Chapter 0388

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Chapter 0388: 36 Axes

The speed of the Rank 5 Battle Disc was fast, and in just a short time, it had already left the Jabbes Line of Defence far behind. At the same time, Sifting Orchid’s voice resounded, “Feral Brook Mountain’s position is not clear, please provide a clear position.”

“I know where the Feral Brook Mountain is located at, but Big Brother Ning, can I cook something for you to eat first?” Yi Lei could already feel that Ning Cheng was going to recover soon. Therefore, she couldn’t help but feel relieved, and the first thought she had was to cook something for Ning Cheng to eat. As for going to the Feral Brook Mountain, it really did not matter to her.

Ning Cheng was also aware that the Battle Disc did not know the location of the Feral Brook Mountain. That was also the reason why he had not tried to force it out of Yi Lei; at the same time, he knew that he would need Yi Lei’s help eventually.

“Yi Lei, I’m not hungry right now. Just give me an estimate as to where the Feral Brook Mountain is located, I’ll then find a place for you to get down. After I leave, even I don’t know when I would be back. It would also not do you any good to accompany me.” After eating several pills, one after another, along with the recovery abilities of his Imperial Body, Ning Cheng was already making a speedy recovery. Now that he heard Yi Lei say that she really knew the location of the Feral Brook Mountain, he couldn’t help but quickly speak up.

Yi Lei remained silent, she just pulled out a map from her bosom and handed it to Ning Cheng before speaking, “The Feral Brook Mountain is marked in it, you can have a look.”

Ning Cheng did not look at the map. Instead, he just placed the sheet at his side and spoke, “Sifting Orchid, find an open space to land and let Yi Lei go down.”

The Battle Disc soon stopped in the suburbs of a city, but after the gate opened, Sifting Orchid did not immediately leave. Yi Lei looked at Ning Cheng for a moment before speaking, “Big Brother Ning, I’m sorry, this time, I ended up bringing harm to you. However, I am also very grateful to you, if not for you then the breach of that Line of Defence would have marked the start of the end of humanity. Whether you did it for yourself or for everyone, my heart will always remember you.”

“Yi Lei, I only did it for myself; moreover, the Insect Queen is also not dead. But you can rest assured that I will definitely kill it once I recover from my injuries.” Ning Cheng felt a bit touched by Yi Lei.

When he had killed those insects, he had never thought that Yi Lei would be so pure-hearted. Yi Lei was genuinely doing everything she could for the benefit of humanity. However, he had already promised himself that he would kill that severely injured insect before leaving. Moreover, it was not for them, but for himself. He knew that he would not get another better chance. He was clear that if he let those insects recover, he would not be able to leave this place.

“Thank you, Big Brother Ning.” Yi Lei intently looked at Ning Cheng. She did not even blink her eyes.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel somewhat awkward; he really did not know what to say in this kind of situation. Yi Lei did not have any Spiritual Root to speak of, if she had a Spiritual Root, then he could have asked Yi Lei to help out Dai Xin, at the same time help her in regards to cultivation. Yi Lei’s pure heart even made Ning Cheng feel a little ashamed.

After a short pause of silence, Yi Lei finally spoke up, “I have a premonition, that once Big Brother Ning killed that huge insect, you will completely disappear from our sights. We might not even meet again…..”

Ning Cheng remained silent; he couldn’t help but think that Yi Lei’s premonition was accurate.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Yi Lei realised that her words were not wrong. She looked at Ning Cheng’s severely wounded waist before whispering, “The fact was, I wanted to wait until you killed the Insect Queen before giving myself to you. It was not because I want to be together with you, and not as a way of thanks. Instead, because I loved the words that you spoke before. A woman’s most precious thing, it must be given to the person that they really love…”

After saying those words to herself, Yi Lei exhaled a mouthful of air, while her complexion also turned a lot more cheerful, “Big Brother Ning, I know that I don’t deserve you, but after saying those words, I feel much more comfortable……”

Yi Lei after saying those words walked towards the cabin door. She really was feeling very comfortable. At least, during the entire process of Ning Cheng killing those insects, she had followed by his side. She was even able to say those words from the deepest parts of her heart.

“Yi Lei…..” Ning Cheng stopped Yi Lei, “I can’t say about anything else, but we might truly not meet each other again….”

Yi Lei turned around. There was a relaxed expression on her face, meaning that she already knew about it.

“I’d like to give you a suggestion. In the future, do not go back to the Jabbes Line of Defence. If you can, then also withdraw from the Alliance. As for those insects, I will take care of it. Besides, staying inside the Alliance is not something suitable for people like you.” Ning Cheng slowly said.

Ning Cheng had thought about these words for a long time. He guessed that Yi Lei might not withdraw from the Alliance, but he still could not help but say it aloud.

“I know, even if it were not you who said those words, I would not continue working for the Alliance. After you refused to go to the Jabbes Line of Defence for recuperation, I was able to understand many matters. You don’t need to be worried; I’m not as stupid as you think.” Yi Lei gave a reply with a smile.

