Chapter 0409

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Chapter 0409: Crossing the Yi Xing Ocean Once Again

The 36 True Cosmic True Devil Axes that Ning Cheng brought out turned into four separate Axes Traces. These four Axe Traces, in just a moment, collided with Gui Ba’s four sledgehammers, issuing a heaven-shaking shockwave.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” The True Essence contained within immediately exploded, causing even the rocks, about a hundred feet away, to rise up and shatter from just the shockwave before falling down as fine dust. Ning Cheng’s 36 Small Axes ended up blown away, while Gui Ba’s four sledgehammers also slowed down, though not entirely stopped by Ning Cheng’s Axe.

Although it was just a single exchange, Ning Cheng immediately realised his strengths and weaknesses in comparison to Gui Ba. His True Essence was only a slight bit inferior to Gui Ba, but his Spiritual Consciousness was actually stronger than what Gui Ba possessed. If he really ended up showcasing his entire might, then Ning Cheng was sure that he would not have to depend on the Array Formation that he set up to kill Gui Ba.

Although it would prove to be a bit difficult to kill Gui Ba that way, Ning Cheng estimated that he would have to waste some extra time to accomplish it. However, in case the Gui Clan’s Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator arrived, then Ning Cheng might not be able to eat what he captured before walking away. After Gui Ba’s four sledgehammers slowed down for a moment, they once again rapidly shot towards Ning Cheng with even more force.

Ning Cheng realised that he had set the bar too high initially for Gui Ba. Since he had already arranged the Entrapment Arrays, then there was just no need for him to continue wasting time. Once again deploying a few more pieces of Array Flags, he instantaneously activated the Rank 7 Entrapment and Killing Array Formations.

Innumerable Blade Lights manifested, transforming to waves that then immediately shot towards Gui Ba. As these Blade Lights shot out, it also caused the surroundings around Gui Ba to start stagnating.

Not good, a Rank 7 Entrapment and Killing Array. Although Ning Cheng had managed to block Gui Ba’s first strike with his axes, it only caused a slight shock to Gui Ba. However, from the depths of his heart, he had never paid any kind of attention to Ning Cheng. That was because the difference between his opponent, who was only at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, and him was just too far. It was so far that he could not even be bothered to calculate the gap between the two.

However, now that Ning Cheng activated the Rank 7 Entrapment and Killing Array, he realised that he had fallen prey to his opponent’s ploys. For Ning Cheng to flee here, it was actually intentional. Including even marked by his Spiritual Consciousness, and also allowing him to chase him down and lead him into the Entrapment and Killing Array. Each step that he took was all according to the plan of the opposite party.

Gui Ba’s anger immediately swelled up. The four massive hammers transformed into four huge mountains that quickly descended onto the Entrapment and Killing Array. He wanted to smash apart Ning Cheng’s Entrapment and Killing Array. Although he was angry, he was not afraid.

Ning Cheng was also not afraid of Gui Ba smashing apart his Rank 7 Entrapment and Killing Array. Even if Gui Ba were capable enough to smash apart the Rank 7 Entrapment and Killing Array, he would still be able to use this gap to kill Gui Ba. After he activated the Entrapment and Killing Array, he wanted to once again bring out the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. However, at this moment, a one-of-a-kind uneasy feeling gripped his heart as if an extreme danger was looming over his head.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank. He would never think that his perception was wrong. Nevertheless, at the same time, he also did not want to give up this opportunity to kill Gui Ba, at least not willingly. Although he managed to destroy the Gui Yuan City, he did not even kill a single Crucible Transformation Cultivator. How was this claiming revenge?

“Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique…..”

With the experience of innumerable dangers that he faced before, Ning Cheng did not hesitate for even half a moment before he once again chose to bring out the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique.

Gui Ba could immediately sense the return of old Gui Zheng, causing him to become happy in his heart. His four huge hammers currently were like Mt. Tai pressing down. However, at this moment, the surroundings controlled by the Rank 7 Array Formation collapsed. The first thought that Gui Ba felt was that of a Spacial Collapse, but even he found that he was not able to believe such a thing.

