Chapter 0438

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Chapter 0438: To be regarded as an old friend

Ning Cheng, on sensing the familiar feeling of the void growing stronger around him, immediately unleashed his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds at its full capacity, rapidly moving upwards. At this moment, he knew he could not attend to Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng. Not to mention that he currently had no means to locate the two due to the intense Spacial Dislocations.

Half an hour later, the feeling of entering ‘true’ space emerged in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, while Ning Cheng could also now unleash his Spiritual Consciousness completely.

A barren rocky ground suddenly appeared under Ning Cheng’s foot. The same time that Ning Cheng descended on this rocky ground, he saw Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng, both of whom were only a step ahead of him.

“Haha, I knew that Sect Master Ning would be okay.” Xiao Bisheng laughed, causing his almost skeletal face to appear comical. It also showed that a short period of recuperation would not be enough for him to fully recover.

Mu Ziming also exuded a very joyous mood as he spoke up, “The blue hole is starting to collapse; it should mean that Sect Master Ning must have already extinguished the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King. Sect Master Ning has done an enormous favour to my Yi Xing Mainland. I hope that you accept this Mu Ziming’s gratitude.”

Seeing both Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng about to give him their most respectful salutes, Ning Cheng quickly stopped them.

However, Mu Ziming spoke up in a somewhat stern voice, “Sect Master Ning saved my life. I should be grateful for it, not to mention that you even dispelled and exterminated that Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King. If that Ghost Rattan King were not completely destroyed, it would have taken root in this world one day, before sweeping across the entire Tian Continent, and eventually the entire Yi Xing Mainland.”

“What Brother Mu said is correct. However, we are still not in good health. We must rush back to our respective factions immediately. When I and Brother Mu recover, we will definitely come to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to visit Sect Master Ning.” Xiao Bisheng spoke up with a warm smile on his face but with the same strict tone.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “I also have to thank Brother Mu for my flame; otherwise, it would have been completely impossible for my flame to level-up.”

Experiencing the level up of his flame, Ning Cheng realised how difficult would it be for his Star River to advance.

“I’m also glad that I could give you the Desiccated Purple Flame Heart. Well then, we’ll definitely be seeing you later.” Mu Ziming gave a hearty laugh. Bringing out his flight-type Magical Weapon, he soon disappeared from that place along with Xiao Bisheng.

Ning Cheng also cleaned himself and changed into a set of clean robes, only to discover that the place he came out from a moment ago had disappeared without any rhyme or reason.

Ning Cheng gave a deep sigh in his heart; he did not understand as to what had transpired on the inside. Luckily, he came out early; otherwise, he most likely would not have been able to find the exit.


At the edge or a marsh, four cultivators were besieging a seriously injured Class 7 Black Gold Spider. Black Gold Spiders had a very high value attached to them; moreover, it was also several times stronger when compared to other Class 7 Monstrous Beasts. Also, one could use the golden threads secreted by the Black Gold Spider to knit a high quality defensive inner armour.

These four cultivators were all in the Soul Essence Realm, seeing that they were just about to succeed in this efforts, they pushed all their abilities to their limits.

The Black Gold Spider seemed to have realised that its poor life was about to reach its end, so it mustered all the strength it could gather and shot out a black coloured blade light as its last desperate effort to seek life, while simultaneously shooting out spider silk into the surroundings. A male cultivator, who lost his concentration briefly, ended up stabbed in the chest by one of the spider’s long legs. This caused the male cultivator to fly out back while screaming in pain and anguish.

The male cultivator, severely injured by the Black Gold Spider, seemingly realised that he suffered severe injuries. Immediately taking out and swallowing a pill, he quickly sat down in desperation to heal himself.

At the same time when the Black Gold Spider stabbed the male cultivator, a double-edged blade, in the hands of a black-robed female cultivator, pierced into the Black Gold Spider’s head from the back. The Black Gold Spider gave out a tragic and mournful cry before it finally collapsed onto the ground. The next instant, the Magical Weapons from the other two cultivators, a man and a woman, simultaneously smashed into the body of the Black Gold Spider.

The Black Gold Spider, suffering such fatal attacks one after another, finally succumbed to its death.

