Chapter 0397

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Chapter 0397: Luofei Is Back

Commander-in-Chief Ji, in the past Ni Gang and Lao Yu had wrongfully accused these two meritorious people and ended up blinded by their greed. Sealing away Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou’s meridians with those chain locks, putting them in the Death Row Prison, can Commander-in-Chief Ji mind giving an explanation for it?” Ning Cheng stared at Ji Mincai and coldly asked.

Ji Mincai on seeing Ning Cheng had not immediately started fighting felt relaxed in his heart. In front of an expert on the level of Ning Cheng, even if more soldiers from the Cultivator Army came and besieged him again, it would still only be in vain. What’s more, there was still the matter that the soldiers here might not even choose to side with him. If he decided to give the order, it would be equivalent to using shady laws to go against the truth. More importantly, he did not want to fight against Ning Cheng, which was because there was nothing in it for him.

“This is indeed a regrettable incident; however, I have not been at Pu Bu Island for long. I originally intended to deal with this matter by myself but ultimately wasn’t able to as the matters regarding managing the Pu Bu Island were really too many. Although this matter was not in my hand, I really felt very sorry for Junior Marquise Nan Yuefang and Senior Captain Yang Honghou. I certainly wanted to give them a fair trial.” Ji Mincai not only gave a vague explanation about this matter to Ning Cheng but also said that he did not have anything to do with this matter. As to question relating to the breaking into the Pu Bu Island’s Death Row Prison, he would definitely not let it go, let alone turning a blind eye towards it.

Ning Cheng also did not want to kill and stain the Pu Bu Island with rivers of blood, but since Ji Mincai had spoken it out in such a manner, he also no longer decided to talk any nonsense. He already guessed that this matter had nothing to do with Ji Mincai anyways; moreover, it would also not be worthwhile to offend the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. Once he killed Ji Mincai, he would then be facing another chase down by the many Crucible Transformation Cultivators; in other words, it would not bring in many benefits to him.

As for killing Ni Gang and Lao Yu, Ning Cheng believed that even if the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army chose to interfere, it would still take a lot of time for them to start. If nobody wanted to stand up for Ni Gang and Lao Yu, then him killing the two of them was equal to killing two chickens.

“As far as justice is concerned, I’m sure that Commander-in-Chief Ji would definitely have achieve it. But now that Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou ended up with their meridians severed, I don’t know how Commander-in-chief Ji would tend to it…..” Ning Cheng stared at Ji Mincai and spoke out in a slow voice.

Ji Mincai’s heart sank. He thought that Ning Cheng was trying to search for a fault to begin. However, seeing that Ning Cheng did not seem to want to start, he clenched his teeth before saying, “What happened to Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou is indeed something to lament about. However, the strength of Pu Bu Island is limited, we would really not be able to come out with pills to help restore their meridians……”

Ji Mincai just was about to say that he would definitely send in the request to the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army, when Ning Cheng interrupted his words, “Commander-in-chief Ji, I already know about this. The matter regarding the severing of meridians can be forgotten, you can just represent the Pu Bu Island to provide some compensation, what does Commander-in-chief Ji feel about it?”

As the last of his words emerged, Ning Cheng immediately erupted with an oppressive Imposing Aura. Ning Cheng had already killed the main perpetrators, but to forget the matter of severing meridians, Ning Cheng was now demanding compensation.

Ji Mincai quickly spoke up, “I can represent the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army and for each of the two, put out 500,000 High-Grade Spirit Stones. A Medium Grade Spiritual Artefact in the form of a Flight Type Magical Weapon, a High-Grade Spiritual Artefact in the form of an Attack Type Magical Weapon…”

For a place like Pu Bu Island, the things taken out by Ji Mincai were indeed quite precious; it was enough to provoke the envy of even a Soul Essence Cultivator.

Ning Cheng then turned towards Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou and asked, “Are you going to stay here or do you want to come with me?”

Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou replied without any hesitation, “We would like to go with Junior Commander.”

As long as they were not idiots, it would be impossible for them to willingly stay back at this place.

Ning Cheng then held up his cupped fists before speaking to Ji Mincai, “Let’s differ the compensation according to what Commander-in-chief Ji spoke. That said, we will not be disturbing Commander-in-chief Ji anymore.”

