Chapter 0443

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – DemonKiller

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Chapter 0443: Singling out only the Red Star Sword Faction

“Palace Master Yu, according to you, in the event of someone’s soul leaving the body, is there truly a possibility of them recovering?” Ning Cheng’s tone also eased up. Since the person pleaded with him with such sincerity, then he too should speak with some honesty.

Yu Haixi had lived for a long time, so when Ning Cheng spoke those words, he instantly understood what was going on. He also did not ask the reason for such a question; he felt that as long as Ning Cheng obtained a satisfactory answer, then presumably with this person’s status, he would not continue to pester with this matter.

After understanding this, Yu Haixi immediately answered, “Although it might be possible, it is extremely challenging. At least in Yi Xing Mainland, I haven’t heard of any such method. However, I did hear one or two rumours about this. Does Sect Master Ning know about past lives and reincarnations?”

“I’ve heard of it.” Ning Cheng spoke up without hesitation. If it were before, he would have never believed such a thing. However, such a thing had indeed happened to him. As such, there was no need for him to doubt it.

Seeing Ning Cheng say that he heard of it, Yu Haixi nodded and spoke, “The fact is, once a cultivator dies, meaning their Life Essence or their soul ends up completely destroyed, it would be impossible for them to reincarnate or even enter the reincarnation cycle. However, anyone who dies, in general, can theoretically find an opportunity to experience reincarnation; however, the prerequisite for that is that his or her Spiritual Soul should remain relatively intact. If you can find the Spiritual Soul of the fallen cultivator, then there might be a way to rejuvenate and revive it. Of course, these are just rumours; at least, I have not seen such a thing in my long life till now.”

Ning Cheng understood the meaning of Yu Haixi’s words. Life Essence and the Soul, there was only a slight difference between the two. For ordinary people, even cultivators below the Soul Essence Realm, almost all of their Spiritual Souls would fall into unconsciousness after death; this is what people referred to as the Soul, in general. However, once they advanced to the Soul Essence Realm, they would then possess a Life Essence.

Life Essence possessed a self-consciousness of its own; therefore, even if the corporeal body ends up destroyed, one can think of ways to recover one’s own physical body. The two people in his ring, along with Fang Jiyan, were all conscious Life Essences.

“If the cultivator’s soul has left its body, and if the soul truly ends up destroyed, then even if one possessed a heaven-defying method, it would be impossible to revive them. However, if the Soul or Life Essence is only shattered, and has not completely disappeared, then there is a chance to revive it. Especially, if this cultivator’s corporeal body is relatively intact. That way one could retrieve the residual Soul Consciousness from the corporeal body, and then use it to locate the shattered pieces of his or her Life Essence. Then with the help of some Spiritual Objects, you might be able to grasp that chance. However, these are just rumours. As for what Spiritual Objects could help you accomplish these, even I do not have any knowledge about it.”

Yu Haixi spoke with even more caution at this point, Ning Cheng’s current strength, and the strength of Ning Cheng’s background, both made him feel a bit jealous.

“Would a corporeal body left behind contain any residual Soul Consciousness?” Ning Cheng had always thought that once the soul departed from the body, then the corporeal body would just be a body without any consciousness.

“Yes, even if the Spiritual Soul is extinguished, the corporeal body would still possess a trace of residual Soul Consciousness. However, if the Spiritual Soul is completely extinguished, then even the remaining Soul Consciousness could never awaken and would eventually disappear along with the corporeal body.” Yu Haixi spoke with certainty.

“So how do I extract the remaining Soul Consciousness from a corporeal body?” This was the question that Ning Cheng was the most concerned about.

Yu Haixi spoke up in a helpless tone, “Only the Underworld Soul Flower can help you with that. Placing the Underworld Soul Flower on the dead corporeal body would not only preserve the remaining Soul Consciousness but would also be able to slowly nourish the soul. However, this kind of thing is just a rumour that I heard a long time ago.”

Although his son had lost his corporeal body, his Life Essence still existed. He could use the treasures of his Ocean Palace to help reshape his son’s physical body. After he heard Ning Cheng’s words, he realised that Ning Cheng was mainly talking about reviving a physical body without a Life Essence. This condition was a lot more dangerous when compared to his son.