“Finally killed it, Yujing, you and Wan Cheng break down the Black Gold Spider, I will go check out Liang Shi’s injuries…. Huh, who are you?” The black-robed female cultivator, the one who killed the Black Gold Spider, had just finished her sentence when she found that there suddenly was a person more amongst them.

Having a pair of bright eyes but sporting a pale complexion, with a headful of messy hair, this extra person amongst them turned out to be a young male cultivator.

“I’m looking for Meng Yujing.” The young male cultivator pointed to the only other female cultivator among the four Soul Essence Cultivators.

“Is that you?” Meng Yujing called out in shock. Apparently, she knew this young male cultivator with the pale complexion.

The young male cultivator’s tone was very indifferent as he spoke up, “You and I are going to take a trip.”

“Ok.” Meng Yujing did not refute and immediately nodded in agreement. Then, she turned to the other three and spoke. “I have to take care of something, you can go back. For the time being, do not look for me.”

“Yujing, this Black Gold Spider also contains a share for you.” The male cultivator called Wan Cheng quickly spoke up.

Meng Yujing immediately replied, “Keep it with you; I will collect it from you when I return.”

After saying that, Meng Yujing calmly looked at the young male cultivator and spoke, “Let’s go.”


The black-robed female cultivator and Wan Cheng looked at the disappearing airship type Magical Weapon, not daring to even talk until it entirely disappeared from their view. They could feel that the young male cultivator, who took away Meng Yujing, was definitely not someone that they could counter.

“I think I know who he is?” Wan Cheng suddenly called out in a shocked voice.


“He is Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master Ning, the one who disappeared after killing Rong Jin in the Sect Surpassing Censure at the Heavenly Dao Public Square. Because of this matter, several major factions besieged the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. All of them claimed that he escaped into the Heaven’s Way, yet unexpectedly we encountered Sect Master Ning in this place……” Wan Cheng spoke with shock in his voice.

That female cultivator in the black sleeveless robes stood there quietly in thought before finally speaking up, “That’s right, it should be him. However, he looks a lot thinner than before, and even his complexion is not too good. Yujing going with him, there won’t be any problems, right? From what I saw, he had a somewhat happy look of meeting a woman after a long time in his eyes.”

Wan Cheng shook his head and quickly replied, “That’s not it. Sect Master Ning has a good reputation. In the past, he rescued more than a hundred Core and True Inheriting Disciples of the major factions. However, he is also a revengeful person. That year, the Yin Yang Dao Sect had forcefully taken away the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Perception Pagoda, and now the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master Ning suddenly came back. This definitely would entail a good show.”

“As for Meng Yujing, I don’t think there would be any problems. She and Sect Master Ning, both are from the Le Continent. For Sect Master Ning to look for her, maybe he wants to invite Yujing to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. We don’t have to worry about it.”


Wan Cheng had not spoken incorrectly; this young male cultivator with a pale complexion was none other than Ning Cheng. He remained trapped within the encirclement of the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan at the edges of the Void Domain Boundary for decades, yet managed to escape with just a pale complexion. Compared to the state of Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng, it was innumerable times better.

Ning Cheng’s airship stopped in the air, Meng Yujing stood in front of Ning Cheng before speaking up in neither arrogant nor servile manner, “Don’t know for what matter has Sect Master Ning come looking for me?”

She knew that back in the Hua Continent, Ning Cheng was the one who had tracked her. Moreover, she also knew that Ning Cheng thought very poorly of her. As for what reason, Yujing simply had no idea about it. When she knew that Ning Cheng was the one who tracked her, and had even peeped in on her private secret, her heart had involuntarily given birth to the idea of killing and getting rid of Ning Cheng.

“You just take me to Kang Cheng.” Ning Cheng indeed had a poor impression of Meng Jingxiu. In Ning Cheng’s eyes, other than looking pretty, she did not have any other merit.

Meng Yujing stood there in stunned silence, before she spoke up in a quivering voice, “Sect Master Ning, can you see Kang Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness Restriction on my body?”

Others never knew that she was under Kang Cheng’s bondage, yet Ning Cheng had suddenly shown up to inquire about Kang Cheng’s whereabouts. Apparently, it must have been because of Ning Cheng perceiving the Spiritual Consciousness Restriction placed on her body by Kang Cheng.

“That’s right; I did feel Kang Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness Restriction on you; so I’m going to look for him to settle some accounts.” Ning Cheng nodded and quietly spoke up.

