Chapter 0396

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Chapter 0396: Rapidly dispatching the Generals

“Who are you?” Nan Yuefang was somewhat absent-minded as she looked at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng felt very familiar to her, but she was not able to recognise him. In her heart, she was still wondering as to who would dare to break into the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison. This kind of courage was indeed out of the ordinary.

“I’m your original Junior Commander Ning Cheng……” As Ning Cheng spoke, he opened the prison cell with one hand and easily pinched off the chain impaling Nan Yuefang.

Nan Yuefang finally recognised Ning Cheng, although she had left behind a jade strip before imprisonment, she was very clear that it was just a move out of desperation. She had never thought that Ning Cheng would really come here.

“Junior Commander Ning, my meridians…..” The joy on Nan Yuefang’s face lasted for only a few breaths when she once again descended into depression. It did not matter if Ning Cheng could save her or not, she ended up with a severed cultivation path.

Ning Cheng took out a set of robes and handed it to Nan Yuefang before speaking, “You don’t have to worry about your meridians; even if your Core Lake was fragmented, I still have a way to restore it. You just change your clothes first while I rescue Yang Honghou.”

The reason Ning Cheng dared to say these words was due to the fact he knew that Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou’s meridians did not completely disintegrate, instead, they only suffered some superficial damage. If their meridians disintegrated completely, then even he would not be able to do anything about it, as it would need an significant quantity of Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence for the re-construction. Although Ning Cheng did have some Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, it would not be enough to save the two of them. However, since their meridians showed only superficial fragmentation, he would be able to repair and connect them with the Profound Replenishment Pill. This kind of situation was also completely different from what he experienced from Elder Sister Shu.

Nan Yuefang was able to move on her own, but Yang Honghou was not able to move even if he wanted to, that was because his injuries were a lot more severe than Nan Yuefang.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng had many Healing Pills on him. Therefore, once he removed the chains piercing and binding Yang Honghou, he immediately inserted a pill into his mouth, causing Yang Honghou to quickly wake up.

“Are you Junior Commander Ning?” Unlike Nan Yuefang, Yang Honghou was instantly able to recognise Ning Cheng, despite Ning Cheng having undergone a few changes in his appearance.

“Junior Commander Ning, we…..” Yang Honghou was immediately excited after he confirmed that Junior Commander Ning was indeed the one who rescued him.

Ning Cheng patted him on his shoulder and spoke, “Those people have already come over, and I’ve already been made clear as to why you and Junior Marquise Nan were put in here. You can speak what you want later. Let’s go out first and greet them.”

“Is Junior Marquise Nan all right, the only reason I am not dead right now is due to the help provided by Junior Marquise…….” Yang Honghou on recalling Nan Yuefang’s condition immediately asked in anxiety.

Nan Yuefang’s voice arrived from behind, “Thank you for the concern, I’m all right. Junior Commander had just saved me.”

At this moment, a loud voice filled with killing intent boomed out, “Who dares to rush into the Death Row Prison of my Pu Bu Island’s Cultivator Army?”

Ning Cheng did not bother to provide an answer to this voice. Along with Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou, he calmly walked out of the Death Row Prison before finding himself surrounded by innumerable cultivator soldiers.

Although he saw several people in front of him, he instantly deduced that Ni Gang was the one who called out to him. Ni Gang was the Zhan Battalion’s Commander, and at this time, his cultivation was already at the peak of Soul Essence Realm. While, among this Cultivator Army in front of him, the highest cultivation was only at the 2nd Level of the Sea Opening Realm.

Yang Honghou also saw the enormous numbers of Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army in front of him, causing his face to once again go devoid of colour. However, Nan Yuefang did not show many changes. In any event, her situation would not become worse than what it was already in the Death Row Prison’s cell. She was only worried that she might have also implicated Junior Commander Ning.

That cultivator at the 2nd Level of Sea Opening Realm could vaguely perceive that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was lower than his own cultivation; however, he was not very sure about it. However, seeing that Ning Cheng was so young looking, it made him relax. In case this cultivator turned out stronger compared to him then it would not be a good thing, mainly since there were currently no Crucible Transformation Cultivators residing in the Pu Bu Island.

He had not seen Ning Cheng before, so although he felt a bit relieved, he did not let the people swarm towards him. He was somewhat clear about this time’s matter. Although he was aware of the unjust treatment of Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou, he felt that it was none of his concern. Moreover, he knew that someone would stand out to deal with the sneaky thief who broke into his prison.

