Chapter 0399

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Chapter 0399: Attacking Sea Opening

Ji Luofei gradually calmed down; after sitting down once again, she recounted what happened to her during the last few years, “When you went to the Angry Axe Valley that time, I just arrived at the God Wind Academy. Elder Liu took good care of me, not only did he arrange for a separate immortal cave for me, but also made sure that the immortal cave given to me had a Spiritual Grass Garden outside of it. The reason I could cultivate this fast was also due to the cultivation resources that you left behind for me.”

“But the God Wind Academy ended up besieged by unknown enemies. At that time, I thought that I would not be able to escape from that place; fortunately, Senior Gongsun arrived there in time. She said that she was your friend, and immediately attacked the people besieging the God Wind Academy, forcing them to leave. However, she did not kill anyone but only took me away.”

All these details, Ning Cheng, had already heard from the Dean Mann of the Falling Star Academy; however, at this time, when he heard the words directly from Luofei’s mouth, he once again felt grateful towards the white-haired woman. If not for that white-haired old woman, Luofei might have also disappeared just like the God Wind Academy. Because he was worried about Luofei, he wanted to immediately go to the Hua Continent; however, he decided to take a short detour to the Ping Continent before making his way towards the Hua Continent.

“Senior Gongsun had helped me a lot, and now she also helped you, I owe her a lot of favours.” Ning Cheng nodded, while firmly memorising the favours of the white-haired woman in his heart.

“En.” Ji Luofei continued, “Senior Gongsun seemed to have been injured previously, and looked like she was in the middle of healing herself. When I reached the True Condensation 9th Level in my cultivation, her injuries seemed to have mostly healed up. She said that the things she wanted were difficult to attain, so she had to leave the Yi Xing Mainland. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to the Tian Continent. However, I said that I must return to the Cang Le City to wait for you. Therefore, she ended up personally delivering me to the Cang Le City before leaving. I guess she should have already made her way to the Tian Continent. What’s more, when I came back, with my cultivation at the True Condensation 9th Level, the royal family of the Cang Qin Province did not dare to do anything to me.”

“However, I ended up confined in the Cang Le City for more than a year, because of the Monitoring Array Formation placed outside of the house, and the Spiritual Consciousness Tag placed on me. This happened when I encountered an expert almost right after Senior Gongsun, and I parted ways. Even if I wanted to escape, I could not. Besides, I feared that if I left and you came back looking for me…..”

“Luofei, don’t worry. Now that I’m back, I’ll take care of these things.” Ning Cheng could feel the worry in Ji Luofei’s voice and once again comforted her with a sentence.

“No……” Ji Luofei spoke with reddened eyes, “Later, someone came looking for me and asked me to move to the Cang Qin Academy. I did not want to go there, but those people let slip that it was because of the orders from a senior in the Sea Opening Realm. I, I…..”

After hesitating for a moment, Luofei suddenly stood up, “My husband, the two of us can stay here. Let sister Ruolan escape from this place first.”

She knew that Ning Cheng would definitely not abandon her, but she also cannot implicate Ning Cheng’s little sister Ruolan into this mess. She was very clear about an existence of a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm; someone she wouldn’t be able to look up to, even if she wanted to.

Ning Cheng finally understood Ji Luofei’s worry; she feared that if that Sea Opening Realm powerhouse arrived, he would not be able to escape. Luofei then changed her form of address to ‘My husband’, meaning she wanted to officially marry him before that cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm arrived.

“Elder Sister Luofei, is that man really so powerful?” Ning Ruolan couldn’t help but ask. On Earth. Her big brother was already capable of flight, so she thought that her big brother was definitely the most powerful. However, after coming to the Yi Xing Mainland, she began to understand that there were still many cultivators who were a lot stronger compared to her big brother.

“Luofei, Ruolan, you don’t have to worry about it. Even if that person in the Sea Opening Realm came to the Cang Le City, I am not afraid of him. Moreover, he definitely is in seclusion right now, so only after coming out of seclusion could he arrives here. Even with his fastest speed, it would still require a few months of time before he arrives. We can definitely stay in the Cang Le City and cultivate for those few months. As long as Luofei does not willingly walk out from this place, I believe that those people would definitely not come to find you on their own.” Ning Cheng grabbed Ji Luofei’s hand and confronted her.

“Do you already know who he is?” Ji Luofei quaveringly asked.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “I suspect that the reason they came looking for you is probably due to me. If my guess is correct, then that person should very likely be that Gui Feng from Gui Yuan City.”

