Chapter 0392

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0392: Dealing with the Gui Clan

Duan Zhang’s Life Essence did not have the time to flee when Ning Cheng caught it and threw it into a fireball to annihilate it completely.

It was only at this moment that Duan Zhang came to understand that Ning Cheng had followed him out of the city not because Ning Cheng felt afraid of him but because Ning Cheng already wanted to kill him from a long time. Unfortunately, this understanding came to him too late, if Duan Zhang had understood this earlier, then maybe he might have had an opportunity to escape.

While the flaming fireball surrounded the Life Essence of Duan Zhang, Ning Cheng sent out a punch to completely destroy the remaining half of Duan Zhang‘s body. He just left behind a few words before parting, “I killed you today to help Elder Sister Shu get her revenge for the Homeless Academy.”

Duan Zhang had finally realised this only at the point just before his death as to why Ning Cheng was this ruthless towards killing him. It was for getting revenge for the Homeless Academy.

As a ring descended to the ground, Duan Zhang’s corporeal body and soul turned into nihility.

“You actually managed to kill Duan Zhang?” An astonished voice arrived, as Ning Cheng saw a middle-aged cultivator descend.

“Master….” Jia Lingwei also quickly came out from the somewhat distant place where she hid herself. She had personally seen Ning Cheng killing this tall cultivator, but she was not aware of the full strength of Duan Zhang.

Ning Cheng instantly understood that Jia Lingwei had asked her master to help. However, her master had arrived somewhat late, when her master had finally managed to come over, he had already killed Duan Zhang.

Ning Ruolan quickly ran towards Ning Cheng and quietly stood behind him as she vigilantly stared at Jia Lingwei and her master. She had heard from her big brother that in this place there would often be people who would kill others for no rhyme or reason to snatch their things. With her big brother’s exhibition of Spiritual Might in killing that pale-faced person, who knows if some covetous person might show up.

“Long time no see, Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei.” Ning Cheng gave a smile before cupping his fists. He did not know Jia Lingwei’s Master, so even if she had the cultivation of 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, he did not care much about it.

Jia Lingwei quickly spoke out, “No, no, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, your cultivation is much higher than me, and you also saved me that time. Just address me as Junior Apprentice Sister Lingwei.”

The middle-aged female cultivator gave a smile and spoke, “Lingwei, is he that Ning Cheng?”

Jia Lingwei had addressed him as Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, while also stating that he had ‘saved her life at that time’. It immediately allowed Jia Lingwei’s Master to realise that he should be the same, Ning Cheng.

“This junior is indeed Ning Cheng. Many thanks for this senior to come to help.” Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fist and thanked her.

The middle-aged female cultivator waved her hand and spoke, “I did not help you with anything, while you were able to kill that Duan Zhang by yourself. It means that your strength is far above me. I am Na Xinlan, Lingwei’s Master. I’m afraid I don’t deserve those two characters ‘Senior’ from you.”

Jia Lingwei couldn’t help but stare at Ning Cheng in shock. She couldn’t help but ask her master, “Master, is Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s strength even higher than yours?”

After speaking this sentence, even Jia Lingwei herself was not able to believe it. The first time she had met Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm. How long has it been since then? How could even her master not compare to him? The numbers of geniuses in the Le Continent were as numerous as the hairs on an Ox; however, she had never seen or even heard of any cultivator who was able to progress as fast as Ning Cheng’s was. If one even considered Luo Banyun and Bei Xingjin of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, even their cultivation speed combined was undoubtedly inferior to Ning Cheng’s cultivation speed.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Lingwei. It looks like Senior sure is modest. I only possess the cultivation of Soul Sculpting Realm. I am still far below such respect from your teacher. Today, I would really like to convey my thanks to you two, who actually come out to lend a helping hand.”

Although his cultivation was higher than Jia Lingwei was, whether or not Jia Lingwei wanted to insist on addressing him as Senior Apprentice Brother, he also did not insist on it.

Jia Lingwei sucked in a breath of air, as she recalled as to why she had decided to come out. She gave a self-ridiculing smile and spoke, “What did I even help with? If I had not seen you face to face, then I would have not believed you to be Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. The change in you is really too huge. I did not expect that in just a short ten years, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning would shoot past me by such a huge margin.”

