Chapter 0435

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Chapter 0435: Kill them all

Outside the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, several thousand cultivators gathered there at this time. Just like armies going to war, there were two sides with a clear demarcation between them.

On one side were the cultivators from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, while the opposite side comprised of forces formed from the coalition between three major factions and several small academies and factions.

“School Master Zuo Qiu, you are the new Academy Head of the Heavenly Dao Academy. My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and your great academy have had no contradictions with each other, so why does your noble academy want to participate in besieging my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect? If a great academy like yours involves itself in such acts, wouldn’t others subject you to mockery? That’s right, because of the events of that year; my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Essence Qi had indeed suffered severe damage. However, in any event, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is still a faction counted amongst the top ten major factions. It is not an existence that others could casually bully.” Tantai Fei’s voice resounded while containing a trace of anger within it. Apparently, he was very dissatisfied with the presence of the Heavenly Dao Academy in this place.

A man dressed in Confucian scholar-like robes from the Heavenly Dao Academy, with a very gentle and temperate bearing for a middle-aged man, on hearing those words, couldn’t help feel slightly embarrassed. Not waiting for him to speak up, Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Ji Xiu immediately spoke out in a cold tone, “Ning Cheng forced the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Dao Master Xiao Bisheng into Heaven’s Way. Isn’t that enough of a reason?”

Tantai Fei smiled and spoke, “So my Dao Friends here place more credibility on mere rumours than the actual truth. Not to mention that my Sect Master Ning actually disdains such kind of activities. Even if the rumour were true, that would mean that he also plotted against Brother Mu Ziming. Brother Mu Ziming is a Dao Master from the Heaven Alliance, so why do I not see people from the Heaven Alliance here; instead, isn’t this place filled with only irrelevant people that have nothing to do with this matter. Besides, is entering the Heaven’s Way a death sentence? My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master Rui had also entered Heaven’s Way a few years ago; according to what you mean, doesn’t it mean that my sect’s Sect Master had voluntarily gone to his death?”

Tantai Fei did not wait for Ji Xiu to refute, before he continued on, “School Master Zuo Qiu, let’s not talk about the credibility of this matter. In any case, my sect’s Sect Master Ning and you academy’s Li Lingfan are sworn Dao Friends to each other. As such, logically speaking, your Heavenly Dao Academy should not have brought your people to besiege my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Although I say this, that does not mean that I am afraid of your Heavenly Dao Academy; however, I still request School Master Zuo Qiu to think things clearly. Once the war begins, there would be no turning back.”

“Even if you lot ally yourself with other factions to destroy my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and even succeed in it, which is already a big if, in the future, once my sect’s Sect Master Ning and Elder Taoist Rui comes back, there would still be a future where we continue to exist. In the past, when Sect Master Ning was in the Sea Opening Realm, he dared to kill countless people who tried to attack my sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array. As these years passed by, Sect Master Ning would definitely have advanced to an existence above Crucible Transformation Realm; at that time, who knows how many factions would be able to withstand the wrath of our Sect Master Ning?”

The Heavenly Dao Academy’s Sect Master Zuo Qiu’s face turned ugly. He was well aware that the rumours circulating outside were most likely false. The only reason he chose to participate in this besieging, was not because of those rumours, but because of the Perception Pagoda. In his heart, he indeed harboured some fear towards Ning Cheng; moreover, Ning Cheng had an extremely ominous reputation on the outside. Just being at the Sea Opening Realm, yet being able to quickly kill Rong Jin, a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator. From this, he could extrapolate that there really might not be many factions capable of withstanding Ning Cheng’s wrath.

Tantai Fei did not continue explaining things to Zuo Qiu. Instead, he turned to the Yin Yang Dao Sect, before he cupped his fists towards a handsome looking young man and spoke, “Sect Master Hao, when my Sect Master Ning and your noble sect’s Rong Jin duelled it out we choose not to pursue it to the end as to who was right and who was wrong. However, I think that your great sect would not have an easy time raising a Crucible Transformation Cultivator of such calibre. Therefore, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is willing to show some sincerity to your noble sect.”

Hearing Tantai Fei’s words, the handsome young man’s ears immediately picked up.