“No matter who you are, since you forcibly barged into the Death Row Prison of my Pu Bu Island then you are definitely the enemy of my Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. I hear that you were originally someone from the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army, so I really hope that you do not go down the wrong path. If you are willing to surrender without a fight, then I can give you the fairest of results.” The cultivator at the 2nd Level of Sea Opening Realm spoke with a calm tone. He did not want to degrade his impression on the numerous cultivator soldiers on this matter; otherwise, he would have already begun.

“This person is the Pu Bu Island’s new Junior Commander-in-Chief Ji Mincai. I heard that he came from the Le Continent.” Yang Honghou whispered from behind Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not directly answer Ji Mincai’s words. Instead, he spoke out in a resonant voice, “Fellow cultivator soldiers of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator army, I am Yi Zheng Battalion’s 5-Star Junior Commander Ning Cheng. Since I am also a member of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army, because of this, I did not kill anyone when I forcefully broke into the prison. It is not that I could not kill them, but only because I don’t like to take innocent lives. In the past, when I went to the Law’s Way, my Junior Marquise Nan Yuefang and Senior Captain Yang Honghou ended up framed; I think I don’t need to elaborate on this matter since everyone already knows about this. Therefore, today I came here to demand a proper explanation…”

Ning Cheng’s words immediately caused a burst of chatter to erupt in the army; the matters relating to Kong Pengpeng, almost everyone was aware of it. To please the enemies from the Yi Xing Ocean, the Pu Bu Island had actually plotted against their own people, this was a fact that almost everyone had agreed on. Since Kong Pengpeng ended up forced to escape, it was just simplicity itself for Ni Gang and Lao Yu to want to get rid of two rootless minor cultivators.

“Humph, utter nonsense.” A bald-headed man stood out from the crowd and coldly spoke, “Before that Kong Pengpeng from the Yi Zheng Battalion escaped from the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army out of fear, now a trivial Junior Commander dares to break into the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison…”

Speaking until here, this bald-headed man seemed to have turned exceptionally angry as he turned and bowed towards the Sea Opening 2nd Level Cultivator. He then spoke with a polite but indignant voice, “Commander-in-Chief Ji, this Ni Gang request permission to capture this lawless evildoer for questioning and ask him where Kong Pengpeng had fled to. Also, why does a trivial Junior Commander dare to break into the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison of the Cultivator Army?”

Ji Mincai knew that Ning Cheng’s arrest was a necessity before killing him; however, he was also clear that the matter related to Nan Yuefang was clear to almost all the cultivators of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. He had not thought that Ning Cheng would actually announce this matter out loudly, He was really regretting that he had not killed off Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou by now. If he had already killed these two people, then he would also not have to see such a day as today. Now that Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou appeared again, it was equivalent to reminding the others of this matter once again. It would not be a good thing for the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army reputation if it not handled properly.

Ji Mincai was feeling very depressed in his heart since he was partially the cause of all of this mess today. During the detainment procedures of Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou, he was still not yet a member of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. At that time, the one in charge was Xian Yuhong, and Xian Yuhong’s cultivation was a lot higher, compared to him. At the same time, Yuhong’s status was also a lot higher, compared to him. At that time, Ji Mincai really did not want to openly prosecute and kill these two unnamed people, all out of fear towards this Yuhong of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army.

“Commander-in-chief Ji, if this matter is not dealt with severity, my Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army would degrade into a state of disarray, and the people would no longer follow the military laws…” Seeing Ji Mincai hesitate, Ni Gang spoke out once again.

Ji Mincai knew that he had to take away Ning Cheng in the presence of the public. Only then would he have the chance to play down Nan Yuefang’s matter from a big problem to a minor problem before turning it into something trivial.

When he was just about to speak, Ning Cheng once again spoke out in a cold voice, “I did not kill anyone till now doesn’t mean that I am someone who does not kill. If you don’t want to be involved with Ni Gang and Lao Yu, then please step back, or I will be treating you all as an enemy of my Yi Zheng Battalion……..”

Among the cultivator soldiers, especially those who were absorbed from the Yi Zheng Battalion, on hearing Ning Cheng talk about Yi Zheng Battalion, were the first ones to take the initiative to retreat. The Cultivator Army, compared to regular armies, was only slightly different; even if it were not appropriate for the cultivator soldiers of the military, they would still choose to find a place among others to continue with their cultivation, it would not be a big deal.