She could see that Ning Cheng’s looks had changed somewhat, but Jia Lingwei did not find it too strange. However, she did not think that Ning Cheng had altered his appearance to avoid his enemies. Cultivators recognised people not by their looks, but by their Aura and Spiritual Consciousness Fluctuations.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do you still remember Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji?” Jia Lingwei subconsciously looked at Ning Ruolan standing behind Ning Cheng. Once Yan Ji was able to restore her mind sometime in the past, she immediately stood up and spoke in favour of Ning Cheng. She said that the arrest warrant issued in the name of Ning Cheng was complete nonsense, because of which Jia Lingwei thought that there were some relations between Ning Cheng and Yan Ji. If that was the case, then why was there such a beautiful girl next to Ning Cheng? Moreover, her cultivation was also quite poor, only at Qi Gathering 5th Level.

Ning Cheng on noticing Jia Lingwei looking at Ning Ruolan, immediately spoke up, “Of course I remember Yan Ji, is she okay now? Right, this little sister Ning Ruolan. Ruolan, these two people are Senior Na Xinlan and Senior Apprentice Sister Jia Lingwei of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.”

Jia Lingwei suddenly sobered up and felt embarrassed at the same time, so she turned out to be Ning Cheng’s little sister.

“Ning Cheng, are you going to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy?” Na Xinlan spoke out by her own initiative. She could see that since Ning Cheng’s cultivation had progressed so fast, therefore Ning Cheng was definitely not ordinary. If he did not have a secret of his own, then his qualifications truly were heaven-defying, either that or he managed to receive an inheritance. Because Ning Cheng and her disciple Jia Lingwei seemed to be on somewhat familiar terms, so she also wanted to create some ties with Ning Cheng. At the very least, she should not offend such a person like Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had already wanted to ask about Elder Sister Shu’s matter, now that Na Xinlan had personally requested, he also quickly spoke up, “When I returned to the Dragon and Phoenix City the last time, I found that there was an arrest warrant issued for both Lan Shu and me. I wanted to find out is Elder Sister Lan Shu returned to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy? If not, then going there is meaningless to me.”

Na Xinlan also gave a slight nod, “After the arrest warrant made its appearance, Lan Shu had not appeared. Her residence has also not been touched at all. My Dragon and Phoenix Academy also does not fear the Gui Yuan City or the Thoughtless Academy. If you do not have anything special to do right now, then we can go back to my immortal cave to sit down and have a chat. Maybe I would be able to provide you with some news that you might need.”

[TL Note: I am changing Wu Nian Academy to Thoughtless Academy from here on out.]

Ning Cheng immediately recalled that the Gui Clan and the Thoughtless Academy had jointly plotted against him, so he spoke out, “Then I’ll have to disturb Senior.”


Na Xinlan, as a cultivator at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, had a particular status within the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. Ning Cheng could make out from her residence that not only did it contain a richer Spiritual Qi, but also had an independent Spiritual Medicine Mountain. The entire area of her house was ten times more beautiful than where Elder Sister Lan Shu used to live.

Although Ning Ruolan was Ning Cheng’s little sister, Ning Ruolan did not look much younger to him in age but was only at Qi Gathering 5th Level. However, Na Xinlan did not care about it. Of course, she did not know that Ning Ruolan had just been cultivating for around 2-3 months.

After Jia Lingwei served them some Spiritual Tea, she quietly sat down next to her master.

Na Xinlan also did not beat around the bush, before she directly asked, “Ning Cheng, Nalan Ruxue had made a claim in the past that you forced her into having a physical relationship with you, is this matter true or false?”

As Na Xinlan asked, she carefully observed Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng found this line of questioning to be a taboo, then she would immediately change to a different topic.

Ning Cheng also did not care about the direct question from Na Xinlan; he just showed a faint smile and spoke, “Senior Na, although Nalan Ruxue thinks of herself as nobler than anyone else, I do not have any feelings for her in my heart. Although this Ning Cheng’s cultivation might not be comparable to the noble disciples that come out from these large academies and sects; however, I have my own feelings and sentiments. I will put this out bluntly, I hope that Senior Na would not take it to heart, even if that Nalan Ruxue willingly stripped herself naked and laid down in front of me, I would be too lazy to even get on top of her, so why would I even force myself on her?”