Ning Cheng gave a sigh, he took out a knife and a book before handing it to Yi Lei and spoke up “You can keep this Essence Weapon with you, but do not let others see it. As for this book, it is a Cultivation Method for Martial Cultivation that I had obtained from another place. I wrote it down in it. You do not have any Spiritual Root to speak of, so I don’t know if you would be able to cultivate this Martial Cultivation Method. If you can’t cultivate it then just burn this book in the future. Thank you for the consideration that you showed me, but the truth is I already have a wife……”

Yi Lei collected the dagger and the book from Ning Cheng, before watching the black flying saucer disappear into the sky. She finally was not able to resist her eyes turning blurry.

She had fallen in love with this man the moment he had rushed out to stop that Insect Queen. There was just no reason for it, no process to it, just plain and simple love. When she saw this man entirely covered in blood and still fighting that Insect Queen, she could not help but wish to provide any kind of assistance. However, from the beginning to the end, she was well aware that this man never would belong to her. She really did not know what kind of woman could even be qualified to become this man’s wife.


The Feral Brooke Mountain was a very inconspicuous place. A ring gently drifted down towards it before burying itself into the ground, this ring was the one engraved with a Concealment Restriction to keep it hidden.

This was Ning Cheng’s Miniature World Ring. Ning Cheng stayed inside the Miniature World Ring for ten days. During these ten days, Ning Cheng’s injuries healed up perfectly. Although his Body-Forging was still some distance away from a Rank 6 Imperial Body, it had taken a considerable step forward compared to before, all because of the recent battle.

Ning Cheng did not come out from the Miniature World Ring; he wanted to restore his cultivation to his peak inside his Miniature World Ring. Knowing that the Earth was not as steady as he imagined, Ning Cheng knew that he had no choice but to restore his cultivation as soon as possible. By this time, he was already able to regain his strength to the Soul Essence 9th Level.

Another week later, when Ning Cheng’s cultivation began to slow down, he took a long breath. At this moment, he had fully restored his strength to his previous peak of 4th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm.

Although he had restored his cultivation, Ning Cheng still did not choose to come out of his Miniature World Ring. Instead, he took out the 36 Small Axes.

These 36 Axes were those that Cang Wei had helped him refine; there were 18 Cosmic True Axes and 18 Extreme Devil True Axes. Not only that, all 36 of these Small Axes were Best Quality True Artefacts.

In the Tian Continent, just a single Best Quality True Artefact was already a priceless treasure, so what can be said about a set of 36 Best Quality True Artefacts? If Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness were not strong enough, then he just would never be able to control these 36 Best Quality True Artefacts, no matter how much he wanted to.

Even though Cang Wei specifically refined these 36 Axes for Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng still took a full week to retrofit it for himself.

One week later, 18 golden coloured Axe Shadows and 18 pitch-black coloured Axe Shadows started revolving around Ning Cheng. Feeling the power feedback from these 36 Axes, Ning Cheng’s confidence increased significantly.

Once these 36 Axes arranged themselves into an Axe Array, while augmenting with his Axe Intent, it would definitely turn into the most ruthless and powerful killing tool. Even if he had to battle it out with the Insect Queen once again at this moment, Ning Cheng believed that he would not need to induce the detonation of the Net Type Spiritual Artefact, yet still be able to severely injure that colossal Insect Queen.

Ning Cheng finally left the Miniature World Ring and came out. Stimulated by the several time’s more powerful Spiritual Consciousness, the 36 Small Axes transformed into an intertwining line of yellow-and-black in just an instant. Causing the surrounding air to stagnate completely. The next moment this Axe Trace stuck the Feral Brook Mountain near to its summit, creating a nearly hundred feet deep chasm to emerge in front of him.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but gasp, wasn’t this just the Angry Axe’s First Trace? This kind of usage of the Angry Axe’s First Trace, it was much more powerful compared to what it was initially.

A heroic spirit seemed to have germinated in Ning Cheng’s heart once again, as the 36 Axe Shadows sliced through the air in an unobtrusive and unobservable arc, causing twisting and distorting Axe Shadows to emerge that seemed to want to tear through everything in its path. There were even indistinct cracks visible in the surrounding air; presumably, any kind of life that tried to touch these crack would not be able to survive at all.

This was the Angry Axe’s Third Form, the Axe Line. Displaying the Third Form through this method caused the killing intent inside it to turn even more swift and fierce.

Under the control of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness, this Axe Line instantly curled up in itself and transformed into a massive whirlpool. Just like the howls coming from an actual tornado, the chasm formed by the First Trace, under the killing power of this hurricane, completely vanished in just a moment, before it even touched the ground. It was as if an invisible giant shovel had cleaned it out thoroughly.

“Bang….” The tornado finally gathered before striking the ground. Instantly revealing the hard rocks beneath the ground, which then transformed into a yellow mist instantly. This was the Angry Axe’s Second Form, Tornado.

These 36 Best Qualify True Artefacts were continuously giving out a formidable killing power, even if he used the same moves as before, compared to the previous instances, it was more than ten times more dangerous.

Ning Cheng finally stood on the summit and gave out a loud shout; he finally had the qualifications to gain a foothold for himself in the world. As long as he was able to learn Spiritual Techniques, even if he had to face Crucible Transformation Cultivators in the future, he would still have the authority to make them actually hear his words. If he was not able to defeat them, he could still be able to walk away calmly.

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