Chapter 0442

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Chapter 0442: What to do if there is no life essence

Just when Ji Luofei thought about fighting it out with Yu Dongqing, she felt Yu Dongqing come to a sudden stop. Since Yu Dongqing would soon catch up to her, why did he stop?

Ji Luofei’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out and soon saw Ning Cheng, just like a lightning shadow, rapidly approaching near to her.

“Ning Cheng….” Ji Luofei almost couldn’t stop herself from calling out; it felt as if she would completely melt away. The next moment, she felt Ning Cheng’s arms wrapping around her.

The restlessness and anxiety from before melted away, without leaving even a trace behind, while she could not force herself to say even a few words. This moment of silence had already surmounted over many words, overcoming every other kind of action.

“Don’t worry, I’m back.” As Ning Cheng’s soft voice sounded in Ji Luofei’s ear, she had already forgotten about Yu Dongqing, not to mention worrying about anything.

Yu Dongqing stared coldly at Ning Cheng; at the same time, he felt an extremely dangerous sensation. Ji Luofei had been crazily fleeing from him so she might not be aware of Ning Cheng’s sudden appearance; however, he was fully aware of it. This newly arrived cultivator brought along an extremely dense killing intent; moreover, this killing intent remained aimed at him since the start, making him not dare to continue chasing after Ji Luofei.

Yu Dongqing lived almost his entire life within the Yi Xing Ocean amidst slaughter. Although being a Crucible Transformation 4th Level Cultivator, his strength and sensitivity towards danger had far surpassed that of ordinary Crucible Transformation Cultivators. Ning Cheng seemed to possess the power of intermediate stage Sea Opening Realm; however, Ning Cheng’s presence gave him a feeling that he was facing someone above the Crucible Transformation Realm.

“Are you her husband?” Although Yu Dongqing felt fear towards Ning Cheng, it was not to the point of dread.

“Luofei, you just take care of my Plundering Array, I’ll kill this guy.” Ning Cheng did not answer Yu Dongqing’s question. He just spoke in a gentle voice as he softly patted Ji Luofei’s back in his arms.

The initially fearful expression on Yu Dongqing’s face instantly turned cold as he spoke up, “I, Yu Dongqing, have traversed the Yi Xing Ocean for many years. However, I have yet to see such an arrogant Sea Opening Cultivator like you. If I, Yu Dongqing, want to kill you, I can easily find a reason. Did you think you have the strength to sweep through the entire world?”

“We’ll deal with him together.” Ji Luofei had experienced this Yu Dongqing’s strength first-hand. She had not encountered danger on the outside just once or twice in these years. The experiences she gained from wandering outside perennially made it so that her actual strength was not as weak as it looked in the surface.

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “No need.”

As he spoke, he already brought out his Nirvana Spear and shot out a spear shadow towards Yu Dongqing. Did he even need any other reason? With Yu Dongqing trying to chase down Luofei, it was enough of a reason for him to massacre 10,000 of these Yu Dongqings.

Seeing Ning Cheng send out only a single spear to deal with him, Yu Dongqing’s complexion turned ugly to look at. Raising the Red Jade Ruler in his hands, it burst into waves after waves of red lines. As for the Monstrous Beast, the Iron Backed Seal behind him, it also rushed towards Ning Cheng.

However, in just a single breath of time, Yu Dongqing’s complexion changed. He felt that the space around him no longer was part of the Heaven and Earth. To be exact, he actually thought that the area around him now belonged to the opposite party; inside his opponent’s territory, even simple movements felt challenging to execute.

Although he possessed many methods and means, in this area, he just could not use them at all.

A tearing sound echoed. Ning Cheng’s long spear passed directly through the head of the Iron Backed Seal; at the same time, the powerful Iron Backed Seal exploded into a bloody haze.

Yu Dongqing could only use his Iron Backed Seal to block the incoming attack, before barely extracting himself from the terrifying constraints of the area around him.

“Domain…..” Yu Dongqing’s face finally filled with rich horror. Many Crucible Transformation Cultivators simply could not grasp what a Domain entailed. However, he understood it, because his inheritance was on a higher level compared to the legacies of some of the major factions.

“Stop…..” Yu Dongqing no longer could spare any extra thought and quickly called out.

