Chapter 0400

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0400: Spiritual Root Derivative

The impact created by the Void Cleaving Pills was significantly smaller than what he had previously thought; allowing Ning Cheng to immediately realise that depending on the Void Cleaving Pills to attack the boundary of the Sea Opening Ream was a delusional idea. He did not hesitate and took out the remaining two crystal stones.

If he did not use the two crystal stones to attack the bottleneck but rather kept slowly attacking it using up massive amounts of Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng had the confidence that he would definitely reach the late stages of the Sea Opening Realm in his cultivation using the two crystal stones after breaking through. Even breaking through to the Crucible Transformation Realm would not be impossible. Unfortunately, he did not have any high-grade pills, nor did he have any heavenly treasure materials saved up for that. He could only depend upon these two crystal stones to break through to the Sea Opening Realm.

Although he could definitely use the energy inside the crystal stones for attacking the boundary, with Ning Cheng’s experience with cultivation, he was still a bit reluctant to use the crystal stone to break through to the Sea Opening Realm.

Finally making up his mind, he held the two crystal stones to the skin nearest to the Dantian, then operating the Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method, he gathered up the raging spiritual power pouring into him to attack the cultivation barrier to the Sea Opening Realm.

The spiritual power from the crystal stone, under the effects of the formidable Cultivation Method, did not move around and dissipate slowly as during Ning Cheng’s general cultivation.

“Bang…..” The spiritual power from the two crystal stones rumbled out, even if Ning Cheng possessed a Rank 5 Imperial Body, this kind of sensation felt unbearable to him as cracks started to appear on his body, oozing blood. The incomparably wild and berserk spiritual power then poured into his Dantian; it felt as if, if it could find an escape point, the next moment, it would end up tearing apart his body from the inside out.

Ning Cheng spurted out a mouthful of blood the same moment when the raging spiritual power, from the crazy absorption from the crystal stone, struck the cultivation barrier. He was sure that no one would attack the cultivation barrier with the same craziness as him. However, Ning Cheng was also convinced that only by absorbing horrifying quantities of spiritual power would someone like him be able to gain a sliver of hope to break into the Sea Opening Realm; otherwise, the only thing that awaited him if he failed was death.

The spiritual power from the crystal stone was incomparably berserk, at the same time, it did not contain even a little bit of that ‘harmonious and reconciliatory intent’. He did not have any pills that could be helpful to him at this moment; moreover, pill creation involved paying particular attention to bringing out this harmonious and reconciliatory intent; as such, pills only posed a slight danger to one’s life. For Ning Cheng to use this crystal stone to attack the cultivation barrier, it was tantamount to steamrolling through the wall. Moreover, it also did not involve much on insights; instead, it relied more on brute force.

Attacking the cultivation barrier to the Sea Opening Realm, even if one possessed a Rank 5 Imperial Body, it would not be an impossible scenario if the body ended up torn asunder. However, Ning Cheng had already steeled his heart to break through this cultivation barrier in one swoop, even if it meant that he would have to gather extreme quantities of spiritual power in his body. If it were not enough, then he would still crazily absorb the Spiritual Qi available from outside to attack the barrier repeatedly.

One time, two times……

As Ning Cheng unceasingly attacked, his cultivation barrier, although was loosened slightly, the spiritual power inside his body was also growing at a terrifying rate. A dripping layer of thick blood covered the surface of his body, it was as if the next moment, his body would no longer be able to contain the spiritual power and end up exploding.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng already experienced undergoing Body Forging in the Sifting Orchid Star; as such, this kind of experience was akin to a slightly elevated level of pain, something still within the scope of his endurance. As long as he could endure such levels of torture, his body would definitely not fall apart.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom……” The entire sky turned cloudy while Ning Cheng was still crazily attacking the barrier to the Sea Opening Realm. He realised that the Thunder Tribulation was about to descend. The reason that Ning Cheng was still struggling to break into the Sea Opening Realm was not due to his inferior qualifications, but because his heritage was still too shallow. All this time, he majorly depended on the Mysterious Yellow Bead to forcefully advance, without any kind of proper legacy. Otherwise, to proceed to the Sea Opening Realm, it would have never been possible in just less than two years.

“Ka-Ka….” Nine powerful Lightning Arcs fell, followed by a Thunder Waterfall, but Ning Cheng chose to not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

He wanted to continue with his Body Forging Cultivation to improve upon his Imperial Body. As such, in the face of this kind of Lightning Arcs, he wanted to see how long he could resist them. His body, filled to the brim with spiritual power, anyway could not move much. He believed that the vast reservoir of spiritual energy in his body would be able to support him in blocking the Thunder Tribulation.

