Chapter 0421

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0421: It’s none of my concern

“Requesting Elder Taoist Zhong for guidance…..” Ning Cheng quickly gave a bow once again to ask for advice. This kind of opportunity was scarce for him; he had no teacher to learn from; if he did not ask for help at this moment, would he ever be able to seek counselling?

“Actually, it’s not much of a secret anyway; just go to the Heaven’s Way, which would take you out of the Yi Xing Mainland. The outside world’s Laws are more complete compared to the Yi Xing Mainland. Only with the help of those complete Worldly Laws, would you hopefully be able to grasp a higher level.” Zhong Liping stood up and spoke, his face slightly flushed as if he yearned to enter Heaven’s Way.

Ning Cheng was just about to speak when Zhong Liping waved his hand and interrupted Ning Cheng’s words, “With your status as a Sect Master, wanting to enter the Heaven’s Way would be something straightforward. However, I suggest that you should wait for at least a century before you go in. After going to the Heaven’s Way, no one has ever been able to come out. As such, no one knows where Heaven’s Way leads to, or if it even has an end.”

Even if Zhong Liping had not spoken those words, Ning Cheng was in no hurry in to go to Heaven’s Way. His little sister and his wife were all in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; as such, he would not leave to the Heaven Opening Island until the two of them obtained the ability to protect themselves. Even if he must go, he would definitely bring them along with him.

“Elder Taoist Zhong, I heard that some people could leave the Yi Xing Mainland by using the Void Cleaving Talisman. Is it possible to use such a method if one did not go to Heaven’s Way; in other words, tear through the Planar Boundary of the Yi Xing Mainland?” Ning Cheng immediately recalled the Talisman that Shi Qionghua used to leave. Moreover, Cang Wei had also helped him return to the Earth using the Heaven Opening Talisman.

Zhong Liping gave a self-deprecating smile before replying, “I’ve been cultivating for many years; although I may be inferior to a few top powerhouses in the Tian Continent, I’m also not much weaker than them. However, to tear apart the Planar Boundary, I would not be able to do such a thing even if I ignited my entire life. Not to mention that I won’t be able to do it, even Xu Anzhen at her peak would not be able to do it.”

“The Yi Xing Mainland’s Worldly Laws are broken; as such Crucible Transformation Realm is already the extreme limit in this world. Although there are a few existences classified to be above Crucible Transformation Realm; however, there is no explicit ‘realm’ to classify them. Even possessing such cultivation, one could not even touch the boundary. That would mean that one is just unable to reach the pinnacle of this world, not to say anything about tearing apart the Planar Boundary. Moreover, the kind of things like the Void Cleaving Talismans, they are only present in the annals of ancient records. I have never heard, let alone seeing, any being with such a thing.”

The meaning of Zhong Liping, Ning Cheng was able to understand immediately. If you wanted to leave the Yi Xing Mainland, then there was only a single way, which is to enter Heaven’s Way.

“Many thanks for Elder Taoist Zhong’s advice, this Ning Cheng has profited greatly from the exchange.” Ning Cheng immediately gave his thanks.

He indeed gained a few benefits by coming here.

Zhong Liping showed a faint smile as he spoke, “Let me tell you one more thing, although some of us old fogeys are not very clever, they are also not stupid enough to be cheated this easily.”

Ning Cheng understood immediately, as he asked a question in astonishment, “Does the Shattered Canopy Mountains really contain Spiritual Veins?”

“Yes, this old man is sure that there is a Spiritual Vein within the Shattered Canopy Mountains. Not only am I sure about it, but there are also several other people from other factions who know about it. However, this Spiritual Vein remains hidden behind a top-tier Natural Concealment Array Formation that one could only sense occasionally. Perhaps it might not be in the Shattered Canopy Mountains itself. If your cultivation really is progressing slowly, then I suggest that you go to the Shattered Canopy Mountains to have a look. Of course, you must be careful about the people from the Yin Yang Dao Sect and the Heavenly Dao Academy. The old fogies from these two factions are really not much concerned about face.” These were precisely the words that Ning Cheng wanted to hear from Zhong Liping.

He did not want Ning Cheng to go to Heaven’s Way right away; of course, he certainly wanted Ning Cheng to stay back and uplift the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, Ning Cheng’s present cultivation was indeed at a low point. Since Ning Cheng was proficient in Array Formations, so whether he would really be able to find the Spiritual Vein at the Shattered Canopy Mountains or not was still up for debate.


The Heavenly Dao Public Square, this was Ning Cheng’s second time coming here. After he learned from Zhong Liping that the Shattered Canopy Mountains might contain a Spiritual Vein, he immediately decided to go to the Shattered Canopy Mountains.