Back when Kong Pengpeng ended up forced to escape, there was nobody among them who could take up the lead, but now that Ning Cheng stood out, nobody was willing to work themselves to death for Ni Gang. If a new General emerged within the Yi Zheng Battalion, they would certainly not stand up against that general.

Ji Mincai, who was just about to speak, when he saw that many of the ordinary soldiers that previously belonged to the Yi Zheng Battalion chose to retreat on their own, caused him to feel a bit moved and did not continue to speak. Since this had already occurred, so why should he bother to paint this person as evil? Coming to the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army was only to get some gold plates for a few years. In the future, he was anyway going to Heaven’s Way. If Ni Gang wanted to kill this Junior Commander Ning, then he was also happy to see it.

Seeing Ji Mincai not speaking to stop him, Ni Gang took in a breath of cold air, before taking a step forward and instantly arrived in front of Ning Cheng, simultaneously bringing out a giant knife.

Ning Cheng already wanted to kill this person, but he had not thought that he would not even need to step out when Ni Gang would himself take the initiative to deliver himself to him. Bringing out the long black spear, an Ice Net immediately took form from the spear lights.

The giant knife brought out by Ni Gang was not able to break through this seemingly inexhaustible Spear Light, while the Spear Light from the long spear also did not stop for even half a moment. In just a moment, it turned into a single ice-cold Spear Shadow, which not only blew away the giant knife but also pierced through the chest of Ni Gang.

“Bang……” An explosive sound emerged, as Ni Gang’s frozen body exploded to pieces under the impact from his spear. Ning Cheng then just gave a casual wave and grabbed a ring.

A single move, it was just one move. No, it was not even half a move, and Ning Cheng had already killed Ni Gang, an actual General from the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. At this moment, almost all the cultivator soldiers were looking at Ning Cheng with open mouths; did this person possess a Crucible Transformation Cultivation? Ni Gang’s strength and ferocity were already hugely famous throughout the Pu Bu Island.

Ji Mincai also vividly saw Ning Cheng killing Ni Gang in a simple manner, causing his heart to tremble violently. Even if he wanted to kill Ni Gang and even if he went all out from the start, he would not be able to massacre Ni Gang with such simplicity. This Junior Commander Ning’s cultivation, compared to him, was unquestionably higher.

After understanding this, Ji Mincai suddenly burst out in a layer of cold sweat. It was a genuinely narrow escape, if he had issued the order, or even began himself; it would have ended up as a horrible day for him. No wonder he dared to break into the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison. With his cultivation, he would be easily able to sweep through the entire Pu Bu Island by himself.

“Is Lao Yu also going to come up to me?” After Ning Cheng killed Ni Gang, he felt a great deal relaxed, as his gaze once again swept through the Cultivator Army surrounding him.

A pale faced Soul Essence 9th Level Cultivator subconsciously took a few steps back, Ning Cheng immediately realised that this person was undoubtedly Lao Yu.

Two small axes shot out one after another towards Lao Yu, at the same time, Ning Cheng’s long spear once again shot through the space between him and Lao Yu.

Lao Yu had personally seen Ning Cheng’s process of killing Ni Gang. He was just about to flee when he immediately felt the space surrounding him solidifying. One black and one gold Axe Light surrounded him, without leaving a single escape route for him.

“This matter had nothing to do with me, some people wanted Kong Pengpeng’s Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and then find…..” Lao Yu’s words suddenly came to a halt as a long black spear pierced through his glabella.

After Ning Cheng heard the words ‘Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar’, he realised that this matter definitely had another reason. It was a certainty, to obtain resources for advancing to the Soul Sculpting Realm, Kong Pengpeng would sell a bit of the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, but it looks like someone found a trace back to him. They then conveniently used the matter of him killing Shen Tuyun to plot against Kong Pengpeng.

After killing the two generals swiftly, Ning Cheng behaved as if it was just an ordinary matter. He picked up the ring and casually walked up to the front of Ji Mincai.

Ji Mincai subconsciously took several steps back, while his Spiritual Consciousness locked in on Ning Cheng’s Magical Weapon. As long as Ning Cheng made a move on him, he would immediately counterattack.

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