Chapter 0444

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Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0444: The Red Star Blood Sacrifice

More and more cultivators flushed out of the Red Star Sword Faction, only to transform into waves of blood and gore at the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Not a single cultivator could break through the encirclement of Ning Cheng’s Axe Line.

Above Ning Cheng, the Blue Thunder City’s shadow remained suspended. In any case, the Crucible Transformation Cultivators weren’t able to get close to Ning Cheng before. However, now that Ning Cheng brought out this Thunder City’s shadow, it became even harder for them to breach through it.

Those 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes had transformed into a single Axe Line that blocked the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Under this powerful Axe Line, every cultivator with poor cultivation had no choice but to die. As for those Crucible Transformation Cultivators and Sea Opening Cultivators, as soon as they got anywhere even close to Ning Cheng, they would immediately feel a one-of-a-kind constraint that locked down the area around them.

Under Ning Cheng’s fake Domain, this was a complete one-sided slaughter.

After the sixth Crucible Transformation Cultivator died at the hands of Ning Cheng, some of the lower levelled cultivators finally couldn’t withstand the horrifying sight of slaughter in front of their eyes. They just had one single thought in their minds, and that was to escape from the confines of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

Unfortunately, none of them could walk away from the encirclement of the Axe Line, before ending up dead.

“I quit the Red Star Sword Faction. If I renege on this oath, then let the Thunder Tribulations kill me…..” Finally, a Soul Essence Cultivator couldn’t help but start working out the oath.

Immediately, he found that he was the only cultivator who managed to escape from the encirclement of the Axe Line. When he came out, he immediately took out an Escaping Talisman and activated it before quickly disappearing.

If one did not have a life, then why would they care about the faction?

With the first one coming out, more and more low-levelled cultivators copied the words of the first cultivator that managed to escape, and one by one rushed out of the Red Star Sword Faction.

From the moment that Ning Cheng had arrived at the Red Star Sword Faction to the present moment, only an hour had passed by. Yet, by this time, a mountain of corpses of dead cultivators formed around the area in front of the entrance of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. If it weren’t for Ning Cheng, who intended to spare the disciples who chose to abandon the faction, there would have been a lot more cultivators dying in this place.

The remaining Crucible Transformation Cultivators only felt trepidation in their hearts. They finally understood how terrifying Ning Cheng was and why he willingly came alone to wage war with the Red Star Sword Faction. What they were worried about was why their Old Ancestor Red Flame had not yet involved himself in this matter.

“Kacha… Bang…..” Ning Cheng’s shadow of Thunder City suddenly shattered apart; at the same time, his Nirvana Spear also ended up stopped in its tracks.

A red-haired man with a face full of murder appeared in front of Ning Cheng. He was the one who blocked Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear. He was also the one who broke apart Ning Cheng’s shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

As the Old Ancestor Red Flame finally showed himself, the remaining Crucible Transformation Cultivators immediately felt their hearts loosen up. They knew that once their Old Ancestor came out, Ning Cheng would have to stay back permanently in the Red Star Sword Faction even if he turned out more impressive.

“Sect Master Ning. My Red Star Sword Faction had attacked your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect once before, and this time you attacked our faction. In light of this, we can call it even between us. From now on, we don’t owe each other anything. That’s all.” The red-haired man spoke up, while a vast Flame Beacon Diagram remained suspended over him.

Ning Cheng felt lazy to even give a reply. His 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes rolled up into multiple waves of Axe Lines before it shot out accompanying his Nirvana Spear.

At this point, other than the red-haired man, three other Crucible Transformation Cultivators appeared beside him. If these three Crucible Transformation Cultivators took the opportunity to escape, then Ning Cheng would have no alternative but to give up on them. However, he believed that if these three Crucible Transformation Cultivators decided to face him, they would certainly take up this opportunity to surround him.