Ning Cheng’s words were utterly uncouth and blunt to the point; it was no different from directly cursing at Nalan Ruxue. Even knowing that he might have already died in the Law’s Way, this woman had still not forgotten to use him, saying that he had forced himself onto her.

Nalan Ruxue just did not care about her life-saving grace, if Ning Cheng had any kind of favourable impressions of her, and then it indeed would have been strange.

“Big Brother….” Ning Ruolan whispered a reminder to Ning Cheng; even she thought that her big brother’s words were quite harsh and uncouth. She was afraid that once these words leaked out, it would only bring demerits for her Big Brother.

Jia Lingwei’s complexion also turned slightly red. She was someone who was always reserved, so when she heard Ning Cheng’s blunt words, even she was not able to bear it. In her heart, she already knew that Ning Cheng could never do anything like forcing himself on Nalan Ruxue.

Na Xinlan smiled, she did not think Ning Cheng’s words were grating to the ears. Instead, she spoke with a smile, “Lingwei had already told me about it that you are someone who would never do such a thing. I think that Nalan Ruxue should really thank you, if you hadn’t killed Gui Yuhai, she might have already married into the Gui Clan. However, that Gui Yuhai is Gui Clan’s most important disciple, I’m afraid that Gui Zong would not give up on you that easily. Gui Zong already possesses the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 3rd Level so you will have to be careful.”

After saying that, Na Xinlan still kept looking at Ning Cheng. As long as Ning Cheng feared the Gui Clan, then she had the confidence to win over Ning Cheng.

Unfortunately, such fruits would never fall in Na Xinlan’s lap, Ning Cheng just gave a smile and spoke, “Even if I did not have any grudge with Gui Yuhai, I would have still killed him. As for the Gui Clan, they are also the same.”

His wife was already a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, and they had even worked together and killed a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator, so why would he fear a mere Gui Clan? What’s more, he also had a way to get the Dragon and Phoenix Academy to help him deal with the Gui Clan, unless he misread Na Xinlan.

Listening to Ning Cheng say that he would have still killed Gui Yuhai even if there were no enmity existing between Ning Cheng and Gui Yuhai, and hearing an underlying contempt for the Gui Clan in Ning Cheng’s words, she quickly asked, “Why is that?”

Ning Cheng did not speak, he merely waved his hand, and several cornelian red jade boxes appeared in front of them, “Senior Na, this is what I found in Gui Yuhai’s ring after I killed him. Senior Na seems to be someone well-informed, so you should know about this better than me.”

Na Xinlan did not know what Ning Cheng meant by taking out those jade boxes. Therefore, she quietly opened one of the jade boxes in doubt, finding that it was a box filled with undergarments.

Jia Lingwei’s complexion turned even redder, while she gave out a faint sigh in her heart, she seemed to be seeing Ning Cheng in a brand new light. At the same time, she did not know what was going on in Ning Cheng’s mind to bring out a box full of women’s undergarments in front of her master.

The first feeling that emerged when Na Xinlan on glancing those undergarments was anger, but then her face immediately changed. She then quickly grabbed one of the undergarments from the box and stared at it for quite a while.

Jia Lingwei instantly understood that something was definitely wrong. Her master had always been modest and traditional; as such, it was utterly inconceivable and impossible that she would intently scrutinise and even study an undergarment in front of a male cultivator like Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.

“To go as far as to locking the soul to draw out hope, it truly is malicious…..” Although Na Xinlan’s face did not change colour, her hands were trembling with anger. In just a moment, she opened the remaining boxes.

Suddenly she grabbed a pink undergarment from one of the boxes, as her eyes immediately turned red, “I’ve always searched all around for Man’er, but never had I thought that she was unexpectedly harmed by the Gui Clan…..”

“Master, Senior Apprentice Sister Man…..” Jia Lingwei also instantly understood what the matter was as she stood up in shock.

Na Xinlan’s face turned gloomy, she took the few boxes from Ning Cheng and spoke, “Ning Cheng, Thank you. I’m going to meet with the Dean immediately. Lingwei, you accompany Ning Cheng. I have something important to take care.”

“En, I know master.” As Jia Lingwei finished, Na Xinlan had already disappeared from the room.

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