Chapter 0395

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0395: Furiously attacking the Pu Bu Island

The cultivator soldier on hearing that it was indeed Ning Cheng, quickly spoke, “Lord Junior Commander, please come with me.”

Just a cultivator soldier with True Condensation Cultivation, someone that Ning Cheng did not need to pay much attention. Not to mention him, even if there were Crucible Transformation Experts on the Pu Bu Island, he would not fear them.

“I am called Che Yangbo, and was originally from the Yi Zheng Battalion, under Nan Yuefang, for some time. After Nan Yuefang was put on death row, I left the barracks and now work as a small businessman….” As the cultivator soldier walked, he whispered to him in a quiet voice.

Ning Cheng suddenly stopped, “Nan Yuefang on death row? Why? What about Yang Honghou?” Ning Cheng’s expression turned somewhat cold, he was one of the four Junior Commanders of the Yi Zheng Battalion, even if he left, his own Junior Commander Battalion would be absorbed into the other three Junior Commander’s Battalions, so why would they put a Senior Marquise like Nan Yuefang on death row?

“Yang Honghou was also put on death row, but I guess he should already be dead by now.” Che Yangbo carefully spoke.

Ning Cheng was really feeling worse and worse in his heart, Yang Honghou and Nan Yuefang were both from his Junior Commander’s Battalion, even if Nan Yuefang got herself involved in some matter, how was that even Yang Honghou ended up dragged into in her case?

Slowly taking in a deep breath, Ning Cheng calmed down his mood. From the day he started cultivating until now, he had already thoroughly offended a super-faction like the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, so a mere Pu Bu Island of the Cultivator Army was not something that would pose too much trouble for him. If this matter were something related to him, then he would also not mind turning the entire Pu Bu Island upside down.

“How did you know that I was coming here?” Ning Cheng asked in a sinking sound.

At this point, they had arrived outside of a small wooden building. After Che Yangbo led Ning Cheng into the wooden structure, he carefully closed the door before speaking, “One of the two guards who inspected you is a friend of mine, I had requested him before that once Junior Commander Ning comes back, he should immediately inform me. Moreover, just before Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou were about to be arrested, Nan Yuefang came looking for me. At that time, Yang Honghou was also with her. She told me that Junior Commander Ning would definitely return.”

Ning Cheng nodded, “You better speak up, what happened that led to all this? Even Kong Pengpeng’s mansion is completely sealed up.”

Che Yangbo did not speak; instead, he took out a jade strip and handed it to Ning Cheng before speaking, “Lord Junior Commander, this was left behind with me by Nan Yuefang. She instructed me to give this to you if you returned before she perished. If you did not return by then, then I was supposed to destroy this when I left the Pu Bu Island.”

Ning Cheng received the jade strip and poured his Spiritual Consciousness into it, but soon his complexion turned ugly. Looks like this matter was indeed because of him.

This problem was caused because he killed a Profound Congealing Cultivator named Shen Tuyun from the Yi Xing Ocean, and had taken away this person’s Black Silver Warship. This Shen Tuyun’s background was also not small, as he was one of the principal personages from the Mu Imperial Palace. Initially, the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean and the Nine Continent’s Cultivator Army were at war with each other, so this kind of matter was utterly trivial.

However, with the Tian Continent’s Heaven’s Way opening again, the Nine Continents pooled all their resources into constructing a Transmission Array to reach the Tian Continent, which caused the cultivators stranded and living in the Yi Xing Ocean to also feel tempted to join in.

Theoretically speaking, something like bringing forward past grudges, especially since the two sides had temporarily made peace with each other, would never happen. However, the people who came from the Yi Xing Ocean insistently brought the matter of Ning Cheng killing Shen Tuyun to light. So they used all sorts of excuses to enlarge it out of proportion; moreover, the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army choose to turn a blind eye towards their actions, they also did not care to even ask about it.

Seeing this, the people from the Yi Xing Ocean became even more unbridled and unscrupulous. Ning Cheng had obtained the Black Silver Warship when the two sides were still bitter enemies with each other. However, now that the two parties had made a temporary truce with each other, they used the excuse of Nan Yuefang wantonly killing the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean to not only take back the Black Silver Warship but also persecute them.