“Bang-Bang… Puff-Puff…” The nine Lightning Arcs almost immediately struck Ning Cheng’s body, causing a burst of blood mist to arise.

“Kacha……” Sounds of bones breaking immediately resounded throughout his body, causing Ning Cheng’s heart to sink. He found that he had definitely made a mistake in his assumption, the spiritual power in his body and the external Thunder Tribulation were two entirely different things. The spiritual power inside was fundamentally not his own strength; as such, wanting to use it to block the Thunder Tribulation would be impossible.

Although he would be able to reduce his injuries inflicted on him with the help of the Body Forging Cultivation Method, and can even use it to quickly strengthen and temper his corporeal body, the speed and intensity of this Thunder Tribulation were too frightening. He was not able to activate the Body Forging Cultivation Method to repair his physical body when the Thunder Tribulation had already descended on him in its entirety.

Seeing that a broad swath of the Thunder Waterfall was about to descend, Ning Cheng immediately realised that he would not be able to resist it. If he did, he would die without a doubt.

However, at this time, Ning Cheng suddenly felt a trace of cyan coloured spiritual source flowing into his meridians. His meridians automatically absorbed this incoming spiritual source in a flash. Moreover, his cultivation instantly took a significant leap forward after he absorbed this spiritual source.

“Kacha…..” Unexpectedly, at this moment, the Sea Opening Realm’s cultivation barrier started cracking apart.

Ning Cheng’s mind immediately blacked out for a moment in this instant due to the intense pain; however, by the time he sobered up, it was unexpectedly too late to bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

The next moment, the broad swath of Thunder Waterfall fell onto Ning Cheng’s body. Ning Cheng’s entire body shook, not waiting for him to activate his Cultivation Method, the Mysterious Yellow Formless automatically kicked into operation.

Nevertheless, just as this Thunder Waterfall exploded onto his body, it immediately caused large swaths of blood and flesh to evaporate from his body. However, unexpectedly, the Thunder Waterfall ended up entirely absorbed by him, which then turned into a cyan coloured spiritual source, allowing his cultivation to take another significant leap forward.

A most strange sensation started to well up in Ning Cheng; at this moment, he almost could not believe his senses. This was the first time that he was actively able to sense his own Spiritual Roots. He discovered that he actually felt the fire, water, wood, ice, along with wind and thunder, i.e. six different types of Spiritual Roots. It caused Ning Cheng to forcibly check his Sea of Consciousness. Finding that it really was the case; he really did have a fire, water, wood, ice, wind and thunder; six completely different Auras of their respective Spiritual Natures in his Sea of Consciousness.

The aura of the Thunder Spiritual Nature was the weakest, but as he continued to absorb that cyan coloured spiritual source, the Thunder-type Spiritual Qi was gradually expanding, allowing his cultivation to increase progressively. Ning Cheng almost instantaneously understood that the cyan coloured spiritual source was actually the Thunder Source. Since he had the Thunder Spiritual Root, he was now able to absorb this Thunder Source.

His Spiritual Roots were continuously improving and evolving; moreover, he was now even able to perceive and see it, causing Ning Cheng to feel pleasantly surprised in his heart. He was sure that not many people would be able to sense their own Spiritual Roots, let alone see them, yet he was able to unexpectedly achieve this.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” A massive piece of Lightning Arc once again fell down, causing Ning Cheng to sober up and realise that he was still in the middle of crossing his tribulation.

As his cultivation rose, Ning Cheng also felt that the berserk spiritual power in his body has become a lot milder. Once again, a large piece of Lightning Arc followed by a broad swath of Thunder Waterfall fell onto Ning Cheng’s body. However, Ning Cheng was still not willing to bring out his Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

Even if his body arrived at the brink of collapse, he must absorb this Thunder Source. At this moment, only by incorporating that Thunder Source, would he be able to increase his cultivation, allowing him to once again grasp the opportunity to advance to the Sea Opening Realm. Otherwise, once his corporeal body collapsed under the impacts from the energy of the two crystal stones, he would definitely be finished. It was not just a matter of his physical body collapsing but actually involved his small, pitiful life.

The spiritual power he absorbed from the two crystal stones was akin to overturned oceans, which were cooperating with an endless Thunder Source to affect the Sea Opening Realm’s cultivation barrier.

“Bang…..” The cultivation barrier was already heavily cracked, but under this kind of repeated impacts, it finally blew open. It was like a brand new door that appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

Formidable strength penetrated his entire body, causing the spiritual power flowing throughout his meridians to suddenly explode, turning into True Essence for his cultivation in just an instant.