However, Ning Cheng on hearing those words felt happy in his heart. He just happened to have an Underworld Soul Flower with him, which he could use.

“It’s been quite fruitful talking with Palace Master today, allowing me to obtain a bountiful harvest. For the sake of giving a face to Palace Master Yu, I will stop pursuing Yu Dongqing’s matter for now. However, I will not stop if there is ever a next time. At that time, don’t blame me for not giving you face.”

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Yu Haixi felt happy and quickly spoke up with cupped fists, “If there is a next time, then Sect Master Ning need not act, I will directly bring him to you.”

His son suffered a disaster. Maybe it might just turn out to be a good thing for him. Although he felt distressed in thinking out the various treasures that would be used up in reconstructing his son’s body, however, who could blame him for having a sole son?

“Luofei, let’s go.” Ning Cheng gently grasped Ji Luofei’s arm, before disappearing from the place.

Yu Haixi’s face instantly changed on seeing this spectacle. He did not expect Ning Cheng to even possess the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. Coupled with this, if he had chosen to engage in a fight, his chances of victory would drop even further. Fortunately, he did not start a battle with Sect Master Ning; otherwise, he feared that his Ocean Palace might just cease to exist.

“Father….” After Ning Cheng left, Yu Dongqing’s weak voice came out.

Yu Haixi’s face sank, “I told you long ago that even if it is the Yi Xing Ocean, do not be arrogant. If not for me arriving in time today, even your Spiritual Soul would have ended up destroyed. Ning Cheng possesses a terrible name outside. Originally, when in the Soul Essence Realm, that person even dared to break into the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, and even Xu Anzhen could not do anything to him. Yet you actually dared to cause trouble for him. Are you trying to seek your own death?”

“I didn’t know that woman was Ning Cheng’s Dao Companion…..”

Yu Haixi once again interrupted Yu Dongqing’s words, “Stop talking to me. Once we head back, you’re going into solitary confinement to reflect on your actions.”


“Ruolan went to the Heaven’s Way, while I stayed back…..” Ji Luofei’s excited mood finally calmed down a bit. Since Ning Cheng had not entered the Heaven’s Way, Ruolan certainly would not find Ning Cheng in there. Luofei herself did not want to go into Heaven’s Way; fortunately, she chose to stay back and did not enter Heaven’s Way.

“I know; Ruolan along with the others entered Heaven’s Way. Sect Master Rui is also inside. Therefore, they would be able to take care of each other. After I’ve taken care of things here, we will also be entering Heaven’s Way.” Ning Cheng comforted her.

Ji Luofei did not ask how Ning Cheng had been for the past few decades. For her, as long as Ning Cheng came back, it was all worth it.

“Where are we going now?”

“Red Star Sword Faction.”


The Red Star Sword Faction remained situated on top of the Red Star River and looked like it floated over a silver ribbon from a distance. Even if the Red Star Sword Faction and the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect clashed with each other several times, causing its power and influence to drop significantly, it remained one of the major factions.

Since the battle with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect a few years ago, the Red Star Sword Faction had kept itself low-key. Although it has not closed itself off from the world, its Mountain Protecting Grand Array remained in a half-closed state.

Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei had just stopped outside the Red Star Sword Faction when someone immediately stopped them, “Get out; this territory belongs to the Red Star Sword Faction. Anyone who approaches it will be killed without mercy.”

In general, visitors from the outside who wished to enter the Red Star Sword Faction would first go to their External Affairs Office on the outside to put forth a request. However, Ning Cheng had directly broken in; it obviously meant that they were uninvited guests.

Ning Cheng brought out his Nirvana Spear and swept out with it. The two disciples who stopped Ning Cheng turned into a bloody mist right in front of Ning Cheng.

These two disciples might have had nothing to do with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; however, the Red Star Sword Faction had finally crossed Ning Cheng’s bottom line. Xun Hanrui ended up dead. If Ji Luofei died, or if his little sister Ning Ruolan died, or others by his side died, then it would have been too late for regrets for him.

