Chapter 0390

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Chapter 0390: Returning to the Le Continent once again

“Big brother you came back.” Her big brother had left for more than ten days, now that he suddenly came back again, Ning Ruolan felt pleasantly surprised.

Ning Cheng patted Grey Toottoot’s head who had bounded over to him, before replying to Ning Ruolan, “Yeah, I have already taken care of things here. We are ready to leave. Where’s Dai Xin?”

“Dai Xin is overseeing the shifting of the company to Jiangzhou, so she had already left to Jiangzhou.” Ning Ruolan quickly replied.

Next, Ning Ruolan recounted the matter of Yan Rui along with his provocative words.

Whether Yan Rui was killed by Yin Yihui or not, Ning Cheng did not care about it. What he was worried about was Xing Liang. If he was staying in this place, then even if Xing Liang was a lot stronger, he still was not qualified for him to pay any attention to, at best he was only an ant.

However, he already knew that he had to leave this place; moreover, he had also left behind many Magical Artefacts to Dai Xin to sell off. Therefore, he could only hope that Xing Liang would not look for any trouble with Dai Xin.

“Is there any news about Xing Liang?” Ning Cheng did not feel assured about it, so he asked it straightforwardly.

“No news at all. I heard Dhulandi say that Xing Liang had gone missing in the Insect Battlefield and is most likely dead.” Ning Ruolan knew that Xing Liang thought unfavourably of her brother. Only, this person really did not come knocking at their door; otherwise, he most likely would have died.

Ning Cheng was also aware that there were no means of confirming if Xing Liang was dead or alive. The Earth was also quite big, with his current level of Spiritual Consciousness; he still was unable to sweep the entire Earth.

“You better call up Dai Xin and tell her to pay special attention to any news relating to Xing Liang. We will be leaving immediately.” Ning Cheng was already missing Ji Luofei and Shi Qionghua. Now that he was able to find his little sister, he really did not want to continue wasting time in this place.

Ning Ruolan was already prepared, on hearing her brother’s words; she immediately gave Dai Xin a call. Although Dai Xin was somewhat sad, she was the clearest that Ning Cheng had to leave. Knowing Ning Cheng, she was well aware that staying on Earth would be a waste of his time.

An hour later, Ning Ruolan finished handing over the affairs of the hotel to the person in charge. She then entered the Miniature World Ring with Grey Toottoot, before finally leaving the Hundred Bay Point with Ning Cheng.


In a warehouse-like very ordinary looking coffee shop, Yi Lei was calmly looking at Tian Muwan sitting opposite to her.

She had already left the Alliance and had returned home to cultivate calmly when Tian Muwan came to find her. She did not feel anything strange about it. With the Tian Family’s strength, wanting to look for someone like her with some amount of fame to her name, it would not be a tricky matter. What she felt a bit strange, however, was why Tian Muwan was looking for her?

She had heard of this person, Tian Muwan, before. However, she did not have a perfect understanding of her. As to why Ning Cheng saved Tian Muwan at that time, she did not think much of it. In her opinion, Ning Cheng had done that out of a kind heart. If not for his kind-natured soul, then Ning Cheng would have never gone out to fight those innumerable insects because of her request. Let alone put his own life on the line.

At this point, Yi Lei had already washed away all those different memories and was leading an ordinary everyday life. As she read the book, the Martial Arts Cultivation Method that Ning Cheng had left for her, she was also genuinely feeling very grateful towards Ning Cheng. She did not know what kind of Cultivation Method Ning Cheng had given her, but even the phrase ‘ten thousand li in a day, almost every day’ would not be enough to describe her current improvement speed. Her strength had already improved by a considerable margin.

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that this Cultivation Method was tailor-made for her. As she cultivated according to it, she did not encounter even a shadow of bottleneck or obstacles along the way. Instead, it would be more appropriate to say that she was merely bypassing all the bottlenecks along the way. Within just a month, she believed that her strength had already jumped from a Two Star Battle General to a One Star Battle Commander. However, there was no way for her to measure it since it was only her intuition.

Seeing Yi Lei in casual wear and not inquiring about her visit, Tian Muwan finally had to say it by her own initiative, “I came looking for you to ask about a few things……”

Yi Lei nodded and spoke, “If you want to ask about who saved you that day, then I can answer that for you. You probably already know about it by now. It was Ning Cheng who had saved you while I was the one who delivered you to your room.”

Tian Muwan truly wanted to inquire about this matter. Although she already knew that Ning Cheng was the one who had rescued her, she tried to look for Yi Lei to confirm it. Because when she finally managed to get the chance to inquire about it, Ning Cheng had already left, while Yi Lei also went in the footsteps of Ning Cheng.

Now that she heard Yi Lei’s confirmation, her mouth just could not close up at all. It was as if a five-flavoured perfume bottle had exploded in her heart.

After leaving Cheng Ruolan Hotel. She had repeatedly thought of finding Ning Cheng to express her thanks, but her self-esteem did not allow her to do such a thing. Although she was well aware that the reason she wanted to seek out Ning Cheng was not that Ning Cheng had become rich and powerful, but from any human point of view, she was afraid that it would definitely look like that.