Not to say about Ning Cheng, who was just a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, this kind of technique was too far beyond even that of a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. It was just impossible for a Spacial Collapse to occur. This was definitely not a Magical Technique, but one of those legendary Spiritual Techniques that he had heard in rumours.

Spacial Spiritual Techniques, ones that controlled the Laws of Space, could a cultivator coming from a backwater True Cultivator Community take control of Laws of Space? It was merely a joke.

Nevertheless, he could apparently feel it, with his Crucible Transformation Cultivation, the space around him collapsing quickly. Moreover, he also thought that he should not dare to resist this Spacial Collapse. Not waiting for him to come up with any kind of countermeasure, he suddenly felt that the surroundings around him were devoid of something. That’s right; his surroundings were utterly devoid of fire elements. That caused him to think that he was plunged into the empty space. The periphery still contained light, but the area around Gui Ba was dark, clearly indicating that there was no change in his vision. As if, a collapse was almost on the verge.

This is an illusion, not waiting for Gui Ba’s to act out on his thought; a flaming fireball immediately erupted in front of his eyes. It was just like a firework scattering in all directions, which ultimately surrounded and consumed Gui Ba in an instant. Covered by the illusion of Spacial Collapse, Gui Ba was unable to even resist it for a moment.

Even if Gui Ba could communicate with the powers of Heaven, it would be entirely impossible for him to escape from this Flame Spiritual Technique. What’s more, he just could not communicate with the power of heavens.

After Ning Cheng killed Gui Ba, he immediately grabbed his ring. Not even putting away his Array Flags, he swallowed several pills, brought out his low-grade True Artefact Airship, and quickly vanished from that location.

After Ning Cheng called out the few people with him, he immediately began to prepare for going into seclusion.

Seeing Ning Cheng all right, all the people felt happy. Nan Yuefang, by Ning Cheng’s predetermined path, took control of the flight type True Artefact and directly rushed into the Yi Xing Ocean.

After Ning Cheng entered his cabin, he immediately started to restore his True Essence. He was afraid that the Gui Clan’s Ancestor Gui Zheng would keep pursuing them. In case that Ancestor Gui Zheng caught up to them, it would definitely be a vicious fight. That Ancestor Gui Zheng had the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 7th Level; it was incomparable to that Gui Ba.

Initially, he had intended to use the Le Continent’s Transmission Array to go to the Tian Continent after killing Gui Ba. He believed that with that kind of unwarranted reputation that was on the rise in the Le Continent, using the Transmission Array would not pose much of an issue.

However, after sensing that kind of threat, Ning Cheng decisively decided to give up on the Transmission Array. He intended to wait until his True Essence recovered, then directly head to the Tian Continent from the Chaotic Star Space with the help of the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel. Although the Power of Hope with him might not be enough to sustain the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel for the entire distance. In the case that it was insignificant, Ning Cheng believed that he would be able to reach at least somewhere close to the Tian Continent.

Ning Cheng estimated that the sense of crisis that he felt was definitely from the arrival of Ancestor Gui Zheng. That Ancestor Gui Zheng was at the Crucible Transformation 7th Level, as long as he had not gone to the Tian Continent, with such a colossal catastrophe befalling the Gui Yuan City, he would definitely come back.


Ning Cheng had guessed it right. That Ancestor Gui Zheng had indeed returned to the Gui Yuan City. What made Ancestor Gui Zheng erupt in extreme anger was that although the Gui Yuan City still existed, the Gui Clan suffered a complete wipeout. He had returned too late. This taught that old Ancestor Gui Zheng a very painful lesson. That even if one was formidable, but not all people bullied by you would not dare to speak.

Not only was the Gui Clan finished, even most of the Gui Clan’s Sea Opening Realm Cultivators ended up dead, while their Crucible Transformation Cultivator, Gui Ba, was currently missing. He guessed that he had already perished. As to the one that brought annihilation to the Gui Clan, Ning Cheng, he had already disappeared without a trace. As for massacring the several Sea Opening Realm Cultivators from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy and the Blue Cloud Academy, Ancestor Gui Zheng did not dare to provoke anyone of them.

