen is severely injured, I must immediately depart to the Jabbes Line of Defence…..” Dhulandi first gave a bow and spoke.

Ning Ruolan was Ning Cheng’s little sister; moreover, she was Ning Cheng’s treasured baby sister, how could he dare to show even half a shred of neglect. In his heart, he was clear that he could choose to neglect Ning Cheng himself, and it would not mean anything to Ning Cheng at all, but he utterly cannot overlook Ning Cheng’s little sister.

Again Elder Sister Ning? Tian Muwan couldn’t help but look at Dhulandi from the back, what’s going on? She could see that Dhulandi was not ordering Ning Ruolan around, instead was asking her for permission with the utmost respect and even a hint of dread in his eyes. Didn’t Ning Cheng push his little sister to Dhulandi in exchange for receiving support from the opposite party? Was the news that I obtained wrong?

At this moment, Tian Muwan suddenly suspected that the news Tian Yan sent her before dying at the hands of Ning Cheng seemed to contain a lot of falseness within it.

Ning Ruolan nodded and spoke, “Dhulandi, you don’t need to ask me to leave. I’ll soon be leaving the Cheng Ruolan Company with my big brother. Whether my brother and I are here or not, I hope that you can continue to support the Cheng Ruolan Company, and try to help Dai Xin as much as possible. My brother has also left behind a few rewards for you that would help you in the future. Dai Xin can give them to you.”

Dhulandi quickly spoke up with joy, “You and Elder Brother Ning can rest assured. I will certainly never forget your or Elder Brother Ning’s instructions.”

Ning Ruolan was just about to speak when she heard a burst of crashing sounds. Yin Yihui came crashing through the door he was guarding, immediately following those crashing sounds.

“Not bad, your injuries unexpectedly healed up.” A sarcastic voice followed Yin Yihui’s crash.

Finally managing to sit up on the ground, Yin Yihui clenched his fist. He could not wait to rush forward immediately, to kill this person repeatedly, but he knew that the difference in strength between the two of them was too vast.

“Who are you?” Ning Ruolan unconsciously stepped back a few steps, while staring at the man who was walking towards them in a leisurely manner. This man did not look very old, around 30. However, he had dark eyes and a yellow tinted face, while having a pair of white hands.

“Dhulandi, tell them who I am.” The man gave a smile as he shot a look at Dhulandi.

Yin Yihui wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, not waiting for Dhulandi to speak, he spoke out in a hateful voice, “Elder Sister Ning, this person is Yan Rui. The one who hoodwinked the public in the Jabbes Line of Defence, even the First Commander William Hill could not do anything. He also snatched my Essence Weapon…..”

Dhulandi hurriedly spoke up, “Yan Rui, Yin Yihui has already left the Jabbes Line of Defence. It’s overdoing it for you to come here for him.”

“Dhulandi, you did not speak when given a chance. I gave you a little face back then, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously.” Yan Rui’s face sank as he stared at Dhulandi.

After Dhulandi heard those words, his complexion changed slightly but did not dare to interfere. Although he was one of the Five Major Experts, it was only on the surface. In fact, amongst the Five Major Experts, other than the First Expert Xing Liang, Yan Rui was not afraid of anyone else. Even if Yan Rui were in front of Homer, he would never act humble. If not for Yan Rui unwilling to make a name for himself, the Five Major Experts would undoubtedly have one less of its current members, while the top two would have a spot for Yan Rui.

Seeing Dhulandi’s complexion change, and not daring to speak loudly, Ning Ruolan immediately understood that this person probably did not have an ordinary background. She did not know how powerful Grey Toottoot was, and only knew the words that her big brother had told her, if someone dared to bring harm to her, then directly call for Grey Toottoot to take care of it.

“If you interrupt me once again, then I will break your dog legs. So you won’t anger me, will you?” Seeing Dhulandi not speaking, Yan Rui did not let him go and leaned his body forwards towards Dhulandi, to ask him a question.

