Chapter 0441

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – DemonKiller

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Chapter 0441: Leaving Behind a True Love Knot

Zhong Liping had never thought that Ning Cheng would actually come up with the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword. Not to mention him, even Tantai Fei following behind him did not imagine such a scene.

Everyone belonging to the older generation of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect knew about the importance of the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Without the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword, it was equivalent to saying that their sect lacked both its grandeur and its symbol. For a faction without its ‘symbol’, bullied around with their fate in decline, was something completely normal.

However, today the lost Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword had once again returned to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, appearing in front of their own eyes. Zhong Liping simply wasn’t able to keep himself composed anymore.

“Sect Master Ning, thank you. Thank you very much…..” Zhong Liping stroked the blade of the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword with trembling hands. Even his voice shook uncontrollably. This sword, for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, was too important; at this time, nobody could understand the churning emotions going through Zhong Liping’s mind.

He even changed the form of address from the previous ‘Ning Cheng’. He previously used to call Ning Cheng directly by name, not because of wanting to show disrespect towards Ning Cheng but owing to his seniority within the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

However, he now addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Sect Master Ning’, not because of something else, but because he felt deeply grateful towards Ning Cheng; grateful towards this young Sect Master for bringing the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword back to the sect.

Tantai Fei felt similarly excited, causing him to give Ning Cheng a profound and respect-filled salute, “Sect Master, Sect Master Rui had not misjudged you. You are the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s, Sect Master.”

Although these words felt very strange; however, Ning Cheng actually understood the intent and meaning behind Tantai Fei’s words. He brought back the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword, the effect of this on the entire Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, just cannot be described in mere words.

Ning Cheng pulled up Tantai Fei and spoke again, “I will have to ask Elder Taoist Zhong to return the Rainbow Fall Sword once again to the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak, and let my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect be restored to its peak once more.”

Zhong Liping let go of the hand stroking the Rainbow Fall Sword’s blade, before speaking up with a still excited tone, “Sect Master Ning, you should be the one to put this sword back. You are a Sect Master; it was also you who brought back the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword to my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.”

Ning Cheng felt moved in his heart. His status, after returning to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect this time, when compared to his initial standing when he had just arrived at the Tian Continent, were vastly different. Why not use this opportunity to increase the prestige of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect while still here?

Thinking of it until here, Ning Cheng received the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword and spoke, “Elder Taoist Zhong, Sect Master Tantai, I just thought of something. After I meet with Luofei, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect will hold a big event. Taking advantage of this event, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect will place the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword back on public display. At the same time, I will also be holding my wedding with Luofei.”

“Good, this indeed would be a huge event.” Tantai Fei immediately clapped his hands and spoke. He knew that Ning Cheng soon would depart for Heaven’s Way; however, before leaving to the Heaven’s Way, Ning Cheng wanted to increase the morale and standing of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. With the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s prestige shooting up, the Yin Yang Dao Sect would also not dare to play any petty tricks.

“Elder Brother Ning, let me and Senior Apprentice Sister Lian’e handle this matter.” Nan Yuefang quickly spoke up. She had been living with Luofei at the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. When it came to Senior Apprentice Sister Luofei’s feelings towards Ning Cheng, she knew it too well that nothing else in the entire world could replace it. In the face of such sentiments, she truly wanted to help her Senior Apprentice Sister Luofei, and make Luofei as happy as possible.

“Then I’ll leave all the hard work to Junior Apprentice Sister Yuefang and Junior Apprentice Sister Lian’e.” Ning Cheng quickly thanked them.

Tantai Fei also nodded, “For Yuefang and Lian’e to take up this thing, it would be for the best. However, this time we killed a few disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, which is equivalent to provoking them. I estimate that they would use this excuse to come knocking at our doors.”

Ning Cheng gave a bright smile, “I’m afraid of them not coming.”

“Haha, yes, I’m afraid that they won’t be showing their faces.” After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Tantai Fei felt his worries vanish and gave a laugh. When Ning Cheng wasn’t in the sect, he had chosen to not bring the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to openly fight with the Red Star Sword Faction. Now that Ning Cheng returned today, how could he turn timid?

