Chapter 0439

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Chapter 0439: One Woman Two Husbands

Meng Yujing finally understood why Ning Cheng looked down on her; moreover, also had a terrible impression of her. Ning Cheng knew Kou Hong; that would mean he would even know about the fact that she was Kou Hong’s fiancée. Moreover, with her being Kou Hong’s fiancée, she still chose to rendezvous with another man. If Ning Cheng did not look down on her, then it honestly would have been a strange event.

Ning Cheng looked at Meng Yujing’s expression and realised that it might be hard for her to reply. Thinking that he did not have a significant relationship with this kind of matter, he beckoned her with his hand and spoke, “You do not need to give me an answer for it. Just take me to Kong Cheng, and it will all be good. After I find Kang Cheng, I will help you remove the Spiritual Consciousness Restriction, just take what you need.”

Meng Yujing regained her calm, before once again sitting down and speaking, “My Meng Clan, in the past, was the premier clan within the Yi Xing Mainland. According to the legends handed down by the ancestors of my Meng Clan, our clan had originated from across the Planar Boundary, from a different part of the universe. After my Meng Clan’s ancestors died off, our Meng Clan started to decline, countless years later, the Cultivation Method retained by the direct line of the Meng Clan was the only that remained.”

“Several hundred years ago, the Meng Clan suffered a sneak attack once again. My great grandfather Meng Qianxing took the Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method and escaped. Unfortunately, two people intercepted him. The Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method, in the hands of my great-grandfather, also ended up robbed. At the same time, he suffered severe injuries before ultimately falling into a river. Fortunately, the heavens showed pity over our Meng Clan, as someone rescued my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather, to not let the Meng Clan be lost in the annals of time, set down a rule within the Meng Clan. Regardless of their new-borns being male or female, all of them must take up the surname Meng. This way, there would at least be a trace of Meng Clan’s bloodline that would be passed down from one generation to another.”

Ning Cheng did not interrupt Meng Yujing’s narration; he guessed that Meng Yujing wouldn’t have spoken about this kind of matter without thinking it through.

“Of the two people who tried to deal with my Meng Clan, one of them had the surname Qu, while the other had the surname Kou. Of the Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method that they obtained, the two of them each took a half of it. As many years passed by, the two families had long since forgotten about how they obtained their respective cultivations methods. However, no matter if they forgot about it, the surviving people from the Meng Clan could not.”

When Meng Yujing spoke about this, Ning Cheng finally vaguely understood something. It seems that this matter has a bit of dog’s blood mixed in it. At this moment, he also felt a slight bit of regret in nosing into other people’s business.

Meng Yujing continued on, “By the time I was born, the Meng Clan had already declined to the edge of being just an ordinary mortal clan. Even the thought of cultivation felt like an extravagant hope for us. However, my father felt that I had a pretty appearance, combined with me possessing some suitable qualifications, my father went all out to help me cultivate before I finally managed to catch the eye of the Falling Star Academy.”

“Later, my father deliberately approached the Qu Clan’s Qu Nanxi. After hearing that I joined the Falling Star Academy, Qu Nanxi immediately set his thoughts on me and expressed his wish towards the engagement between Qu Clan’s Eldest Son Qu Ping and me. My father also gave his full blessings to it. After returning, father confessed to me that he did it in hopes that I could obtain the Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method from the hands of Qu Ping.”

“However, this was not the end of it. After my father allowed the betrothal between Qu Ping and me, he secretly made contact with Kou Clan’s Kou Ruisi, once again set up an engagement between Kou Hong and me. He again urged me that I had to obtain the other part of the Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method from the hands of the Kou Clan’s Kou Hong…..”

Ning Cheng stared at Meng Yujing in a dumbfounded manner. How could such a father exist? Willingly betrothing his daughter to two men, with the purpose also not being pure, even being speechless felt too high of evaluation for such a father. Moreover, this Meng Yujing turned out to actually be this obedient, to unexpectedly agree to such an arrangement by her own father.

“The last time, when you followed me, I was with Qu Ping. I also managed to obtain the part of Meng Clan’s Cultivation Method in his possession during that moment. Originally, I wanted to kill him once and for all; however, I didn’t expect that someone else would kill him for me.” Meng Yujing’s tone became more and more insipid. After she finished speaking, she took the initiative to take out a half-sheet of the leather roll.

