Chapter 0412

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0412: Ning Cheng’s Legend, Part 3

The two cultivators fighting each other also discovered Ning Cheng’s flight type True Artefact, but both of them behaved as if they did not see him at all and continued with their intense fighting.

“Oh heavens, are those Crucible Transformation Cultivators?” Yang Honghou called out in shock. With the help of plenty of Spirit Stones and Pills, he was able to make rapid progress; at this moment, he had already reached the 5th Level of Essence Building Realm.

Ning Cheng was able to perceive that the cultivation of these two people was a lot higher than his own; as such, opted to not use his Spiritual Consciousness to nose in their matters. He wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Although their cultivations might be higher when compared to his own, it did not mean their strength was so high that they would be able to easily crush him. He had more than ample experience in fighting cultivators above his ranks; as such, even if these two individuals decided to attack him right now using their most potent True Essence attacks, attacks capable of defeating him, he would still be able to get away.

Therefore, Ning Cheng did not fear them much, taking personal control of the flight type True Artefact, he immediately changed directions, and simultaneously spoke to Ning Ruolan “We have not yet arrived at the Tian Continent; however, it’s better to leave this place as early as possible.”

Even if Ning Cheng did not say those words, Ji Luofei and the others already knew that this place was definitely not suitable to hover around for a long time. Although Ning Cheng might be mighty, his age was still a limitation. The True Cultivators in this place have been cultivating with the foundation of countless years of a solidified Cultivation System, as such even if Ning Cheng was more talented for his age, he still might not be comparable to those old cultivators who’ve been alive for over countless years.

At the same time that Ning Cheng’s airship turned directions, the man suddenly gave a laugh, “Xu Anzhen, even if you secretly made the trip to the Yi Xing Ocean to forcibly restore your cultivation, so what?”

Xu Anzhen? Ning Cheng felt a massive shock course through his heart. He was just too clear about what kind of woman was she; moreover, she also bore a bitter hatred towards him. Previously when he was in the North Light Town, he had heard Li Lingfan vaguely mention about Xu Anzhen suffering severe injuries due to overdrawing herself in using a Forbidden Technique. Not only was she seriously injured, but the Severing Emotions Dao Sect had also sealed off their mountains, so how could she appear in this place? Moreover, how was she still this powerful?

Ning Cheng on hearing the words ‘Xu Anzhen’ immediately felt the urge to unexpectedly turn around and rush forward to help that male cultivator, to jointly kill that Xu Anzhen. However, he quickly understood that even though he harboured great hatred towards her, those old things were definitely cunning and shrewd with their thoughts and actions. Rushing forward to might not be a good thing for him.

That man who called out Xu Anzhen’s name most likely wanted to use him to work as cannon fodder in his fight. Since Xu Anzhen came to the Yi Xing Ocean secretly, then it was apparent that she did not want to disclose anything about herself. If Xu Anzhen came to realise that he was here, then she would definitely pursue him. Xu Anzhen, to preserve her secret, would definitely go all out to kill anyone even remotely connected to her secret.

For Xu Anzhen, killing people like him meant just moving a small finger; however, it was equivalent to giving that male cultivator a slightly higher advantage. For just this slight bit of edge, that male cultivator shamelessly wanted Ning Cheng and the others to toil as his cannon fodders.

Ning Cheng also did not wait for Xu Anzhen to make a move on them and spoke out in a loud voice, “We’ve already offended a few people in the Tian Continent, and have no choice to go to the Le Continent. The two of you do not need to pay any mind to us, and continue on with your exchange.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng then immediately powered up his flight type Low-Grade True Artefact to its maximum and rushed away.

Xu Anzhen originally wanted to catch up with Ning Cheng, but she suddenly changed her mind and once again began crazily attacking the man. Since they were going to the Le Continent, she did not need to personally take control of this unexpected situation. Even with the help of a flight type Low-Grade True Artefact, going to the Le Continent would still take them several years from this location. Moreover, they could only pray that they should not meet any formidable Monstrous Beasts along the way. Otherwise, the only outcome would be their death. For a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator wanting to go to the Le Continent by crossing the Yi Xing Ocean, genuinely speaking, it was just not any different from bringing death on to themselves.

Seeing that Xu Anzhen was not pursuing them, Ning Cheng felt a little relieved. By the time Xu Anzhen decided to react to them, he would have already escaped far away.

That male cultivator gave a cold humph before speaking, “What a sly kid.”


“Uncle, didn’t we just come from the Le Continent? How can we go back to the Le Continent once again?” Taishu Pinghao quickly asked with a puzzled expression.

