Chapter 0434

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Chapter 0434: The Besieging of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect

“Senior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu, according to our investigations, based on the various clues obtained from the outside, there seems to be some solid truth regarding Sect Master going to Heaven’s Way.” Zhang Qian stood up and spoke. During these many years, it was not just he, even if it were the rest of the disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, all of them were actively looking for Ning Cheng’s whereabouts.

In addition to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, the cultivators from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Heaven Alliance were also looking for the whereabouts of Xiao Bisheng and Mu Ziming.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang Qian, please elaborate.” Ning Ruolan was the first to speak up. Although she felt worried about her big brother she chose to keep it concealed within her heart; however, every day that passed by that she could not see her big brother, the worry in her mind would grow slightly more prominent. Previously, because her big brother was worried for her, he ended up crossing through the vast and seemingly endless space, before finally arriving to take her away. Now that her big brother ended up missing, it was unthinkable that she would not worry about it.

However, she was very clear; even if she was even more worried, she had no choice but to improve her own cultivation first. Her cultivation speed was still quite fast even without the arrival of Junior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu; however, for her to advance to the Crucible Transformation Realm would prove as difficult for her as to reach the skies. If Senior Apprentice Sister Tan Yun hadn’t brought the Spiritual Vein with her, her cultivation would have stopped at the Soul Essence Realm.

Later, Senior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu brought out some mysterious pills and some crystal stones, causing the cultivation of all the people at the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak to rapidly rise. It made her feel grateful towards Senior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu. In this place, one who did not have any strength did not have the right to say anything.

“Yes, I thoroughly checked it over and over again. This news came out when people saw Sect Master leaving the Heavenly Dao Public Square along with a grey-robed person. Then, people also saw Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng following them. Initially, it looked as if the Sect Master along with Xiao Bisheng and Mu Ziming wanted to besiege the grey-robed man. However, for some unknown reason, Sect Master sneak-attacked Mu Ziming, causing Xiao Bisheng to turn furious, shifting his target to Sect Master…..”

“This is absolutely impossible. Sect Master Ning and the grey-robed man would never join forces. Moreover, that grey robed man definitely did not have any semblance of friendly relations with Sect Master.” Tan Yun immediately interrupted Zhang Qian’s words.

Zhang Qian sighed, “I also know that it is impossible. That year Senior Mu Ziming had been very kind to Sect Master Ning. Sect Master Ning is someone who heavily values friendship. How could someone like him sneak attack Senior Mu Ziming?”

“What happened afterwards?” Ning Ruolan had not met Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng; she only cared about where her Big Brother Ning had gone.

Zhang Qian continued, “Rumours say that after Sect Master Ning sneak attacked Mu Ziming, Xiao Bisheng immediately started hunting him, forcing him to enter Heaven’s Way. Xiao Bisheng and the seriously injured Mu Ziming did not originally want to enter the Heaven’s Way, but under the all-out attack from the grey-robed man, the two of them ended up forced into Heaven’s Way.”

“Don’t those rumours indicate that the grey-robed man did not enter the Heaven’s Way?” Ning Ruolan frowned and asked.

Zhang Qian nodded and spoke, “Not only do the rumours fail to mention that the grey-robed person did not enter Heaven’s Way; there are also rumours that this grey robed person was another person in disguise. Moreover, this person’s cultivation was at the very least on the same level as compared to Xu Anzhen. Because that person forces his opponents into the Heaven’s Way, the person then restored his original appearance and returned to his faction. Later on, that person also chose to enter the Heaven’s Way a few years ago.”

Ning Ruolan and Ji Luofei looked at each other; as long as they weren’t fools, they would immediately realise that it was all a scheme to drive a wedge between allies. Although this grey robed person remained nameless, everyone knew that these rumours were pointing towards the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master Rui Baishan. That was because the timing of Rui Baishan’s arrival was too coincidental; Ning Cheng and the others had just disappeared when he returned.

“Someone wants to alienate our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.” Que Hongshui spoke out without hesitation. “Sect Master Rui and Senior Mu Ziming have been good friends to each other. None of them would do such a thing.”

“It is definitely a scheme to alienate us. However, the matter of Sect Master Ning forced into the Heaven’s Way might have a grain of truth to it. Otherwise, with the current strength of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even if there were just a tiny bit of clue, we would have been able to find him by now.”