The others had a used an utterly justified reason, your Gui Yuan City killed our Academies’ Disciples, so we definitely would be meting out justice. As such, he could not dare to go find vengeance with those Academies. The Gui Yuan City’s Gui Clan may have a possibility of recovering, but if he wanted to restore it, the Gui Clan would have to leave the Le Continent forever.

Ancestor Gui Zheng did not dare find trouble with the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, but that did not mean that he would not dare look for Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was the chief instigator of the annihilation of his Gui Clan. He certainly would go all out to find Ning Cheng, and he did not care about anyone daring to offer his or her help to Ning Cheng.


“Eldest Brother, what is this place? My Spiritual Consciousness just swept out, when it was completely suppressed.” Yang Honghou asked while sitting on the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel with a pale complexion.

He thought that his flight type Magical Weapon that Ning Cheng had swapped out in mid-flight was a lot faster, so he just wanted to look outside. However, to his surprise, his Spiritual Consciousness had just swept out, when it was entirely suppressed by the Astral Winds outside.

Although Yang Honghou was the one to ask this question, apparently the others also wanted to know about it. At this moment, all of them were looking towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng smiled: “In the past when I had to escape the Le Continent and reached the Tian Continent, I had no choice but to go through this place. Chaotic Star Space is the name of this place. This Chaotic Star Space is a place where even ordinary Crucible Transformation Cultivators would not be able to come up. However, with my flight type Magical Weapon, you would be able to fly here as fast as you are able to. This place also has some benefits for you all, that is, you can use this place to quench your Spiritual Consciousness. You can try doing it again and again, as long as you do not extend your Spiritual Consciousness too far, it would provide a tremendous advantage to you Spiritual Consciousness.”

Hearing such information about consciousness quenching, whether it was Yang Honghou or Nan Yuefang, they were all utterly joyful. Even Ji Luofei was also eager to try it. Ning Ruolan and Lian’e’s cultivation was a little worse; as such, they did not dare to attempt such a thing.

“There is still a long way to go to the Tian Continent; I guess that it would take at least a year or two. You can continue to cultivate while quenching your Spiritual Consciousness. As for Lian’e, besides your own cultivation, you can help guide Pinghao to initiate him into the world of cultivation.”

Ning Cheng finished speaking then took out a ring before handing it to Lian’e before continuing, “There are some cultivation resources inside along with some Cultivation Jade Strips. You can use these Cultivation Methods to cultivate temporarily. Wait till we reach the Tian Continent and join an Academy, everyone would then have access to even more things.”

There were too many good things in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Scripture Hall. He could only guide them to join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As for their futures, it would all depend on their own efforts.

“What about you?” Ji Luofei asked in a quiet voice. If Ning Cheng did not want to cultivate, then she would like to accompany Ning Cheng.

“I would also be going into seclusion to cultivate. I have a few things to take back on reaching the Tian Continent, but my cultivation is currently insufficient.” Ning Cheng was aware of Luofei’s thoughts.

For this group of people trying to reach the Tian Continent, their biggest backer was he, Ning Cheng. If his strength was not able to keep up, then there was no way to count on the others.

Ning Cheng, in addition to improving his Alchemy Level, also wanted to try to increase his cultivation as far as possible. On arriving at the Tian Continent, the first thing that he wanted to do was to visit the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce.

He had entrusted three drops of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence along with a small branch of the 9-Colored Mirage Tree to the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. The only reason why he did not choose to return there in the past to collect what he deserved was that he was aware that his strength was too low. If he went there to claim those things back then, he might have instead lost his pitiful life.

Now that his current strength was comparable to that of a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, how was it possible for him to give up on so many Spirit Stones? The Profound Light Chamber of Commerce was one of the major Chambers of Commerce in the Tian Continent. As such, its strength would also not be straightforward. Therefore, he must utilise all of his time to improve his own cultivation.

To survive in this place, Ning Cheng knew that only when one had strength, would the others speak to you with reason.

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