Chapter 0411

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0411: Ning Cheng’s Legend, Part 2

Ding Han’s complexion immediately turned stiff. Everybody knew that in the duel between Ning Cheng and Ding Liang, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was on the lower end. He was just looking for an excuse to carry off Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue. His goal, other than pressing them for an answer for Ning Cheng’s whereabouts, was to take these two female cultivators as his own women.

These two female cultivators not only had a refined appearance, but they were also of a young age. Moreover, their cultivations also did not look simple; as such, he was sure that their qualifications were unquestionably excellent.

Currently, these two female cultivators had not joined any academy; as such, he planned to force these two female cultivators to participate in the disciple selection and forcibly make them join the Red Star Sword Faction. Once these two female cultivators joined other academies, even if he had ten times the courage, he would never dare to lay his hands on them. As for their Le Continent’s Academies, it did not matter if they were 9-Star Academies, they were still unworthy of any kind of attention from his Red Star Sword Faction.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yin, Ning Cheng recklessly did many multifarious evil deeds, like provoking infighting amongst the ten Major Academies. It even caused the fall of many Crucible Transformation Cultivators belonging to the major academies, even one of your Crucible Transformation Seniors ended up falling…..” Ding Han’s tone eased out. He could not figure out why Yin Kongchan wanted to come forward and speak on behalf of Ning Cheng.

Yin Kongchan still spoke out in a calm voice, “Whether those things were orchestrated by Ning Cheng or not, they are just guesswork from everybody. Let alone that matter, Ning Cheng is Ning Cheng, while others are others, yet you try to use the matters of Ning Cheng and attach it to the other cultivators from the Le Continent, is it that you want to undermine the already established laws of the Major Academies?”

Ding Han’s complexion now indeed looked ugly to look at. Although his cultivation was a lot higher than Yin Kongchan’s, because he feared the Floating Snow Palace behind her, he could only choose to speak in a polite tone at this time. However, Yin Kongchan’s tone and speech were both quite aggressive, causing him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yin, a few years ago, many academies issued a warrant for Ning Cheng’s arrest…..”

Yin Kongchan once again interrupted Ding Han’s words, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ding, I don’t agree with your definition of the word ‘warrant’. A few years ago, it’s true that some academies indeed wanted to find Ning Cheng, but it was still far from issuing a ‘warrant’ for his arrest. Moreover, Senior Apprentice Brother Ding, you should be more accurate with your words, your Red Star Sword Faction and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect were the ones to issue an arrest warrant for Ning Cheng. As for the other academies, I never heard about such a thing. At least my Floating Snow Palace and the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has not issued any warrants for his arrest.”

Seeing Ding Han’s complexion stiffening up, Yin Kongchan spoke out with even more bluntness, “Ning Cheng won the First Place in the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Great Meet that year, something personally announced by Dao Master Mu Ziming of the Heaven Alliance. Also, because of Ning Cheng’s extremely formidable strength, it ended up causing a change in the rules of the Great Meet for the Tian Continent’s Academies, all because of Ning Cheng. Do you think that the Tian Continent’s Major Academies would issue an arrest warrant for such a character? Senior Apprentice Brother Ding Han, if your Red Star Sword Faction must find an excuse to deal with the other disciples from the Le Continent, then I can only report it to the higher-ups.”

At this point, Ding Han’s face turned completely ugly to look at. He gave a cold humph, then turned around and walked away, before finally vanishing from the place. Yin Kongchan nodded to Yan Ji and the others. However, she also did not wait for Yan Ji to come up and thank her before she chose to also disappear from that place.

After the pair left, the surrounding cultivators immediately broke out into a discussion. Because Bei Xingjin and the other geniuses from the Le Continent arrived here, it meant that, by this time, almost 70% of the cultivators from the Le Continent have reached the Tian Continent.

“Ning Cheng took the First Place in the previous Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies? Is that really true?” Cheng Yixiao was different from Nalan Ruxue. He had already taken Ning Cheng as his goal for all of his efforts. Now that he heard about Ning Cheng earning the First Place in the previous Great Meet of the Academies, he couldn’t help but ask out in shock.

He was still trying hard to join a Major Academy in the Tian Continent, while Ning Cheng had already swept away the talented disciples of the Tian Continent a few years ago, was it really true?

“This is certainly real. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng had swept away all the Profound Core Cultivators of the Tian Continent, all by himself. It was to the point that no one would even dare to come up and challenge him. Finally, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng felt bored and just sat down on the Battle Ring for around an hour or two. Out of desperation, Heaven Alliance’s Dao Master, Senior Mu Ziming had to personally come out and announce Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng as the rightful holder of the First Position. Moreover, he also let Ning Cheng choose his own prize. At the same time, because Ning Cheng’s strength was too strong, Senior Mu announced a change in the rules of the Greet Meet from then on.” A male cultivator spoke out with a voice filled with pride.