The Thunder Tribulation in the sky continued, but Ning Cheng knew that he now did not have to fear this Thunder Tribulation. Therefore, he did not even move to dodge it, while at the same time crazily absorbed the remnant energies from the crystal stones to consolidate his own cultivation. At the same time, he also crazily incorporated the Thunder Source to grow his Thunder Spiritual Root.

If there were anyone who could afford to feel the ecstasy of cultivation while crossing his or her tribulation, then it would definitely be Ning Cheng. Currently, although the Tribulation Thunder Arcs were exploding on his body, he was still continually absorbing massive amounts of Spiritual Qi, and the Thunder Source contained in it, to improve and solidify his cultivation. Even the Mysterious Yellow Origin was fully active at this moment, filling up the meridians in Ning Cheng’s body while Ning Cheng continually operated his Cultivation Method to improve upon his cultivation.

Although, he had a completely broken down corporeal body before; however, it was healing with speed visible to the naked eye. Although his body currently looked scary, it was just a layer of bloody froth covering it, giving him an extremely injured look.

Not knowing how long this state lasted for, the two crystal stones had now completely turned into powder. Ning Cheng also suddenly opened his eyes. At this moment, the Thunder Tribulation had already vanished without even a trace left behind. However, the hundreds of square meters of the area around him had turned to nihility while he was crossing his tribulation.

Feeling the formidable strength coursing through his body, Ning Cheng finally was not able to bear it and shouted out in joy. He finally had the qualifications to contend against Crucible Transformation Cultivators. He had finally completed crossing his tribulation; at the same time, he was already at the peak of 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm.

“Who?” Ning Cheng suddenly paused as he stared deep into the Daan Forest.

“Crossing a puny tribulation, yet making others feel that you seem to have broken through the shackles of the universe. This is the first time that I saw such a boring person.” A voice transmitted over along with the ringing of a bell. The next moment, a scarlet-robe wearing young girl appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s heart immediately tightened, this young girl gave the impression that her age was definitely not low. However, she had a porcelain doll-like face, which made others feel that she was definitely not old at all.

Not only did she have a porcelain doll-like face, but her skin was also completely smooth and white. As if a touch could disintegrate it. She had a pair of large and bright eyes, as she tightly stared at Ning Cheng, sizing him up from top to bottom.

Ning Cheng only then discovered that the rampage from the Thunder Tribulation and the spiritual power from the two crystal stones ended up shredding all his clothes. Currently, he looked as if rags were the only thing covering him, just like the loose clothes on a beggar’s body.

Ning Cheng knew that he should clean himself and change into a set of clean clothes, but he did not dare to do such a thing right now. The scarlet-robed young girl, who looked like a porcelain doll, was giving him a very dangerous feeling. He even suspected that he was not her opponent.

“I want to change my clothes, can you look the other way.” Ning Cheng stared at this scarlet-robed young girl and spoke out quietly. However, he did not feel any shyness. Not to mention that he still had some rags covering him, even if he not covered at all, there was nothing for him to feel shy about.

In the face of his intuition that was screaming to him that she was a very dangerous woman, Ning Cheng did not dare to do anything reckless. He was even prepared to bring out all of his 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes in a moment.

“Is Daan Forest your home? Even if I wanted to look at you, would your changing clothes have any impact on me?” The scarlet-robed young girl carelessly spoke from the side. While at the same time, her eyes roamed around over Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng slowly moved back. However, he soon found that no matter how far he retreated, this woman would always move forward the same distance; at the same time, this woman gave him a somewhat different feeling that she meant no harm.

Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness. He guessed that if this young girl wanted to attack him, then it would definitely be when he started to dress. As such, he wished to take advantage of the terrain to escape first.

“Luofei……” Ning Cheng was shocked, how did Luofei come here? After he swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, Ning Cheng immediately spotted Luofei. Ning Cheng did not choose to keep an eye on this young girl when he suddenly rushed to the front of Luofei.

Luofei’s cultivation was too weak. He could not let that scarlet-robed young girl bring even half an injury to Luofei.

“So it was true, Wu Wu….” Ji Luofei on seeing Ning Cheng covered in blood and clothed in rags that barely covered his body, could not help but cry out after embracing Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng felt his heart clench, he speculated that this had something to do with the scarlet-robed young girl. However, he actually discovered that scarlet-robed young girl had disappeared from the range of his Spiritual Consciousness. Where did that scarlet-robed young girl go?

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