Chapter 0408

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0408: Killing Into the Gui Clan’s Fort

At such a critical moment, Ning Cheng did not dare to hesitate for even half a moment. At almost the same time, the Thunder City’s shadow came out along with 36 Axes, which blasted out 36 Axe Traces. Not only that, a manifestation of a long spear immediately followed, without even half-a-second delay.

This was the first time for Ning Cheng to go full power from the start. He did not even mind exposing the Thunder City’s shadow. For him currently, it was the most critical time. He cannot end up entangling with the Gui Clan’s Crucible Transformation Cultivator inside the Gui Yuan City.

The two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators in front of him were at the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm and 5th Level of Sea Opening Realm. The two of them also did not dare to underestimate Ning Cheng. Although Ning Cheng looked as if his cultivation was not up to par with them, there were very clear about Gui Feng’s formidable strength. If Ning Cheng was the person who killed Gui Feng, then they did not have the luxury to underestimate him, but at the same time be extremely vigilant against him.

Unfortunately, even if they were even more vigilant, they could not compare to Gui Feng. Gui Feng had the Virgin Hope Pagoda that could tie down Ning Cheng, but these two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators could not even block Ning Cheng’s Magical Weapons, let alone kill Ning Cheng. Moreover, Ning Cheng had also never brought out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow even when he fought against Gui Feng.

The person at the front had only just brought out his Magical Weapon when he ended up entirely suppressed by the Blue Thunder City that had just come out. The next instant, Ning Cheng’s 36 Axes, and the long spear approached the second Sea Opening Realm Cultivator.

The cultivator at the 5th Level of Sea Opening Realm had just brought out eight doors that were in the middle of arranging themselves into nodes to create an Array Entrance when he found himself completely submerged within the attacks from the 36 Axes.

“Kaka…..” Several loud explosions erupted as the eight doors forming the Array Entrance were directly blown open one after another. However, the 36 Axe Shadows also dispersed after extinguishing the Array Entrance built by those eight doors.

The strength of Ning Cheng had already far exceeded the estimates of this cultivator at the 5th Level of Sea Opening Realm. Not waiting for his eight doors to once again manifest the shadow of the Array Entrance, Ning Cheng’s long spear came crashing towards him.

What made the Gui Clan’s cultivator at the 5th Level of Sea Opening Realm shocked was that he actually could not even touch this trace of Spear Shadow. The powerful Spear Intent had already rattled his mind and consciousness.

The cultivator at the 5th Level of Sea Opening Realm was indeed not a fool. He knew that if his mind rattled too much, then he would genuinely be rushing towards his own death. The best approach should be to stabilise themselves first, then slowly capture Ning Cheng.

Nevertheless, by the time he realised this, it was already too late. The tiny bit of escape route he found turned to nihility.

“Bang….” The Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow that was suppressing the cultivator at the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm finally blasted apart. However, at the same time, Ning Cheng’s long spear had already pierced through the glabella of the cultivator at the 5th Level of the Sea Opening Realm.

“Boom.” A blood fog blew out.

At the same time, those 36 Small Axes curved through the air, locking their target at the cultivator at the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm, who had just forced off the suppression from the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow.

Innumerable Axe Shadows manifested which then combined to form a single Axe Line in just a moment. This cultivator at the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm was not able to take any defensive stances when this Axe Line descended on him. A line of blood spurted out. Even if this cultivator at the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm was not willing, there was no other choice but to die.

The Public Square, initially under the suppression of the two Sea Opening Cultivators from the Gui Clan, became deathly quiet. Ning Cheng had almost instantaneously killed two Sea Opening Realm Elders from the Gui Yuan City, what kind of strength was this? Crucible Transformation Realm, besides being in the Crucible Transformation Realm, how else could this kind of power be explained?

Ning Cheng swiftly stored the rings. He was aware that a ring from a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm contained a considerable amount of riches. After killing Duan Zhang and Gui Feng, he had already obtained a fortune, so how could he let go of the rings from the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators that he just killed?

