Chapter 0401

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0401: Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique

Ning Cheng quickly asked, “How did you come here?”

“A scarlet-robed young girl forcibly brought me here and said that you were fighting with someone and that it looked hazardous. Even your clothes are gone, it made me feel incredibly anxious, it……” Ji Luofei spoke while at the same time took out a white towel and started wiping off the blood from Ning Cheng’s body.

“Huh…..” After Ji Luofei wiped off some of the blood, she immediately stared at him in a somewhat stupid manner. Although Ning Cheng looked heavily injured, with a thick layer of semi-dried blood covering his entire body, after she rubbed some of it off, she found that the skin beneath was smooth and healthy.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “I was just crossing my tribulation here, not fighting against anyone. That person lied to you. Let me change into a fresh set of clothes first.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng quickly moved to find a water source to wash the dirt and grime off himself. Quickly cleaning up the blood and grime covering his body, he then changed into a set of clean robes.

Ji Luofei, who was looking at him from the side, could also feel that there was something wrong. It seems like she was undoubtedly deceived.

After Ning Cheng changed into a set of clean clothes, he instantly felt a lot more refreshed as he hugged Ji Luofei, “Don’t trust others this easily next time. We don’t know what that young girl intended with that kind of actions, if she had any evil intentions, then it could easily be guessed that you are all in danger.”

Ning Cheng wrapped his arms around Ji Luofei while still somewhat scared in his heart. Not to mention if he could even match against that young girl; if that young girl used Luofei to blackmail him, what could he do?

Fortunately, Luofei remained untouched. However, he did not understand why that young girl did such a thing.

“Ning Cheng…” Ji Luofei kept hugging Ning Cheng. Thinking back to Ning Cheng’s appearance from a moment before, her expression turned a lot gentler.

Ning Cheng, on sensing the tender feelings in Ji Luofei’s eyes, couldn’t bear to not kiss her. Ji Luofei’s entire body turned weak as if she wanted to melt into Ning Cheng’s bosom. She had shared a kiss with Ning Cheng before, but it was not the same as this time. The two of them naturally found it difficult to separate themselves from each other at this moment.

Ji Luofei could feel Ning Cheng’s emotions turn fiery. She was about to speak out, when a voice suddenly interrupted them, “Hehe, you really are someone who does not know what ‘shy’ means aah, the two of you being so intimate with each other outside, under broad daylight, doing such bold things……”

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness immediately swept out but was only able to see a red shadow quickly disappearing over the horizon.

Ji Luofei immediately sobered up from that initial fiery tenderness that she felt. Although she felt shy about it, she couldn’t help but speak out in anxiety, “Does that young girl want to deal with Ruolan?”

“No, with her cultivation, if she wanted to deal with someone like Ruolan, then she would not need to show such superfluous movements, not to mention spewing such words to bring you here. However, it would be better if we head back quickly.” Although he felt that she wouldn’t create problems with Ruolan’s group of people, Ning Cheng still harboured some worries about this mysterious young girl who was able to appear and disappear at will.

“Do we go back and get married?” Ji Luofei’s face contained a rosy flush; she could feel Ning Cheng’s lingering thoughts.

Ning Cheng gently picked up Ji Luofei, then activating the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, quickly rushed out of the Daan Forest. After hearing those words from Ji Luofei, he once again lowered his head to kiss Luofei in his arms, “En. However, before we do that, I have one more thing to tell you…..”

After successfully advancing to the Sea Opening Realm, Ning Cheng started to think about how he should break the subject about Shi Qionghua to Ji Luofei. He thought it would be the best if he could marry the two of them together.

After all, he and Ji Luofei were fiancés to each other. Therefore, he did not know if Ji Luofei would become angry because of this matter. If Luofei really became mad because of it, then he really did not know how he should proceed from there.

“I will listen to you.” Ji Luofei gave an ‘En’ sound followed by a few words and no longer spoke. She was currently feeling wholly safe and utterly content. Other than this moment, she felt that there was nothing else worth remembering.

When it was time for them to leave the Ping Continent, she had planned to ask Ning Cheng to take her to the depths of the Daan Forest to search for her father’s remains, along with the place where her father had perished in the Daan Forest. Whether or not the two of them could find anything, she wanted to hold a memorial service for her father. After that, she would leave together with Ning Cheng and would go to any place that he took her.