Ning Cheng then once again spoke, “I’m going on a trip to the Red Star Sword Faction. I should be back soon.”

NO, although the strength of the Red Star Sword Faction is much weaker compared to before, it is actually not much weaker than my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. You can’t go there alone.” Zhong Liping instantly understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words and immediately scolded him.

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm and soft tone, “Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui ended up dead in the hands of the Red Star Sword Faction. I can never let go of this faction.”

In fact, the moment he learned about Xun Hanrui’s death, Ning Cheng had almost left for the Red Star Sword Faction on the spot. If he had the strength previously, he would have already gone ahead to exterminate the Red Star Sword Faction that year. How could Ning Cheng wait until today? Wasn’t it because he could not eradicate the Red Star Sword Faction back then, which led to the death of Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui?

Both Zhong Liping and Tantai Fei heard his words. Although Ning Cheng spoke in a calm and soft tone, the killing intent behind those words was almost palpable, something that even they could not stop. Tantai Fei also knew very well that Ning Cheng shared a good relationship with Xun Hanrui. So when the two of them heard his words, they could only sigh and speak up, “We could not retrieve Hu Hong’s corporeal body; however, Hanrui’s corporeal body is still within the sect. You can go take a look at it.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui’s corporeal body is still here?” Ning Cheng asked in a shocked voice.

Tantai Fei nodded and spoke, “Yes; however, her soul has already scattered.”

Zhong Liping on seeing Ning Cheng silent, spoke up, “The Red Star Sword Faction…..”

Not waiting for Zhong Liping to finish his words, Ning Cheng took the initiative to interrupt Zhong Liping’s words and spoke up, “Elder Taoist Zhong, I already killed Jia Shisan, and I don’t fear the Red Star Sword Faction.”

Zhong Liping felt moved in his heart. That’s right; if Ning Cheng did not have the required strength, how could he kill Jia Shisan? Moreover, in the Heavenly Dao Public Square, Ning Cheng had even slaughtered Rong Jin, a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator. Over these few decades, how could Ning Cheng’s strength not improve?

Thinking of this point, Zhong Liping no longer chooses to continue persuading him, and spoke up, “Such being the case, all I can advise you is to be careful. In the event of any trouble, just be sure to have a method to preserve your life. My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Ancestral Cultivation Method, the Rainbow Fall Nine Revolutions, remains imprinted over the Rainbow Fall Sword. You can ponder over it in your free time.”

“Yes, many thanks to Elder Taoist Zhong for the reminder. And also rest assured Elder Taoist Zhong.” Ning Cheng spoke up as Zhong Liping, and Tantai Fei left the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak with bittersweet feelings.

As the crowd slowly dispersed, Ning Cheng returned to his own Immortal Cave. He found that after he left, Ji Luofei continued living in his Immortal Cave.

Once Ning Cheng entered his residence, he saw a jade box on the table. He stepped forward and opened the jade box.

The jade box contained a True Love Knot, which carried the imprint of Ji Luofei’s Spiritual Soul. When Ning Cheng grasped this True Love Knot, he could immediately feel Ji Luofei’s position, causing Ning Cheng to quickly rush out of the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. He longed to immediately see Ji Luofei.


On a reef island in the Yi Xing Ocean near to the Tian Continent, Ji Luofei stood over a rock wearing black robes. A man, overflowing with a rich oceanic scent, stood in front of her. Just behind this man was an Iron Backed Seal.

“Move.” Ji Luofei spoke in a concise tone. In the recent years, she had travelled to many places, before arriving in the Yi Xing Ocean three months ago.

The man overflowing with an ocean scent showed an evil smile before speaking, “I’d like to invite you to my Immortal Cave, and I’m sure you will feel delighted. I have the best Spiritual Wine within the Yi Xing Ocean, the best flight-type Magical Weapon and can also provide the best cultivation environment.”

Ji Luofei was just about to answer when she suddenly grabbed at a True Love Knot. When she felt Ning Cheng’s aura coming from the True Love Knot, her face immediately flushed red with excitement.