This male cultivator was from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Ning Cheng himself was a source of pride for the entire Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; so of course, he would speak out those words with an incomparable sense of pride. The cultivators from the Le Continent, hearing the accomplishments of Ning Cheng, felt a rush in their hearts. This male cultivator addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Senior Apprentice Brother’; moreover, in a completely natural tone. In front of such a powerful cultivator, if one did not address them as Senior Apprentice Brother, then what form of address could be relevant?

“This Senior Apprentice Brother, may I ask where Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng is currently, do you know about it?” Yan Ji came forward and quickly asked.

The male cultivator quickly shook his head and replied, “This, even I do not know about. However, I do know about the enmity between Senior Apprentice Brother Ning and the Red Star Sword Faction. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning hates the wicked as if they were his personal enemies; as such, he not only killed the Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang but he also openly cursed out at the Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Elder Tang Guangxi……”

“Ahem, this can only be described as him having no regards for his elders and superiors. It only shows that he was not educated properly while growing up, that’s all……” Although Ding Han walked out, Ji Ye of the Red Star Sword Faction did not walk away.

However, this male cultivator from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was not afraid of this Ji Ye and still spoke out in disdain, “I heard that there is some academy out there who would even not hesitate to kill their own lovers. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng just chose to lend a hand in an emergency out of pity…..”

Ji Ye, on hearing those words, immediately turned angry.

“What’s wrong, were the words spoken by Senior Apprentice Brother, a moment ago, wrong? In the past, your Red Star Sword Faction’s Jiang Jun heartlessly and cruelly plotted against Senior Apprentice Sister Yushan from my Great Change Island. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning stood and even showed plenty of concrete evidence. Is that fact not true?” Another ice-cold voice joined the conversation.

“Moreover, how many people did Ning Cheng save in the past from Great Liang and Northern Shang True Country’s battlefield? It even included people from the Red Star Sword Faction; I guess that only the Red Star Sword Faction remained ungrateful.”

“For an esteemed academy to have such talented people, ha-ha….”


Seeing more and more people coming forward to speak in favour of Ning Cheng, and scolding the Red Star Sword Faction, it immediately caused the complexion of Ji Ye from the Red Star Sword Faction to turn uglier. He quickly made an about-turn and slipped away with his head hung low.

“Just a trash academy, yet such an academy wishes to issue an arrest warrant for Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, bah.” A cultivator belonging to the Great Change Island shouted out from behind, in disdain. The cultivators from the Great Change Island felt very grateful towards Ning Cheng; at least Ning Cheng let them know about who killed Tan Yushan.

“Of course, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng is the person who not only dared to kill his way into the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, but is also a man who dared to kill his way out. That’s how awe-inspiring he is. Just a trifling Red Star Sword Faction that’s not even as good as my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. How could they even compare to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, yet they still dared to issue an arrest warrant for him.”


‘Ning Cheng even killed his way into the Severing Emotions Dao Sect’? The cultivators from the Le Continent were seething with excitement in their hearts. They already were having difficulty in wrapping their head around the fact that Ning Cheng had arrived at the Tian Continent many years before them. However, regardless of how Ning Cheng arrived at the Tian Continent, the matters relating to the exploits of Ning Cheng were things that they could not dare to even think.

Some of the cultivators from the Le Continent arrived at the Tian Continent much before the others, so of course, they were well aware that the cultivators of the Tian Continent behaved in a much more arrogant manner. Moreover, the Tian Continent’s Worldly Laws were more complete compared to the Le Continent’s Laws, as such the cultivators from the Tian Continent had a better shot at climbing higher when compared to the cultivators from the Le Continent.

However, the man in question was someone who actually came from the Le Continent. He not only openly cursed at a Crucible Transformation Cultivator but also provoked the ten Major Academies into a war. He killed a disciple of the Red Star Sword Faction in plain sight, took the first place in the Great Meet of the Academies, and even forced the rules of the Great Meet of the Academies to change. He then killed his way in and out of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Was this something an ordinary person could accomplish?

“I knew Big Brother Ning would become the fiercest, regardless of wherever he went.” Although Zhangsun Yan had matured in her ways of speech and demeanour, she still occasionally displayed her big mouth.

Yan Ji lowered her head, although she felt happy for Ning Cheng in her heart, her mind did not actually feel that happy. The only reason that she came to the Tian Continent was that she suspected Ning Cheng to have fled to the Tian Continent. She was worried that the more outstanding Ning Cheng became, the further Ning Cheng would move away from her. She liked Ning Cheng, but not because Ning Cheng was someone exceptional. If she were attracted to Ning Cheng just because his ‘excellent’ qualifications, then there would definitely be many people who were a lot better compared to him. If that was the case, then how could she see eye to eye with him?

