Chapter 0398

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0398: The Breathtakingly Beautiful Luofei

Ning Cheng soon realised that something was wrong; at this moment, Luofei possessed the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level. Although one could not dare say that she was invincible in the Cang Qin Province, no one would also dare to make a move against her. However, Ning Cheng actually discovered a few Array Formations around the black stone house where he had initially lived with Luofei. Ning Cheng also affirmed that Luofei did definitely not arrange these Array Formations. What’s more, Luofei definitely did not possess the capability to organise these many Rank 3 Array Formations. These Array Formations not only contained Monitoring Arrays Formations but even Entrapment Arrays.

Even if Luofei did arrange these Array Formations, it just did not make any sense to arrange Entrapment Arrays around her own house.

Luofei was standing holding something in her hands coupled with a somewhat dull expression on her face, in the middle of the stone house’s yard. Her eyes also held a gloomy look. Ning Cheng was able to sense her True Essence and Aura Fluctuations, and it felt as if Luofei did not have any cultivation at all.

“Ruolan, you and Yuefang come together, I’ll first go and see Luofei…..” Ning Cheng had already darted towards the city and instantly disappeared.

Ning Ruolan finally understood why her big brother’s expression felt somewhat wrong; it was initially because her sister-in-law Luofei had really come back.

When she saw Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou with a somewhat lost look on their faces, she quickly gave a smile and spoke up, “It would be better if we ambled around, my big brother is going to meet my sister-in-law, and so is somewhat excited. They must have a lot to say to each other. It’s better to wait for a while before going in.”

Nan Yuefang nodded, with her Spiritual Consciousness, she had already seen Ning Cheng entering a stone house, but she quickly pulled back her Spiritual Consciousness after those words.


“Luofei……” Ning Cheng’s abrupt call sobered up Ji Luofei who was still standing in the middle of the courtyard in a daze. She turned her head only to see Ning Cheng staring back at her. Why was she feeling as if she was looking at Ning Cheng who seemed to have just returned? She was looking at Ning Cheng, but why was she having difficulty in recognising him?

“Luofei, it’s me, Ning Cheng. I’m back…” Ning Cheng could see that Ji Luofei showed a pleasantly surprised expression mixed in with panic and hesitation, causing him to feel somewhat pitiful in his heart. He understood something. It was undoubtedly because of the changes in his appearance after he advanced to the Soul Essence Realm, which caused Luofei to be unable to be sure of her instincts.

“Pata…..” The things in Ji Luofei’s hands fell to the ground while dispersing in all directions. It was some paper money and some sacrificial items.

“Ning Cheng……” Ji Luofei’s lips trembled; she finally understood that her feelings were not wrong at all. Ning Cheng had really come back. This feeling was something that came from the bottom of her heart, that made her sure that this person in front of him was indeed Ning Cheng, her fiancé. The reason she had also come here, was to wait for this person.

“Woo….” Not waiting for Ning Cheng to arrive in front of her, Ji Luofei just wasn’t able to bear it any longer. She threw herself into Ning Cheng’s bosom, while her hands wrapped tightly around Ning Cheng. Other than crying her heart out, she wasn’t able to utter even a single word.

Feeling the trembling Ji Luofei in his bosom, rich feelings instantly surged into Ning Cheng’s heart. Fortunately, he chose to return to the Ping Continent; otherwise, how could he see Luofei?

The two of them did not talk, rather quietly hugged each other. Not knowing how long the two were like that, Ning Cheng finally gave a gentle pat to Luofei’s back before speaking, “Luofei, we should really be happy. I will never leave you for any kind of mystical place.”

Previously, he had ended up separated from Luofei because of his trip to the Angry Axe Valley, causing Ning Cheng to feel constantly remorseful. If not for that woman who had rescued Luofei, then perhaps he would have genuinely lost Luofei at that time.

Ji Luofei on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, could help but tremble once again as she slowly lifted her head from Ning Cheng’s bosom.