“Did your Dao Companion send you a message? I helped you intercept off a few messages; however, I did not expect that you still possessed a True Love Knot. It really causes me to feel envy, aah.” The man with ocean scent spoke up.

However, Ji Luofei’s heart had already flown over to Ning Cheng’s side. Where would she find enough idle time for this man’s long-winded talks? Her stature flashed; subsequently, she disappeared from the reef island. However, no matter how quick she was, her body once again slowed down, as the man with the oceanic scent once again appeared in front of her.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. I still want to invite you to drink some of my Spiritual Wine before leaving. After finishing a cup of Spiritual Wine with me, if you still wish to go somewhere, then you can go to that somewhere.” After the man stopped Ji Luofei, he did not begin, just kept slapping his hands with a Red Jade Ruler.

Ji Luofei tightly clenched the long sword in her hands, as she spoke in an ice-cold voice, “My husband….”

“Stop, do you think your background is better than mine? Then let me state it first; if my father went to the Heavenly Dao Academy, even the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Dao Master would have to personally come out to greet him. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t try to compare backgrounds with me; otherwise, even if your husband arrives, I will kill him to use him as fish feed…..” The male finally ran out of patience. If not for Ji Luofei’s stunning allure and beauty, he really would not have wasted this much time.

Ji Luofei, who could still keep her patience until now, on hearing the other person say that he wanted to kill Ning Cheng, finally let loose her anger. The long sword in her hands turned into a dazzling sword light; at the same time, a ribbon also shot out creating wave after wave of True Essence Walls.

However, Ji Luofei ultimately only possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 1st Level. Even if she attacked first, facing against a Crucible Transformation 4th Level Cultivator, who indulged in the perennial slaughter in the Yi Xing Ocean, a considerable gap still appeared in their strengths.

Her sword light could not even provide half a bit of deterrence in the face of the attack from her opponent’s Magical Weapon, messing up her rhythm completely.

“Bang…..” Several formidable and powerful red lights exploded onto Ji Luofei’s scintillating True Essence Walls. A crack emerged on the True Essence Walls before it finally blew apart. Ji Luofei, under the backlash from the powerful True Essence explosion, shot backwards.

After this male cultivator saw Ji Luofei flying out due to the explosion, he immediately took a step forward, simultaneously lifting his hand to catch Ji Luofei.

Although Ji Luofei could not defeat this male cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 4th Level, she still would not easily be blown back flying. Taking advantage of the backlash, she immediately stepped onto a sword and shot out of the range of the reef island, just like a meteor.

The male cultivator with an oceanic scent gawked, immediately understanding this woman had fooled him. This female cultivator had intentionally forced him to send her back flying.

“Did you think you could get away from the hands of this Yu Dongqing?” The man gave a snort; causing many snowy lights to abruptly appear under his foot. At the same time, the snowy lights rushed in the direction of Ji Luofei, carrying the man over it.

Although Ji Luofei grasped the upper hand in the exchange with Yu Dongqing, she soon discovered that she was not quick enough when compared to Yu Dongqing. Even if she pushed her speed to the limits to escape, Yu Dongqing still managed to catch up with her in just half an hour.

Ji Luofei felt extremely anxious in her heart; however, she no longer had any means. She did have a talisman, an Escape Talisman given to her by Senior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu. However, she did not want to use it. Once she used this talisman, there was a substantial possibility that she would end up in the Le Continent. Furthermore, she was about to meet with Ning Cheng, how could she use this talisman?


Just like Ji Luofei felt great anxiety in her heart, Ning Cheng also felt a sense of great urgency in his mind.

After sensing Ji Luofei’s position, he quickened his own speed. In the beginning, there was only excitement in his heart. However, he soon felt that something was not right; he felt a somewhat anxious feeling emerge from Ji Luofei’s True Love Knot. It looks like Luofei encountered something dangerous.

Feeling that Luofei might be in danger, Ning Cheng simply stopped thinking about anything else. Fully unleashing the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he immediately shot out. With every wave of the wings, he would disappear from that spot to reappear afar. Although using the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to achieve teleport-like speed would consume extreme quantities of True Essence, Ning Cheng still pushed it to the absolute limits.

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