Chapter 0402

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Chapter 0402: Who Am I?

Ning Cheng quickly swallowed several Clear Jade Pills, he was just about to bring out and consume the rest of his Spiritual Medicines that could help recover his True Essence as soon as possible, when he discovered that Gui Feng was not coming towards them; instead, his direction was towards the Cang Qin Academy.

Ning Cheng realised that although Gui Feng’s appearance seemed to be quite timely, it was indeed not deliberate. After swallowing the Clear Jade Pills, Ning Cheng was able to rapidly recover his exhausted True Essence. In merely half an incense stick worth of time, he was able to recover most of it.

At this moment, Gui Feng could be seen conversing with the two Profound Core Cultivators; however, Ning Cheng did not show even the slightest hint of worry in the face of such a scene. He could already sense that Gui Feng was at 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, even lower than his own cultivation at present. So why would Ning Cheng have to fear Gui Feng? Especially since Ning Cheng himself was a cultivator at the peak of 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm.

“I’m fine. Let’s go, we should head to the Cang Qing Academy and meet that Gui Feng. After taking care of the matters at the Cang Qin Academy, we will then leave the Ping Continent.” Ning Cheng motioned Ji Luofei and the other to not to continue worrying.

“She came again….” Ji Luofei suddenly moved near to Ning Cheng while whispering those words in Ning Cheng’s ears.

Ning Cheng turned his head and saw a scarlet-robed young girl standing silently at the entrance to his courtyard. The same porcelain doll-like scarlet-robed young girl who Ning Cheng had encountered after crossing his tribulation.

As to when this scarlet-robed young girl arrived, Ning Cheng could not even sense it. It immediately caused a shock to run through him. This kind of cultivation was just too horrifying.

“Are you going to fight? Or should I shoot over there to take a look if it is all right?” The scarlet-robed young girl spoke while giggling, as she tilted her head and looked at Ning Cheng.

“Who on earth are you?” Ning Cheng hinted Ning Ruolan and the others to move back while asking in a calm voice. He honestly did not understand as to why this scarlet-robed young girl was looking for him repeatedly. Moreover, from what he sensed, the opposite party did not have any kind of evil intentions towards him or his people.

The scarlet-robed young girl, who had a very astute and sophisticated expression on her face a moment ago, gawked when she heard Ning Cheng’s words. A feeling of somewhat mature yet incomparable ridicule appeared on her face before it disappeared in just an instant, while she muttered to herself, “Who am I really? Who am I?”

As she muttered those words, she unexpectedly grabbed her own hair and began pulling on it, while her expression also turned into one of anxiety.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but look at this scarlet-robed young girl in confusion. He was aware that this scarlet-robed young girl’s behaviour was somewhat eccentric before, but seeing her reaction right now, the word ‘eccentric’ would not be enough to describe it.

Ning Ruolan couldn’t help but feel a bit sympathetic towards this young girl’s plight, and spoke out in a low voice, “Do you know your name? Or at least where you came from?”

“What’s my name? Yes, my name is Shiluo Xin, from the Lost Mountains… Who am I again? Who am I? Who am I…?” The scarlet-robed young girl kept pulling on her hair and quickly made a mess of her supple hair.

[TL Note – ‘Shiluo Xin’ literally translated to ‘Lost Mind’.]

Ning Cheng just wanted to say the words ‘don’t worry’ and ‘stop thinking for a while’, when this scarlet-robed young girl suddenly turned around before instantly disappearing from the vision of the people she was standing in front of.

Ning Cheng on seeing this felt secretly horrified, what kind of cultivation was this? His Spiritual Consciousness was not even able to get a glimpse of the opposite party as she left. With this kind of cultivation, wouldn’t she be able to travel back and forth throughout the entire Yi Xing Mainland unimpeded? How was there such a terrifying existence residing in a place deficient of Spiritual Qi like the Ping Continent?

Just now, didn’t she say that her name was Shiluo Xin from the Lost Mountain? Was it a reference to the Lost Mountain Range?

However, at this time, a powerful Spiritual Consciousness swept over Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng knew that by now Gui Feng should have finally realised as to what had happened. Ning Cheng guessed that this Gui Feng would soon be coming to look for him.

“Let’s go to the Cang Qin Academy.” Ning Cheng put away Grey Toottoot, after putting aside the matter relating to the scarlet-robed young girl. He was sure that the scarlet-robed young girl’s cultivation, compared to him, was far higher.

Gui Feng was genuinely preparing himself to seek out Ning Cheng. However, when he saw Ning Cheng unexpectedly making his way towards him, he couldn’t help but give a sneer. He decided to stay put and wait for Ning Cheng to come over.