An incomparably ancient smell arose from this leather sheet. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness casually swept over the leather sheet and found that it indeed contained a part of an extraordinary cultivation method.

However, he did not care about this leather sheet. He also couldn’t help but think that this woman, Meng Yujing, turned out to be quite ruthless to actually declare that she wanted to kill her fiancée, that too without even the slightest change in her expression.

“You had a certain amount of reputation within the Falling Star Academy. For you to be betrothed to two different people, weren’t you worried that it would spread out?” Ning Cheng asked in some doubt.

Meng Yujing’s face seemed to have gone numb to expressions as she replied, “The betrothal between Kou Hong and me was orchestrated by my father; as such, to get the approval of the Qu Clan, me and Qu Ping ended up betrothed to each other in secret. While the betrothal between Kou Hong and me remained in public view.”

Ning Cheng did not continue to enquire anymore. He also did not ask why the Qu Clan would agree to such a disgusting matter. From the looks of it, the Qu Clan wanted to use Meng Yujing to obtain the Meng Clan’s cultivation method in the Kou Clan’s possession. It was no wonder that Meng Yujing would choose to conceal her face when she and Qu Ping wanted to rendezvous with each other.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng subconsciously looked at Meng Yujing’s chest. Meng Yujing’s chest was indeed something any woman would be proud to own; however, he couldn’t help but think that this sacred place for a woman, traced by Qu Ping today, while Kou Hong feeling it up tomorrow, would cause anyone to feel a bit turned off.

Ning Cheng himself had seen Qu Ping’s hand caressing it, and if it hadn’t been for the white-haired old woman pulling him away, perhaps he might have seen more.

As if perceiving Ning Cheng’s eyes, Meng Yujing’s complexion once again whitened up. She did not continue with her words.

Ning Cheng shook his head secretly and took out a package before placing it in front of Meng Yujing. “This is what Kou Hong had asked me to bring to you. It might be of some use to you.”

His Spiritual Consciousness had already swept into the black wooden box once before and knew that it contained half a leather sheet inside it. It should be the other half of the leather sheet in Meng Yujing’s possession. As for the storage bag, it only contained some garbage pills, several Low-Grade Spirit Stones, and a High-Grade Magical Artefact.

Meng Yujing on seeing Ning Cheng take out something, couldn’t help but feel her hand tremble. She opened the parcel in front of Ning Cheng. In her view, Ning Cheng must have already looked at the things inside.

The parcel contained an envelope, a black wooden box, and a storage bag.

Instead of opening the wooden box, Meng Yujing ripped open the envelope, containing a letter inside along with another sealed letter.

After reading the contents of the open letter, Meng Yujing placed the letter in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng swept his gaze over it. The content inside was straightforward: “Junior Apprentice Sister Jing, someone plotted against the Kou Clan. If you get the chance to read this letter, it would mean that I am already dead. I left all of my belongings in the storage bag along with a leather scroll kept inside the wooden box for you. You must take good care of your cultivation. Do not rush to take revenge for me. The enemy of the Kou Clan is terrifying. There is also a sealed letter inside the envelope; I hope that you can bring this letter to my younger brother Xiuyuan……”

What Ning Cheng had not thought of was that Meng Yujing even ripped open the sealed envelope for Kou Xiuyuan.

This time, the envelope did not contain any letters, only a fragile piece of jade. The jade piece included a row of small characters imprinted over its top, Kou Clan’s Secret Narrative. Other than this, it did not hold anything else.

Meng Yujing looked at Ning Cheng, she was familiar with this kind of jade piece. This was a Blood Drop Phrase Letter. Moreover, only by possessing the blood drops of the Kou Clan could one see the contents inside. With Meng Yujing’s ability, she still could not break the blood seal on this jade.

Ning Cheng made a few gestures with his hands to derive the Dao Laws, the Blood Drop Phrase Letter burst into a red light, and Kou Hong’s voice rang out, “Xiuyuan, remember what I said. The Kou Clan’s complete cultivation method, both the halves, is on Meng Yujing’s body. Meng Yujing swindled the Kou Clan out of its cultivation method. Once you get this news, immediately find a way to kill Meng Yujing and retrieve the Kou Clan’s complete cultivation method. This woman is so cheap that you must not believe anything she says. Your big brother, Kou Hong.”

After the sound from the jade piece disappeared, it immediately turned into fly ash.