After finishing this sentence, Yan Rui’s eyes then swept past Ning Ruolan and fell onto Tian Muwan’s body before he spoke up, “You are luckier than me, and you’ll also develop soon.”

Finished saying, he raised his hand towards Ning Ruolan and spoke; “You will be servicing me.”

“Grey Toottoot attack, don’t be lenient…..” Even if Ning Ruolan had not called out in anger, Grey Toottoot would never sit back and watch, let alone be lenient.

Yan Rui had not yet reacted when he felt a grey shadow rush towards him.

“Bang.” The next moment, the grey shadow kicked his Dantian. Yan Rui instantly felt everything in front of his eyes turn black, as an unspeakable pain raged throughout his body, His entire body even flew back because of the impact.

“Clatter Dong…..” Crashing sounds rang out, as Yan Rui hit the door that he had just opened before he slid down to the ground and sprayed out blood on the spot.

“You … You……” Yan Rui stared at Grey Toottoot who had already returned to the couch, in shock. He just was not able to utter more than a single character.

Ning Ruolan had never expected that Yan Rui, who even Dhulandi dreaded, was just not even able to put up the slightest resistance in front of Grey Toottoot. Moreover, a single casual strike from Grey Toottoot was enough to push him back. She did not see that Yan Rui’s Dantian breaking, and just thought that Yan Rui had suffered a small loss. Even if that was the case, she was still pleasantly surprised.

“Monstrous beast, it unexpectedly turned out to be a monstrous beast…..” Yan Rui finally managed to mutter.

Tian Muwan also couldn’t help but look at Grey Toottoot in shock. With her cultivation, she was able to bring out a tiny amount of Spiritual Sense; because of it, she was, of course, able to sense the fluctuations of Spiritual Power in the air. An attack infused with Spiritual Power fluctuations, it was definitely a Monstrous Beast without a doubt. Moreover, for it to use just a single kick to injure Yan Rui severely, it was at least a Class 3 Monstrous Beast. Since when did Earth contain this kind of a Monstrous Beast? Moreover, why was it acting like Ning Ruolan’s pet?

Tian Muwan subconsciously looked at Ning Ruolan; she finally seemed to have understood why Dhulandi was behaving so respectful in front of Ning Ruolan. That was because this Monstrous Beast would easily be able to kill Dhulandi if she wanted.

“I’ll leave, I’ll leave immediately…..” Yan Rui reacted immediately; he knew that staying here would mean death. He wanted to take advantage of the fact that the others did not know about his Dantian’s fragmentation. Otherwise, Yin Yihui would be the first to kill him.

Grey Toottoot shot a despise-filled glance at Yan Rui, who was trying to use both his hands to support himself up. It merely raised his claw, causing a pill to appear in its paw. The next moment, that pill shot into its mouth.

“That’s a Spirit Pill and is not even a low-rank one….” Tian Muwan stared at Grey Toottoot, while her heart was churning endlessly. She was vaguely coming to understand something.

Seeing the struggling appearance of Yan Rui, Dhulandi shook his head and spoke, “Mr Yan, I had advised you to keep your behaviour in check back then, but you did not listen to me. Now that your Dantian is destroyed, why bother?”

After Yan Rui heard this remark, his face immediately changed drastically. Of course, he knew what Dhulandi meant by it, it was tantamount to saying that he wanted his life.

Sure enough, when Yin Yihui heard Dhulandi’s words, he wiped off the blood seeping from his mouth before leaping forward once again and stepping on Yan Rui’s face.

“Katcha…..” Sounds of facial bones breaking immediately emerged, while Yan Rui’s heart sank to the bottom. He knew that at this moment he was completely finished. Even if master could take revenge for him eventually, he would never be able to see it.

“Bang Bang….” Yin Yihui’s fists were like raindrops falling onto Yan Rui’s body while he repeatedly murmured out the words, “Grabbed this father’s Essence Weapon, this father had risked his life to rush to the front to kill those insects, while you shrunk your balls to play with women……”

“Bang … Bang…..” Yin Yihui’s grievances completely erupted onto Yan Rui’s body. At this moment, he was genuinely feeling grateful for Grey Toottoot helping him out with a kick.