“Big brother, it’s that pervert….” Ning Ruolan’s voice trembled a bit. Of course, she had heard about Gui Feng’s matter when Na Xinlan spoke to her big brother. She had also seen those undergarments, which made her realise that those things had some relations to something called the ‘Power of Hope.’

She had always thought that these things were far away from her, she honestly had never felt that she would actually encounter such a situation here.

Ji Luofei was also worried about Ning Cheng’s cultivation, but she did not mention it.

“The Ning Clan’s revenge can be put aside, for now, once Yuefang and Honghou return, it would mean that they should have found a place for us to live. We can then move into the new place, I anyway have to seclude myself for cultivation.” Ning Cheng stood up.

Although he did not fear ordinary cultivators in the Sea Opening Realm, the Gui Clan also had a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. Now that Meng Jingxiu had given him three of those crystal stones, he was confident that his cultivation would definitely be able to advance a step further once again. The effect of the crystal stone on his cultivation, Ning Cheng was already too clear about it. It was incomparable to any pill or any kind of Spirit Stone.

“Big Brother Ning, we found a suitable residence.” Yang Honghou’s loud voice arrived; apparently, he was delighted with the residence he found.

After the five of them left the small stone house, no one came to look at it. However, Ning Cheng could see with his Spiritual Consciousness that a Profound Core Cultivator was staring at them from the side; however, that Profound Core Cultivator did not come forward.

Since the other party did not wish to break into a fight just yet, then Ning Cheng also did not want to start a battle on his own initiative. He knew that the opposite party somewhat dreaded him; as such, as long as they did not leave the Cang Le City, they would also not do anything until then.

Inside the Cang Le City, there were only two Profound Core Cultivators. However, in the perspective of the Cang Qin Province, a single Profound Core Cultivator could effortlessly destroy the entire province many times over, let alone two.

However, when it came to Ning Cheng, he could quickly kill these two Profound Core Cultivators without expending any effort at all. Nevertheless, he knew that the time was not ripe for reaping their lives. Even if he had no choice but to fight, he would still wait for others to find trouble with him willingly before starting anything. During this time, he must improve his cultivation.


Yang Honghou and Nan Yuefang had indeed found an exquisite residence; it had a huge front yard and surrounded by more than ten independent rooms. In addition to these, there was also a backyard taking up a large area, a garden full of greenery, along with a sizable pond among other things. This kind of residence would definitely have a sky-high price in the Cang Le City; however, for Yang Honghou, who possessed several hundred thousand high-grade Spirit Stones, he would be able to buy many such courtyards.

After coming here, Ning Cheng first arranged a Spiritual Gathering Array, and then simultaneously arranged a Defensive Array and a Hidden Killing Array outside of the courtyard. These were just for contingencies. Although those two Profound Core Cultivators did not pose any threat to him, it was an entirely different matter for Nan Yuefang and the others.

Other than all these things, Ning Cheng also brought out Grey Toottoot to guard them before all the people simultaneously chose to go into seclusion.

Ji Luofei had obtained a suitable Cultivation Method for herself from the white-haired woman, while Ning Cheng had passed her a new ring containing more cultivation resources. Inside it, besides the several million Spirit Stones, there were also quite a few pills and an introduction to some of the basics of cultivation related matters.

After obtaining all these things, Ji Luofei was able to advance to the Essence Building Realm in just a single night. Now that Ning Cheng had once again come to her side, her heart no longer contained any distractions. With the help of so many resources, her cultivation also started to rapidly soar.


The crystal stones left behind by Meng Jingxiu did not disappoint Ning Cheng. Initially, when Ning Cheng used Spirit Stones for his cultivation, the process was quite slow, but at this moment, his cultivation speed was akin to a ‘hurricane’. His cultivation was always on the rise and was advancing exceptionally quickly. Even the Mysterious Yellow Origin from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, under such a hurricane-like absorption of Spiritual Qi, turned lively.

With Ning Cheng wholly immersed in the middle of his cultivation, he had an indistinct feeling, that what he was absorbing from the Crystal Stone was not at all Spiritual Qi. Instead, it was definitely something other than Spiritual Qi. At the very least, it was a few levels higher in quality than Spiritual Qi.

Ordinary Spiritual Qi, after absorption, would transmute into True Essence, thereby improving one’s cultivation gradually. However, as he absorbed the Spiritual Qi from these crystal stones, not only was he able to quickly advance further ahead when it came to his cultivation, but at the same time, it gave him the feeling that he lacked comprehension of something. As to what kind of awareness he required, he was not able to state it out clearly.