Ning Cheng shook his head. He could not comment on such kind of things. In any case, it was an easy guess that the Meng Clan, the Kou Clan, and the Qu Clan were all scheming against one another before the Meng Clan finally came up on top.

Meng Yujing’s face had a calm expression and seemed completely unaffected. She opened the wooden box and took out the leather sheet inside it. She then put the two leather sheets together, immediately forming a complete leather scroll.

Meng Yujing picked up this complete cultivation method, then suddenly kneeled down in front of Ning Cheng, “Sect Master Ning, many thanks to you for helping me retrieve the Meng Clan’s cultivation method. I would like to dedicate this cultivation method to Sect Master Ning.”

Ning Cheng on seeing Meng Yujing kneeling in front of him gave a sneer before speaking, “Meng Yujing, you should sit up and talk. Moreover, do not play any tricks before me; I am not Qu Ping or Kou Hong. To you, your Meng Clan’s cultivation method might be a treasure; however, it is still not enough to put it in my eyes. I have no plans of snatching it away from you. Now that you succeeded in obtaining what you were looking for, you better hurry up and lead me to find Kang Cheng.”

Meng Yujing shuddered, before quickly standing up and spoke, “Yes….”

At the same time, she put away the two halves of the leather scroll. Even Ning Cheng could not decipher the mood she was in after she received the complete leather scroll.


Ning Cheng’s flight-type Magical Weapon landed in a very common looking mountain recess with an ordinary density of Spiritual Qi. He had already located Kang Cheng with the help of Meng Yujing.

Kang Cheng currently was inside his own Immortal Cave, with a simple leather scroll suspended in front of him. However, in Ning Cheng’s view, the value of this leather scroll turned out to be a lot higher when compared to Meng Yujing’s cultivation method.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and patted Meng Yujing’s shoulder. The Spiritual Consciousness Restriction placed on Meng Yujing melted away in just a twinkling of an eye, just like snow meeting the scorching sun.

Meng Yujing did not expect that this Restriction would be so simple in front of Ning Cheng. She was pleasantly surprised as she gave a respectful salute to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Many thanks Sect Master Ning…..”

The Spiritual Consciousness Restriction that had puzzled her for several years vanished in such an ordinary manner. If not for Kang Cheng’s Restriction, with her qualifications, she would have already advanced to the Crucible Transformation Realm, or at the very least become a Soul Sculpting Cultivator. How could she still be stuck at the early stages of the Soul Essence Realm? With the restriction removed, coupled with the Meng Clan’s complete cultivation method, she could now finally devote herself wholeheartedly to cultivation.

“Who was it?” The instant that Ning Cheng dispelled Kang Cheng’s Restriction, Kang Cheng instantly became aware of it. Grabbing and putting away the leather scroll, his figure flashed, as he appeared right outside his Immortal Cave before his gaze finally fell onto Ning Cheng and Meng Yujing standing in front of him.

“Is that you?” Kang Cheng recognised Ning Cheng at a glance, before looking around in all four directions. Ning Cheng also possessed the cultivation of Sea Opening Realm; however, he knew that he was not a match against Ning Cheng. Although he could fight against Intermediate-Stage Sea Opening Cultivators with his Early-Stage Sea Opening Cultivation, he had actually heard that Ning Cheng had even killed Rong Jing, a genuine Late-Stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator.

At this point, his mind only had thoughts of running away. In his heart, he couldn’t help but regret that he forgot to factor in Meng Yujing. If there was no Meng Yujing, then Ning Cheng could not have found him in this place.

“Elder Kang, long time no see. Alas, if I hadn’t made my escape quickly at that time, we would have no chance to meet each other today.” Ning Cheng gave a sigh before speaking.

“Yes, Yes….” Kang Cheng did not have the mind to even reply to Ning Cheng’s ridicule. As he spoke, he had already thrown out a talisman, while retreating from his location. At the same time, a second talisman appeared in his hands.

However, just as he tried to move back, he suddenly felt something wrong. It felt as if he couldn’t use any kind of Magical Technique around him. Not waiting for him to come up with a solution, a fist shadow immediately rumbled towards him.

“Bang…” A bloody mist erupted. Kang Cheng did not even have a shred of leeway to revolt before Ning Cheng killed him with just a single fist. The talisman that he brought out was still slowly revolving in the sky; however, without any stimulation, it could not bring out any of its effects.

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