Chapter 0389

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0389: Tearing the Void

With his cultivation restored, plus the 36 Axes also retrofitted to himself, Ning Cheng finally felt a lot better than before. He swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness in a much broader range than before. He wanted to see if there truly were any good things in the Feral Brooke Mountains, or at least find the reason why that scarlet-robed man’s cultivation had progressed so fast.

One had to know that the Earth was deficient in Spiritual Qi; if there genuinely were no treasures in this place then even if the qualifications of the scarlet-robed man were even higher, it would be impossible for him to reach the peak of Profound Congealing Realm with just a few decades of cultivation. After all, this place was not the Yi Xing Mainland where even someone with much lower qualifications could cultivate with relative ease.

However, two hours later, Ning Cheng felt disappointed. He had carefully scanned every single inch of the area within a hundred miles of the Feral Brooke Mountains; however, he was not able to find any trace of precious treasures. He could not even see a single Spiritual Grass.

It looks like that scarlet-robed man had lied to him. If he did not lie then the scarlet-robed man definitely had another secret to his cultivation. That is, for the scarlet-robed man to achieve this kind of cultivation speed, it was definitely not possible in the Feral Brooke Mountains.

Ning Cheng did not feel too much of a loss about it though, he already possessed many heaven-defying objects on him anyway. If he could find any treasures in this place, then it was his fortune, if he could not locate anything, then it was also another type of fortune.

With his strength restored, Ning Cheng first planned to destroy that colossal insect. The longer he dragged it, the more unfavourable it would turn out for him. That Insect Queen absolutely did not have many resources to recover from its injuries or restore its cultivation. As such, this was the perfect time to look for the Insect Queen.

Although Ning Cheng’s current cultivation reached the 4th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm, he still had no way to sweep his Spiritual Consciousness over the entire Earth; as such, he could only draw support from the Rank 5 Battle Disc. The Rank 5 Battle Disc quickly found the impact site of the meteor-stone within the borders of Russia; at the same time, he also discovered that the Insect Queen had turned that area around it into its lair.

In just over half an hour, the Rank 5 Battle Disc landed in the barren desert. Ning Cheng put away the Battle Disc, while his eyes glanced towards the enormous mountain-like meteor-stone in front of him. The crater along with this meteor-stone had a honeycomb-like structure, with numerous nascent insects sticking to the outer surface of this colossal meteor-stone.

What made Ning Cheng a bit doubtful was that except for those nascent insects sticking to the meteor-stone, there were no other Demon Insects around here. It seems those Demon Insects would be driven away from this meteor-stone as long as they could stand and take independent action by themselves.

Since Ning Cheng had already come here, that colossal Insect Queen inside the meteor-stone was also able to detect his arrival. The Insect Queen immediately issued a roar, before coming out on top of the meteor-stone.

Ning Cheng waved a hand, and the 36 Axes instantly appeared and began circling around his body; at the same time, that long spear-like rod, that Ning Cheng was unable to refine, appeared in his hand. Although his own Cultivation had risen sharply, because the Insect Queen’s strength had also dropped significantly, its roar just did not have any effect on him anymore.

This Insect Queen, before falling to Earth, must have been a terrifying existence; Ning Cheng feared that even if it were a host of Crucible Transformation Cultivators, in front of it, they would only be akin to ants. Since he was facing such a terrifying existence, how could Ning Cheng dare to be negligent? ‘A skinny camel was still larger than a healthy horse’, not to mention that the Insect Queen was not a skinny camel, while this place here also was its lair.

The Insect Queen stared at Ning Cheng before letting out an angry scream; it seemed as if it was trying to say to Ning Cheng that he should not butt into other people’s business.

Ning Cheng did not care about the Insect Queen’s scream, the 36 Small Axes immediately gathered and smashed through the air with tearing sounds. In just a twinkling of an eye, an Axe Line emerged with black and white intertwining with each other.

“Bang…..” But when the black and white intertwining Axe Trace stuck the enormous meteorite, it caused Ning Cheng’s 36 Small Axes to instantly scatter away, even the unprecedented killing power accompanying it disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but stare at this meteor-stone in shock. He was well aware that even if this meteor-stone turned out to be extremely hard, it would still turn into powder under his First Trace. However, this meteor-stone did not suffer even a single scratch. Not only that but when his axes struck the outer shell, he immediately was able to determine that it was definitely not a meteor-stone at all. Instead, it was actually a Magical Weapon.

Ning Cheng had just realised that this thing was a Magical Weapon when he felt the Insect Queen’s Imposing Aura suddenly start to skyrocket, completely disintegrating his own Imposing Aura.

Facing this kind of formidable Imposing Aura, Ning Cheng’s face paled as he backed up by a dozen steps. This kind of Imposing Aura, he had never felt from even Crucible Transformation Cultivators. Instead, it was actually on the same level as the Imposing Aura that he had felt from Eldest Brother Cang Wei. This was definitely the Imposing Aura cultivated within the vast starry skies.

This was not good at all, Ning Cheng tightly held onto the long spear while staring at the Insect Queen atop the meteorite.

Facing this kind of Imposing aura, he just could not move forward. If it were any other place, then Ning Cheng would have already prepared the Talisman to head back to the Yi Xing Mainland. However, Ruolan was still here so he cannot leave this place at all.

In Ning Cheng’s mind, all sorts of crazy ideas were flashing by on how to deal with this Insect Queen, when the enormous meteor-stone suddenly started spinning. At the same time, it also brought forth an intermittent humming-like sound.

This thing really is a Magical Weapon; Ning Cheng had just thought of this when the Insect Queen’s Imposing Aura reached such formidable levels to the point that he was even feeling difficulty breathing. As this Imposing Aura washed over him, Ning Cheng immediately vomited out a mouthful of blood. He just did not think at all, and quickly activated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and instantly moved back.