Back in their own residence, the Nan Yuefang trio still was in secluded cultivations. The scarlet-robed young girl had also not shown herself again, it seemed as if nothing out of the ordinary happened at all.

Ning Cheng, on seeing that his Array Formation remained untouched, knew that this scarlet-robed young girl was not simple at all. The Array Formation that he had set up was an actual Rank 6 Defensive Array Formation; to be able to enter and exit this kind Array Formation at will showed that the opponent’s strength was definitely not ordinary. However, from this young girl’s movements, Ning Cheng could tell that she really did not mean any harm to him; as such, Ning Cheng also did not take it to heart.

After advancing to the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, Ning Cheng did not immediately leave to massacre those two Profound Core Cultivators, nor did he go to the Cang Qin Academy to rescue those women put under that restriction.

He was in no hurry to accomplish these things in the present moment, which was because he still had the Spiritual Technique Jade Strip. At this time, with advancing to the 1st Level of the Sea Opening Realm, he wanted to explore the Spiritual Technique in the jade strip given to him by Elder Brother Cang Wei.

After Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into the jade strip containing the Spiritual Technique, he discovered that there was not even a single character inside of this jade strip. While Ning Cheng was pondering in doubt, a vast intent suddenly poured into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness.

“… Point towards the timber, the fire spreads, not knowing its ends or its limits. Once out, its wrath not slower than lightning flash……”

A passage appeared in Ning Cheng’s mind; Ning Cheng immediately concentrated his mind on it, while closing off his senses, cutting himself off from any distractions. From the first few words of the phrase, he understood that although the timber for fire might be of limited quantity, ‘fire’ itself possessed the property to slowly continue spreading indefinitely without any end.

As for the following words, Ning Cheng immediately understood its intent, i.e. do not let the fire to spread slowly; instead, let the fire rumble out in a one-time blazing inferno. The concentrated power contained in that one blaze would be more than enough to kill the opponent. After the words ‘wrath not slower than lightning’, there were no further pointers. Just as Ning Cheng started to turn anxious, a set of towering scenes abruptly appeared in his consciousness. These scenes were just like an electro-optic projection in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, rapidly flashing about in a seemingly disjoint manner.

Ning Cheng immediately reeled in his mind, while he concentrated all his thoughts and consciousness onto those disjoint flashing scenes.

Time slowly passed, in a blink of an eye Ning Cheng ended up in seclusion for about a full month. However, Ning Cheng’s mind kept repeating those flashing scenes.

Those scenes felt as if they were never ending, but then suddenly a ‘Katcha’ sound emerged, and all those disjoint flashing scenes melted away as if they never existed in the first place. However, Ning Cheng unconsciously was starting to link up all those disjoint scenes.

Not knowing for how long he was in that state, Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes once again. The jade strip that Cang Wei gave him turned into flying ash and disappeared without a trace. It looks like there was only a single opportunity to comprehend this Spiritual Technique, if one could not grasp it in one shot, they would never get a second opportunity to try understanding it.

Ning Cheng secretly rejoiced that he had actually waited to advance to the Sea Opening Realm before choosing to look at this jade strip. Otherwise, he was sure that he would never be able to comprehend this Spiritual Technique during the time he was in the Soul Sculpting Realm.

Even if it was now, he was only able to obtain a bit of superficial knowledge.

This was a Spiritual Technique called ‘Maximal Flame’. From this, Ning Cheng did not need to guess and understood what it entailed. It must be because Cang Wei knew that he possessed an excellent flame spark, because of which he gave him the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique.

It looks like the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique needed a Flame Spark as a base, at the same time he should also be able to bring out this Flame Spark, only then would it be able to make contact with the surrounding world. Then, in the shortest possible time, it would suck out the fire elements from the surrounding. These sucked out fire elements would then combine with the Flame Spark, causing it to produce a ‘lightning flash’, causing the fire elements in the surrounding space to ‘disappear’, projecting a false spacial collapse.

This collapse would cause everything to come to a temporary halt; at that moment, the Spiritual Technique would then unleash a blazing inferno, causing everything and anything within the space devoid of fire elements to turn into dust.