It was as if, in addition to the advancement in cultivation, he also gained a slight comprehension into ways of better utilising Magical Techniques.

This crystal stone is absolutely a top grade cultivation treasure; Ning Cheng immediately understood this point. However, under the crazy absorption from the crystal stone for his cultivation, he placed all such thoughts to one side.

In merely six days, with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Origin and the crystal stone, Ning Cheng was able to advance to the 6th Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm. Half a month later, Ning Cheng rose to the 7th Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm. One month from then, Ning Cheng once again pushed himself to the 8th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm……

At this moment, the Crystal Stone in Ning Cheng’s hand shattered with a ‘Katcha’ sound, at the same time Ning Cheng’s cultivation consolidated at the peak of 9th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm. Almost forty days since he went into secluded cultivation in Cang Le City, Ning Cheng decided to not continue using the rest of his Crystal Stones for his cultivation. Instead, he took an additional ten days to firmly consolidate his cultivation, before finally standing up.

Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, finding Grey Toottoot lying in the sun in the backyard.

At this moment, Ning Ruolan already reached the True Condensation 1st Level in her cultivation. While Nan Yuefang reached the Great Circle of Profound Congealing Realm and was preparing to attack the boundary to the Profound Core Realm. At the same time, Ji Luofei reached the Essence Building 2nd Level. The only person who had a comparatively slow speed was Yang Honghou. However, under Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Gathering Array and the support from pills and Spirit Stones, he was about to break through the Essence Building 1st Level shortly and advance to the Essence Building 2nd Level.

It had been nearly two months since he arrived at the Cang Le City; Ning Cheng knew that if Gui Feng decided to come to the Cang Le City, then it would be quite soon. Therefore, he decided to leave Cang Le City alone to seek out a place to advance to the Sea Opening Realm.

He did possess a few Void Cleaving Pills. The Void Cleaving Pills were Rank 7 Pills; however, this pill, unfortunately, was not entirely up to par for attacking the boundary of the Sea Opening Realm. Unfortunately, although Ning Cheng had many of such Rank 7 Pills when it came to similar Rank 8 Pills, he just had none. That was because he was still unable to refine any Rank 8 Pills. It’s not that he could not do it; instead, it would be too late to start now.

This was indeed not the time to practice Alchemy. This really caused Ning Cheng to feel somewhat depressed, as his Alchemy level had always been a step behind his cultivation.

Whenever he needed a higher rank pill, his Alchemy level was not able to cope up with it.


For Ning Cheng, the best place to undergo the Thunder Tribulation was the Daan Forest.

Ning Cheng had been inside the Daan Forest once before, but his cultivation was quite low at that time. However, with his present cultivation, the Daan Forest was almost as safe as his own backyard.

Ning Cheng found an empty and spacious place to arrange a Spiritual Gathering Array before getting to ready to cross the tribulation.

Even though Ning Cheng was currently at the Great Circle of the Soul Sculpting Realm, and had also arranged about a hundred million Spirit Stones at the critical locations of the Spiritual Gathering Array, Ning Cheng still felt that it would be challenging to attack the cultivation barrier to the Sea Opening Realm. He thought that he would only be able to touch that thin veil of cultivation barrier; as for actually attacking it, Ning Cheng still felt that he lacked the necessary strength.

Nevertheless, taking out several Void Cleaving Pills, Ning Cheng swallowed them all at once. Almost instantaneously, the formidable Spiritual Power contained in the Void Cleaving Pills fired into Ning Cheng’s body just like a flood of Spiritual Power after the dam broke. Ning Cheng forcibly suppressed the discomfort caused by the raging Spiritual Power, gathering up all the Spiritual Power, he then used it to immediately attack the veil of the cultivation barrier to the Sea Opening Realm.

“Boom…..” An extremely powerful tremor shook throughout his body, to the point that Ning Cheng’s mind ended up somewhat dizzy from the powerful impact. However, the cultivation barrier still held fast, just like an insurmountable wall that he could never surpass.

Ning Cheng sighed darkly in his heart, his foundational heritage was just too weak; instead, it could be said that he just did not have any proper legacy to actually learn from, only mindlessly progressing rapidly. If it was not for the Mysterious Yellow Origin and his formidable Body-Forging body, perhaps he might not be able to withstand this kind of rapid progress in his cultivation.

Regardless of whether he would be able to break through this bottleneck and advance to the Sea Opening Realm, Ning Cheng had already set a firm resolve for himself that in the future he would definitely spend enough time to properly consolidate and solidify is cultivation. As for advancing to the Crucible Transformation Realm, it could only be put aside for now.

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