Only when he retreated by almost ten kilometres did Ning Cheng finally stop. In this place, the oppression from the Imposing Aura was much smaller. Just that terrifying Imposing Aura from before was already enough to kill him several times over, it was no wonder that this Insect Queen was this heaven-defying.

However, even though he knew that he was not a match for the Insect Queen, Ning Cheng still used his Spiritual Consciousness to watch the Insect Queen’s movements carefully, who was still standing atop the meteor-stone. He realised that this might be the Insect Queen’s secret technique that overdrew on its vitality; otherwise, it was impossible for this already severely injured Insect Queen to grow this powerful suddenly. As long as he could endure until the power of this secret technique depleted, he would definitely be able to take the upper hand.

Moreover, the Insect Queen also did not dare to leave this Meteor-stone Magical Weapon to attack him. Ning Cheng guessed that this Insect Queen was actually using this Meteor-stone Magical Weapon to activate its secret technique; otherwise, she would have already struck out.

However, the rotation speed of the meteor-stone was getting faster and faster, to the point that even Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness was not able to keep up. After a few breaths, the Insect Queen erupted with a sharp cry that was powerful enough to rupture eardrums. At the same time, she outstretched her body atop the meteor-stone and opened its large mouth before biting down on the air in front of it.

A pitch-black passage was directly bitten open by the Insect Queen; Ning Cheng was also able to see it with his Spiritual Consciousness. A vast aura of the starry sky outside came pouring in from the other side. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but look in shock at this pitch-black passage. Although he had never attempted to tear the Void before, he realised this chomp definitely ripped apart the Void Boundary.

The Insect Queen was actually able to tear the Void Boundary with its chomp; just what kind of terrifying existence was it? Even if the Void Boundary of the Earth was weak, it was still not something that others could tear through easily. If the Insect Queen had used this secret technique in the last battle between them, then even blessed with a hundred lives, it would still not be enough to keep his life intact.

Sporadic Spacial Wind Blades flew out from the Void, one of which descended onto Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng just did not dare to block it using the long spear, and directly brought out his Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

“Ka Cha.” With a clear sound, this Spacial Wind Edge directly turned the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow into nothingness. At this moment, Ning Cheng saw the meteor-stone, along with the Insect Queen and innumerable nascent insects rushing into that black hole-like tear, before disappearing in a flash.

After the meteor-stone carrying the Insect Queen vanished, the black hole-like tear also disappeared. The surroundings turned peaceful once again as if nothing had happened at all.

Ning Cheng’s back was thoroughly drenched in cold sweat; he had never thought that the meteor-stone was the Insect Queen’s lair or that it had the capability of tearing the Void to escape. It was indeed fortunate for him that the Insect Queen had to draw support from the meteor-stone like Magical Weapon; otherwise, he would not have come here to kill the Insect Queen, but rather to die.

With the Insect Queen gone, although there were still many insects on Earth, Ning Cheng did not continue to seek them all out to destroy them. He knew that without the Insect Queen, these insects would be unable to cause any significant harm to the Line of Defences before the Martial Artists eventually eliminated them.


Ocean City Foreign Language Institute, Girls Dormitory, Apartment 7, Downstairs.

A few well-dressed boys stood there filled with vibrant energies; some of them were even holding a bouquet of flowers in their hands. Apparently, these boys were standing there waiting for their girlfriends.

Ning Cheng arrived at the office of the woman in charge of the building, before speaking in a very polite tone, “Auntie, please help me call Xu Liyi from 302.”

The reason why he had come looking for Xu Liyi was that Xu Liyi had helped him once. Now that he was about to leave, he wanted to meet her once to repay the debts between them.

“Are you looking for Xu Liyi?” The auntie had not yet answered when a crisp voice sounded out from Ning Cheng’s side.

Ning Cheng turned his head only to see a fair-skinned girl, holding a few books in her hand and wearing a butterfly-knot bow on her head, looking very nimble and resourceful.

“That’s right; I am looking for Xu Liyi.” Ning Cheng quickly replied.

“Brother Xiaocheng, you really came.” A pleasantly surprised voice arrived. At the same time, Ning Cheng saw Xu Liyi coming over.

The girl holding the books looked at Xu Liyi before smiling and speaking, “I was about to bring him to you, but your eyes are quite sharp. Is he your boyfriend?”

Finished saying, the girl then turned her head and began sizing up Ning Cheng. She felt that Ning Cheng did not seem to be anyone special, even his clothes were very ordinary; however, he did seem to possess a different temperament. As to what was different about his personality, she was not able to tell.

“Oh um, I will be leaving right now. You helped me a lot last time, so before I left, I specifically came here to thank you.” Ning Cheng spoke.

Xu Liyi quickly spoke up, “It was just a minor matter, and you don’t need to thank me for it. Since Brother Xiaocheng finally managed to come here, then let’s go eat a meal together. I was not able to accompany you the last time because of a few things, but we definitely have to go this time.”

“It would be of no use. Here is a Pill Bottle, you can use it for yourself, treat it as thanks from me. I’ll be leaving now.” Ning Cheng did not say any goodbyes; he knew that it was already indefinite if he would come back, so saying goodbye would not make any sense.

Clutching a jade bottle in her hand and looking at the spot where Ning Cheng disappeared from, Xu Liyi couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “Sure enough, I really did not misread things that time”

Ning Cheng’s sudden departure probably was to avoid unnecessary complications.

“Hey, where did you friend go?” The book-holding girl spoke while she stared at the place where Ning Cheng was just standing. Why was there not even a shadow of Ning Cheng?

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