Chapter 0393

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Chapter 0393: Returning To the Ping Continent Again

“Junior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, what is this ‘locking the soul to draw out hope’?” After Na Xinlan left, Ning Cheng quickly asked. He had abruptly arrived in this world; moreover, he did not have any master to learn from, as such, there were many things that he did not understand. Although his cultivation was higher than Jia Lingwei’s was, he knew that he might not know more about a few things compared to Jia Lingwei.

Jia Lingwei’s eyes also turned red as she shook her head and spoke, “I also do not know about it, but from Master’s tone and expression, Senior Apprentice Sister Man was possibly killed by Gui Yuhai.”

“What about Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, is she okay?” Seeing Jia Lingwei almost on the verge of crying with something related to this Senior Apprentice Sister Man, Ning Cheng quickly changed his words and once again asked about Yan Ji. He still was a bit concerned about Yan Ji. When it came to the Le Continent’s Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stock, Ning Cheng cared a lot more about Yan Ji compared to Nalan Ruxue. He had always thought that Nalan Ruxue did not deserve the same reputation as Yan Ji.

Jia Lingwei sobered up and collected her thoughts about her Senior Apprentice Sister Man, before quickly speaking up, “Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Ning does not know about a lot of things. The Transmission Array between the Le Continent and Tian Continent opened up a few years ago. From the Ping Continent to the Le Continent, collecting all the geniuses from the nine continents, they were all then led to the Tian Continent through the Transmission Array. Yan Ji, Nalan Ruxue, Gui Yutang, Gui Yuhua, Jui Tian, Dei Xingjin, Cheng Yixiao, Luo Banyun, and several dozen others have already gone to the Tian Continent.”

“So it was originally because of this, Junior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, you should be able to go to the Tian Continent with your qualifications, right?” Ning Cheng suddenly came to an understanding.

“My master said that my strength is still insufficient, so only after I advance to the Soul Essence Realm, would I be able to go there.” Jia Lingwei replied.

Ning Cheng gave the nod, Jia Lingwei currently was at the Great Circle of the Profound Core Realm, and so it was only a matter of time before she advanced to the Soul Essence Realm.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, bringing your little sister around might not be convenient for you; if you want, you can let her join my Dragon and Phoenix Academy.” Jia Lingwei knew her master’s intentions; i.e. she should want to befriend Ning Cheng.

If it were an ordinary person, presented with an opportunity to join a 9 Star Academy, they would definitely be happy to the point of not being able to sleep at all. However, Ning Cheng did not care at all about it. He anyway was not going to settle down in the Le Continent. If he did not plan to settle down in the Le Continent, then why would he place his little sister here?

“Many thanks, Junior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, but I have to take away Ruolan to accomplish a few things of my own.” Ning Cheng offered his thanks while simultaneously rejecting the offer.

Jia Lingwei on seeing that Ning Cheng had not agreed also did not say much about it and instead talked about Yan Ji, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, after Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji recovered, her cultivation speed soared to new heights. Somehow, even her qualifications had improved by a huge margin. The Blue Cloud Academy also started regarding her as their premier genius in training and attached huge importance to Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji. Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji was even able to force the Blue Cloud Academy to withdraw the arrest warrant for you and Master Shu; moreover, stood by you fiercely. Afterwards, in just a few years, Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji progressed to the Soul Essence Realm. I’m afraid that at this time Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji might have already advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm in her cultivation.”

As Jia Lingwei finished, she attentively looked at Ning Cheng’s expression. She also wanted to know if Ning Cheng was the reason why Yan Ji’s had such a massive change in her qualifications. She knew that after Yan Ji came out of the Law’s Way, her qualifications and comprehension abilities had grown to a considerable level. At the same time, she also knew that inside the Law’s Way, Yan Ji was mostly in contact with Ning Cheng. Maybe Ning Cheng might have helped her.

Ning Cheng felt very grateful in his heart towards Yan Ji. He had already guessed that Yan Ji’s fast progress might have a relation to his Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. However, he would not speak about these matters to Jia Lingwei.

Ning Cheng also was able to come up to date with the current matters after talking with Jia Lingwei; getting to know that another Crucible Transformation Cultivator had emerged in the Gui Clan a few years ago. Not only that, the Gui Clan and the Nine Continents Army seemed to be very close. According to Jia Lingwei’s words, Gui Clan had approached the Nine Continent’s Army after Ning Cheng had disappeared into the Yi Xing Ocean.

