Chapter 0422

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0422: Fuck Off

However, Ning Cheng actually knew about the person who just arrived. It was the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Crucible Transformation Cultivator, Si Raohe, with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 5th Level. A few years ago, when he participated in the Great Meet of the Academies in the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Public Square, Xun Hanrui had mentioned about him.

Although Rong Jin’s complexion was calm, he was incomparably angry in his heart. In the past, his fame was no weaker than Ning Cheng’s current reputation, which was because he managed to kill 12 Sea Opening Realm Cultivators when he was only at the 7th Level of the Sea Opening Realm when once trapped in a Mystical Place. Because of this matter, it ended up creating a grudge with the Refining Soul Academy. A person, him, chose to pay a visit to the Refining Soul Academy to pick a fight with them, which finally resulted in the Refining Soul Academy to forcibly seal of their mountains for a millennium.

Even now, he was second to no one within the Yin Yang Dao Sect. If Rui Baishan met him, he would have to respectfully address him as ‘Brother’. Ning Cheng was just a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, but just because he became a Sect Master, he chose not to put anyone in his eyes. In his, Rong Jin’s, eyes it was just too shameless.

“How could my name be compared to Sect Master Ning Cheng, whose name and prestige is spread far and wide?” Rong Jin spoke out with a calm face and a light tone.

Ning Cheng did not feel it worth to pack up before this Rong Jin, who behaved as if nothing had happened in front of so many people before leaving for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Ji Xiu was not only the first to walk away at that time, but even the compensation that came from their side was the least among all the academies. One of the Tian Continent’s top ten factions, yet they just fished out a measly 100,000 Spirit Stones only, something not even equivalent to some junk from their sect. It was not much of compensation, but more ridicule. If not for Ning Cheng not wishing to cause a public outrage at that moment, he would have immediately gone looking for Ji Xiu at that very moment.

Initially, he wanted to look for some trouble with the Yin Yang Dao Sect, but since people from the Yin Yang Dao Sect personally came to stir up trouble by their own initiative, how could he not show his due diligence and due respect towards this Rong Jin? If it were before, then he would feel too lazy to notice him at all, but after he came to know about Rong Jin’s identity, he changed his mind.

“Since no one knows your name here, then fuck off. Do not case delays for his master.” Ning Cheng bluntly spoke up.

Even if Rong Jin was someone with a very high martial prowess, he could not resist it at all and soon spoke out with a sneer, “The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect really has some great style, to appoint such a wise Sect Master. Whether an unimportant person like me ‘fucks off’ or not doesn’t matter, but before I ‘fuck off’, I’d rather want to know as to how the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master would justify snatching a Soul Essence Cultivator’s ring?”

“If everyone acted like Sect Master Ning, then none of us would need to look around for cultivation resources, as the ones with high cultivators can simply snatch away things from ones with low cultivations. Today, if Sect Master Ning decides to use his sect to pressure and oppress others, then I also have a moral right to serve justice for the ordinary cultivators.”

Hearing the details of the matter in such a manner, even if Rong Jin’s voice was not loud, it immediately attracted countless cultivators to their spot. Despite if, Rong Jin deliberately was aiming to blow things out of proportion, the cultivators surrounding them were growing more and more in numbers.

Ning Cheng also spoke out in a sarcastic voice, “I did not expect you to be able to spit out ivory from your mouth; it looks like you are not simple at all.”

The Yin Yang Dao Sect was secretly in collaboration with the Red Star Sword Faction, primarily because they long since wanted to deal with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, they were merely one of the dark hands behind the scenes. Ning Cheng might not be that good in self-control, but he still had to swallow down the insults dealt with him that time. Although his current strength was not enough to completely eradicate the Yin Yang Dao Sect; however, against someone like Rong Jin, he just did not need to endure patiently.

Hearing Ning Cheng turns around and cursing at him while implying him to be a foul mouth dog, Rong Jin almost shot out. This little early stage Sea Opening Realm Cultivator was too arrogant. With what he did in the past, he already wholly offended the Red Star Sword Faction, yet he also wanted to provoke his Yin Yang Dao Sect?

Just as Rong Jin was about to speak, Ning Cheng suddenly spoke out loudly, “Zhuang Jingyi, why don’t you narrate what happened to you for the benefit of the surrounding people? What did this Soul Essence Cultivator with a broken leg do to you?”