Ji Mincai immediately relaxed, at the same time took out two rings before passing it on to Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng then handed over the two rings to the two of them who were now sporting excited looks before he once again held up his cupped fists and spoke to Ji Mincai, “This time, many thanks to Commander-in-chief Ji for handling this matter fairly. Before saying our goodbyes, I just wanted to ask one last question to Commander-in-chief Ji. Where is Kang Cheng of the Celestial Globe Seven Star Academy?”

Ji Mincai immediately understood that Ning Cheng had not wholly given up; he also wanted to look for Kang Cheng. However, this was not his business, since he had already settled his matter, so whether Kang Cheng ended up dead or not, what did it matter to him anyway?

“Kang Cheng is not at the Celestial Globe Academy, he should have already gone to the Tian Continent. I heard that the Celestial Globe Academy managed to earn a few places for themselves to go to the Tian Continent.” Ji Mincai replied without hiding anything.

Ning Cheng had initially planned a trip to the Jia Continent’s Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy, but since Kang Cheng was not there, then he did not need to make that trip. Taking out a Low-Grade Flight Type True Artefact, he let Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou onto the Airship before immediately departing from the Pu Bu Island.

Ji Mincai on seeing Ning Cheng bring out a Flight Type Magical Weapon that was actually a Low-Grade True Artefact, immediately started rejoicing in his heart that he did not actually start a fight with Ning Cheng. For people who could casually pull out a Flying Type Magical Weapon that was even a Low-Grade True Artefact, how could anyone of them be simple to deal with?


“Junior Commander Ning……” Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou had thought that they would undoubtedly perish without a doubt, but unexpectedly, their sorrow had suddenly transformed into joy when Ning Cheng ended up suddenly saving them. After leaving the Pu Bu Island, the two of them individually thanked Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just gave a smile, “Just call me Ning Cheng, that Junior Commander thing is all in the past, I never cared for it anyway. Here are two Profound Replenishment Pills; you can go inside the cabins to continue connecting your meridians. We can chat later when you are better.”

“Elder Brother Ning, can I also recover my cultivation…” As Yang Honghou received the Profound Replenishment Pill with his own hands, he couldn’t help but speak up in a shaky voice. He had just obtained 500,000 Spirit Stones, but he had already prepared to take it out and give it to Ning Cheng. His cultivation was already a lost cause, so these things were useless to him.

Ning Cheng gently patted him on the shoulder and spoke, “You don’t need to be worried, just go for it.”

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.” Nan Yuefang understood a bit more than Yang Honghou; she knew that Profound Replenishment Pills were Rank 5 Profound Pills, in other words, something almost impossible to obtain for someone like him or her. She had not expected that Ning Cheng would actually give out such precious pills to them.

After they went inside to restore their cultivations, Ning Cheng called out Ning Ruolan.

“Big Brother, have we come out of the Angry Axe Valley?” After realising the disparity between herself and the other cultivators present here, Ning Ruolan cultivated diligently every day, to the point that her progress was actually visible to the naked eye. At this moment, she was already at the Qi Gathering 6th Level.

“En, this time, the harvest was definitely not small; by the way, we ended up on a detour trip to the Pu Bu Island……” Ning Cheng recounted all the things that happened on the Pu Bu Island to Ning Ruolan. At this moment, Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou walked out with a refreshing feeling emanating from them.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, she is……” Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou doubtfully looked at Ning Ruolan standing at Ning Cheng’s side and couldn’t help but ask in confusion. Under the effects of the Profound Replenishment Pill, they only needed to spend half a day to reconnect their Meridians. However, in just half a day how was there another person more amongst them?

Ning Cheng had not yet spoken, when Ning Ruolan naturally stood out and spoke, “I am called Ning Ruolan, Ning Cheng is my big brother. Greetings Senior Apprentice Sister Yuefang, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang Honghou.”

Hearing that she was Ning Cheng’s little sister, they hurriedly came forward to return the greetings. Although Ning Ruolan only had the cultivation of Qi Gathering 6th Level, Ning Cheng had bestowed upon them a life-saving grace, so they did not dare show the slightest of negligence.

“Do you know anything about what happened to General Kong Pengpeng? Can you tell me?” Ning Cheng was still somewhat worried about Kong Pengpeng in his heart. He did not know if Kong Pengpeng was able to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm, if he had not advanced, then being besieged by three experts in the Soul Essence Realm, who can say if he was really able to escape or not.