“Elder, this is the person who carried off that Ji Luofei, but we are not his match. However, since this person did not leave the Cang Le City, so we did not act out in a rash manner.” The two Profound Core Cultivators on seeing Ning Cheng arrive at the Cang Wing 2-Star Academy hurriedly explained things to Gui Feng in a low voice.

“Who are you? Daring to carry off my disciple?” As Gui Feng talked, his gaze swept over Ji Luofei’s face causing a trace of fiery temptation to flash across his eyes. He had not seen Ji Luofei before, mainly since his subordinates were the ones who placed all the restrictions including the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on her.

However, at this time, when he laid his eyes on Ji Luofei, he was immediately shocked in his heart. Prompting him to blurt out Ji Luofei being his disciple. He had seen too many beautiful women, even the number of beautiful female cultivators that he had soiled and massacred were bordering on being countless. However, he had never seen anyone more outstanding than Ji Luofei in front of him. She was someone comparable to even the Le Continent’s ‘Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stock’. No, she was even slightly better than the Le Continent’s ‘Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stock’.

Nevertheless, when it came to the Le Continent’s Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stock, he could never dare to lay his hands on them. However, when it came to any other woman, nobody would be able to stop him from plucking them once they got into his eyes.

Ning Cheng calmly heard the words Gui Feng spoke. He immediately understood that the opposite party had not come here because of him; instead, he had come by his own initiative to find Luofei and accidentally stumbled onto him. Otherwise, Gui Feng would have definitely known about his existence. No wonder they did not carry off Luofei even after such a long time. That was because she was already marked for Gui Feng.

Ning Cheng did not immediately pay attention to this Gui Feng; in fact, he went ahead and actually ignored him. He merely raised his hand, causing two black lines to shoot out without even making the slightest sound. The two Profound Core Cultivators could not even react when Ning Cheng’s two axes directly killed them.

“No wonder you are so arrogant…..” Gui Feng on seeing that Ning Cheng was able to effortlessly kill off his two subordinates, something that even he could not react to in time, immediately knew that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was lower than his own was. His pupils contracted, while a strong killing intent started to overflow out of him.

Cang Qin Academy’s Dean Yan Yuankai, who was standing on one side, couldn’t help but shiver uncontrollably. He was extremely clear that these two Profound Core Cultivators were much more powerful than he was. Even just one of them would be able to play around with him with only a single hand. Although he was currently in the Great Circle of the True Condensation Realm, he just did not have even half a shred of ability to resist them.

Nevertheless, even those two mighty people, in front of this young man, let alone fight back, they could not even react before they ended up dead. Just how terrifying was this young man’s cultivation?

Why did his Cang Qin 2-Star Academy become the playground of so many horrifying characters? This was merely a remote corner of the world and couldn’t be any more distant. At this time, he was somewhat afraid. Those two Profound Core Cultivators had detained many of the beautiful young female cultivators in the Cang Qin Academy, saying that the Intermediate Level Continent’s prominent academies wanted to recruit them as Outer Disciples; however, was this indeed the truth?

Although overflowing with dense killing intent, Gui Feng did not immediately start fighting. The previous attack from Ning Cheng was definitely not an accident, which made him realise that Ning Cheng was probably not a simple opponent.

Ning Cheng also did not immediately start battling out with Gui Feng; instead, he spoke out to the hundred odd young female cultivators detained in this place, “I once was a disciple of the Cang Qin Academy……”

All of the startled female cultivators had seen Ning Cheng killing the two Profound Core Cultivators as if he was harvesting grass, but on hearing Ning Cheng say that he was once a disciple of the Cang Qin 2-Star Academy, all of them suddenly forgot their fears. Instead, an incomparable shock replaced that fear as they stared at Ning Cheng. When did the Cang Qing 2-Star Academy have such a terrifying disciple?

“Do you even realise the fate that is in store for you? It definitely does not entail becoming an Outer Disciple; instead, it is extracting all of your Essence Blood, before pulling out the Power of Hope from it. In other words, you are just going to be used as animals for slaughter…..” Ning Cheng then pointed at Gui Feng and continued, “Moreover, your bodies already have been marked with a Spiritual Consciousness Tag by this beast. This Spiritual Consciousness Tag is specifically meant for nurturing the Power of Hope inside of you, just waiting for him to extract this power from you……”

“Who the hell are you?” Gui Feng abruptly interrupted Ning Cheng’s words, while his entire body started to crazily overflow with murderous anger. Some of the lower levelled cultivators that were close to him were directly sent flying because of this explosion of violent, murderous rage, causing them to vomit out several mouthfuls of blood.