For other cultivators, a top quality pill, or countless Spirit Stones were already plentiful cultivation resources. However, for Ning Cheng, only those Spiritual Veins could somewhat satisfy his cultivation needs. Moreover, this was a scarce cultivation resource, if he did not compete for it, then it would also not deliver itself to his hand.

However, before going to the Shattered Canopy Mountains, Ning Cheng chose to take a detour through the Heavenly Dao Public Square. He did not intend to recruit new disciples for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but rather just wished to meet Yan Ji, if possible.

The Heavenly Dao Public Square’s disciple selection for the Major Academies was nearing completion, but the area remained filled with a babble of voices.

“Now give it to this father and fuck off, just ants from the Le Continent yet daring to be arrogant in front of me. If not for the Heavenly Dao Public Square forbidding killing, this father would have long since turned you to ashes.” A disdain-filled voice entered Ning Cheng’s ears. However, the words ‘Le Continent’ instantly caught Ning Cheng’s attention.

A youth with scattered hair and covered with several bloodstains over his face lay on the ground. There were bloodstains everywhere on his face along with a foot pressing down on it. The person lying down was a youth from the Le Continent with the cultivation of Profound Core 7th Level. His breath unsteady, apparently because of serious injuries, while the cultivator stepping on him possessed the cultivation of Soul Essence 3rd Level.

If it were a fight between disciples of other factions, then Ning Cheng would have been disinclined to even glance at them. However, he also came from the Le Continent; moreover, was looking for Yan Ji. Since he encountered such a matter, he immediately started walking towards them.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Cheng stepped forward and didn’t speak up directly.

“It’s none of your concern, don’t invite trouble for yourself, move it.” The Soul Essence Cultivator stepping on the face of the Profound Core youth spoke up when he saw someone come over to meddle in his business, causing him to feel very unhappy about it.

The Profound Core 7th Level youth, the one stepped upon, was feeling extremely insulted that his mind was long-since embroiled in a turmoil. It was indeed a pity that he just did not have the strength to revolt right now. However, since someone came up to inquire about the situation, he quickly spoke up, “Senior, this junior is called Zhuang Jingyi and is from the Le Continent’s Zhuang Clan. I had a pair of Blood River Red Lotuses on me, which I was about to exchange with him. However, this person then forcibly snatched away my Blood River Red Lotus and also refused to honour his promise, I did not agree……”

Le Continent’s Zhuang Clan? Another familiar face appeared in his mind.

“My name is Zhuang Xiangsha, from the Le Continent’s Zhuang Clan… If you can exit from this place in the future, then I would like to ask you to bring me back to the Le Continent’s Zhuang Clan. Just take me to Zhuang Wenhan……

At this moment, he was kind of feeling ashamed of himself. After returning to the Le Continent, he was anxious to look for Luofei, and because of the upcoming clash with the Gui Clan, his thoughts ended up wholly focussed on the coming battle. At that time, he had unexpectedly forgotten about Zhuang Xiangsha’s matter.

Initially, when he was inside the Law’s Way, he ended up saving many cultivators who had entered the Law’s Way along with him. However, when he ended up besieged from all sides, not even one of them stood up to help him except for Zhuang Xiangsha, who ultimately sacrificed her life to save him.

Since Zhuang Xiangsha saved him, he also felt heartfelt gratitude towards Zhuang Xiangsha. He finally was able to escape from the encirclement and helped Zhuang Xiangsha craft a coffin. Even today, Zhuang Xiangsha remained inside his Miniature World.

“Senior…..” Zhuang Jingyi seeing Ning Cheng in a daze, quickly called out. His qualifications were only ordinary, but because he was the only son of the master of Zhuang Clan, as such, he was able to obtain a place to come to the Tian Continent. That pair of Blood River Red Lotus, he had prepared it to forge some personal relations with the goal of ultimately entering a reasonably good faction within the Tian Continent.

Ning Cheng did not reply; he just lightly lifted his foot. However, a loud ‘Katcha’ sound emerged from the Soul Essence Cultivator who was stepping on Zhuang Jingyi, as he immediately fell to the ground. This directly caused the Soul Essence Cultivator to feel an intense fear; he knew that this time he ended up kicking the iron board. This man was able to kick his leg off and even break it with ease, showing that his cultivation was definitely a lot higher than his own cultivation.

Ning Cheng then took out a pill, handed it to Zhuang Jingyi before pulling Zhuang Jingyi up, and asked, “Who is Zhuang Xiangsha to you? What relations do you have with Zhuang Wenhan?”

Zhuang Jingyi quickly bowed and thanked him, before carefully speaking up, “Replying to Senior’s words, Zhuang Xiangsha is my Elder Sister, Zhuang Wenhan is this junior’s father.”

