Chapter 0449

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Chapter 0449: Breaking into the Heaven’s Way

The name ‘Heaven’s Way’ not only represented pursuing the path of entering the Heavenly Dao, but it was also a path worthy of its name. In fact, the Heaven’s Way, just like its name, existed in the skies above.

This was Ning Cheng’s first time visiting Heaven’s Way. At this moment, he was following behind Mu Ziming, Xiao Bisheng, Wu Mao, and the others. The flight-type Magical Weapons with their owners kept flying upwards. Just when Ning Cheng thought that they all were about to enter the Chaotic Star Space, all the flight-type Magical Weapons in front of him suddenly came to a stop.

The entrance to Heaven’s Way was over a mountain, called the Heaven’s Way Mountain. This was the only mountain peak within the Tian Continent, which remained eternally suspended in the sky. There were also several Crucible Transformation Cultivators residing within this mountain. All these Crucible Transformation Cultivators living here were from the Heaven Alliance; mainly stationed here to take care of the entrance to Heaven’s Way.

A few hundred feet above this mountain suspended in the sky, there was an extremely faint ripple-like image. This was not a typical concentric ripple; instead, the ripples were in the shape of coils, coiling around themselves, moving from the inside to out.

Ning Cheng on looking at this peculiar ripple in the sky immediately realised that this should be the entrance to Heaven’s Way.

Sure enough, Mu Ziming pointed to this ripple in front of them and spoke, “This is the entrance; however, it can’t be opened just yet. If one wants to go in, then it would need a lot of Spirit Stones and Array Flags. These Array Flags must be refined from Mirage Stones to keep it in optimal operation.”

Ning Cheng, as an Array Formation Grand Master, did not need Mu Ziming to explain it to him before he understood what was going on and immediately spoke up, “The original Array Formation laid out is improper. I suggest we lay down a proper Array Formation once and for all, that way anyone with the required strength can go in.”

Ning Cheng had already mentioned this particular statement in the past and discussed it in detail with Wu Mao. Wu Mao and Ning Cheng had some differences between them due to the incident regarding the Spiritual Vein. However, since Heaven’s Way concerned the entire Yi Xing Mainland, and Wu Mao being the Premier Array Formation Grand Master of the Tian Continent, coupled with two senior Dao Masters inviting him, he also had no reason not to come.

“I have already mentioned this idea to Brother Mu, to arrange a Lacerating Array Formation in this place. If one possessed a certain strength, then they then combine their strength with it to tear through this rippling sky and enter Heaven’s Way. Otherwise, one would not be able to go in. The previous Array Formation, to forcibly attack and open the entrance to Heaven’s Way, consumed a lot of materials, which also did not make much sense to continue it in the long haul.” Xiao Bisheng spoke out at the same time.

“I also agree with Brother Xiao’s view. I mean, although the previous Array Formation provided a supporting effect; however, if we can weaken the bindings of space in this location, and then tear through this space through the cultivator’s own strength, it would ensure that one would be able to enter Heaven’s Way at any time and from anywhere. At the same time, it would also ensure that one would not enter Heaven’s Way without possessing the necessary strength. Of course, the Mirage Stones required for arranging the Array Formation, I’ll be the one to take it out.” Ning Cheng immediately agreed to the idea of Xiao Bisheng. In fact, this was also what he intended.

He already possessed a bunch of Mirage Stones with him, which also included a few 9-Colored Mirage Stones. Other than the 9-Colored Mirage Stones, he also possessed other Mirage Stones.

Ning Cheng, originally a Tier 8 Array Formation Grandmaster, along with Wu Mao, a Tier 9 Array Formation Grandmaster, combined with the help provided by the other cultivators that surpassed Crucible Transformation Realm, needed only three days to complete the arrangement of the Lacerating Array Formation in front of the entrance of the Heaven’s Way.

A Spiritual Gathering Array provided the Spiritual Qi required for operating this Array Formation. When not in use, the Spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Gathering Array guaranteed that the Array Formation would not consume itself in the process. If someone wanted to enter the Heaven’s Way, then they were required to come up with an appropriate amount of Spirit Stones. These Spirit Stones could then play a role as both resources for the cultivators that looked after the entrance of Heaven’s Way and as additional consumable resources for the Lacerating Array Formation.