Hearing these things, Ning Cheng knew that even if Na Xinlan was dissatisfied with Gui Yuhai’s actions, the Dragon and Phoenix Academy can at most show their disgust towards the Gui Clan, but cannot move to destroy the Gui Clan. If he wanted to exterminate the Gui Clan, then it looks like he would have to wait for a future date.

For Na Xinlan to go impulsively look for the Dean, maybe it had something to do with the words ‘Man’er’ that came out of her mouth.

Just as Ning Cheng was mulling over it, Na Xinlan returned to her residence once again.

“Master….” Jia Lingwei on seeing her master return immediately stood up and called out to her in expectation.

However, Na Xinlan’s complexion was somewhat gloomy; she beckoned Jia Lingwei with her hand, before speaking to Ning Cheng, “Ning Cheng, the Gui Clan is currently too powerful. I’m afraid that even with these boxes of undergarments; it would be difficult to unite the rest of the forces to fight against the Gui Clan. However, I still thank you for helping my disciple to get revenge. Because the Thoughtless Academy and the Gui Clan are associated to each other quite closely, my Dragon and Phoenix Academy might not be able to unite the rest of the people……”

Ning Cheng on hearing those words immediately understood what the matter was; he stood up, cupped his fists towards Na Xinlan, and spoke “Many thanks for all the help provided by Senior Na, I guess I will be dealing with this matter by myself in the future.”

Na Xinlan separated two boxes, placed them in front of Ning Cheng, and spoke, “Out of the four boxes that I will keep two of them for the Dean, these two can be kept with you. In the future, it can then be used as evidence.”

Saying until here, Na Xinlan hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I had intended to invite you to spend some time in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, but now it doesn’t look like a good idea. The Gui Clan already knows that you came to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy; however, Gui Zong is not in the Gui Yuan City. I suggest that you leave as early as possible, and come back in the future when you have sufficient strength.”

Seeing Na Xinlan’s desolate look, how could Ning Cheng not know as to what might have transpired? Dragon and Phoenix Academy was definitely wary of the Gui Clan. Although the Gui Clan plotted against Na Xinlan’s own disciple, they could only choose to show their disgust towards the Gui Clan. If he wanted to exterminate the Gui Clan, he would have to rely on himself.

At the same time, Na Xinlan was also persuading him to leave as early as possible; it was because she knew that the news of her entering the Dragon and Phoenix Academy along with him would soon leak out.

Ning Cheng secretly gave out a sigh, if one wanted revenge, then they would have to rely on their own fist eventually. Last time, he had schemed for a long time in the Tian Continent, yet the Severing Emotions Dao Sect still existed. From this, it was apparent that one’s personal strength was the most fundamental requirement.

“Before leaving, I want to ask Senior, what is this ‘locking the soul to draw out hope’?” Ning Cheng put away the two boxes and asked.

Na Xinlan also did not choose to conceal it from Ning Cheng and spoke, “I also didn’t know about it until I went to a mystical place with people from the Gui Clan. It was there that we found that the Power of Hope was present in everyone. This ‘Power of Hope’ can also grow under certain circumstances, to the point that it could even take its own form. However, harvesting this Power of Hope is extremely difficult, I heard that it was possible to collect Power of Hope by burning joss sticks; however, whether it can be done or not in this manner, I’m not too clear about it.”

“At that time, we also saw another way to collect the Power of Hope from a sacrificial altar. Apart from me, there was also Gui Clan’s Gui Feng and Di Xuanqing from the Thoughtless Academy who had managed to see it. It detailed the method of locking the soul of an unmatured woman, before using an inscribed Array Formation to extract the Power of Hope. This would cause the Power of Hope to adhere to the woman’s undergarment, allowing for reuse elsewhere. Moreover, the Power of Hope extracted from virgins would be the most powerful type, at the same time, this method of collecting the Power of Hope did not need any burning of joss sticks.”

“However, this method is also extremely vicious and evil, as it would cause the soul of the virgin from which it was extracted from to fly out before the soul ultimately disperses, to the point that it would not even leave behind some Essence Blood. All three of us agreed that it was simply too vicious. Moreover, none of us knew as to what kind of uses did this Power of Hope had. So all of us chose to destroy every hint of this kind of method, at the same time reached an agreement not to reveal this kind of a thing. I did not expect that Gui Yuhai from the Gui Clan would actually use it. Obviously, Gui Feng did not adhere to the promise.”