Tantai Fei showed a faint smile, “My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect currently has two most valuable things. One is the Small Spiritual Domain, something that our ancestors left for us. We simply have no right or even the power to take it out and hand it to others. While the other is the Perception Pagoda……”

Hearing the words ‘Perception Pagoda’, everyone turned silent. This time, the main reason for besieging the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, if spoken in an above-board manner, would actually be for the Perception Pagoda. Now that Tantai Fei took the initiative to voluntarily talk about the Perception Pagoda, then if they did not pay their utmost attention to it, it would be the strangest of events.

Ning Ruolan had orchestrated the entire script for Tantai Fei, “The reason why my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had an influx of so many Crucible Transformation Cultivators this quickly is mainly due to the Perception Pagoda. However, it is a pity that the Spiritual Source inside of the Perception Pagoda will soon be exhausted; otherwise, we all wanted to gift the Perception Pagoda to the Yin Yang Dao Sect. Since both the Small Spiritual Domain and the Perception Pagoda cannot be brought out, in that case……”

“Oh, such nice words to hear. The Spiritual Source of the Perception Pagoda will soon run out, ha, did you think that such a lame excuse would deceive even a three-year-old?” Ji Xiu laughed, interrupting Tantai Fei’s deliberately hesitant words.

Seeing Tantai Fei’s complexion changing, and on the verge of speaking up, the Yan Yang Dao Sect’s young looking Sect Master beckoned with his hand before speaking, “Sect Master Tantai. We don’t really want anything that you offer. I just heard about some rumours about Sect Master Ning and just wanted to maintain the stability of the Tian Continent. I also heard Sect Master Tantai’s words just now and felt that my Yin Yang Dao Sect’s actions might truly be a bit wrong.”

“If the Perception Pagoda were still the same as before, even if its Spiritual Source is sufficient, I really would not dare to take it. However, since the Perception Pagoda is about to close down, then it would also be for the best. Let’s make the Perception Pagoda, which is soon to be out of commission, a testament to peace between all of us. I will definitely put the Perception Pagoda on the Main Peak of the Yin Yang Dao Sect to remind the disciples of the Yin Yang Dao Sect.”

Tantai Fei’s complexion turned even uglier. From an outsider’s point of view, it seemed as if he could not find the opportunity to refute. Since he personally spoke about gifting them the Perception Pagoda, how could someone like him have the face to renege on the promise that he made publically?

“Is there any difficulty, Sect Master Tantai?” The Yin Yang Dao Sect’s young looking Sect Master on seeing Tantai Fei’s current appearance suddenly asked in a joking manner.

“Of course not. I, Tantai Fei, am also a Sect Master. Junior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu, it’s your call….” Tantai Fei spoke then looked at Meng Jingxiu.

Meng Jingxiu did not speak any nonsense at all. Raising her hand, a multi-layered pagoda flew out of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect before it landed on the public square between the two parties.

At this moment, almost everyone had set their sights on the Perception Pagoda, while many Spiritual Consciousnesses swept into the Perception Pagoda. Feeling the incomparably rich Spiritual Qi inside, it instantly alleviated the minds of all the people present there. It felt as if their cultivation would actually rise up by a full grade if they could enter it for even a moment.

“I have already removed my Spiritual Consciousness from it, the Perception Pagoda is right here.” Meng Jingxiu spoke in an insipid tone.

“Good, good, good. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect really keeps to the honour code. I, Hao Anye, will also be abiding by my promise, and leave the area of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in light of this.” As the Yin Yang Dao Sect young looking Sect Master’s Spiritual Consciousness swept the Perception Pagoda, he immediately understood that this indeed was the real Perception Pagoda. He currently possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 6th Level, so when he sensed the Spiritual Qi inundated with Laws inside, he could immediately feel his cultivation loosening up. If this was not the actual Perception Pagoda, then how could it possess such an effect?

During his speech, Hao Anye quickly stored the Perception Pagoda. Even if it were a hugely sized Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, with his Crucible Transformation 6th Level Cultivation, it would not cost him an extra effort to put it away.

“Let’s go.” The Yin Yang Dao Sect’s cultivators quickly evacuated from the outside of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Public Square under the lead of Hao Anye, without any hesitation. Seeing that, some of the smaller factions entrenching the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect also started to leave as fast as possible.