“Who was the one who massacred those insects outside the Jabbes Line of Defence?” Tian Muwan once again asked dryly.

“The massacre was also done by him; even the Insect Queen was driven off by him at that time. He was the one who single-handedly saved the Jabbes Line of Defence. To not let those insects enter the domain of the humans, he ended up almost perishing while fighting against those insects.” Yi Lei also did not deny it; eventually, others would come to know it naturally.

As to who was the person who took a video of Ning Cheng’s battle with that insect, nobody knew about it. However, once the video was analysed by others, it wouldn’t be long before it spread throughout the entire world. Stifling this news was impossible; therefore, she might as well acknowledge it.

“What happened to him?” Tian Muwan suddenly stood up; worry flashed all over her face.

Yi Lei frowned but soon relaxed. Ning Cheng saved Tian Muwan’s life, so it was not surprising if she cared about Ning Cheng’s life and death.

“He should be alright; you do not need to worry about it.” Yi Lei quickly replied.

Tian Muwan hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Where is he now?”

Yi Lei shook her head and spoke, “I’m sorry, I would not be able to tell you that since I don’t know anything about it.”

Ning Cheng was heading towards the Feral Brooke Mountains a month ago, whether or not he was still in the Feral Brook Mountains, Yi Lei honestly did not know.

Tian Muwan bit her lips before speaking, “I’m sorry, I ended up disturbing you. I only wanted to look for him to say my thanks. Moreover… I was once his girlfriend……”

Yi Lei shot a surprised look at Tian Muwan; she indeed had never thought that Tian Muwan and Ning Cheng used to be a couple. She quickly responded as she shook her head and spoke, “Ning Cheng already has a wife, so whether what you say is true or false, I have no reason to not believe.”

“He’s married?” Tian Muwan suddenly felt a huge and sharp iron awl pierce into her heart and shatter it apart. Even though she had spoken to herself about the fact that it was impossible for the two of them to be together again over ten thousand times. However, when she heard that Ning Cheng was already married, her mind actually went haywire. However, she soon recovered, wasn’t getting married already the better option? She had initially pushed Zeng Jiyun towards Ning Cheng, wasn’t it because she wanted Ning Cheng and Zeng Jiyun to get married? Wasn’t this her means of compensation towards the guilt that was wracking her inside out?

“Thank you.” Tian Muwan stood up, while her complexion was somewhat pale.

Seeing Tian Muwan’s appearance, Yi Lei sighed. Just as Tian Muwan was about to step out of the coffee house’s front door, she called out, “He went to the Feral Brooke Mountains, as for where he is now, I don’t know.”

Tian Muwan’s footsteps paused for a moment, but without replying, she quickly walked away.


“Big Brother, how did you turn into this?” Ning Ruolan was cultivating inside the Miniature World Ring; however, when she saw Ning Cheng come in, she couldn’t help but ask out in horror. Her big brother’s complexion and hair both had turned greyish white; it was much more severe that when she saw him the first time after he came back to Earth.

“My strength is still too low, every time that I have to pass through Planar Positions, it would come at the expense of burning my vitality. However, you do not have to worry about it, the Spiritual Qi and Cultivation Laws are much more powerful here than on Earth. In this place, it would only take me about ten days to fully recover.” Ning Cheng spoke out without care.

He had not mentioned this to Ruolan previously; otherwise, Ruolan would definitely be upset about it.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Ruolan on the verge of crying. Ning Cheng gave a bright smile and spoke, “Don’t worry, when I advance to the Sea Opening Realm, the vitality that I lost would be replenished, and it’s not that big of a deal. Moreover, your progress is also not slow at all; you are already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level.”

“En, I will listen to your words, after taking a bath in the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, my cultivation speed increased by several times.” Ning Ruolan being able to progress so fast also made her very happy in her heart. However, when she saw her brother in such a condition, she really couldn’t feel happy about it.

“Your cultivation is still too low, so you should just continue cultivating inside. While I will continue to restore my cultivation on the outside. In this place, only the word of the person who is strong will be the absolute truth.” Ning Cheng carefully imparted his teachings to Ning Ruolan.

Regarding the matters relating to the Yi Xing Mainland, Ning Ruolan had already heard a lot of it from her big brother. Now that Ning Cheng was imparting to her his own teachings, she indeed would not be negligent about it.

“Big Brother, is this place the Yi Xing Mainland?”

Seeing that Ning Ruolan was curious to come out and have a look, Ning Cheng gave a laugh and spoke, “You can come out and cultivate in this place if you want to since this is the bottom of the Blood River. I also met Eldest Brother Cang Wei here. The reason I was able to go back to Earth and even return to this place from Earth was due to the help provided by Eldest Brother Cang Wei. Wait until I reach the Tian Continent, I will bring you out then. But before going to the Tian Continent, I also have to meet an Elder Sister by the name of Lan Shu.”

“En.” Ning Ruolan always followed her big brother’s words, although she really wanted to go out and have a look, but since her big brother had said no, she immediately dispelled that thought.