Nan Yuefang knew that it was going to be hard to escape from this predicament, so she imprinted everything she learned into the jade strip. Instead of holding onto her thought, she asked her own subordinates to deliver the jade strip. That was because other than Ning Cheng, she did not know any person who would be able to help them.

Ning Cheng finally puts down the jade strip, while killing intent started to bubble in his heart. No matter what reason, whether it was the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army or not, there was undoubtedly a huge problem here. The Yi Xing Ocean’s Cultivator Army was definitely not stronger than the Nine Continent’s Cultivator Army, so even if they reached a temporary truce, this kind of matter was just impossible for the Nine Continent’s Cultivator Army to not manage unless there was someone on the inside meddling.

Feeling Ning Cheng’s ice-cold killing intent, Che Yangbo unconsciously shuddered.

“What’s the matter with General Kong Pengpeng?” Nan Yuefang’s jade strip did not say anything about Kong Pengpeng, but Ning Cheng had already realised that Kong Pengpeng had definitely been decommissioned.

Che Yangbo quickly spoke up, “This matter had already proliferated to entire Pu Bu Island. It was also because of this matter that General Kong Pengpeng became very angry. General Kong had even stood up and vocally shouted out against prosecuting Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou. However, no one chose to side with him; but as a result, General Kong was attacked by the collaboration of Lao Yu, the commander of the Yi Hai Battalion and Ni Gang, the commander of the Zhang Battalion, on the pretext that Kong Pengpeng was shielding criminals.”

“Is General Kong Pengpeng also put on death row?” Ning Cheng asked.

“No.” Che Yangbo quickly replied, “General Kong seemed to have known that some people already wanted to deal with him, so he immediately moved to escape from the Pu Bu Island. As a result, Generals Lao Yu and Ni Gang along with Kang Cheng from the Jia Continent’s Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy collaborated with each other to try and catch him, but he managed to finally slip and disappear.”

“How do you know all this?” Ning Cheng asked.

Che Yangbo spoke with some anger, “At that time, the battle was taking place right outside of the Pu Bu Island; not to mention me, everyone in the Cultivator Army stationed in the Pu Bu Island was able to witness the exchange. However, at that time, no one dared to stop the fight because General Yu Hong, the commander of the entire Pu Bu Island at that time, was absent.”

Ning Cheng fully understood what had transpired. He already knew about Lao Yu, and he knew that he had some connections with the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy. When Ning Cheng was still in the Pu Bu Island in the past, Ning Cheng had some conflicts with Lao Yu. That was because his nephew Lao Sheng and he shared an enmity with each other. It looks like, under Yong Guyun’s provocations, it ended up enlarging the feud between them.

As for Ni Gang, Ning Cheng had ended up killing Wei Peng, one of the most trusted subordinates under his command in the Life and Death Battle Ring. Causing Ni Gang to form an enmity with both Kong Pengpeng and Ning Cheng.

As for Kang Cheng, when he had hosted the Five Star Academies Great Meet in the Hua Continent in the past, he had almost ended up caught by this person. However, he managed to escape into the Angry Axe Valley. This person suspected that Ning Cheng had uncovered some sort of a secret from the leather scroll that he used in the competition; moreover, had even coveted his things, so it was normal for him to come here looking for him.

As he thought of the leather scroll, Ning Cheng’s mind once again flashed with countless images. However, Ning Cheng quickly suppressed these images; he had always felt that this leather scroll was definitely not typical. Only, at that time he did not have the time to deliberate on it. Since this time, Kang Cheng had delivered himself to his door; it would genuinely be impolite for him to not welcome him warmly. If he met this person once again, then he definitely would do everything in his power to get his hands on that leather scroll.

However, since Kong Pengpeng had also helped him a lot in the past, so when the opposite party implicated him, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty in his heart.

“Currently who is in charge of the Pu Bu Island, what’s their cultivation?” When Ning Cheng spoke these words, he already decided to kick up a storm on the Pu Bu Island. Killing one’s enemy in the past, how can one say that it was wrong? Even going so far as to detain his subordinates for an enemy killed by him.

“It is Junior Commander-in-Chief Ji, full-name Ji Mincai. I heard that he has the cultivation of 2nd Level of Sea Opening Realm.” Che Yangbo replied with some worry. He could already feel that Ning Cheng’s tone had turned unfriendly.