Taishu Pinghao possessed a relatively good Spiritual Root, combined with the sufficient cultivation resources provided by Ning Cheng, he currently reached the Qi Gathering 5th Level. Moreover, his body was also a lot healthier now.

“I spoke incorrectly a moment ago; it should be that we are going to the Tian Continent.” Ning Cheng spoke with a smile; however, he was feeling somewhat upset in his heart. He still did not have a proper idea regarding how far away they were from the Tian Continent, nor did he know in which direction was it located. In case he really ended up going back in the direction of the Le Continent, then it would truly be very annoying.


“50,000 per person, it’s the Spirit Stones required for admittance.” The female cultivator from the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Exchange Hall carelessly spoke out.

“So expensive?” Zhangsun Yan called out in shock.

Then she looked at Yan Ji and spoke, “Big Sister Yan Ji, should we go inside? 50,000 High-Grade Spirit Stones, it is a bit……”

“Sure enough, they really are hicks.” There were still a few Tian Continent’s cultivators who despised people from the Le Continent, despite Ji Ye taking his leave. In the Heavenly Dao Public Square, 50,000 was really nothing. Anyone who possessed the capabilities to come here would end up spending a lot more than that anyway, and it still wouldn’t qualify as being extravagant.

“It’s a mere 50,000 Spirit Stones. Even half a million Spirit Stones would not be a problem. Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you can go in freely.” Bei Xingjin gave a cold humph before he stood up and spoke out without any hesitation.

Yan Ji calmly spoke from the side, “No need, I still have a few hundred thousand Spirit Stones with me.”

Saying that she took out 100,000 Spirit Stones and passed it onto the cultivator guarding the entrance. At the same time, she turned to Zhangsun Yan and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun, let me help you out with your share.”

She knew that although Zhangsun Yan was from an 8-Star Academy because they came from the Le Continent, she did not possess much wealth.

“Big Sister Yan Ji, I also have some Spirit Stones.” Zhangsun Yan quickly took out some Spirit Stones, but Yan Ji immediately stopped her.

“After I ended up lost at the bottom of the Blood River, it was you who spoke out for Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. I still have not been able to repay that benevolence to you. As for a few thousand Spirit Stones, it’s simply not worth mentioning.”

Zhangsun Yan had indeed been quite vocal in showing her support for Ning Cheng. Moreover, the reason why she acted like a complete stranger towards Nalan Ruxue was also due to Ning Cheng.

Nalan Ruxue looked at Yan Ji in surprise; she had always thought that Yan Ji regarded Ning Cheng with a particular fondness; after all, Ning Cheng had saved her life. But from her words, Nalan Ruxue could feel it, that Yan Ji’s feeling was most likely not because Ning Cheng rescued her, but because she genuinely had genuine feelings towards Ning Cheng.

Seeing Yan Ji and Zhangsun Yan go in together, Bei Xingjin’s complexion turned ugly to look at. However, he did not choose to leave. Instead, he paid the required Spirit Stones and followed them to enter the Cultivator Exchange Main Hall. Nalan Ruxue, who was wealthier compared to Yan Ji, obviously would also not choose to miss this opportunity and immediately also followed.

The female cultivator guarding the entrance knew that these cultivators from the Le Continent might know each other mutually. Nevertheless, not knowing whether it was because of Yan Ji’s Blood River Red Lotus or for Yin Kongchan’s sake, or even because of Ning Cheng, she unexpectedly did not choose to ask the other cultivators to come up with a treasure. As long as they were able to pay the 50,000 Spirit Stones for the entrance fees, they could enter the Cultivator Exchange Main Hall.

Because some of the cultivators took a fancy to Nalan Ruxue and Yan Ji’s appearance, they also impatiently made their way to enter the Main Hall to meet Nalan Ruxue and Yan Ji before they joined the Major Academies. They knew that afterwards, they might not have the chance to even speak a few words with them.

That Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s cultivator at the 1st Level of Soul Essence Realm seemed to realise that Yan Ji and the others not only knew Ning Cheng but also had some relationship with Ning Cheng. Therefore, he chose to deliberately accompany them and then started making way for them over the spacious alleys of the Main Hall while pointing towards particular locations while speaking, “See that, that place is the Battle Ring where Senior Apprentice Brother Ning and that Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang fought. That Ding Liang’s cultivation turned out to higher when compared to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, yet he ended up completely crushed by Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. Not only did he not last even a single round, but Senior Apprentice brother Ning even dug out his Golden Core, and then…..”