This was the most crucial point of the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique; it uses the disappearance of the fire element to create an illusion of a Spacial Collapse. Although it did not actually create a Spacial Collapse, as long as there was this illusion of Spacial Collapse, and he was able to seize this immediate opportunity of this fake Spacial Collapse, it would be tantamount to a successful execution on strike.

Only, this kind of Spiritual Technique not only needed a Flame Spark but also required one to have a robust True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness.

Ning Cheng’s thought process then finally fell onto the Flame Spark, quietly hovering in his Sea of Consciousness. He eventually was not able to bear it and wanted to try the technique.

His Star River’s shell was already sporting a few cracks, bringing out a hint of a vague flame. However, concerning the formidable nature of the Star River, Ning Cheng had already experienced it first-hand. At the same time, since his Star River had not yet fully hatched, so he thought that even if he successfully displayed the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, it would not have too much of an impact on him or it.

Ning Cheng stood up, at the same time brought out the Star River Spark. Operating it together with the prescribed technique’s method and coordinating with his Spiritual Consciousness, it then rushed out into the surrounding.

At this time, Ning Cheng’s surrounding suddenly started to heat up. In just a moment, the Star River that he brought out gave out a ‘Katcha’ sound, as soybean-sized clumps of flames suddenly appeared on the outer shell of the Star River Seed, seemingly swallowing it. It also seemed as if the Star River had sucked away the surrounding heat at this particular moment.

Ning Cheng suddenly experienced an illusion that his surroundings had started to collapse, it was as if the surrounding space had started to completely disappear from existence. However, at this moment, the True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness inside his body began to flow out like a river bursting through a dam.

Just when Ning Cheng thought his body would end up squeezed entirely dry, a loud ‘Bang’ resounded as a horrifying explosion erupted right in front of him. Ning Cheng saw a flame in the shape of a fireball rush out in front of his eyes. The next moment, he plopped down at the same spot, wholly exhausted.

At this point, he could not even move even if he wanted to, not only was his Spiritual Consciousness wholly exhausted, even his True Essence had utterly dried up. It was as if all the power of his body had completely disappeared without even a trace left behind.

The simple room he was in had turned into nihility a moment ago. Fortunately, he did not have anything placed in the room, as even the ground had burnt to ashes, replaced by a gigantic black hole. Luckily, outside the range of the Maximal Flame’s eruption, the effect was negligible.

“Such powerful Spiritual Technique.” Ning Cheng exclaimed to himself in his heart, as he felt lucky that he was able to try it beforehand. Otherwise, if he ended up fighting against someone and chose to suddenly use the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique; if he could not kill the opposite party in that instant, then the only thing for him to do would be to wait for his death. Even with his powerful True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness sucked out, it only resulted in inducing an illusion of the Spacial Collapse.

“Big Brother…..” Ning Ruolan and Ji Luofei’s voice almost came out simultaneously. Ning Ruolan, Ji Luofei, Nan Yuefang, and Yang Honghou rushed over immediately. The explosion produced by Ning Cheng was just too big. Even Grey Toottoot ran over, shocked as it looked at Ning Cheng’s room.

Ji Luofei immediately came forward to help up Ning Cheng; only then was Ning Cheng able to restore some of his strength. He quickly swallowed several pills, before he spoke out in a somewhat embarrassed voice, “It looks like the sound caused by my cultivation was a bit too loud, causing you all to exit your cultivations.”

“Big Brother, doesn’t cultivation only require one to operate according to the prescribed Heavenly Cycles? Did you end up causing your Pill Furnace to explode a moment ago while practising Alchemy?” Ning Ruolan looked at the giant pit in the room, along with the disintegrated place in front of her and couldn’t help but ask in astonishment. She couldn’t help but think that even if a Pill Furnace exploded, would it really create this kind of terrible scene?

Ning Cheng’s vision then swept at the Star River in his Zifu, the Star River was now entirely out of its shell, and was a like a soybean-like flame suspended in his Zifu.

Ning Cheng immediately felt great joy in his heart. He was just about to speak when he suddenly frowned. Ning Cheng quickly took out the jade box containing the Spiritual Consciousness Tag. He knew that Gui Feng had finally come. The arrival of this person was just too coincidental; it was immediately after he was sucked dry after trying out the Spiritual Technique.

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