Ning Cheng behaved as if he did not hear anything in general. His long spear once again transformed into a bunch of Spear Lights, before they all shot towards Yu Dongqing. He felt a bit unsatisfied with his Spear Techniques. Other than the move he comprehended inside the Thunder City, he did not possess any particularly useful Spear Techniques.

Using this kind of Spear Intent to deal with a Crucible Transformation 4th Level Cultivator felt a bit too wasteful to him.

Feeling Ning Cheng’s strong killing intent, Yu Dongqing knew that it was impossible to stop Ning Cheng at this time. He roared, and the Red Jade Ruler once again burst into a bright red light; however, this time, it was several times thicker than before.

At the same time, a white light once again appeared under his feet. This white light immediately then burst into towering white waves. These waves rushed towards Ning Cheng, actually blocking the not-yet mastered Domain of Ning Cheng.

No wonder Ji Luofei couldn’t stop this person. This person was not inferior to Rong Jin. However, the more powerful the opponent, the more powerful the killing intent in Ning Cheng’s heart. The Spear Intent exploded as it directly passed through Yu Dongqing’s red line.

The True Essence in the attack caused the air itself to blast apart in waves just like an exploding bag of fried chips. Yu Dongqing’s densely clustered red lines also blew apart before disappearing without even a trace left behind. The towering waves manifested by Yu Dongqing that blocked Ning Cheng’s almost Domain-like attack also burst apart.

Seeing this, Yu Dongqing no longer dared to continue fighting with Ning Cheng. Even though he knew that he might not be able to escape from Ning Cheng, he could not help but want to flee.

The white light at his feet had just lighted up when the Nirvana Spear blew it up once again. Yu Dongqing unconsciously brought up his Red Jade Ruler to block, when six small axes turned into a black coloured Axe Trace and, in just a blink of an eye, reached his glabella.

“Stop!” A roar arrived in the form of a sonic boom; however, Ning Cheng’s Axe Trace did not pause even for a second in the face of this roar as it directly penetrated through Yu Dongqing’s glabella.

Yu Dongqing’s body exploded apart, causing a Life Essence to escape from it with a panicked expression.

Not waiting for Ning Cheng to destroy the Life Essence, a black shadow arrived before quickly collecting this Life Essence.

An expert, this definitely was an expert.

This black shadow had not yet arrived close to him, yet it was still able to take away Yu Dongqing’s Soul Essence. This allowed Ning Cheng to realise that this new opponent was definitely someone strong. Compared to Yu Dongqing, even he could not guess how many times stronger was this opponent; however, he speculated that he should be at least on the same level as Jia Shisan.

Ning Cheng did not continue with his attack. He grabbed the Nirvana Spear and quietly stood over the waves as he calmly gazed at the area in front of him. In just a blink of an eye, this black shadow turned into a full-bodied, black-robed, dark-haired, middle-aged man.

“This friend has good skills; this old Yu had only seen Dao Master Xu Anzhen use skills on the same power level. It looks like this old Yu is not someone well informed; I didn’t even know that my Yi Xing Ocean would contain such a strong friend. Do you mind if I ask this friend’s great name?”

Although Ji Luofei met Ning Cheng just recently. However, Ning Cheng had killed Rong Jin that year, so now that she saw him slaughtering a Crucible Transformation 4th Level Cultivator, she did not find it surprising.

When Ning Cheng heard that this middle-aged male cultivator’s opening words contained the name ‘Xu Anzhen’, he instantly realised that this person should be on the same level as Xu Anzhen. Not immediately taking any action, he calmly spoke up, “I am called Ning Cheng, the Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.”

“It turned out to be Sect Master Ning. It’s no wonder that you’re this powerful. I’ve been living in the Yi Xing Ocean all these years, causing me to miss the opportunity to come and meet Sect Master Ning.” Yu Haixi’s face revealed a hint of relief. He did not know how many times had he heard the name Ning Cheng; however, he had honestly never seen Ning Cheng.

Although Ning Cheng truly wanted to retort back with the words ‘You’ve met me now’, the other party didn’t seem to have any intention to cross hands with him so far and had been speaking politely. As such, he also chose not to take the initiative to compare moves with this man.

