Chapter 0410

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Chapter 0410: Ning Cheng’s Legend, Part 1

Ning Cheng chose to head towards the Tian Continent by passing through the Yi Xing Ocean, that was because he was worried that Ancestor Gui Zheng might be standing guard at the Transmission Array. In fact, he did not know that besides the quota for the Le Continent’s major academies, there was also a few places for some well-qualified Rogue Cultivators.

For these Rogue Cultivators, if their qualifications were high, then even the Le Continents Crucible Transformation Cultivators would have no right to interfere with their passage to the Tian Continent. That was because this Transmission Array, in addition to being manned by the people from the Le Continent, also was supervised by cultivators from the Tian Continent.

Of course, even if Ning Cheng knew about this point, he would not dare to travel through the Transmission Array. His Spiritual Root qualification was simply too eccentric, to the point that even he did not dare to go test it out.


The Tian Continent’s top ten major academies were not simple. Each academy had a boundless Imposing Aura. But if one discussed the major academies’ styling of their Public Square, then the Heavenly Dao Public Square would be ranked the best without a doubt. Although the Heavenly Dao Academy was not as good as before, but the prestige of the Heavenly Dao Public Square was still present.

It was that time of the year for the Great Meet of the Academies. The Heavenly Dao Public Square was also never as lively as it was present. It was after many years, that the Heavenly Dao Public Square was this overcrowded. The volume of crowd was even better than what it was in all the previous Great Meet of the Academies. After all, the competitions of the Great Meet of the Academies was usually mainly held among the top major Academies, but at this time, almost all the Academies and other major forces were arriving in droves towards the Heavenly Dao Public Square.

The reason for this was because the once in ten years disciple selection was about to start. But what was different in this time’s disciple selection was that it would involve selecting disciples from every corner of the Yi Xing Mainland, compared to before when the selection scope was only limited to the range of the Tian Continent.

Since the establishment of the Transmission Array between the Le Continent and the Tian Continent, many talented disciples from the Le Continent came pouring in. Moreover, these talented disciples were what all the Academies and Sects wanted.

As a result, it created a dispute among all the academied. After discussing it the Le Continent’s cultivators, the higher ups decided to formulate a new rule. That is, when it came to the selection of disciples from the Le Continent, it would take place in the same manner and also at the same location where the Tian Continent held it’s disciple selection every ten years. That is, the selection of disciples would be through mutual competition. Before that, no Academy would be allowed to recruit any disciples in advance.

Although the major academies would not be able to recruit disciples in advance, but any of the disciples coming from the Le Continent possessed excellent qualifications, causing many of the academies to secretly observe them. If they found some of the disciples from the Le Continent to have exceptional qualifications, then these academies in order to get their hands on such disciples, would provide the enticement of more advantages compared to other academies.

The benefits proposed to the major academies of the Le Continent were not just the Spirit Stones and various other Cultivation Resources, but even a chance to enter the Heaven’s Way.

Entry into the Heaven’s Way was extremely difficult, only the Tian Continent’s Academies had the qualifications and also the quota. Moreover, the control over this quota among the Tian Continent’s Major Academies, was given over to Heaven Alliance. Although the Le Continent’s cultivators were eligible to enter the Heaven’s Way, but they had to find their own means to find a quota for themselves. For example, make contributions towards the Tian Continent. One of the best way of doing that would be to send over their Academy’s talented disciples to a better academy.


“Is this the Heavenly Dao Exchange Hall? It really looks quite magnificent, Senior Apprentice Brother Cui, let’s go in and have a look, what do you say?” A delicate young looking girl enviously looked at the luxurious and magnificent Main Hall in front of her and couldn’t help but speak out.

“We might not be able to go. I heard that we have to show at least 50 Million Spirit Stones or some treasures of equivalent value to be allowed to go in. We simply do not have these many Spirit Stones with us or any equivalent treasured.” The male cultivator addressed as Senior Apprentice brother Cui shook his head and replied.

The young girl couldn’t help but open her mouth in shock as she called out, “Just the admission requirements in 50 Million Spirit Stones? Isn’t that too outrageous?”

Not waiting for this Senior Apprentice Brother Cui to speak up, a nearby cultivator sneered before speaking up, “I can see that you lot are just hicks from the other shore. Even if you people begged me for those 50 Million Spirit Stones, I would not want to give those Spirit Stones to you.”