Dai Xin couldn’t help but speak out from the side, “He’s dead.”

It was only then that the crazy Yin Yihui calmed down. Yan Rui’s face was full of bloody froth even spare Yan Rui’s eyes were not spared. He was deader than dead.

“Elder Sister, I’ll deal with this trash.” Yin Yihui finished then grabbed Yan Rui’s body and quickly left the room.

Even though Ning Ruolan had seen her brother shoot and kill Quake, but at this time when she saw Yan Rui brutally murdered by Yin Yihui, she was unable to adapt to the situation for some time.

“Elder Sister Ning, I will also be taking my leave.” Dhulandi also drew back hastily. It was no wonder that Ning Cheng remained assured about his little sister staying here by herself. There was even such a heaven-defying dog here, with such an expert-level guardian, who could make a move against Ning Ruolan? Fortunately, he was able to realise this early on that day, that Ning Cheng was not an ordinary person, and now this notion had already firmly cemented into his very being.

“Ruolan, who is your brother?” Tian Muwan asked again. At this point, she found it very ridiculous about the things that she was proud of before. Ning Ruolan already had such powerful assistants, so why would she even need her help?

“When you came here last time, my brother had walked out after you and hasn’t come back. If you have any words that you want to say to him, you can tell me, I will pass it on to my brother when he returns.” Ning Ruolan replied with a somewhat pale face.

Tian Muwan knew the underlying meaning behind Ning Ruolan’s words, that is, it would be better if she did not go looking for Ning Cheng. At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of frustration. She had heard these same words from her Tian Family when they did not want to let her and Ning Cheng meet each other. She had not expected that it would turn a full circle, to the point that Ning Cheng’s little sister would use it on her.

After that, Tian Muwan once again recalled the time when someone rescued her, at that time when she had come to seek Ning Cheng. Did Ning Cheng save her back then? However, since when did Ning Cheng possess such skill? She subconsciously looked at Grey Toottoot lying on the big couch.

Can a dog even eat a Spirit Pill, who was the one who gave it a Spirit Pill? Ning Cheng had been missing for three years, was it all related to this? Was the dog who was like a Monstrous Beast something that Ning Cheng had brought back?

“Ruolan, was Grey Toottoot brought along by Ning Cheng?” Although Tian Muwan had guessed it all, she still asked about it.

Ning Ruolan also did not conceal it and spoke, “Yes, Grey Toottoot is someone big brother had left behind to protect me.”

At this moment, Tian Muwan completely understood that Ning Cheng was really the one who had saved her. Ning Cheng missing for the past three years definitely meant that he had encountered an unusual spell of good fortune. Just like her, perhaps he was also a True Cultivator.

She had initially thought that she and Ning Cheng were not of the same world, which was because she was a True Cultivator. While Ning Cheng’s appearance at that time was akin to someone who had gone down in the world, something that she was never able to forget. Now that everything cleared up, she felt somewhat satirised for herself. They indeed were not of the same world. It was not that Ning Cheng was too far away from her; she was the one who was too far away from Ning Cheng.

To put it bluntly, she used her status as someone coming from a True Cultivator Family to reject Ning Cheng. However, in the end, it proved to be that she possessed the pride of the poor.

Tian Muwan did not continue to ask anything else; she quietly walked out of the room. She knew it full well that he will not appear in this place again. Ning Cheng saved her but was not willing to see her, which was because he had been hurt too deep.

However, the reason for their separation this time was fundamentally different from before, it had turned a full circle only to return to the beginning. The two were not really of the same world.

‘Struggling to meet in person but not being able to meet, this was the ruthlessness of those who carry love in their hearts’. When Ning Cheng came back, she was unable to stop thinking about the second part of the phrase, but the meaning at this time compared to that initial meeting was entirely different.

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