Nan Yuefang spoke up, “General Kong Pengpeng, because of his military exploits, was able to secure a spot for going to the Tian Continent. Therefore, when those people besieged Kong Pengpeng at that time, nobody chose to stand up to support him. After all, the quotas are already limited; with one less person, the competition would also be less.”

Ning Cheng knew that Nan Yuefang should not have known about the matter relating to the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. For people on the level of Kong Pengpeng, besieged by others, it probably would be because of someone pulling strings behind the scenes. Initially, he had heard Jia Lingwei saying that the Gui Clan was on good terms with the Nine Continent’s Cultivator Army, perhaps this matter might have something to do with the Gui Clan.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, where are we going now?” Hearing Nan Yuefang calling Ning Cheng as ‘Senior Apprentice Brother’, Yang Honghou also changed his form of address to Senior Apprentice Brother.

Ning Cheng first took out a few jade bottles before handing them to Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou and spoke, “There pills would be useful for your cultivation, and it also includes some Profound Life Pills……”

“Aah…..” Hearing the words ‘Profound Life Pills’, Nan Yuefang’s hand immediately shook, almost losing her grip on the jade bottle in her hands. Even if she worked laboriously for dozens of years on Pu Bu Island, she might not necessarily be able to obtain a single Profound Life Pill, but Ning Cheng had casually given a few of them to her.

“En, I have enough pills with me anyway; moreover, these pills are not particularly precious to me. This time, I’m going back to the Ping Continent to collect some debts before continuing with my cultivation. Once my cultivation rises, I then intend to go to the Tian Continent. If you want, I can take you to the Tian Continent……”

Ning Cheng had not yet finished his words, when Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou firstly spoke out, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, we are willing to follow you to the end.”

A quota for going to the Tian Continent, even if it was the Pu Bu Island, almost all the Soul Essence Cultivators were competing for it. Since Ning Cheng had said that he could take them there, this kind of matter, how could not be willing? As for whether Ning Cheng could go to the Tian Continent, Yang Honghou and Nan Yuefang did not have any doubt about it.

Ning Cheng could kill two Generals in just an instant, which means he unquestionably possessed formidable strength.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, it is the greatest fortune in my life to be able to follow you. In the past, when you fought against the Cultivator Army from the Yi Xing Ocean, I knew that you were definitely not ordinary, I really did not misread you……” Yang Honghou was excited to the point that even his eyes had turned red.

Nan Yuefang was not one to speak much, but in the face of such an opportunity, she was also not able to restrain herself, “Fortunately, I had joined your Junior Commander Camp; otherwise, I might have had to toil away in the Pu Bu Island for my entire life.”

Ning Cheng stood up and spoke, “Since all of us are from the same side, I will take you all to join a big Academy. If in the future, when I am not in the Academy, my little sister Ruolan would be depending on you.”

“Big brother, I’ll follow you wherever you go.” Ning Ruolan quickly spoke.

Ning Cheng smiled, “Under normal circumstances, I would definitely stay inside an academy. However, my cultivation needs large quantities of resources. If an Academy is not able to provide it then I would also have no choice but to leave the Academy to find those resources; however, I would definitely return.”

He had already planned it out, once he used up the three pieces of those crystal stones left behind by Meng Jingxiu, his cultivation would definitely be able to rise to another level. As long as he was able to compete with Crucible Transformation Cultivators, he would then be able to lead the few people with him to enter the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect without any problems. Moreover, he was also confident that Rui Baishan would definitely give him some face.


“We have arrived……” Ning Cheng’s airship finally landed outside of the Cang Le City of Cang Qing Province. He looked at the mottled walls, while unable to stop sighing in his heart. Initially, this was the place where he had to make his first escape from, to avoid being hunted down; many years later, he had come here again. The mood he was in was just too difficult to describe with words.

“Big Brother, the Spiritual Qi in this place is so thin. Big Brother Ning, what’s wrong……” Ning Ruolan was accustomed to cultivating inside of a Spiritual Gathering Array, so after she arrived here, she felt that the Spiritual Qi was extremely thin in this place.

However, she immediately put a stop to her words; she could feel that her big brother’s expression was not right.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness fell onto a blue-robed woman, causing a slight bit of redness to emerge on his excited face. It was Luofei; Luofei is back.

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