Seeing all those people leaving the area of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, leaving behind less than a half of the original numbers, the face of several Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction turned livid with anger; however, they had no means to stop them. The Yin Yang Dao Sect had only come for the Perception Pagoda. Now that it obtained the Perception Pagoda, why would it continue to stay in this place? They had initially wanted to use the Yin Yang Dao Sect, to collaborate and destroy the very idea of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

At this moment, a ray of light descended, and in just a twinkling of an eye reached the ground.

“Headmaster, I’m Li Lingfan, and also sworn brothers with Sect Master Ning Cheng. Moreover, Sect Master Ning had bestowed a life-saving grace on me, how could my Heavenly Dao Academy lay siege to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect together with the other factions?” It was a young man wearing a blue robe who had descended. He first arrived in front of Sect Master Zuo Qiu, placing himself with his back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, while speaking with an incomparably anxious tone.

He had just advanced to the Crucible Transformation Realm when he heard that the Heavenly Dao Academy was about to lay siege to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, causing him to immediately rush out. Fortunately, the war hadn’t started yet. Even though his Master Hu Taihe’s cultivation was a lot higher when compared to the Headmaster; however, the authority commanded by the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Headmaster was enormous. Moreover, he also cannot willfully use his master’s name to oppress others.

“Ahh, it seems that I had not considered the matter with a clear mind. Let’s go back first.” The Heavenly Dao Academy’s Headmaster Zuo Qiu, immediately after speaking those words, turned to Tantai Fei before he cupped his fists and spoke up, “Sect Master Tantai, my Heavenly Dao Academy showed a considerable lack of consideration this time. If the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely come to make amends with Sect Master Tantai in the future.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Tantai Fei smiled while returning the salutations with cupped fists. At the same time, he was really admiring Ning Ruolan’s thought process in his heart. He certainly knew why Zuo Qiu chose to retreat at this moment and it was not because of a lack of consideration. Although Li Lingfan’s persuasion played a specific role, it definitely was not entirely because of him.

What caused this reversal was the act of Yin Yang Dao Sect taking away the Perception Pagoda.

With even the Heavenly Dao Academy withdrawing, it caused another significant part of the cultivator forces besieging the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to withdraw. All of that remained were the people from the Red Star Sword Faction and some lesser-known smaller factions.

When the Sect Master of the Red Star Sword Faction saw that the plan to besiege the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would not come to fruition as they expected, he also cupped his fists and spoke out, “Since this matter was a result of some misunderstandings, let’s call it quits. We will also be leaving.”

“Haha, want to leave? Is my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect somewhere you can come and go as you please?” Tantai Fei gave a smile; however, his expression did not have even half a shred of happy feelings. Instead, a dense killing intent filled his eyes.

After saying those words, he then turned to the cultivators from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect standing behind him. Looking at them, he spoke up, “In the past, when the Red Star Sword Faction attacked my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, when it had already closed itself off by activation the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, Sect Master Ning had single-handedly killed off all the people from the Red Star Sword Faction who came to encroach upon us. Now that Sect Master Ning is currently not present, the Red Star Sword Faction actually dared to show up at the doorsteps of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to attack it; did they think my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would tolerate such bullying? In the past, Sect Master Ning had dealt with all those factions alone, while we could not contribute or even provide him with any kind of help. Since Sect Master Ning is currently not present, what should we be doing?”

“Kill them all!” All voices rose up at once.

“Then slaughtering them all it is. Today, of those who stayed back here and infringed upon my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; do not let a single one of them alive, put them all to death.” As Tantai Fei spoke up, he already shot forward with his Magical Weapon.

At this moment, just behind Tantai Fei, all the cultivators from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect immediately rushed out. In just a moment, the outside of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect ended up drowned in shocking war cries, as many lights from Magical Weapons blanketed almost half the skies.

The Red Star Sword Faction had not come here with their full forces; however, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect came out with their full strength, including their ancestor-level characters.

Over the past few years, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had a massive influx of Soul Essence and higher levelled cultivators. They even had a higher number of Crucible Transformation Cultivators compared to the Red Star Sword Faction. Moreover, this battle zone was also their home ground. The killing intent mobilised by Tantai Fei and the others immediately turned incomparably berserk. Once swept up in this kind of berserk killing intent, those with lower cultivations could not even find the opportunity to resist before they all ended up ripped apart into tiny pieces.

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