Luo Ziyan spoke in a furious tone. This scheme of driving a wedge between allies, she could see it as clear as day.

“Some people have their eyes set on our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Perception Pagoda, either that or they are just jealous.” Ning Ruolan had been running a business for several years; as such, such kind of dirty tricks, she was able to make them out clearly long ago.

Regardless of whether her Big Brother entered Heaven’s Way or not since this rumour has already come out, everyone will definitely aim for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Perception Pagoda.

At this moment, a fiery red flying sword fell into the hands of Ji Luofei. With Rainbow Fall Sword Peak’s Ning Cheng being absent, the primary decision-maker in this place was Ning Cheng’s fiancée, Ji Luofei. Although Meng Jingxiu was also a Grand Elder of this place, she chose not to interfere with the decision-making matters relating to the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.

Ji Luofei’s Spiritual Consciousness swept through the contents of the flying sword, causing her face to change immediately, “The Red Star Sword Faction, the Yin Yang Dao Sect, the Heavenly Dao Academy along with many of the smaller factions have joined forces and are openly crusading against our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Elder Tantai Fei wants us to hurry to the Sect’s Discourse Main Hall…..”

The reason why Meng Jingxiu had not spoken was regardless of whether Ning Cheng went to Heaven’s Way or not, she must go to Heaven’s Way. That was because the Tian Continent’s Laws were starting to have a restrictive effect on her cultivation, causing her cultivation to reach a bottleneck. Since she currently was the owner of an Immortal Mansion, if she ended up stranded in the Tian Continent, for her, it would just not be acceptable.


Floating Snow Palace.

“Yan Ji, are you going to Heaven’s Way just because you heard Ning Cheng went to Heaven’s Way?” Sang Jiezhu sported a perplexed look in her eyes as she looked at Yan Ji in front of her. Yan Ji was definitely the Foremost Genius of her Floating Snow Palace. Although she had only joined the Floating Snow Palace for a few decades, she already was at the Crucible Transformation 3rd Level at this moment.

Even Yin Kongchan, when compared to her, was only at the Crucible Transformation 2nd Level.

“Master, the Floating Snow Palace will always be this Yan Ji’s faction. In the future, no matter what goes on with this Yan Ji, if I return to the Tian Continent, I will surely return to the Floating Snow Palace.” Yan Ji bowed, while not directly answering Sang Jiezhu’s question. She knew that she did not accomplish many contributions to the palace to actually ask for leaving it. Even if she knew that it might be wrong, however, she really would not be able to help it this time. Moreover, the Floating Snow Palace was currently quite mighty by itself; there simply existed no other faction in the Tian Continent capable of bulling it around.

Sang Jiezhu gave a sigh, “Since you must leave, then I will also not stop you. I just want to tell you one thing. When you went into seclusion to attack the boundary to the Soul Sculpting Realm, I went to meet Ning Cheng. To discuss a marriage between you and him…..”

“Master, he…..” Yan Ji’s eyes revealed a hot light. She had not thought that her master would be so concerned about her. Knowing that she could not forget Ning Cheng, she still took the initiative to discuss her marriage. Her heart really was pounding at this moment, as she wondered as to what Ning Cheng might have said.

Sang Jiezhu looked at Yan Ji’s expression, immediately realising that her suspicion was correct all along.

“At that time, his response was very light. To me, he said that he already has a wife, and just told me to take a little bit of good care of you. He also said that it would be impossible for you and him to be together. At the same time, he also mentioned that if I had not mentioned it, he would have forgotten that you also came to the Tian Continent.” Sang Jiezhu kept sighing, describing things as if Yan Ji was something worthless.

Yan Ji’s face was a bit pale. She lowered her head and did not speak.

“What are you going to do?” Sang Jiezhu on seeing Yan Ji’s face, realised that Yan Ji’s goodwill towards Ning Cheng had dropped by a significant amount.

Yan Ji then gave a bow to Sang Jiezhu and spoke. “Many thanks to Master for your guidance over the many years. However, I WILL be going to Heaven’s Way.”

The smile on Sang Jiezhu’s face immediately froze; she did not think that Yan Ji would still choose to go to Heaven’s Way.