“I never asked you, so what’s the point of showing off your big mouth?” The young girl retorted back with a very dissatisfied reply, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cui, let’s to go.” “Haha. Not have the qualifications to go in, yet willingly coming here to loose face.” This cultivator on seeing the young girl and that Senior Apprentice Brother Cui of her’s turn around, gave a self satisfied laugh and spoke out in a really insolent tone. When he looked at this delicate looking young girl, he deliberately spoke out those words in an intentional manner.

The young girl turned red from anger, but she truly did not have any kind of valuable treasures. Just at this moment, another clear voice sounded out, “It’s just a lowly dog, don’t need to mind him. Doesn’t he know that all the eligible people that came from the Le Continent have the qualifications to enter the Cultivator Exchange Main Hall? Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun Yan, Senior Apprentice Brother Cui Nieping, let’s go in together.”

A Female Cultivator then leisurely walked forward and pulled out a jade box before placing it in front of the cultivator guarding the entrance. At her side there was a handsome looking Male Cultivator.

This cultivator guarding the entrance did not care about it at all. This type of disputes she had seen many times before. However, after she opened the jade box, she immediately spoke up in a startled voice, “Blood River Red Lotus?”

“That’s right, it is the Blood River Red Lotus. I think that we should now possess the qualification to go in, right?” The female cultivator spoke out loudly.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, Senior Apprentice Brother Bei Xingjin, so it was really you.” Zhangsun Yan called out in a pleasantly surprised voice.

“Haha, what a coincidence, all of us are here.” Another person spoke up with a laugh as they come over. They were two men and a woman.

Zhangsun Yan no longer had the baby fat from before, even her behaviour had now turned a bit more mature. However, when she saw the small group of people coming their way, she quickly rushed up and shouted out in joy, “Greetings Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng Yixiao, Senior Apprentice Brother Luo Banyun…..”

However, when it came to the female cultivator accompanying them, she behaved as if she simply did not see her. Nalan Ruxue knew that Zhangsun Yan had a very poor opinion of her, but she did not come up to cause any trouble. She simply greeted Yan Ji, Cui Nieping and Bei Xingjin.

“Blood River Red Lotus?” The cultivator who wanted to ridicule Zhangsun Yan a moment ago also cried out in astonishment as his eyes finally moved away from Yan Ji. Although Yan Ji was attractive, but the Blood River Red Lotus was more important.

“Hey, this Blood River Red Lotus really seemed to have come from the Le Continent. Are the streets of Le Continent filled with Blood River Red Lotus?” As the cultivator finished his words, he had already sent out a message.

Yan Ji had just taken back the Blood River Red Lotus, and was preparing to hand in the required Spirit Stone for the people accompanying her and Zhangsun Yan. But when she heard those words, she immediately asked, “Besides me, is there anyone else who brought out a Blood River Red Lotus?”

Yan Ji could even feel her heart starting to beat a little faster. Initially, she was not the only cultivator who had managed to obtain Blood River Lotuses from the inside of the Law’s Way. However, none of the people who obtained them were people like her, who chose to keep the Blood River Red Lotus preserved till now.

Once someone obtained the Blood River Red Lotus, they would immediately try to come up with a way to use them, especially since it was extremely helpful in cleansing the body of any remnant Pill Poisons and at the same time can also be used to improve one’s own cultivation. If it was not for Ning Cheng, then even she might have ended up using the Blood River Red Lotus like the others.

“Yes, it was a thief named Ning Cheng. A person that everybody hates and want to execute.” As this cultivator spoke, his eyes immediately fixed onto Yan Ji. As if he wanted to find id Yan Ji and Ning Cheng had any relations to each other.

Yan Ji immediately flew into rage, “You can call anyone a thief, and even execute them for their evil doings. But better not take shamelessness to the extreme.”

Although she was cursing with her mouth, but her heart was in a complete mess. It looks like Ning Cheng really came to the Tian Continent. Where was he now? Unfortunately, the person in front of them looked like Ning Cheng’s enemy, otherwise she would have definitely asked them where Ning Cheng was currently.

“Haha, you can come up with the Blood River Red Lotus, so I suspected that you and Ning Cheng definitely have a good relationship. But now it seems that my suspicions were really spot on.” This cultivator’s gaze was just like a poisonous snake as he stared at Yan Ji. Even the tone of his voice was tinged with ominousness, however he did not dare to start anything in this place.

Cheng Yixiao felt that something was wrong, so he quickly spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, let’s go into the Exchange Hall, do not exchange anymore words with these people.”

“Go in? There is no need to hurry, why don’t you first talk about how you know Ning Cheng?” A massive pressure descended causing the seven cultivators from the Le Continent to immediately retreat unconsciously without even showing half a point of resistance.