Zhuang Jingyi was also equivalent to a Young Master in the Le Continent, but acted timidly in the Tian Continent; because he knew, his status meant nothing in this place. Now that Ning Cheng stood out and supported him, he also did not hesitate for even half a moment before speaking out loudly, “I come from the Le Continent, but because of poor qualifications, I was not able to join any academies. This person, called Dong Xu, said that he is a disciple of the Great Change Island, and even took out his Identity Jade Card.”

“He told me, as long as I was able to come up with something good, he would be able to bring me to the Great Change Island and even help me obtain the status of an Inner Sect Disciple of the Great Change Island. I always thought that the Great Change Island was one of the ten Major Academies, and would never stoop so low to deceive people using trickery. Therefore, I said that I had a pair of Blood River Red Lotus on me. I did not think that after he asked to look at the Blood River Red Lotus, he would immediately take it away, and even not acknowledge it……”

“It is an absolute slander; I have not taken his Blood River Red Lotus.” Dong Xu, who was sitting on the ground, immediately shouted out. He was not afraid of checks, he did not even have the Blood River Red Lotus if Ning Cheng took out everything from the inside of his ring there would be no Blood River Red Lotus. If he could not accomplish this, then he would never dare to publically take away the Blood River Red Lotus from Zhuang Jingyi at the Heavenly Dao Public Square.

Rong Jin stared coldly at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Wanting to rob the things of a Soul Essence Cultivator, of course, you would definitely find appropriate excuses. If I did not see it personally, then I guess you really would have succeeded. If you have the guts, then take out the ring, let everyone to take a look inside and see that there is no Blood River Red Lotus inside.”

“This matter involves my Great Change Island; we don’t need your Ying Yang Road to intervene for us.” A cold voice arrived, followed by a woman suddenly appearing before the gathered crowd.

Ning Cheng knew this woman; her name was Tan Yun, Tan Yushan’s big sister. That year, her cultivation was the 6th Level of Soul Sculpting Realm, but now it advanced to the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm. From this, it was visible that she went all out to improve her cultivation. However, with such cultivation speed, it would be effortless to ruin one’s foundation with a single misstep. Not everyone was like Ning Cheng, who possessed Origin support to aid in cultivation.

“So originally it was Great Change Island’s, Tan Yun. Since your own Great Change Island wants to bow their heads, then I, Rong Jin, also do not have anything to say. I can only lament that being a disciple of the Great Change Island is really not easy.”

Rong Jin’s words were nothing short of being ruthless. For him to say such words in front of these many people, and if Tan Yun did not pursue the truth, then it would result in the reputation of the Great Change Island to plummet drastically.

Tan Yun’s cold voice once again resounded, “My Great Change Island, as one of the top ten academies, does not need others to teach us what to do. A disciple from my Great Change Island will never indulge in bullying others nor will we tolerate them for bullying others. If we can’t even uphold such a principle, then I, as the Master of the Great Change Island, will not mind taking our exit from one of the top ten Academies, lest others shame us for being one of the top ten academies.”

If Tan Yun had dared to speak to him in such a manner in a deserted place, then Rong Jin would have long since slapped Tan Yun to nihility. However, this place was the Heavenly Dao Public Square, so he had no choice but to swallow the insult with a smile on his face.

“Dong Xu, you will talk about this matter, so tell me what is going on?” Tan Yun looked at the Soul Essence Cultivator in front of her, who was currently cowering on the ground.

“Elder Tan, I’m wrongly accused of this act. Sect Master Ning has taken my ring away. There is no Blood River Red Lotus inside it, but Sect master Ning must have heard that I had an Essence Soul Fruit…..”

Ning Cheng on hearing those words was really starting to admire this person’s ability to spread disinformation. His ring did indeed contain an Essence Soul Fruit. However, there was just no trace of the Blood River Red Lotus inside of it. However, Ning Cheng did not believe this person’s words; this person obviously used some unusual methods to get rid of the Blood River Red Lotus. Otherwise, with Zhuang Jingyi’s Profound Core Cultivation, and as a cultivator coming from the Le Continent, how could he dare to slander a Soul Essence Cultivator? This was nothing more than voluntarily seeking their own death.

“Sect Master Ning, can you please give me the ring of this disciple from my Great Change Island. If I find that your claim is indeed correct, then it would imply that this disciple from my Great Change Island had indeed snatched things from that lower levelled cultivator. In that case, I will definitely provide you with proper remuneration. But if it turns out to be false, then on account of hurting a disciple from my Great Change Island, you will be required to provide a proper explanation to both my island and also the disciple.” Tan Yun’s way of speaking with Ning Cheng was polite.