“Dao friends, if you still have a heart of justice, then please follow me to kill a path to the Gui Clan. If you found out about the states of your friends, or relatives that met their ends at the hands of the Gui Clan, then please do not talk with loquacity, just kill a path to the Gui Clan with me…….”

Ning Cheng finished his words and immediately led the charge to kill his path into the biggest Gui Clan fort in the Gui Yuan City. Countless cultivators also chose to rush towards it following Ning Cheng. Among these cultivators, a majority of them were already dissatisfied with the Gui Clan’s evil deeds, which could only be accountable to the heavens.

Moreover, the Gui Clan was also filthy rich. Which cultivator, living in the Gui Yuan City, did the Gui Clan not rip off?

Although the Gui Clan was mighty and could slaughter people like cattle, in the face of such a massive swarm of cultivators from the city, they just were not able to put up even half a shred of resistance.

As for the several formidable Sea Opening Realm Cultivators, without any exception, met their makers in the hands of Ning Cheng, while the rest of the Gui Clan Disciples perished under the endless hordes of cultivators that swarmed in.

Ning Cheng knew that there were definitely many innocent people among the dead, but he could also not attend to them. In this place, even if one escaped being chased down by someone today, someone would chase him or her down once again tomorrow.

At this moment, it was not only the Gui Clan’s fort, but even the shops and Merchant Houses in the entire Gui Yuan City faced destruction.

Ning Cheng himself had not thought that the matter would be so simple. He had initially thought that he would have to face at least a few harsh and bitter battles but had never thought that he would end up receiving this much help from so many people. Well, it was more appropriate to say that most of the people here were taking advantage of this opportunity to rob.

“I finally understand…..” A Soul Essence Cultivator, who had followed the crowd into the Gui Clan’s fort, stood atop a circular building and suddenly exclaimed.

Not only did this Soul Essence Cultivator understand something, but even those people proficient in Array Formations were also able to realise something. That is, when all of them entered the Gui Clan’s fort, they could feel that it was full of vitality. Moreover, there was also a feeling that they might be able to advance the next moment if they choose to.

This circular building facade unexpectedly turned out to be an Ancient Essence Extraction Array Formation. Moreover, the Fundamentals of Array Formations also had a record of this kind of Array Formation. However, no one in the contemporary times could arrange such a monstrosity. That was because to set up the Array Heart of this Array Formation, it required a Demon Soul that surpassed the Planar Boundary.

“The Gui Clan is really cruel and evil, unexpectedly they actually were using this Ancient Essence Extraction Array Formation to extract the vitality from all the cultivators entering the Gui Yuan City and supplying all of the stolen vitality to the Gui Clan’s fort for their own cultivation.”

“No wonder, I always felt Gui Yuan City be someone strange. Cultivating in this kind of place always gave me an inexplicable feeling.”

“I once said that the Gui Clan was quite magnanimous. Establishing a city to provide convenience for everyone.”

“What kind of convenience were they providing, just look at how few shops in the Gui Yuan City have nothing to do with the Gui Clan?”

“Let’s blow away this disgusting place.”

“Right, blow it away…..”


All sorts of argumentative sounds erupted.

Ning Cheng knew that these people only started thinking after becoming aware of this information. The Array Formation did indeed extract vitality, but the energy that it sucked was an incredibly tiny amount each time. Even high-levelled cultivators would not be able to feel it. For these cultivators to say that they felt strange cultivating in this place was only nonsensical talks. However, there was no denying that this Array Formation was genuinely vicious and cruel. If the Gui Clan wanted to claim the life of any individual, then as long as they were in the Gui Yuan City, they would be able to utilise this Array Formation to especially cope with them.

Since Ning Cheng had already made up his mind to destroy the Gui Clan, then, of course, he must naturally add some inflammatory details. In fact, Ning Cheng did not need to add any interesting information, before innumerable Magical Weapons rumbled out towards this Ancient Essence Extraction Array Formation.

Although it was quite a formidable Array Formation, it could not endure the crazy bombardment from innumerable cultivators. In only an hour, this Array Formation completely blasted to pieces. These cultivators had already forgotten that this Array Formation sucked away vitality, and was a vicious thing, as they immediately started collecting the shards. Everyone knew that even the pieces of such an Array Formation would be quite valuable.