“Sea Opening Realm Cultivator…..” Yan Ji and the others were aware that in the face of a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, they simply had no leeway to resist.

“Senior, you are an esteemed Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, why use your Imposing Aura to oppress us?” Cheng Yixiao came forward and spoke up. But the cultivator who arrived had slapped him away with just a casual flick of his palm. Cheng Yixiao, who was slapped back, directly shot ten meters away before falling to the ground and spat out two teeth. At this moment, he simply did not have the ability to even resist..

Nalan Ruxue and Cheng Yixiao had come from the Le Continent’s Thoughtless Academy, seeing Cheng Yixiao slapped away for no apparent reason, Nalan Ruxue immediately exclaimed out, “So the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Heavenly Dao Public Square is only so and so? How can they allow people with high cultivations to freely humiliate people with low cultivation?”

“Haha…..” This Sea Opening Realm Cultivator laughed, “I just slapped him lightly, and yet he could not bear it at all? When Ning Cheng killed my nephew in this place in the past, how come I did not see any one of you mumbling about people with high cultivations bullying people with low cultivations? If you have nothing to do with Ning Cheng, then fuck off. If you do have any relations, then you are definitely my Red Star Sword Faction’s personal enemy, so you would have to come with me to answer a few questions.”

The several cultivators from the Le Continent looked at each other in blank dismay. Ning Cheng not only managed to come to the Tian Continent before them, but was even courageous enough to kill a disciple from the Red Star Sword Faction? The Le Continent’s talented cultivators had already arrived and staying in this place for quite some time, so of course, they had already heard about the ten major Academies of the Tian Continent. Even if they were given several times the courage the possessed, but none of them would ever dare to offend the Red Star Sword Faction.

Ning Cheng not only offended them, but also murdered their disciple, if they took them to account for this, what could they even do? In this place, there might not be anyone who would stick up to help them.

Nalan Ruxue was even more shocked, she was more clear about Ning Cheng’s qualifications than anyone else. It stood to reason for her, that reaching the Profound Congealing Realm was already the limit for him. If he did not die in the Blood River Mountains, then how did he manage to come to the Tian Continent? Moreover, how was he able to kill a disciple from the Red Star Sword Faction?

Cui Nieping did not speak and maintained his silence. He and Ning Cheng had clashed once before, if not for Ning Cheng sparing him at that time, then he would have already died at Ning Cheng’s hands.

Bei Xingjin and Luo Banyun had also often heard of this name ‘Ning Cheng’ and couldn’t help but open their mouth in surprise. To be honest, although they heard descriptions about how powerful was Ning Cheng, but they only gave a smile at that time. In their eyes, although Ning Cheng was fierce, but he could not be compared to them on the same level. However, how did this person arrive at the Tian Continent? Moreover, even kill a disciple from one of the ten major academies of the Tian Continent?

Yan Ji was currently experiencing violent tumblings in her heart. Ning Cheng was the same as the courageous Ning Cheng from the past. He even dared to kill a disciple from the Red Star Sword Faction.

The cultivators surrounding them were increasing more and more. These people were really looking forward to seeing this matter being blown out of proportion, at the same time, they also wanted to teach these hicks from the Le Continent a lasting lesson.

“Oh, then why did I hear it differently?” A woman wearing a cyan colored robe descended as she spoke.

“So it was originally Floating Snow Palace’s Junior Apprentice Sister Yin.” This Red Star Sword Faction’s Sea Opening Cultivator’s complexion turned slightly stiff as he barely was able to call out a greeting.

Although Yin Kongchan’s cultivation was inferior to him, but he heard a rumor that Yin Kongchan’s Life Essence had suddenly and mysteriously become whole. When that happened, her cultivation experienced an explosive amount of growth in just a short time, climbing up from the 1st Level of Soul Sculpting Realm all the way to the 7th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm in just a few years. Something that ordinary people were simply not able to achieve let alone believe. He was already sure that it was only a matter of time before Yi Kongchan’s cultivation surpassed his own. Moreover, the Floating Snow Palace was not someone that his Red Star Sword Faction could afford to provoke.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ding Han, I was also there when this matter happened. Ning Cheng and Ding Liang had fought in the Battle Ring. Moreover, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was also not higher than Dina Liang’s, right? For Senior Apprentice Brother Ding Han to say that Ning Cheng had a high cultivation and used it to bully people with low cultivation, how come I did not hear about it even when I was there personally?” Yin Kongchan’s tone was very light.

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