Ning Cheng could see the panic in Ji Luofei’s eyes, he slowly removed the black washcloth that Ji Luofei was wearing over her face and spoke, “Luofei, you don’t have to worry……”

Ning Cheng’s words abruptly came to a halt, as he saw the peerless face of a woman in front of him. The cute oval face was somewhat pale. The delicate features did not even have a hint of smoke or fire flavour. In the face of such an aura, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a burst of suffocation.

This face did not even have a hint of makeup on it, yet it was still exceedingly beautiful when looked at. Though Luofei was still in Ning Cheng bosom, Ning Cheng felt as if Luofei was like a fairy maiden, as if she would leave him at any moment to ride away with the wind.

That slightly anxious and worried look in her eyes, made Ning Cheng feel as if his heart would just melt away into nothingness. Whether he was the beholder or not, this kind of beauty, Ning Cheng had only seen on Shi Qionghua. However, whether it was the beauty of Luofei or Shi Qionghua, they definitely could not coincide with each other.

“Luofei, you really are beautiful……” Other than these few tacky and cheesy words, Ning Cheng really was not able to find the words to describe Luofei who was still in her arms.

Initially, Ji Luofei still had some hesitation, but after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, the fear and uneasiness in her eyes completely disappeared. It was as if a long lost matter was finally put to rest permanently, while her eyes even showed some joy, “Aunt Gongsun saved me, and she was also the one who helped me restore my appearance. Since you like it, I am the happiest…..”

Ning Cheng was also in an excited mood, he was just about to speak when his complexion suddenly changed once again.

Feeling the change in Ning Cheng’s mood, Ji Luofei worriedly grasped Ning Cheng’s hand. She guessed that Ning Cheng had discovered something.

“Luofei, who put the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on you; or the Restriction Sealing Tags……” Ning Cheng had not even finished his words when a monstrous, murderous aura started surging out from his body. He was extremely familiar with this kind of Restriction Sealing Tag. He also knew from where it had come; moreover, it was the most vicious and the cruellest Spiritual Consciousness Sealing Tag.

He had looked into this matter in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy when he met Na Xinlan. Moreover, he still possessed two of the several boxes of undergarments containing the Power of Hope in his ring. Na Xinlan would definitely not do such a thing; presumably, even that person from the Thoughtless Academy would also not do such a thing. As such, there was absolutely no one other than the Gui Clan’s Gui Feng.

Gui Clan, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a monstrous killing intent rising in his heart towards this entity. Initially, he was going to take care of this matter once his cultivation had increased to a new height, but he did not expect that the Gui Clan would take the initiative to pull a one-up on him. If he had not come back in time, then the result, Ning Cheng was just too scared to even think about it.

Sensing the formidable killing intent caused Ji Luofei, who was still in Ning Cheng’s bosom, to shudder. She subconsciously tightened her embrace on Ning Cheng before speaking, “Since I can see you again, it made me feel very happy. It proved to me that my original choice was not wrong at all, the choice to believe that you would definitely come back.”

“You knew about it already?” Ning Cheng hurriedly converged the killing intent into his body, as he affectionately caressed Ji Luofei’s long hair.

“En, I was put under a Spiritual Consciousness Tag; moreover, a lot of Entrapment Arrays surround my house trapping me inside. However, in the Cang Le City, I was the only person marked with a Spiritual Consciousness Tag, the other women were brought to the Cang Qi 2 Star Academy and are all gathered there. I requested them to let me stay here alone; otherwise, I would self-immolate myself.” Ji Luofei’s voice was a bit shaky, she had initially clung to the idea of dying; as such, she was not much frightened about it in her heart. Now that Ning Cheng had indeed come back, she wanted to be together with Ning Cheng. It once again gave her the reason to live, causing that fear of death to amplify by infinite times.

Ning Cheng’s hand gave a few casual pats on Ji Luofei’s body, instantly causing his True Essence to surround the Spiritual Consciousness Tag placed on Ji Luofei’s shoulder. In merely 1-2 breaths time, the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on Ji Luofei’s shoulder ended up sealed up and extracted by Ning Cheng. The next moment, Ning Cheng transferred this tag into a jade box, while simultaneously putting the jade box away.

Feeling her entire body relax, Ji Luofei looked at Ning Cheng in astonishment before speaking, “Ning Cheng, did you just help me remove the Spiritual Consciousness Tag? How could it be so simple?”