After finishing the arrangement of the Lacerating Array Formation at the entrance to the Heaven’s Way, the circular ripples at the entry became even clearer; however, the Array Formation still could not forcibly tear it apart with its own power. Therefore, anyone who wanted to enter through the entrance of the Heaven’s Way, they must rip through the opening by using their own strength.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the entrance to the Heaven’s Way has been secured. This Ning will be saying his goodbyes in light of this. In the future, if predestined, we will definitely meet in the vast starry sky.” After completing the arrangement of the Array Formation at the entrance of the Heaven’s Way, Ning Cheng no longer wanted to continue staying in this place. Whether it was for improving his own strength, or for finding his little sister as soon as possible, he hoped to enter Heaven’s Way as early as possible.

Even if he wanted to look for Shi Qionghua, he must first possess the ability to tear through the Void. Trapped in the Yi Xing Mainland, it was practically impossible to grow to the extent to be able to rip through the Void as he wished.

“Take care; we’ll definitely meet each other soon in the future.” Mu Ziming and the others gave their goodbyes to Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei. Although they had a full year to rest and recover, Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng still haven’t recovered fully. Therefore, if they wanted to enter the Heaven’s Way, they must wait until they recovered fully before going in.

“Let’s go.” Ning Cheng pulled Ji Luofei closer to him and raised his hand to grasp at the ripple-shaped entrance to Heaven’s Way.

Under the tearing force of Ning Cheng’s powerful True Essence, a slit immediately opened at the entrance. Then Ning Cheng immediately stepped into this newly opened slit, along with Ji Luofei. After they stepped through, the slit quickly vanished as if it never existed.


After Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei entered the Heaven’s Way, the Heaven’s Way entrance promptly disappeared behind them.

A violent squeezing force descended, causing Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei to almost feel suffocated. Not waiting for Ning Cheng to warn Ji Luofei, a dense cluster of Spacial Blade Lights flew over towards them.

Ning Cheng immediately brought out 12 Cosmic True Devil Axes to completely lock down their surroundings; at the same time, the Axe Shadows tore all those Spacial Blade Lights apart.

However, although these Blade Lights did not seem to be artificially induced, in just another breath, more clusters of Blade Lights shot towards them one after another.

Ning Cheng felt a bit worried thinking if Ruolan could block these Spacial Blade Lights or not; moreover, in addition to these Spacial Blade Light, the space here even created a squeezing pressure over them; if not for resisting it using their True Essence, even their storage rings would be squeezed and crushed into powder.

“Husband, you needn’t worry. Ruolan’s cultivation is a lot higher than my own. She will be ok. Moreover, she came here with many people. Even if they encountered any danger, there would still be someone to help her.” Ji Luofei and Ning Cheng knew each other very well. Therefore, she could easily read Ning Cheng’s thoughts.

Ning Cheng on hearing Ji Luofei’s words finally felt some relief. After coming in, he did not need to actively help Ji Luofei. Ji Luofei could cope with the squeezing space and the seemingly endless Spacial Blade Lights all by herself. From this, he realised that she had gained many experiences throughout the years.

Only at this moment could Ning Cheng feel free enough to observe the channel-like Heaven’s Way in front of him.

Although this channel-like Heaven’s Way stretched out in front of him, he just couldn’t see the end of it; moreover, his Spiritual Consciousness also could not sweep out far. There was only a dark, squeezing force pressing down on them, while the channel in front of him contained Spacial Wind Edges moving around at random. Beside this passage, there were even a few small Spacial Cracks.

“Luofei, stay close to me. We don’t have to be spread apart too open. Pay attention to those small Spacial Cracks. You must not go anywhere near to it.”

Along the way, the density of the Spacial Wind Blades increased gradually. However, with Ning Cheng’s strength, the two of them did not feel too much threat from them.

As a day passed by, Ning Cheng started to feel a little relieved. If this channel-like Heaven’s Way remained like this, then it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for him to walk out of this path within a month or two.

“Spacial Collapse….” Ji Luofei’s horrified voice resounded. Ning Cheng did not think of anything and directly grabbed Ji Luofei while wielding the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Although he could also feel the Spacial Collapse, he had never expected a Spacial Collapse to occur within Heaven’s Way. Once one fell into this collapse, who knows if one would find death or life?

Aided by the fast Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he managed to escape from the Spacial Collapse in just an instant. However, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds also ended up with many scratches from the incoming Spacial Wind Edges.