Ning Cheng also did not hesitate to throw Dong Xu’s ring towards Tan Yun and spoke, “Of course, if someone indeed slandered a disciple from your island, then I will be the first to not let them go.”

Ning Cheng did not want to offend the Great Change Island. The reason why the Red Star Sword Faction dreaded the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, in addition to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect itself, was the potential threat from the Great Change Island. Since Jiang Jun killed Tan Yushan that year, it caused the two factions to turn into mortal enemies.

Ning Cheng handed over the ring to Tan Yun in the presence of everyone, showing his absolute trust in Tan Yun. With such an attitude, there were now even more people from the surroundings that were starting to believe in Ning Cheng’s claim. After all, Sect Master Ning had once openly exchanged his barrel full of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in the Cultivator Exchange Main Hall. For a rich man like himself, would he even need to covet a single Essence Soul Fruit?

After Tan Yun got the ring, her Spiritual Consciousness easily broke the restriction on the ring. She then raised her hand causing piles of things from the inside to appear in front of everyone. Then Tan Yun picked up a jade box before opening it in front of everyone. Inside the jade box, impressively was a pair of Blood River Red Lotus.

Dong Xu stared at this pair of Blood River Red Lotus with wide eyes as he murmured, “It’s impossible, it’s absolutely impossible…..”

“Dong Xu, this definitely is a pair of Blood River Red Lotus in here, what do you have to say about it?” Tan Yun stared at Dong Xu and spoke out in an ice-cold voice, “My Great Change Island advocates that its faction’s people would never bully and humiliate the small and weakly, to not plunder from others just because you are strong. What explanation are you going to provide us with now?”

“No, it’s absolutely impossible, this Red Lotus is definitely not mine, definitely not mine……” Dong Xu simply couldn’t think how this Red Lotus came to be, no matter how he raked his brains. Blood River Red Lotuses were rare if this kind of thing were everywhere, then he would definitely not come here to rob some Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator of their Blood River Red Lotus.

Ning Cheng suddenly asked, “What’s that about ‘your’ Blood River Red Lotus?”

“I sent it away…..” Suddenly, Dong Xu paused. He could feel the sarcastic and taunting gazes from the surrounding people and immediately understood that he had made a terrible mistake.

This seemingly innocent yet sudden question was something that caught him completely off guard. This question was just like asking a person if you spoke to them, wouldn’t one instinctively reply with as ‘En’? Giving an ‘En’ as a reply would always be the first subconscious response. In his mind, at that time, there were only thoughts about how this new pair of Blood River Red Lotus appeared in his ring. Therefore, his subconscious mind ended up left defenceless against such a question.

Ning Cheng casually puts away this pair of Blood River Red Lotus and spoke, “You’re right, this pair of Blood River Red Lotus is really not the one you snatched. Because this is something that I intentionally put in there.”

Tan Yun’s complexion turned extremely ugly as she put the rest of the things back into the ring; however, she took away the Identity Jade Card. She then also took out a jade box from her own ring before putting it into the other ring and handed it to Zhuang Jingyi before replying, “This is your compensation.”

Zhuang Jingyi just was about to reject it, when Ning Cheng’s sound transmission round in his ears, “There is no need to reject it. It is what you originally should have got. The jade box contains a Soul Condensing Pill. After you return to the sect, you can freely use it to try and condense your Soul Essence.”

Hearing about the Soul Condensing Pill, Zhuang Jingyi quickly bowed and thanked Tan Yun, “Many thanks to Senior Tan for bestowing such generous gifts.”

Tan Yun nodded, then turned to Dong Xu and spoke, “You are now no longer a disciple of the Great Change Island.”

Dong Xu’s face immediately turned white, devoid of any blood. He had never thought that such a minor matter would end up depriving him of the status of being a disciple of one of the ten Major Academies. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret.

Although Rong Jin’s expression was calm, in his heart, he was actually cursing at Dong Xu for being an absolute idiot. As long as Dong Xu had not spoken those words, he would have been confident that he could accuse Ning Cheng to have deliberately put that pair of Blood River Red Lotus inside the ring.

“Sect Master, I actually came here for you specifically. I just came from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.” Tan Yun discretely told Ning Cheng after taking care of this incident.

Rong Jin was not feeling well in his heart. He gave a cold humph and spoke, “Sect Master Ning…..”

“Fuck Off.” Not waiting for Rong Jin to say any more words, Ning Cheng kindly and politely told Rong Jin to ‘fuck off’. So what if he was at Crucible Transformation 7th Level? He did not feel any fear towards Rong Jin.

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