Ning Cheng simply nodded and spoke, “Luofei, you need not be worried. I did not remove the Array Formations outside yet. However, from what I saw, those women gathered at the Cang Qin Academy seem to be happy, judging by their demeanour.”

“That’s because they do not know the reality. Those people just gave them the message that some big academies from the intermediate level continents have a need for more Outer Sect Female Disciples. Gathering them together is only for inspection, to see who among them are qualified and who are unqualified…”

Ji Luofei’s words immediately allowed Ning Cheng to understand something; in this remote corner of the world that was the Cang Qin Province, who didn’t want to become a disciple of a great academy from an intermediate level continent. It was equivalent to a pie falling into their hands from the sky. It was a dream to everyone; therefore, it was also quite reasonable for the women to feel happy about it.

Whether or not it was for this reason that the Gui Clan found Luofei, he had already decided to settle this matter for final.

“It was a bizarre feeling during the time that Spiritual Consciousness Tag was on me, I always felt like lighting some incense and candles……” Ji Luofei seemed to have felt the changes in her.

“I will explain this to you later.” Ning Cheng spoke, then turned towards the door and spoke out in a somewhat loud voice, “Ruolan, you can also come in.”

Ji Luofei immediately understood that Ning Cheng was not the only person who came, she then saw three more people walk into the house.

Ning Ruolan couldn’t help but stare at Ji Luofei in shock. For her, she had already considered Tian Muwan to be the epitome of beauty. However, for the so-called concept of beauty, she genuinely did not care much about it. Nevertheless, when compared to Tian Muwan, Ruolan had initially thought that she would never see anyone more beautiful than Tian Muwan. However, at this moment, she truly believed that there would never be anyone even remotely as pretty compared to Ji Luofei. Was this woman really her sister-in-law?

Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou on seeing Ji Luofei were also secretly surprised in their hearts; Ning Cheng’s wife was unexpectedly so beautiful.

“Sister-in-law Luofei, you really are too beautiful. You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen…..” Ning Ruolan immediately came forward.

Sister-in-law? Ji Luofei doubtfully looked at Ning Cheng, why was this woman addressing her as Sister-in-law.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Ruolan. Luofei and I have not yet married so it would be better to call Luofei as ‘Elder Sister’.”

“Luofei, it’s a long story, I’ll talk it out with you slowly.” Ning Cheng tried to explain to Luofei; at the same time, introduced her to Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghou.

After the round of introductions, Ning Cheng then turned to Yang Honghou and spoke, “You go to the Cang Le City and look for a larger residence. We will be living in the Cang Le City for a while.”

Yang Honghou immediately acknowledged it.

“I’ll accompany him.” Nan Yuefang, sensing that Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei along with his little sister had many words to exchange with each other, immediately felt that it would not be convenient for her to stay back.


One hour later, Ning Cheng spoke out about almost everything. Ji Luofei kept staring at Ning Cheng; she recalled how Ning Cheng had changed so much after his family had perished after he barely escaped death at that time.

“I’m really sorry Luofei. I did not tell you this before.” Ning Cheng on seeing Ji Luofei staring at him, with a somewhat stupid look, stood up and apologised.

Ji Luofei could already see that Ning Ruolan and Ning Cheng’s relationship was very good; she had thought that the two of them only shared a bond of Brother-Sister in name, but it was not the case. Now that she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she realised that Ning Ruolan was really Ning Cheng’s little sister.

Hearing Ning Cheng apologising, Ji Luofei also immediately reacted. She completely disregarded the presence of Ning Ruolan as she stood up and tightly hugged Ning Cheng. She fully understood that the Ning Cheng now and the Ning Cheng from before the change were indeed two different persons and it was because of this reason. However, regardless of whether Ning Cheng had transmigrated or not, it did not matter to her at all. She only knew that she loved the person she was embracing.

Ji Luofei’s actions also was an indication of her thoughts, causing Ning Cheng to gently caress Ji Luofei’s hair and speak, “Luofei, it must have been hard on you over the past few years, talk to me, how did you come here. When was that Restriction put on your body?”

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