He had not seen Ning Cheng before, but he had actually heard about the talks about this Junior Commander Ning. When he was only at the Essence Building Realm, he had not only openly challenged the Profound Congealing Cultivator Wei Peng but had also managed to kill that Wei Peng.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “Why don’t you tell me where the death row prisoners are held?”

Although Ning Cheng had been a Junior Commander in the Pu Bu Island, he was not someone who roamed around. Not to mention about the Death Row Prisons, even if he wanted to find the Commander-in-Chief’s Mansion, he would not even know in which direction was it situated.

“Lord Junior Commander…..” Che Yangbo finally panicked and cried. Ning Cheng’s killing intent was too powerful, how could he not know what this Junior Commander Ning of his wanted to do?

Ning Cheng gave a slight smile, “You don’t have to worry about anything. I always maintain a sense of discretion. You just need to tell me the location. Right, I also have an Essence Building Pill here; you can have it as thanks for all your troubles.”

Che Yangbo was incomparably excited as he received the Essence Building Pill with both his hands. He had not thought that he would have ever gotten his hands on this kind of pill. The only reason why he chose to help Nan Yuefang was that when Nan Yuefang was his superior in the past, she had given him many benefits.


After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally came to a stop in front of a courtyard wall covered with a significant number of Array Formations and Restrictions. From Che Yangbo, he knew that this was the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison.

“Get out of the way; this is not someplace where you can saunter around…..” Ning Cheng had just arrived outside of this courtyard when a cultivator soldier with a True Condensation Cultivation came out and barred Ning Cheng’s path.

Ning Cheng also did not speak any nonsense; he merely raised his palm, causing this cultivator to instantly lapse into a coma.

This was where the Pu Bu Island detained its criminals; as such, it not only had a considerable number of Array Formations and Restrictions covering it, there were also a large number of soldiers from the Cultivator Army protecting it. Therefore, when Ning Cheng caused a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm to lose consciousness with just the lifting of a palm, the other people immediately understood that someone wanted to break into the prison to free the prisoners.

They were just about to respond when the next moment; Ning Cheng opened the Array Formation and rushed to the Death Row Prison’s courtyard. In only a short time, all the cultivator soldiers guarding the prison lost consciousness with a pat from him. Ning Cheng was himself a Junior Commander of the Cultivator Army, so he did not want to indiscriminately reap the lives of others.

Although the Death Row Prison detained Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou, it had no relation with these guards who were just doing their duties.

Even if that was the case, once Ning Cheng entered the Death Row Prison, the entire Pu Bu Island erupted with grating alarm sounds. This alarm instantly woke up the whole Pu Bu Island, as countless cultivator soldiers rushed towards the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison, and in just a short time, surrounded it. Although it had been many years since the last battle between the Pu Bu Island’s Cultivator Army and the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, they were still able to jump into action in just a moment, showing that they had not given up their vigilance.


After entering the Death Row Prison’s Courtyard, Ning Cheng unscrupulously swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness in all directions, and in just a few breaths of time, immediately located Nan Yuefang.

Nan Yuefang’s currently had dishevelled hair, with clothes that were not able to cover her entire body, while hunched up in the darkest corner of her prison cell. However, Ning Cheng was not able to detect any of her previous cultivation. A chain pierced through her shoulder, blocking her meridians, causing her to not able to cultivate at all.

After seeing Nan Yuefang, Ning Cheng then located Yang Honghou, causing Ning Cheng to slightly relax. Yang Honghou, also hunched up on the floor in another prison cell, had not died. There was also a similar chain passing through Yang Honghou, interrupting his meridians. Moreover, he did not know what kind of opportunities Yang Honghou had encountered, but he currently had already advanced to the Essence Building 1st Level; otherwise, Ning Cheng estimated that he would have already died by now.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate for even half a moment before blasting out with the long spear in his hand. The several Entrapment Arrays, under the impact from his long spear, cracked apart just like breaking eggshells.

It was not until Ning Cheng opened Nan Yuefang’s cell did Nan Yuefang finally wake up due to the loud noise before slowly looking up.

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