“Oh…..” Ning Cheng sighed. He looked at Zhuang Jingyi and spoke, “My name is Ning Cheng. I don’t know if you know me.”

Hearing Ning Cheng self-reporting his name, Zhuang Jingyi suddenly fell down to his knees and cried out, “Many thanks to Senior Ning for not letting my big sister’s name get sullied. This junior learned about that matter from the Thoughtless Academy’s Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng Yixiao that it was Senior who got rid of……”

Ning Cheng immediately pulled up Zhuang Jingyi; taking out a coffin, he then passed it on to Zhuang Jingyi and spoke, “I should have gone to the Zhuang Clan, but I ended up in a clash with the Gui Yuan City. I could not find the chance to come visit your Zhuang Clan. Since I met you today, then I’ll be handing this back into your care.”

Zhuang Jingyi received the coffin from Ning Cheng. He then gently placed it on the ground before starting to cry bitterly.

Ning Cheng could not wholly persuade Zhuang Jingyi, so he turned his gaze towards the Soul Essence Cultivator, of whose leg he had broken just now. At this point, the Soul Essence Cultivator’s face was devoid of any blood and completely pale with his entire body trembling uncontrollably. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Ning Cheng, the might of that name, how could he not know about it?

“Senior, this junior had eyes but failed to see Mt. Tai, had eyes but failed ……” This Soul Essence Cultivator kept mumbling in a terrified manner.

Because of the loud bawling noises, a bunch of cultivators quickly started to gather around them.

Ning Cheng simply did not care about how many cultivators gathered, he merely raised his hand, and a finger of the Soul Essence Cultivator immediately broke, while at the same time, the ring on his finger had also disappeared.

“Get lost; don’t let me see you again.” Ning Cheng’s cold voice resounded in his ears.

“Sect Master Ning sure had a big reputation attached to his name and also carries himself with an esteemed prestige. Yet, he still chooses to blatantly rob the ring of a junior in the Heavenly Dao Public Square. Does Sect Master Ning think that the rules of the Heavenly Dao Public Square do not apply to him?” A sarcastic voice arrived as the surrounding cultivators immediately parted. Everyone knew that a good show might unveil itself today.

Who among them did not know about the illustrious prestige of Ning Cheng? The Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Cultivator Tang Gongxi ended up dying by his hands right outside the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Even the other cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction who came to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect ended up utterly decimated. Not to mention this, but he even successfully blackmailed a dozen factions who came there to shell out innumerable Spirit Stones and other resources before they were allowed to leave.

Just a single person, yet he was the one who was single-handedly responsible for saving the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect from the fate of being completely extinguished.

Because Tang Guangxi attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect when it was sealed, Ning Cheng ended up killing all the cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction that came to their doorstep. The reason was not that there was a shortage of people to gang up on him, but that no one dared to collaborate with each other to cope with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Moreover, now Ning Cheng was the Sect master of a ‘major’ faction; as such, catching him in the act of snatching a Soul Essence Cultivator’s ring, was akin to giving people an opportunity to exploit. Not only that, the person who spoke out in such a ridicule-filled voice, many people already knew him. He was Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Crucible Transformation 7th Level Elder Rong Jin.

Zhuang Jingyi quickly stowed away his big sister Zhuang Xiangsha’s coffin and stood behind Ning Cheng. With more and more Le Continent’s disciples ending up chosen by the other factions, he had no place to go right now. Until today, he thought that he would end up forever remaining a rogue cultivator in the Tian Continent, until the day he died.

Ning Cheng simply ignored the cultivator who came to ridicule him, looking at Zhuang Jingyi, he asked, “Which faction do you plan to join?”

“This disciple’s qualification is only ordinary, causing no faction to take a fancy in me.” Zhuang Jingyi spoke in a depressing voice.

“It does not matter; you can come join my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.” Ning Cheng spoke out without any care.

Zhuang Jingyi had just heard the cultivator from a moment ago address Ning Cheng as Sect Master, but now he heard Ning Cheng mention that he could come join ‘my’ Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he immediately turned shocked in his heart. Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is one of the ten Major Academies, how could Ning Cheng be its Sect Master? However, he reacted quickly, knowing that these were not things that he should be thinking right now, he hurriedly offered a bow and spoke, “Disciple Zhuang Jingyi offers his heartfelt thanks to Sect Master Ning.”

As he spoke, he already changed his form of address as a disciple from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

“Sect Master Ning, you probably do not know who this person is, he is Rong Jin from the Yin Yang Dao Sect.” At this time, another voice arrived.

“Who he is, is none of my concern. Why should I know a ‘nobody’ like him?” Ning Cheng spoke out in a calm tone, not even glancing at the people who just arrived.

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