She was one of the Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock from the Le Continent, not only was her beauty first-rate, even her qualifications were first-rate. However, that was just in the Le Continent. That Senior Apprentice Sister Yin, who had come forward a few moments ago, to speak in favour of Ning Cheng, was also no worse than she was; moreover, her cultivation was also a lot higher than her own was.

Nalan Ruxue also lowered her head. She was the one who was the most panic-stricken out of the lot. Although it might be because of the words of others, her views towards Ning Cheng had started to change a little. Nevertheless, she had never thought that Ning Cheng would turn into such a mighty figure. According to her, a person’s qualifications determined the future of that person. Although Ning Cheng was the talk of the town when he killed Gui Yuhai that year, she had thought of it as an impossible matter.

She also felt somewhat regretful. Her regret was not the same as the regret of others, that is, she was regretting that she should not have used Ning Cheng in the past. She had initially thought that Ning Cheng had perished, so she decided to go along with the rumours that Ning Cheng had raped her out of her own selfish needs. However, the fact was that she just had not investigated the basis of the tales, which was because she was not able to find that female cultivator called Hang Jiaojiao.

“It looks like I might not be able to catch up to him after all.” Cheng Yixiao spoke out with a somewhat downtrodden expression.

Bei Xingjin and Yan Ji had come together. When he heard Yan Ji speak out to defend Ning Cheng, even after knowing that Ning Cheng offended the Red Star Sword Faction, he felt somewhat unhappy in his heart, especially now when he saw Yan Ji lowering her head and frown. He was already at the Great Circle of Soul Essence Realm in his cultivation, and was just one-step away from qualifying to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm; so although Ning Cheng seemed to be better than he was, he had only participated in the competition among the Profound Core Realm.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, should we go somewhere else to have a look?” Bei Xingjin took the initiative to interrupt Yan Ji’s train of thought.

Yan Ji shook her head and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Bei can do whatever pleases you, but I must go to the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Exchange Main Hall to have a look. Since Big Brother Ning had gone inside to have a look, then I also want to go in and take a look.”

“That’s right; we have to go inside to take a look…..” Cheng Yixiao immediately echoed out. He had always admired Ning Cheng; since Ning Cheng went to this place, then he must also go in to have a look.

“What about Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng?”

“Right, where is Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng currently?”

Many of the cultivators from the Le Continent were inquiring about Ning Cheng’s trail, but since even Crucible Transformation Cultivators did not know the whereabouts of Ning Cheng, who among the current crowd would know?


Only at this moment, Ning Cheng came out of his seclusion; or rather, the circumstance forced him to come out. The Power of Hope, inside the Imperial Jade Seal, had finally run out. As such, he had no choice but to control the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel to come out of the Chaotic Star Space and arrive in the skies above the Yi Xing Ocean.

The remaining Power of Hope had allowed him to fly around for almost a year; during this flight, Ning Cheng did not waste even a single minute. At present, his strength had already advanced to the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm from the peak of 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm. In fact, Ning Cheng had actually gone all out to reach this level; otherwise, he would at most, advance to the peak of the 2nd Level of Sea Opening Realm. Without the abundant Spiritual Qi from the Crystal Stones aiding Ning Cheng’s cultivation, even with the help from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, there was just no way for him to improve his cultivation in a hurricane-like manner.

As for his Alchemy Level, he could not raise it by even half a level. The Spiritual Grasses that he obtained from the Sifting Orchid Star before it exploded still remained inside his ring untouched.

“Did we reach the Tian Continent?” Exchanging the Buddha Fire Wheel for the flight type Low-Grade True Artefact and seeing the seemingly limitless Yi Xing Ocean in front of her, Ning Ruolan was the first to call out in happiness. Her cultivation had also progressed quickly, but being in seclusion for almost a full year was something that she was not able to bear. Nevertheless, at this moment, Ning Ruolan was already at the True Condensation 7th Level in her cultivation.

“Boom….” A colossal explosion interrupted the words Ning Cheng was about to say. All the people’s eyes immediately turned towards the front of their airship, at a point not too far away from them.

A man and a woman were fighting like crazy, causing the water from the Yi Xing Ocean to actually split apart and burst out as hundred-feet-waves around the two people locked in combat. Their fight even triggered a massive whirlpool in the ocean. Ning Cheng’s heart immediately sank after witnessing this scene. He found his current cultivation to be inferior to that of the two people fighting. Those two definitely were not Crucible Transformation Cultivators.

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