Ning Cheng arranged a Spiritual Gathering Array in the same place where Cang Wei ended up stranded and took out tens of millions of Spirit Stones. The Heavenly Laws of this world were far more formidable than Earth; moreover, the Spiritual Qi was also much thicker than Earth. Also, with the Heaven Opening Talisman being stored in this place for who knows how long, once Ning Cheng arranged the Spiritual Gathering Array, the recovery effect it produced was even more formidable.

In just over half a month, Ning Cheng had once again restored his cultivation to the 4th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm; at the same time, his cultivation had even taken a step further. Since going to Earth to meet his little sister Ruolan, Ning Cheng had not progressed at all. Now that his cultivation was finally starting to show signs of progress, he continued to absorb the Spirit Stones to supplement his cultivation. A month later, Ning Cheng broke through to the 5th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness descended onto the Miniature World Ring, finding that Ruolan’s progress was even better. At this moment, she had already reached Qi Gathering 5th Level. Although the cultivation resources that Ning Ruolan possessed were a hundred times better than what Ning Cheng owned initially, for her to be able to cultivate to the Qi Gathering 5th Level in such a short time, it showed that Ning Ruolan’s qualifications were apparently quite high.


Several days later, Ning Cheng finally arrived at the Le Continent along with Ning Ruolan who finally came out of the Miniature World Ring as Ning Cheng finally gave in.

“Big brother, is this the Yi Xing Mainland?” Ning Ruolan watched with wide eyes as she flew through the air, while her heart was in shock. Her big brother was already able to display flight capabilities using an airship, that itself had caused her incomparable excitement. Now that she was seeing so many people flying around, it was almost like a scene from a paradise-like fairy tale.

“This is just the Le Continent of the Yi Xing Mainland. There are ten different continents in the Yi Xing Mainland, and the Le Continent is just one of them. Do you see the city in front of us? That’s the Le Continent’s Dragon and Phoenix City. We’ll be going to the Dragon and Phoenix City now. I have to check if Elder Sister Lan Shu is back or not. If Elder Sister Lan Shu is not back, then I will take you to the Ping Continent. When I first arrived at this place, I woke up in the Ping Continent.” Ning Cheng carefully explained.

He had not chosen to disguise himself at this time, with his current cultivation being at the 5th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm, even it was a person from the Gui Clan, he was not afraid of them. If the Gui Clan still wanted to silence him, then it would only be a dream for them. As for going to the Ping Continent, Ning Cheng wanted to help the Ning Family to get their long-due revenge. In any case, this was his predecessor’s past life.

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  1. To be honest, all Tian MuWan did was one mistake, albeit a very costly one. Why? Because her romantic life crashed and burned. Though I do agree with some parts where the author didn’t deliver such as the part where MC let her stab him. However all these has been done under severe emotions of guilt, shame and remembrance. And it isn’t that unusual for someone to act out what they didn’t mean in a fit of anger nor is it unusual for people to exhibit behaviours that deviate from their usual behaviour due to shame/ guilt. I have shamed and done some things I regret.
    I like this novel because of what it offers, but I don’t really understand why Ning Chen took Ning Roulan with him since he cannot protect her all the time. However, as I have only read up to this point, I do not know whether it is a bane or a boon, whether the sister will grow (into a badass character hopefully), or die. Whether it could be as dangerous in either world? Who knows….
    Just stealing a line from a novel somewhere, but whether someone did a good deed, or dealt a killing blow it is all but a matter of perspective. For example, Nalan Ruxue who tried to kill MC until she realised the truth. She did act too excessively but do remember that in some areas it will be ‘common sense’ -I may have lost this world’s present common sense and absorbed it from all the novels, anime and manga I have blasted through- for someone to kill someone because of an ‘insult’. This may actually be an insult or may simply be looking at that person’s face, much less touching a girl’s chest. Yes I agree that her actions were excessive and her behaviour may be explained but not excused. However I have seem to realise that wherever the MC goes, he will be at least somewhere at fault of the troubles that landed on his lap. An example is back at the Academy with An Yi on the airship. There may be other reasons than simply because he will hold back her future and therefore he must die. The text said it was because he was too discourteous and therefore will not be let into the Academy. When the teacher told him that An Yi would be safe, he could have at least said Thank You even if he disliked the teacher’s attitude. He may not be afraid of anyone but why make unnecessary enemies everywhere. That is not too say that I dislike the MC being badass. In fact I love it!
    However most of his enemies viewed him as weak because of their assumption on his cultivation level and because they viewed him as being an arrogant little bitch who knew nothing of his place, they were hostile towards him. If he had at least humbled himself so that he actually acts like those who are at his ‘cultivation level’ then perhaps these conflicts may not happen. Or perhaps show his true strength (though it may be unwise and may have landed him into a bigger whirlpool) But Alas, the plot line was like this so it must be so….
    Plus, hiding one’s skills without drawing attention to oneself is a skill in itself. Hiding in plain sight is a technique some people just fail to do lol. Like me lol

    Tired gg

    Thanks for the chapters >^_^>


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