These people had initially teamed up as incarnations of justice against the Gui Clan. However, when it came to their own interests, then benefits were the most important for them. Moral integrity? What was that thing anyway?

A formidable Spiritual Consciousness descended upon Ning Cheng’s body. Ning Cheng instantly realised that the Crucible Transformation Cultivator had finally come back. Instead of informing those cultivators robbing the Gui Clan, he quietly left the Gui Yuan City. He was sure that this Crucible Transformation Cultivator would definitely follow him. However, the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators that followed his heels would brutally rain their attacks at the cultivators of the Gui Yuan City. This kind of matter, Ning Cheng had already expected it.

Not everyone can always make a fortune, while he alone would have to withstand the wrath of Crucible Transformation Cultivator, how could it be that easy?

Just as Ning Cheng departed, the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators from the Gui Clan returned and the second large-scale battle broke out in the Gui Yuan City.

However, this situation did not last long, when a new leader emerged. The Dragon and Phoenix Academy and the Blue Cloud 8-Star Academy joined forces to attack the Gui Yuan City with the excuse of cracking down on Gui Clan’s evil conduct. Also, even the Thoughtless Academy, an ally of the Gui Yuan City, came out to start a crusade of its own against the Gui Yuan City.

The Gui Yuan City had already lost the majority of their Sea Opening Real Cultivators against Ning Cheng, while Ning Cheng had already led away Gui Ba. As such, their remaining forces were not much. The entire Gui Yuan City’s interests ended up re-divided among them, even though Gui Ba and the other two Gui Clan’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators did not come back. Also, all the different interests of the Gui Clan in the Le Continent completely disappeared. As for the Gui Yuan City that had been in existence for countless years, it was already doomed to soon vanish from the world. Even if the Gui Clan’s Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator came back, he would be unable to change this destiny.


“Vile beast, even if you run the ends of the world today, I, Gui Ba, will still extract and refine your soul.” Gui Ba was trembling uncontrollably. He was a genuine Crucible Transformation Cultivator, yet he ended up toyed around by a puny cultivator at the 1st Level of the Sea Opening Realm. Even his entire Gui Clan ended up facing complete destruction because of this bastard, how could he not be angry?

“Old thing, who said that I want to run away? I was just leading you here, to avoid you going back to the Gui Yuan City to stir up trouble.” Ning Cheng finally stopped, before he turned around and spoke in a cold yet calm voice.

He was aware that he had to lead away Gui Ba. If a Crucible Transformation Cultivator went to the Gui Yuan City, then whether the Gui Clan would face complete destruction by the several Academies, as he planned, would be genuinely up to chance.

In the Le Continent, if not necessary, two faction’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators would not directly fight against each other. Now that he led away Gui Ba, the Gui Clan of the Gui Yuan City would definitely end up in smoke. Even if the Gui Clan’s Grand Elder comes back, it would still be an utterly hopeless case. As for him being a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator, Ning Cheng really didn’t care about it.

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to throw out many Array Flags.

“Gutless scoundrel, merely an Array Formation set up at the last moment and yet wanting to trap me, Gui Ba, using it. Dream on!” Gui Ba spoke out in a crazy hissing-like voice, as several shadows rumbled out from him.

Ning Cheng also sneered in his heart, what did he mean by just an Array Formation set up at the last moment? He had spent a full five days in setting up this Rank 7 Hidden Killing Array. The reason for doing this was simple; he wanted to experience a head-on clash against a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. Arranging this Hidden Killing Array, and leading Gui Ba into it, was just taking care of contingencies.

Gui Ba’s Magical Weapon was just as domineering as his name; they were four large hammer-like Magical Weapons.

As these four hammers rumbled towards him, Ning Cheng instantly felt the surroundings squeeze upon him. Even breathing felt a bit difficult for Ning Cheng.

Crucible Transformation Cultivators indeed were different, Ning Cheng mumbled darkly in his heart. However, he did not immediately activate the Array Formation. This Gui Ba was a direct person; this kind of person was the most suitable for him to practice his skills.

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