At the same time that Ning Cheng attacked, the Flame Beacon Diagram suspended above the red-haired man also transformed into a sea of flames. It showed that he did not intend to let Ning Cheng leave this place. Once the red-haired man began, the other three Crucible Transformation Cultivators also shot towards Ning Cheng simultaneously.

The Flame Beacon Diagram, transformed into a sea of flames, seemed as if it wanted to drown the world in fire, as even the area around it showed signs of melting. Even Ning Cheng’s fake domain could not stop this kind of burning; at the same time, the surrounding area no longer remained under Ning Cheng’s control.

Previously, when both Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei ended up besieged, they still had the upper hand, not because of anything else, but because of Ning Cheng’s area-controlling fake Domain. In this area, Ning Cheng could completely crush the opposite party, no matter how many people he faced.

However, now that the Flame Beacon Diagram burned away the Domain around Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei immediately sank down.

The 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes were barely able to block against the four Crucible Transformation Cultivator’s True Essence bombardment. If not for Ji Luofei helping from the side, then Ning Cheng would have ended up wholly suppressed.

“Just a fake Domain, yet dares to talk about extinguishing my Red Star Sword Faction!” The red-haired man’s Flame Beacon Diagram suddenly turned even brighter, causing Ning Cheng’s hair to start to burn with some redness. However, Ji Luofei could not endure it.

This caused Ning Cheng to feel completely shocked; at this point, he was at a complete disadvantage. The other three Crucible Transformation Cultivators did not follow up with attacks; instead, they withdrew along with their Magical Weapons, leaving only the red-haired man to suppress him.

Ning Cheng absolutely did not believe that the other party would show such kindness. He did not hesitate anymore before speaking to Ji Luofei, “Luofei. Enter the Miniature World.”

Ji Luofei knew that this was not a time to be unreasonable; at the same time, she also had complete faith in Ning Cheng. Even if Ning Cheng was not an opponent against the other party, Ning Cheng still possessed the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, which could allow him to escape.

Ning Cheng had just let Ji Luofei into his Miniature World when the red-haired cultivator suddenly bellowed, “Red Star Blood Sacrifice…..”

At this very instant, the Flame Beacon Diagram completely transformed into a flaming red sky. Ning Cheng, wholly encased within this red sky, could barely struggle with his 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes. Even his Nirvana Spear could not help him break through the flames of this transformed world of fire.

“Red Star Blood Sacrifice…..” At the same time, the other three Crucible Transformation Cultivators shouted out those four words.

Ning Cheng suddenly found himself plunged into an illusion. The sky above his head still contained the same flames of the Flame Beacon Diagram, while an oceanic world appeared beneath his feet.

At this moment, Ning Cheng finally understood as to why the Red Star Sword Faction remained suspended over a long silver river. At this point, the silver river gave out roaring-like sounds, while endless silver waves rolled up and down the river, like landslides in general.

“Boom… Boom…..”

The silver waves roared, while the earth also roared. It was as if a beast from ancient antiquity was about to awaken and consume all in anger.

The entire silver river burst forth with silvery waves, directly locking the area around them. Without even a place to move, the feeling of finding himself trapped in the opponent’s sword domain once again emerged in Ning Cheng’s mind, similar to the time when he fought against Rong Jin.

It was the same as his fake domain; however, the area control shown by the combination of Silver River below the Red Star Sword Faction and the Flame Beacon Diagram above was a lot better than his fake domain.

The silver waves and the Flame Beacon Diagram quickly started to converge, causing Ning Cheng to feel a threat of death. The silver river under the Red Star Sword Faction was the totem treasure of the Red Star Sword Faction, just like the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword. However, the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword had not shown its power before someone ended up stealing it. Nevertheless, once this Red Star Silver River of the Red Star Sword Faction came out this time, it started to show its might.

He underestimated this faction; moreover, he also realised that none of the major factions was easy to deal with. It was no wonder that the Red Star Sword Faction dared to attack the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect after it had already closed its Grand Array. It turned out that they already knew that the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword had gone missing. Either that or they knew that there was now no one within the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect that could activate the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword.