The Red Star Sword Faction and the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect initially did not have much hatred between them; however, repeatedly, they would clash with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Not to mention that Ning Cheng currently possessed formidable strength, even if he did not have such power, he definitely would not have stopped. This time, when he came here, it was to completely eradicate the Red Star Sword Faction.

“Boom….” After instantly killing the guarding disciple, Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear exploded onto the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Red Star Sword Faction.

The Mountain Protecting Grand Array trembled; at the same time, the entire Red Star Sword Faction immediately erupted in alarms.

“Someone is attacking the Mountain Protecting Grand Array…..” Various cries erupted within the Red Star Sword Faction in just a moment.

The Red Star Sword Faction’s current situation was different from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. People had attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect when it had already sealed off its mountains. However, since the establishment of the Red Star Sword Faction, no one had ever dared to attack its Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

In just a moment, many lights flew towards the entrance of the Grand Array.

The Mountain Protecting Grand Array generally remained sturdy, even a Crucible Transformation Cultivator would not be able to breach the faction’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array within a short while.

However, this time, the one attacking the Mountain Protecting Grand Array was none other than Ning Cheng, an expert when it came to Array Formations. Moreover, the Red Star Sword Faction’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array had just barely reached the level of a Rank 8 Array Formation. This kind of Array Formation, even if Ning Cheng were alone, he would be able to arrange it all by himself, given enough time. What’s more, didn’t he come here to destroy this Array Formation?

Being a Tier 8 Array Formation Grand Master himself, attacking a semi-closed Rank 8 Array Formation, no one else could match him in breaking apart this faction’s Grand Array. In just a few breaths, the Mountain Protecting Grand Array issued a Ka-Cha sound, causing a massive crack to appear on it before it quickly spread throughout.

As Ning Cheng sent out another shot, it crashed into the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array causing it to finally explode under the hands of Ning Cheng. At once the faction’s mountains and land, covered in fog, turned clear, exposing countless cultivators flying around in panic.

“That is Ning Cheng of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Initially, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect killed many disciples of my Red Star Sword Faction. Yet, now this person willingly came our faction. My Red Star Sword Faction’s disciples, this…..” A cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 1st Level had just arrived at the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array and was trying to uplift the morale when Ning Cheng insta-killed him without even giving him the chance to bring out his Magical Weapon.

Ning Cheng had killed a Crucible Transformation 1st Level Elder in one shot, seeing this the rest of the cultivators finally stopped. Everybody who had seen Ning Cheng before knew that he was mighty. However, when these people saw their Crucible Transformation 1st Level Elder slaughtered in one shot, everyone realised that he was much more powerful than the rumours.

No one dared to come forward.

After Ning Cheng killed a Crucible Transformation 1st Level Cultivator, he did not immediately rush in; instead, he raised the Nirvana Spear in his hands and spoke out coldly, “My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the Red Star Sword Faction originally did not have any enmity. Yet the Red Star Sword Faction attacked my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect three times until now. Therefore, I came here today to completely eradicate this faction. All those who do not want to die, vow to renounce being part of the Red Star Sword Faction and you will be spared death. Otherwise, all of you will be killed without mercy.”

It immediately provoked an outcry, although Ning Cheng might be mighty, just two people wanting to eradicate the entire Red Star Sword Faction, it would be underestimating the Red Star Sword Faction too much. As such, there was no one willing to leave the Red Star Sword Faction, let alone swear such an oath.

A hoarse voice emerged, “Kill him for me, chop the two of them up, and feed them to the dogs…..”

This voice acted like a spark thrown at a pile of dynamites, instantly rousing all the cultivators within the Red Star Sword Faction.

Numerous cultivators brought out a variety of Magical Weapons before rushing towards Ning Cheng.

At this moment, Ning Cheng did not even lift his hands. 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes came out forming a long trail of Axe Lines manifested through his killing intent, which shot forward and reaped the lives of every cultivator rushing towards him under the Crucible Transformation Realm. As for those Crucible Transformation Cultivators, all of them fell under the crazy stimulation of his Nirvana Spear.

Ji Luofei wanted to help Ning Cheng block one or two Crucible Transformation Cultivators; however, she found that he just did not need her help at all.

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