That person started explaining the things that Ning Cheng did in the past in vivid detail. The few cultivators from the Le Continent simply forgot about seeing the other stuff in the Main Hall and surrounded that cultivator to continue hearing more.

Seeing the gusto in the eyes of Yan Ji and the other cultivators from the Le Continent as they surrounded him, this Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Soul Essence Cultivator spoke out with even more energy. “Then Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, in just one fell swoop, set down a foot on Ding Liang’s Golden Core. The poor guy claimed that he was ranked 37th among the Profound Core Realm of the Great Meet of the Academies. But he ended up with his Golden Core completely crushed, hehe…..”

“Those are some ruthless methods, even digging out that cultivator’s Golden Core before crushing it…..” Bei Xingjin gave out a soft sigh as he shook his head slightly.

This Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Soul Essence Realm Cultivator did not agree with this view and felt furious in his heart. This person from the Le Continent obviously held some grudges against Senior Apprentice Brother Ning; otherwise, he would never say that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng was ruthless in his ways.

“Humph….” This Soul Essence Cultivator gave a cold humph before continuing, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s actions had been seen by many, many of the major academy’s talented disciples were also saved by Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, what makes you say that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng’s method is ruthless?”

Bei Xingjin cupped his fists and spoke, “This Senior Apprentice Brother, please calm down, I only sighed at my emotions. Although, in my heart, I stand on Ning Cheng’s side; however, cultivation for us cultivators is not easy. To form a Golden Core, it takes countless years of effort and hard work to pile up before solidifying it. Yet, for someone to dig out other’s Golden Core without any reason and even step on it to crush it, it caused me to feel a bit sentimental.”

“Bah, sentimental? That Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang wanted to exchange things in this place using compulsion. He would always forcibly lower the price of the things put up by cultivators, almost equivalent to dirt, for the exchange. But nobody dared to stand up against him, only Senior Apprentice Brother Ning stood up to stop him. Moreover, Ding Liang even proclaimed it before the challenge that he must dig out Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s Golden Core. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning had always been humble and even courteous from the beginning to the end; from what point of view can it be called as him being vicious with his methods?” This Soul Essence Cultivator spoke in an accusing tone.

Bei Xingjin’s complexion turned ugly to look at once again. Although his cultivation looked higher compared to the Soul Essence Cultivation of the cultivator in front of him, in this place, he could not dare to make a move on others.

“This is just hearsay, who knows if this thing is true or false?” Bei Xingjin spoke. He already did not want to exchange any more words with this Soul Essence Cultivator.

However, the Soul Essence Cultivator who was talking in favour of Ning Cheng did not want to let go of him, as he gave a sneer and spoke, “Just a look at you is enough to say that you are in the same league as that Ding Liang, jackals from the same lair. Let me tell you something, the one that had to suffer bullying from Ding Liang at that time was I, Zhang Qian. If there were no Senior Apprentice Brother Ning at that time, then there would be no Zhang Qian today. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning bestowed a live-saving grace on me. Don’t even think that I would just sit by and allow you to slander Senior Apprentice Brother Ning in front of me, humph.”

Bei Xingjin’s complexion was as if he swallowed a disgusting fly. When he spoke that Ning Cheng was vicious in his methods, it was an indirect message that he wanted to convey to Yan Ji. However, he had never thought that this matter would turn into entirely opposite of what was in his mind.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang, did Senior Apprentice Brother Ning kill that Ding Liang here in the past?” Cheng Yixiao had already set Ning Cheng as his goal; so of course, he wanted to know everything Ning Cheng did when he arrived at the Cultivator Exchange Main Hall.

“Haha, the things that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning did in that year are something that you would not even dare to imagine. Fortunately, I was also there to help Senior Apprentice Brother Ning; as such, had the honour to participate in this particular matter.” As Zhang Qian spoke, he arrived at a stall in one of the more conspicuous locations in the Main Hall. The rest of the people also subconsciously followed him.

Zhang Qian pointed towards the stall and spoke with a voice filled with pride, “Do you know what Senior Apprentice Brother Ning sold in this place? I’m sure that none of you would be able to imagine it. No, it was not the Blood River Red Lotus. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning straight out pulled a barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to sell. Yes, you certainly did not hear me wrong, a full barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. Even if it was a Crucible Transformation Senior, how many people would have the capability to come up with a barrel full of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar for sale?”

Yan Ji on hearing Ning Cheng sold Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in this place immediately felt her face turning rosy red at this moment.

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