Why didn’t the Grand Elder Taoist and Sect Master Tantai from his sect not remind him that the Red Star Sword Faction also possessed this kind of terrifying Silver River when they knew he was going to the Red Star Sword Faction?

The only explanation for this was that they did not know about it.

The Flame Beacon Diagram appeared over Ning Cheng’s head while the Silver River’s raging, silver waves encircled the Flame Beacon Diagram below.

Destruction, death, and fury filled the heaven and earth at this moment. Ning Cheng, wrapped in this devastating world, could not find any opportunity to escape at all. He couldn’t even move, not to mention bring out his Star River or execute his Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique.


Space quivered at this moment, Ning Cheng’s no longer could see either the flames or the silver river. He just felt a dispirited incorporeal summoning. This kind of summoning ignored all space and time ignored all the Magical Weapons and all attacks. In the face of this kind of dispirited incorporeal summoning, no one could put up any sort of resistance.

“Haha, die for me.” The red-haired man laughed out wildly as he spoke.

Ning Cheng instantly awakened because of this wild laugh. He found himself confined in an area, while this area only contained an incorporeal grey claw. Moreover, this claw was shooting silently towards his Life Essence.

No, he could not go on like this. He cannot die; he must not die.

A strong desire to survive and live rose up, causing the Nirvana Spear’s Spear Intent in Ning Cheng’s hands to crazily flare up, overcoming the constraints over him. This was a Spear Intent that pierced through the heavens. He had seen it with his own eyes this Spear Intent destroying a powerhouse that could easily annihilate an entire planet. Moreover, he had witnessed it first-hand, the vision of the Spear Intent destroying a world.

Why couldn’t this Spear Intent break through the encirclement of these flames and the Red Star Silver River? This kind of Spear Intent should be able to pierce through the heavens, pierce through any space.

“Ka…..” A small crevice formed above the Nirvana Spear’s Spear Head, causing Ning Cheng to slightly breathe at ease after his initial breathlessness. He felt his own Life Essence returning to his body. However, at the same time, the surroundings seemed to have suffered complete destruction due to the devastating atmosphere.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate at all. His Nirvana Spear’s Spear Intent had helped him recover his Life Essence. As such, the only thing he could do at this moment was to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

During the countless dangers he faced, the many killing intents that he had encountered during the many years of cultivation, Ning Cheng had never thought to retreat into his Mysterious Yellow Bead. However, this time he had no choice but to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Otherwise, he would end up torn apart in this kind of world.

The power showcased by the Red Star Blood Sacrifice was too terrifying, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist it; at least, not for now.

Whether it was the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, or the Nirvana Spear, or his seemingly endless Axe Lines, or even the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, at this moment, none of them would be useful in saving his life.

Once this terrifying world converged upon itself, then even his Miniature World Ring would disappear; at that time, Luofei would also end up dying just like him.

“Boom-Boom…..” Terrifying explosion sounds rang out, while the Silver River under the Red Star Sword Faction burst into many water drops that directly punctured through the surrounding air, creating crackling explosion-like sounds.

The Flame Beacon Diagram was just like an upside-down World of Fire, with many volcanoes, flaming rivers, and fiery thunderstorms that seemed to want to turn anything and everything within its area to powder.

A mass of fire and a giant silver wave swept across this area piece by piece before finally converging at a point, followed by this piece of space folding up over itself before turning into nihility in just a moment.

The blood coloured skies infested with silvery waves, transformed into a dead grey colour. Looking at this colour, a shadow of death would creep up in any heart.

This kind of death-like, grey colour gave the feeling as if the world was on the brink of disappearing while all the life within it had turned into nihility. There was only one thing left behind, and that was the still crackling-like sounds of the destruction. As if it wanted to declare that, no one possessed the capability to stop this destruction.

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