Although they managed to escape, Ji Luofei tightly grasped Ning Cheng’s hand, while her heart still beat erratically. It might be just a Spacial Collapse, but if not for Ning Cheng, then she would not have necessarily managed to escape like a moment ago.

Ning Cheng felt a bit worried for Ruolan. Could she deal with such a Spacial Collapse if she encountered it? Not to mention Ning Cheng, even Ji Luofei felt concerned about it. If it was just the Spacial Squeeze and the Spacial Wind Edges, Ji Luofei believed that Ning Ruolan had the capabilities to block it; however, in the face of such sudden Spacial Collapses, it was just too dangerous.

After narrowly escaping a Spacial Collapse, Ning Cheng turned even more vigilant in using his Spiritual Consciousness. He had tempered his Spiritual Consciousness in the Chaotic Star Space; as such, it was far more resilient and could extend considerably more compared to any other average person. This allowed him to detect Spacial Collapses ahead of time, at the same time warn him about something potentially more dangerous.

Ji Luofei also began to carefully probe her surrounding using her Spiritual Consciousness. Her Spiritual Consciousness had also undergone tempering within the Chaotic Star Space. Although it might not be comparable to Ning Cheng’s, she did not encounter any problems in predicting some of the Spacial Collapses.

After the couple walked for a few days, the two of them once again encountered several zones that contained dense clusters of Spacial Collapses. However, both of them relied on their pre-judgement, which allowed them to narrowly escape and avoid them all.

“Husband, Ruolan’s Spiritual Consciousness has also undergone tempering within the Chaotic Star Space. I believe that she could also predict some of the things here in advance. You shouldn’t worry too much about her.” Although Ji Luofei tried her best to comfort him, Ning Cheng still did not feel too much relieved.

Initially, when they travelled from the Le Continent to the Tian Continent, Ruolan had also experienced Spiritual Consciousness quenching within the Chaotic Star Space. However, her cultivation was too low at that time. Every so often, she did not dare to cast out her Spiritual Consciousness.

When the two of them walked through the ninth day, all of a sudden, all the Spacial Wind Edges unexpectedly disappeared. Then, a powerful shock blew over, seemingly intent on blowing them away from their current position.

Ning Cheng did not have any time to ponder over it; he directly embraced Ji Luofei tightly within his arms. Then, ensuring they remained wholly protected, he allowed this shockwave to sweep them away.

This shockwave did not last long. After just a few breaths, the eyes of the two opened towards a brightly lit scene. Immediately, the two of them found themselves standing on top of a colossal stone megalith.

Ning Cheng estimated that this stone megalith was at least a few dozen miles in size. Judging from the surrounding Spiritual Qi and the gentle space around them, Ning Cheng knew that they should have come out of Heaven’s Way.

There were a few buildings atop this megalith, as well as several shops. There were vague shadows of cultivators coming in and out of them. At the same time, this stone seemed suspended in the Void. Also, at the edge of this megalith, there were even several huge ships.

“We came out. This stone definitely does not belong to Heaven’s Way. This place definitely isn’t within the Yi Xing Mainland. We definitely have also never been to this place.” Ning Cheng spoke while letting go of Ji Luofei’s hand.

As soon as Ji Luofei was about to speak, three male cultivators came out of the row of buildings not too far from them. Out of these three people, the highest cultivation belonged to a man wearing ragged clothes, possessing cultivation of Crucible Transformation 7th Level. Of the other two men, the one with the small and stout figure possessed cultivation of Crucible Transformation 5th Level. While the one with a slightly blackish face possessed cultivation of Crucible Transformation 6th Level.

“Swish Swish….” A few whistling sounds emerged one after another, followed by a few Taoist shadows descending onto the megalith. This time, it was a group of three men and a woman. All four of them were Crucible Transformation Cultivators, while the highest cultivation among them was that of Crucible Transformation 4th Level.

“Ha-Ha, there are a lot of people today coming out of the Heaven’s Way, aah. Six in one go.” The man who spoke was the stout and diminutive looking cultivator.

Ning Cheng’s felt his thoughts racing. From the words of this short cultivator, he vaguely guessed that the Heaven’s Way did not exclusively belong to the Yi Xing mainland. Cultivators from elsewhere could also pass through Heaven’s Way. As for the three men and the women, they should have come in from another region.

“Yi, there is a Sea Opening ant among them…..” That short male cultivator spoke out in surprise.

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