Ning Cheng in hearing these words immediately came to understand that this mystical place was most probably also the place where the Gui Clan had obtained the True Brahma Sword, especially since Gui Yuhai already knew that this kind of object actually needed the Power of Hope to actuate. However, Gui Yuhai did not possess any Power of Hope with him. As a result, Gui Feng chose to hand down such an evil and vicious approach to him.

“Many thanks, Senior Na; this junior will now be taking his leave.” Ning Cheng thanked Na Xinlan once again, before helping Ning Ruolan up and quickly leaving the place.

“Master, if Senior Apprentice Brother Ning stayed back at the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, who would even dare to lay their hands on him?” Jia Lingwei asked in doubt.

Na Xinlan shook her head but did not directly respond to Jia Lingwei’s words and spoke, “Lingwei, you better get ready, once you advance to the Soul Essence Realm, we will immediately depart for the Tian Continent.”


“Big Brother, this flight type magical weapon seems to be a lot faster than the previous one.” Ning Ruolan could feel that this airship was much faster and immediately spoke out.

Ning Cheng spoke with a smile, “Of course, this is a Low-Grade True Artefact Airship. Its speed certainly cannot be compared to a Spiritual Artefact Airship.”

Ning Cheng had obtained this Low-Grade True Artefact Airship from the hands of Qi Le. Qi Le was himself a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator, so how could a flight type magical weapon obtained from a Crucible Transformation Cultivator of his level be inferior.

“So where are we going now?” Ning Ruolan knew that a True Artefact was a rank higher than a Spiritual Artefact, but because she had just arrived at the Yi Xing Mainland, she had yet to develop her intuitive concepts.

“We’ll first be going to the Angry Axe Valley to take a look, if I cannot find what I want, we will be returning to the Ping Continent.” Ning Cheng said.

The reason why he wanted to go to the Angry Axe Valley was that he wished to search for the underlying cause of the previous accident in the Angry Axe Valley. If he could go in, then with the map given to him by Meng Jingxiu, he also wanted to go look if he could find that Immortal Mansion. If he could locate the Immortal Mansion, then he would not have to worry about cultivation resources anymore. It would also not matter to him much if he could not find the Immortal Mansion, just costing him a bit of extra time. He anyways could always return to the Ping Continent by passing through the Jia Continent’s entrance of the Angry Axe Valley.

“En, wherever Big Brother goes is where I will also be going.” Ning Ruolan declared. Regardless of if it was the Earth or the Yi Xing Mainland, her big brother was her only family.

After Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment, he then decided to speak up, “Ruolan, I want to tell you something, don’t be nervous, and don’t panic…..”

“Big brother, you can go ahead and say whatever you want, how could I become anxious?” Ning Ruolan immediately cut her big brother off, with her big brother and her in the same place, what else was worth for her to get anxious about?

“Actually, I arrived at the Yi Xing Mainland because of a bead…..”

After Ning Cheng spoke about his transmigration into the body of his predecessor, Ning Ruolan couldn’t help but open her mouth in shock. She just could not even utter a single word. What could be any more shocking than this? If she had not followed Ning Cheng to come to the Yi Xing Mainland, and her big brother had spoken about it before, then she really might have not believed it at all. Although she was confident that Ning Cheng was definitely her big brother, such a matter like transmigration of the soul was just too outrageous to her.

“Big Brother, Is what you said really true?”

“It is the truth.”

“Huff…..” Ning Ruolan immediately gasped for breath, as she held onto Ning Cheng’s arm and started crying, “That Tian Muwan really had not done anything then, I had always thought that she was the reason big brother had disappeared.”

Ning Ruolan already possessed the cultivation of Qi Gathering 5h Level, if it were before when she did not have any cultivation to speak of, she would have definitely not believed the words spoken by Ning Cheng. Now, she realised that this kind of matter was quite reasonable.

Feeling that Ruolan still had the same attachment to him, Ning Cheng was feeling genuinely fortunate in his heart. He was even thanking his lucky stars that he was able to meet his little sister; otherwise, his little sister would have been lonely, being all alone on Earth.

After a while, Ning Ruolan suddenly thought of something and spoke up, “Big Brother, if Sister-in-law Luofei is in the Ping Continent, how are we going to introduce our relationship?”

Ning Cheng just wanted to say that Luofei should not be on the Ping Continent when he immediately reeled in his words from the tip of his tongue. He immediately recalled Shi Qionghua. The matters relating to Shi Qionghua, Ning Cheng still had not shared with his little sister, how was Ning Cheng going to approach it? Could he mention to Ruolan that she had another sister-in-law by the name of Shi Qionghua?

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