At the same time, Gui Feng also experienced waves of shock in his heart. In this tiny place, there were still people who knew about the Power of Hope, even knew that he wanted to use these female cultivators to extract the Power of Hope from them.

All of the female cultivators were looking forward to joining a great academy, but after those words, they immediately started to panic. Although they felt it odd initially, it was only an uncertain feeling. Now with Ning Cheng’s reminder, these female cultivators began to sense a terrifying fear well up inside them as they unconsciously started stepping back.

“Remember the man who killed you is called Ning Cheng.” As Ning Cheng spoke, all his 36 Axes came out and started revolving around his body.

“You were the one who killed my nephew Yuhai…..” Gui Feng on hearing the name ‘Ning Cheng’, it caused his eyes to bulge as if they were about to jump out of his eye sockets. Raising his hand, a gloomy-looking Virgin Hope Pagoda appeared in his hands.

A strange sound spread out from this pagoda; at the same time, there were also some inexplicable prayers and hymns mixed in with this unusual sound.

This Virgin Hope Pagoda had still not approached Ning Cheng when Ning Cheng felt a specific humming sound within his Sea of Consciousness.

“Yuefang, take Ruolan, and the others to move back……” Ning Cheng’s 36 Axes then split into a gold and a black coloured Axe Trace.

“Playing with me, you are still a little tender…..” Gui Feng roared out loudly. At the same time, the pagoda in his hand also rumbled out.

The Virgin Hope Pagoda, in just a twinkling of an eye, transformed into a dozen meter tall pagoda as it smashed onto Ning Cheng. A path filled with prayers encompassing the Power of Hope shot out of the tower in the form of sound waves, completely sealing up the 36 Small Axes that had not yet completed their attack.

Ning Cheng’s 36 Small Cosmic True Devil Axes, under the effects of the sound waves from the Virgin Hope Tower, ended up endlessly tumbling around in the air, unable to leave this sound wave encirclement to attack Gui Feng.

Ning Cheng was also feeling a one of a kind extreme discomfort. His strength was stronger than Gui Feng’s was, yet he had a feeling that he lacked focus. This Gui Feng’s Virgin Hope Pagoda was like a softball in general. He could only distort the ball with his attacks but was not able to break free.

However, Gui Feng was even more shocked in his heart, he knew that although he was only a cultivator at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, the fact was that even an intermediate stage Sea Opening Realm Cultivator would not be able to stand up to him. This was because of his pride – the Virgin Hope Pagoda, which when completely filled with the Power of Hope from virgin girls, allowed it to be incomparably powerful. Once the sound wave filled with the Power of Hope rumbled out, even an ordinary late stage Sea Opening Realm expert would not be able to block it. This type of attack, utilising the Power of Hope, could easily crush any kind of Magical Weapon of the opposite party. Then his Virgin Hope Pagoda would descend and completely obliterate the opposing party.

But now, his Virgin Hope Pagoda ended up in a stalemate against the other party’s 36 Small Axes, it was the first time that he encountered such a situation. Moreover, it was also the first time for him to see such a wealthy cultivator that possessed 36 Best Quality True Artefacts and even control all of them at the same time. As long as he killed Ning Cheng, just selling those 36 axes would be equivalent to gaining a considerable fortune, even if he did not use it for himself.

Gui Feng was someone who had plentiful of battle experiences under his belt. Knowing that his Virgin Hope Pagoda and Ning Cheng’s 36 Axes cancelled each other out, he immediately brought out a somewhat sizeable light basket without any hesitation.

This was his most significant trump card; as long as this basket covered his opponent, he would definitely be able to capture the other party alive.

Ning Cheng had been feeling proud that he now possessed the strength to fight against Crucible Transformation Cultivators, but unfortunately, a Gui Feng, who was only at the 1st Level of the Sea Opening Realm, blocked him. This caused him to feel extremely irritated in his heart. Almost at the same time, when Gui Feng brought out that basket, a long spear manifested in Ning Cheng’s hand before it shot out.

The 36 Axes could not break free from the entanglement of the opposite party’s pagoda, causing them to lose the focus on their target. Ning Cheng was aware that this kind of cancellation would not last for long; he would definitely be able to break past this gloomy Virgin Hope Pagoda, given enough time. However, Ning Cheng was already feeling irritated in his heart. The long spear ripped through the air and with a ‘Bang’, struck Gui Feng’s basket, crushing it into slag before continuing unimpeded.

Gui Feng was utterly shocked as he looked at this spear shadow piercing through his glabella. He did not even have enough time to show panic. The only thing that was buzzing in his head was the simple question – ‘How could there be such a powerful Sea Opening Cultivator?’ Under the influence of this kind of Spear Intent, he just could not even show the slightest bit of resistance.

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