“Sect Master Ning, you already destroyed the corporeal body, almost even completely obliterating the Life Essence too. However, Yu Dongqing is my only son. I know that my son had always behaved arrogantly, so let me not speak about that. Can you just tell me how he ended up offending Sect Master Ning?”

Although Yu Haixi’s tone was still polite, the meaning behind the question was obvious.

Ning Cheng spoke up in a calm tone, “My wife, Luofei came to the Yi Xing Ocean looking for me. If I came even a moment late, I’m afraid I would not have even met her. Therefore, you don’t have to speak any nonsense with me. Since I destroyed his corporeal body, I will have to ask you to hand over his Life Essence.”

Yu Haixi knew that if he came a moment late, who knows what might have happened. If an ordinary cultivator destroyed his son’s corporeal body, would he have continued to talk nonsense? No, he would have turned that person into dust long ago. Although he might be speaking politely right now, it only depended on whom he was facing.

Ning Cheng is the Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Moreover, he had also felt and partly experienced Ning Cheng’s Killing Force, which turned out not even a bit worse when compared to his own. Even if it wasn’t, he felt that he might not necessarily be Ning Cheng’s opponent.

He lived in the Yi Xing Ocean all year round, and his strength was above that of ordinary Crucible Transformation Cultivators. It was just that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect currently possessed a force that was countless times stronger when compared to his own faction.

However, it was also clear that he attacking Yu Dongqing also carried proper justification. Ning Cheng was a Sect Master, while Yu Dongqing was a person that did not know anything else other than bragging about his background, yet he actually dared to have ideas over Ning Cheng’s Dao Companion.

He knew that his son behaved arrogantly in the Yi Xing Ocean and that one day he would inevitably end up kicking an iron wall; however, he now realised that he had indeed not guessed wrong. He pondered over it for a few moments, if he and Ning Cheng ended up in a fight, there was only a 50% chance of victory or defeat, and it was just a calculated guess on his part. Moreover, he had a hunch that Ning Cheng still had a few cards that he had yet to display, something that even he could not figure out. If that were indeed the case, then his chances of winning would definitely reduce by another 10% at the very least.

Moreover, Ning Cheng was still young and full of youth. From what he had seen from Ning Cheng’s actions, who knows if he might end up summoning the rest of the experts from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to the Yi Xing Ocean directly to destroy his Yu Ocean Palace? What’s more, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect still had that terrifying character, Rui Baishan, who caused fear to actually creep into his heart.

Thinking of this, Yu Haixi cupped his fists and spoke up once again, “Sect Master Ning, my dog-son is indeed in the wrong in this case; fortunately, Sect master Ning has already taught him a lesson. If you end up destroying my dog son’s Life Essence, even if I used the entire strength of my Yu Ocean Palace, I would be unable to save him. I only have one son, and I humbly request Sect Master Ning to give me some face. My Yu Ocean Palace is also willing to compensate you in any other way.”

The only reason Yu Haixi spoke those words was that he had some confidence to restore the corporeal body of Yu Dongqing. If Ning Cheng was still unwilling to let go, then he could only choose to see how skilled this person is. Even if he could not compare to Ning Cheng, it also wouldn’t be easy for Ning Cheng to kill him in the Yi Xing Ocean.

Ning Cheng did not answer immediately. Yu Haixi’s words showed a sliver of weakness. He had already destroyed the corporeal body of Yu Dongqing; however, Yu Haixi did not immediately start fighting with him. Instead, he actually wanted to negotiate with him. This showed that the other party was unwilling to fight with him; instead, wanted to resolve this matter in good faith.

He did not care much about whether he could fight against Yu Haixi or not. Even if he had to fight, he did not fear the opposite party. The only reason he remained silent after hearing Yu Haixi’s words were because of his remark, that if Yu Dongqing’s Life Essence ended up destroyed, the Yu Ocean Palace would not be able to save him with its strength. In other words, if the Yu Ocean Palace possessed enough power, then they might be able to reverse his situation even without the Life Essence.

Ning Cheng’s thoughts immediately began to churn, Xun Hanrui’s corporeal body still existed; however, it remained without a Life Essence. If there was a way to save her, then he must seize it.

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