Meng Yujing’s heart suddenly felt like it was going through a storm. Kang Cheng was currently an early stage Sea Opening Cultivator. Even Crucible Transformation Cultivators, when they scanned her, could not perceive the Spiritual Consciousness Restriction placed by Kang Cheng, yet Ning Cheng could immediately discern it with a single casual glance. At the same time, he even realised that it was Kang Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness Restriction. What kind of terrifying cultivation was this? What scary Spiritual Consciousness did he possess?

“I never thought that this person would actually be a Sea Opening Cultivator.” Ning Cheng showed a cold smile. By the looks of it, after Kang Cheng arrived at the Tian Continent, his cultivation speed soared quite fast.

Meng Yujing’s heart calmed down a bit. She knew very well that even though Kang Cheng’s qualifications were inferior to her own, but that person found a backer to rely on, at the same time had his own secrets. All these factors allowed him to have a far greater cultivation speed when compared to others. As for her, she could only struggle systematically in the Tian Continent, while under constant suppression from Kang Cheng.

Originally, Meng Yujing wanted to ask Ning Cheng to help her remove the Spiritual Consciousness Restriction over her; however, just as those words came to her mouth, she swallowed them back down. Ning Cheng travelled from the Hua Continent to the Le Continent then made his way to the Tian Continent. Moreover, she had also heard many of Ning Cheng’s tales. Although she never made any contact with Ning Cheng, she somewhat understood what kind of a person Ning Cheng was.

If she did not ask Ning Cheng’s help, perhaps Ning Cheng would take the initiative to help her after waiting for some time. If she sought out Ning Cheng’s help, then maybe Ning Cheng might despise her even more.

At this point, Meng Yujing calmed down and gave Ning Cheng a deep bow, “Yes, I know where Kang Cheng is, and I am also willing to take Sect Master Ning to find Kang Cheng.”

Ning Cheng had always felt prejudiced towards Meng Yujing; however, that did not mean Meng Yujing’s beauty had turned inferior because of Ning Cheng’s prejudices. When Meng Yujing gave that bow, snow-white skin and a deep gully immediately reflected in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

God help me, Ning Cheng didn’t really want to peek at Meng Yujing’s assets. He even suspected that Meng Yujing had done this intentionally; otherwise, for a Soul Essence Cultivator, how could they now know that this kind of action would result in some indecent exposure?

The Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan had trapped Ning Cheng for a long time. Although, it might have helped him in cultivation, that did not mean that he cultivated in the ways of monks. Exposed to Meng Yujing’s assets made him immediately recollect his memories with Shi Qionghua, then he immediately thought of Ji Luofei waiting for him at the sect.

This time, he definitely would go back and marry Ji Luofei, as Ning Cheng thought of such thoughts, his pale complexion showed a slight trace of ruddiness.

Feeling Ning Cheng’s mood change, Meng Yujing’s tensed mood in front of Ning Cheng also started to suddenly relax. She knew why Ning Cheng went through such a change, which should have been because he saw her exposed cleavage. In fact, she had not done this on purpose. However, she did not feel awkward about it in her heart. This kind of matter felt nothing to her, mainly because of being a rogue cultivator. This also showed that although Ning Cheng might be mighty, he was ultimately like her, a person made of flesh and blood.

“I know that Sect Master Ning has some views about me; however, Sect Master Ning and I are both from the Hua Continent. For the name of Sect Master Ning to grow and flourish to such an extent in the Tian Continent, we, the cultivators from the Hua Continent and the Le Continent, only feel pride within our hearts.” Meng Yujing hesitated before she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke a few words on her own initiative.

She felt that there was not much resentment between herself and Ning Cheng. Besides, this situation only arose because Ning Cheng saw her making out with another male cultivator.

Ning Cheng recovered his calm, took out two chairs, sat down on one of them before indicating Meng Yujing to sit on the other and spoke, “Since we are on the way to find Kang Cheng, I also wanted to ask you a question out of convenience. Years ago, I knew a person by the name of Kou Hong…..”

Ning Cheng’s words had not yet finished when Meng Yujing, who had just sat down, stood up in shock. Even her complexion had turned pale, a lot paler than Ning Cheng’s own current appearance.

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