“Sect Master Tantai, I have a proposition.” In the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Discourse Hall, Ning Ruolan volunteered.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ruolan, please do not be so polite.” Not to mention that Ning Ruolan herself was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, she was also Ning Cheng’s little sister. This point alone was more than enough to earn Tantai Fei’s respect.

Ning Ruolan then gave a slight bow towards the other Grand Elders present there before speaking up, “We won’t be able to fight recklessly this time. Although our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s strength is as strong as in the past, in fact, it is even stronger than what it was previously. However, we still would not be able to resist the alliance of those major factions. What I want to propose is a differential approach to tackle them, in other words, split them into two, and fight against one.”

The long eyebrowed Grand Elder Zhong Liping on hearing this immediately spoke up, “Ruolan, what’s your plan?”

If not for Rui Baishan entering the Heaven’s Way, the ordinary people would never dare to run wild against the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Now that Rui Baishan was not here, and Ning Ruolan being Ning Cheng’s little sister, along with being a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, maybe it would be a good idea to hear her out over this matter.

“All Elders, Sect Master Tantai. These several factions that want to censure our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect have a completely different motive behind their actions. Their main purpose in crusading against us should be by our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Perception Pagoda. What I mean is, let’s give away the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Perception Pagoda to one of those factions, before using that to induce a divide amongst them.”

Ning Ruolan’s words immediately caused a burst of debate among the people. The reason why the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had so many Sea Opening Realm Cultivators and even Crucible Transformation Elders was mainly the result of the Perception Pagoda. If they gave away the Perception Pagoda, it would be no different than breaking one’s own arm.

“This absolutely would not do. We have already lost our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword. If we also lost the Perception Pagoda to others, then my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would not have any face to remain in the Tian Continent. What’s more, the Perception Pagoda is the root cause of the rise of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in such a short period. Sect Master Rui could enter Heaven’s Way without any worry is only because my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has the Perception Pagoda brought by Junior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu, which allowed us to continuously groom Crucible Transformation Cultivators.” Tantai Fei immediately objected.

Meng Jingxiu gave a light smile, “Sect Master Tantai, I think what Ruolan spoke is quite feasible. The Perception Pagoda is, in fact, not as extraordinary as everyone thinks. It is just a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, not even comparable to a True Artefact.”

“The reason why this pagoda helped our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to cultivate these many Crucible Transformation Cultivators is due to a special kind of Cultivation Crystal Stone inside. However, the Crystal Stone inside the Perception Tower is on the verge of turning into dust; at the same time, I also do not have any extra Crystal Stones to place in the Perception Pagoda. Therefore, the current Perception Tower is no different from a few discarded chicken ribs.”

“Aah…” Tantai Fei and the rest of the elders couldn’t help but stare at each other. Since the time the Perception Pagoda had taken root in the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak, they had always kept it under strict secretive scrutiny. They really did not know what kind of secret did the Perception Pagoda held; however, they did not think that the truth would be so simple. In the end, it was no different from a Spiritual Gathering Array. No wonder Ning Ruolan proposed such a strategy. Unfortunately, it also meant that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would no longer be able to produce so many Crucible Transformation Cultivators en-masse.

“Which faction should this Perception Pagoda go to?” A Crucible Transformation Female Elder spoke up. She was one of the oldest Crucible Transformation Elders of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. When the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect suffered attacks all those years ago, the elder managed to escape with serious injuries. It was only within these recent years when her injuries were light enough, did she return to the academy.

Zhang Qian immediately spoke up, “Of course, it would be the Heavenly Dao Academy. The Heavenly Dao Academy is currently still the most powerful force. After alienating the Heavenly Dao Academy, we would have the chance to deal with the other two factions.”

Ning Ruolan shook her head and spoke, “No, we will be giving it to the Yin Yang Dao Sect. I heard that big brother and Li Lingfan of the Heavenly Dao Sect have friendly relations. Li Lingfan’s master is Hu Taihe, a Crucible Transformation 9th Level Cultivator. He has an enormous influence in the Heavenly Dao Academy. Sect Master Tantai can take advantage of this point and influence Heavenly Dao Academy’s determination to join in on the fight.”

“But the Heavenly Dao Academy has the excuse that Xiao Bisheng was forced into Heaven’s Way by Sect Master Ning…..” Zhang Qian hurriedly spoke up.

Ning Ruolan spoke out without hesitation, “The reason why excuses are called excuses is that the truth is still not known.”


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